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The Jays are leading the world in DRS, and Brett Lawrie alone has already saved 12 runs, according to the metric– an otherworldly pace, given that Evan Longoria led third basemen last year with 22 runs saved. John Lott of the National Post looks into it with Ben Jedlovec of Baseball Info Solutions. “Part of this is due to some very optimal positioning by the Blue Jays,” explains Jedlovec, but Lawrie is “making plays in places where very few third basemen are making those plays.”

Parkes spoke to this notion today in his URL Weaver post at Getting Blanked, noting Lott’s piece, as well as what Travis Reitsma wrote there on the weekend.

Speaking of our MLB-coverin’ cousin, I was forced to watch the Royals and Red Sox last night as punishment for losing a #PropHate bet last Thursday on the Getting Blanked Show. You can read my chronicle of that turd over at Getting Blanked– complete with MS Paint beard on a baby that looks like Billy Butler!

Aaaaand, elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Parkes takes the Jays to task for wasting dollars and a roster spot on a non-contributing guy who would be better off as a bench coach: Omar Vizquel. I dunno, it’s possible he offers value by participating as a player, rather than a coach.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks to Travis Snider, who isn’t in a rush to get back from the wrist injury that’s sidelined him over the past couple weeks, or when it comes to pressing to get back to the bigs. He credits working with Las Vegas hitting coach Chad Mottola for heling with his new swing mechanics, which he says he’s maintained for three months, since the start of Spring Training. “When I step in there I know what I’m trying to accomplish and when I’m off, he can pick it apart pretty quickly,” Snider says.

Gregor Chisholm of talks Edwin Encarnacion, with the player himself and with John Farrell, who credits Alex Anthopoulos for his steadfast belief that the artist formerly known as E5 could be a consistently above average offensive player for the Jays.

Mike Ganter of the Toronto Sun looks at the Jays’ upcoming opponent, the Oakland A’s, who have hung around so far in the AL West, and while not exactly a threat to topple the Rangers, are going to be a tough team to get wins against most nights.

Bluebird Banter takes a look at how the Jays minor league first basemen have fared so far this season, just in case you had any illusions about some kind of ready-made replacement for Adam Lind just sitting there waiting to get the call– other than David Cooper, of course, who the Jays very obviously do not view as that. Yesterday they looked at the catchers.

MLB Trade Rumors informs us of an Alden Gonzalez tweet that says David Pauley was offered a contract by the Jays in March, but chose to sign with the Angels instead. Whoopty fuck.

FanGraphs peers in on an echo of the bad old days, as they compare the hauls of clubs who had multiple early draft picks in the 2007 draft. They rank the Jays’ third of four, behind the Giants (Bumgarner very much?) and the Rangers. The Rangers picks were Blake Beavan, Michael Main, Julio Borbon, Neil Ramirez and Tommy Hunter, so you know the Jays didn’t do so terrific to be behind them (though Ramirez has developed into a decent prospect, and some of those guys have been OK in the Majors). That was, of course, the draft in which the Jays selected Kevin Ahrens, that Aaron Cibia guy, Brett Cecil, Justin Jackson and Trystan Magnuson.

Lastly, “Among the 194 mind-numbingly dull pages contained in the transcript of former baseball star Roger Clemens’s testimony to a U.S. Congressional committee in 2008, there’s this gem about his time with the Toronto Blue Jays,” says a blurb from the Montreal Gazette. “‘It was very relaxed in Toronto. I know that the guys who drank a lot could get their beer pretty much free,’ Clemens testified. ‘I think Labatt’s sponsored the team.’ That might explain a few things.”

Late Addition: We’re hearing that we’re having some delays uploading clips to YouTube, so it may be a little while before today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Show is online in its full video glory. However, the mp3 is here for you to download.

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  1. Yay for defence. All the Jays lack in the out field is a guy to run along the top of the fence, and about 5 good batters.

    • I watched the last half of the Giants/Dodgers game last night and it really made me appreciate even more just how great the Jays D has been this year…

  2. I really want to see the jays go 6-0 the next 6 games. They have their 2 supposedly best pitchers going against a weak offense. Next, they play the twins who are fucking brutal and suck at everything. They are pretty much doormats. Of course, because they are the jays and baseball can be a fucked up game they probably go 4-2. Lastly, if im the jays i would bump romero from sun against the twins to next mon against TB. They really need to start winning games against their own division and I dont want to see Hutchison pitch against the yankees and all of their left handed bats. He will get abused. That way you have the 4 best starters against 2 AL East rivals next week.

    • Um… it’s not “because they are the jays” that they’re unlikely to go 6-0.

      As for Hutchison, while it’s not ideal, you can’t shield him forever. If he’s good enough to be in the Majors, that’s what he’s going to face. He’s got to start pitching against those teams sometime.

      • This team does lose its fair share of winnable games due to inconsistent offense and shaky bullpen at times.

      • Yeah but id keep Hutchison away from those teams until he develops a pitch to put away LHBs. I think it makes perfect sense to start carreno or someone on sun and start your 4 best pitchers against your biggest rivals. Of course, farrell probably wont see it that way.

    • Ok, so you would rather have Romero face a team that we are likely to lose to and burn him that way and then also reduce our chances of winning a much more winnable game on sunday with him pitching.

      Basically I dont believe in altering your rotation for specific team matchups this early..but the change you are asking for is not only short sighted, it would likely backfire. ill take 1-1 vs 0-2.

      as for going 6–0, the 27 yankees would have a hard time going 6-0 vs the Las vegas 51′s

      • What you are saying makes no sense. Firstly carreno
        Is more than capable of beating a shitty team like the twins.
        Romero facing the rays gives us a better chance of beating the
        Rays then alvarez. Likewise alvarez facing the yankees gives them
        a better chance of beating the yankess than hutch.

  3. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Verlander no-hitting the Jays. It was also Lind’s last game before going on the DL. Since then he’s had a .674 OPS (23rd worst in MLB), 80 wRC+ (11th worst in MLB) and been worth -0.6fWar (4th worst in MLB).

    As a comparison, Lind now has 507 plate appearances over the last 12 months. When they got rid of Rios after 479 plate appearances in the 2009 season, his OPS was 70 points better and his wRC+ was 18 points better than Lind’s.

    I know it’s practically beating a dead horse at this point but man that’s pretty ridiculous.

  4. I disagree regarding Omar Vizquel.

    Someday, when Vizquel is in the Hall of Fame (deserved or not is irrelevant), he’s going to have Blue Jays ’12 on his plaque. I’d say that’s worth a couple million and a roster spot over someone like, say, McCoy.

    • Um… seriously?

      • Interesting view of what $1M is worth….

        • its not really the money.. its the fact that there is no chance he has a jays hat on

          • @dc: I know that, that’s why I brought up Boggs with the Rays. Obviously you’d make a lot more money if he goes in wearing your hat, but there’s still reward in it just for having your name on the plaque.

      • Having Hall of Famers from your franchise adds to the prestige of the franchise, while increasing revenue. Granted, that effect is minimized unless said Hall of Famer goes in wearing your baseball cap, but it’s still there.

        I mean just look at how much money the Jays have made off of Alomar since his election to the Hall of Fame.

        Boggs played for the Rays for two years. You see how much press they got out of that? You don’t think the Rays recouped the slightly less than $2 million they threw at him over those two seasons?

        And this doesn’t even factor in any positive contributions on the field or in the clubhouse. Point being, you could do worse with your 25th roster spot. Vizquel doesn’t exactly have a high bar to reach to be worth his salary.

  5. Rios was picked up off waivers, you’d have to be pretty sure lind is currently on waivers and no other gm gives a fuck about him.

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