It’s the Jays and the A’s from one of the few stadiums left in the Majors that makes the SkyDome look like a palace– the Coliseum!

I’ve wasted enough time getting this damn Game Threat up already, so let’s just get on with it!


Bluebird Banter takes an interesting look at some Jays farmhands and the Major League equivalencies of the numbers they’ve posted so far– and the guys they’re behind on the Jays’ roster who aren’t performing as well.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star looks into the current rash of injuries to closers that has plagued teams across baseball.

Ben Badler has a slice of non-paywall’d awesome at Baseball America, pointing out some loopholes in the new CBA, and how teams may be looking to exploit them.

At Getting Blanked, Drew asks us not to weep for the downfall of Ron Gardenhire and the Twins, who are looking terrible– but doing it the right way!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C

R. Romero LHP

Oakland A’s

J. Weeks 2B
C. Pennington SS
J. Reddick CF
J. Gomes DH
B. Inge 3B
S. Smith LF
K. Suzuki C
D. Barton 1B
M. Taylor RF

J. Parker RHP

Image of Hammer by Sportress of Blogitude.

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  1. Orioles pitching meet the Pissed-off Rangers – Orioles allowed 120 runs in 28 games prior to this series, 24 runs in the next two (20% increase in runs allowed while only a 7% increase in games played).

    • The Rangers can do that to any team in the league. I’m just glad it wasn’t the Jays this time.

  2. You put the boom-boom into my heart.

  3. Today, Josh Hamilton is a god!

    Having him on my fb team helps too.


  5. Awesome. No Tabby tonight. All hail Ashby.

  6. Guess which genius baseball-talkin’ guy started Jake Arietta?

  7. Jays perhaps catch a break (like when Hamilton was out of Rangers lineup) – no Yoenis Cespedes

  8. Man this stadium looks empty, like less than Tampa empty.

  9. Cogeco in St. Catharines is ridiculous, I get all the Sportsnets except SN Ontario. And as such, I’m watching the end of the fucking Yankees win over TB

  10. Gotta hand it to Hamilton tonight, what a MONSTER of a game. Dude had what? 4HR and a double? Thats a way to pad some slugging stats! Did he quit drinking completely, or move from JD to Jim Beam? Sure glad we didn’t have to see him

  11. always kind of cool to see Kurt Suzuki, Ricky Romero’s catcher in college, when they won the College World Series – Justin Turner (Mets current 1B) and Vinny Pestano (Cleveland reliever) also on that team.

  12. Stoeten that MC Hammer pic is beast bro!!

  13. Buddy with the airhorn needs to get popped.

  14. Ashby = boner.

    • On top of his great baseball knowledge, and honesty about players’ performances, the thing I like best about him is how he speaks to the audience. He speaks like he’s talking to adults. Tabby sounds like a kindergarten teacher most of the time talking to a bunch of 4 year olds.

  15. New rule: pitchers don’t throw to second

  16. Utterly hideous throw by Colby there.

    • I didn’t think it was possible to 6 hop a ball to second from shallow center field. He looked like he was pitching in a cricket match there.

  17. Sadly I am cheering for Rauch to win in quick fashion so I can watch the Jays….is that wrong as I couldn’t stand him in Torinto? The guy is a fucking ogre!

  18. Yeah, is that the last THREE times Jays pitchers have thrown to second it’s gone into center? Maybe they should stop dong that.

  19. The colour commentary is much better in tonight’s telecast.

  20. Not that I really care, but is Wilner doing colour on the radio broadcast, cause I don’t think Zaun is up there is he?

  21. I don’t think throwing 200 pitches in the first inning was exactly what we had in mind here Ricky.

  22. Dear Romero: Please remember to throw a strike.


    A drunk Jays fan.

  23. Time to get Charlie V up. Romero will be over his pitch limit before the 3rd is over.

  24. Wilner on the radio

  25. Hey, how’s that Michael Taylor doing?

  26. And another ball crushed by Rasmus for an out.

  27. And that kiddies is why you hustle.

  28. Colby would have scored on that.

  29. See, this is the bullshit that Zed was getting at last year about Rasmus. Hitting can go into a slump but fuckin hustle doesn’t.

    Alabama boy better get a talking. Lawrie would have been safe because he knows how to fuckin hustle.

  30. KJ!

  31. KJ!

  32. Jesus christ I think that was an average fly ball

  33. Nice work KJ!

  34. Colby, Kelly Johnson’s agent is on the phone, he says you owe his boy an RBI

  35. A lot of Johnsons’ homeruns go the other way.

  36. Johnsons’ a great hitting lesbian.

  37. Zaun, who just days ago called Lind “a special talent struggling” who deserved at least 200 ABs, wasted no time ripping Rasmus for his hustle there.

    • Good. Little skateboader still has to work hard even though baseball came easy to him his entire life.

      And Lind is a special hitting talent, he’s a former Silver Slugger. It called a slump.

  38. I hope Howarth and Ashby never die because Wilner doing the play by play is really, truly, horrible.

  39. and that would have been a homerun in about 95% of all big league parks

  40. Bautista just missed that.

  41. That’s a fractured wrist at best. Way to end Suzuki’s career, Jose.

  42. aaron who? last year it was kelly who.

  43. Oh here’s Lind, can we assume the inning is over?

  44. That’s the swing that Bautista needs to get back to

  45. Yes. Yes we can.

  46. better showing from Lind, solid contact, can’t fault that

  47. Love that shaggy haired. blunt smokin kids range. What a great glove

  48. F Lind.

  49. [insert Lind negativity here]

  50. and kc butler just hit a 3 run hr to take a 8-6 lead. if the jays dont gain a few games im a gonna snap. ripe picking

  51. Can Lind do anything right?

  52. Lind, you’re not helping with keeping Ricky’s pitch count low.

  53. I was hesistant to get on Lind because he has been performing with the glove, but that error is pretty big. Adds pitches to Romero and we have to faces Gomes iwth a runner on.

  54. Interesting how nobody is shitting on Bautista for worrying about the catcher and not hustling….

  55. It’s okay, Brandon Inge is up.

  56. Dude was swinging a garden hose on that swing!


    3 in the bottom of the 8th to take 6-4 lead vs RSux into top 9th

  58. Red Sox lose.

  59. Lol “NOOOOOOO!!”

  60. Nice mouth guard.

  61. So, looks like another typical west coast night game with every run being very important.

    btw..fuck lind

  62. That was cruel… The ol’ “I lost it and make a last minute dive to get the ball” trick.

  63. Since this game is dragging along, I saw the Avengers today and highly recommend it.

  64. Colby Rasmus: Maybe Tony Larussa really does know baseball, saw the kid while physically blessed was going nowhere.

  65. Romero does not have it tonight, hopefully he gets through 5.

  66. Jerry, where did you go???

  67. “The A’s were splendid in their bright green tops tonight.” Thank you Wilner.

    • I’m pretty sure he said “resplendent”, not “splendid”. Seems like Wilner loves the sound of his own voice, wants to show off a few big words.

  68. Why Does Sportsnet always show the twitter accounts of players? I just dont fucking understand the reasoning.

  69. What the fuck was that?!?!?!

  70. This is game number 30 of the season, and what point in time do the powers that be decide that it is no longer a “small sample size” and allow us to rag on underperforming deadbeats?

  71. Did hell just freeze over? Buck just said that wins are very hard for pitchers to control, and talked about the importance of pitching deep into games to give your offense a chance to put up enough runs to win. Last year his exact quote was “Pitcher wins are the best way to measure a pitcher’s effectiveness and Sabbathia has had the most in the game the last couple of years.” Nice to see ol’ Bucky turning a new leaf and evolving

    • I expect Buck to get back to blowing CC when the Yankees come to town. He and Tabby get hard whenever they get to call a Wankee game.

  72. as a visiting player to Oaktown, these would be my walk-up songs for the series:


    of course, any Tupac works also

  73. Funny how all the articles came out over the last couple of days praising the Jays’ defense and we respond with this shitshow tonight. All smoke and mirrors.

    • Because all of the other teams never make errors.

    • Those analysis in those articles is largely driven by the exceptional range of Lawrie, Escobar, Rasmus, Johnson etc. The errors tonight are throwing errors and Lind being a shitbag. Those are areas the team has struggled with a fair bit this season.

  74. Bam, second time Ricky has followed up an error with a 3 pitch K

  75. Oh thank you Michael Taylor.

  76. Wilner will talk to Taylor tomorrow about:
    a) His diabetes.
    b) His thoughts on being a blue jay for 10 minutes.

    I’m pretty sure its going to make him sound like an asshole. He does that well.

  77. Adam Lind up, everybody!

  78. so two mashed line drives right at people..and now a third liner for a hit…any luck and this inning would have been a big one

  79. “Jose Bautista, starting to come around.” says Buck….it was a bloop single, come on!

  80. Fuck it, I’m going to say Lind goes deep here.

  81. Deep into further shit.

  82. I’m tellin’ ya, Bautista’s leg kick is looking more and more quick these days. The homers will hopefully come within this month.

  83. Give Adam credit there. He did not get injured on that ground out

  84. nm

  85. That’s our clean-up hitter boys and girls!

  86. Hi I’m Adam Lind, and I swing a 2-0 breaking balls out of the zone because of the immense power I have.

  87. Ricky losing it again.

  88. Adam Lind simply cannot multitask.

    He can hit…but he can’t play 1B at the same time without getting injured.

    He can walk…but he can’t hit for power at the same time.

    Surely there is a place for him in the Toronto Blue Jays family. Perhaps he can be reassigned to junior letter opener…

  89. see that mitt on Weeks’ left hand, that is the kind of protective cover I think makes so much sense vs. JPA holding his gloves – but I don’t play so what do I know??

  90. id pitch out four times in a row here if i have to, no way the fucker is not running

  91. Fuck me and I was just about to make fun of Josh Red Dick.

  92. I thought Ricky was taking back his inches this year.

    • Ricky and I discussed his decision to take back inches.. However, we felt it was within the team’s best interest for me to no longer hit home runs or take walks, and for Ricky to give them up instead.

  93. Weeks deserves one of those RBIs. HUGE distraction.

  94. The walks kill.

  95. good job paying attention there to weeks there ricky….

  96. Does Johnny Gomes have any skin left on his forehead?

  97. Ricky is going all Drabek on us.

  98. Rasmus was worth the trade just to settle the centre field position. What- you Rajai patrolling out there- yuck!

  99. Bruce Walton running is such a strange image – weird gait

  100. I realize romero has more trouble with left handed hitters than right handed hitters…but christ he has more trouble with left handers than SHITTY right handed pitchers. what gives.

    you would think that even though his change is less effective vs the lefties, that would be more than equalized by his curve being tougher on them

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