It’s the Jays and the A’s from one of the few stadiums left in the Majors that makes the SkyDome look like a palace– the Coliseum!

I’ve wasted enough time getting this damn Game Threat up already, so let’s just get on with it!


Bluebird Banter takes an interesting look at some Jays farmhands and the Major League equivalencies of the numbers they’ve posted so far– and the guys they’re behind on the Jays’ roster who aren’t performing as well.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star looks into the current rash of injuries to closers that has plagued teams across baseball.

Ben Badler has a slice of non-paywall’d awesome at Baseball America, pointing out some loopholes in the new CBA, and how teams may be looking to exploit them.

At Getting Blanked, Drew asks us not to weep for the downfall of Ron Gardenhire and the Twins, who are looking terrible– but doing it the right way!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C

R. Romero LHP

Oakland A’s

J. Weeks 2B
C. Pennington SS
J. Reddick CF
J. Gomes DH
B. Inge 3B
S. Smith LF
K. Suzuki C
D. Barton 1B
M. Taylor RF

J. Parker RHP

Image of Hammer by Sportress of Blogitude.

Comments (497)

  1. 91 pitches through 5, 42 of them balls.

    Is there a maximum number of pitches a starter can throw?

  2. Zaun has really changed his tune about Rasmus on twitter. Someone in the organization must have had a word with him.

    He commended him for running hard after that hit was dropped, and then commented on the way he makes playing centre field look effortless, when before he chided him for not hustling in the outfield.

  3. Jesus fucking christ this offense is sporadic

  4. With some of the crap that Lawrie swings at, I can’t help but wonder if he’s the next Vladimir Guerrero.

    • I think he was sort of forced to swing at that by the previous pitch that was low but called a strike

  5. Kelly Johnson once told me the secret to hitting with power to left field… I quickly ignored him and regained my focus on a 3D eye puzzle.

  6. He once pulled a muscle just by thinking about moving

    Sloths call slower members of their species LINDS

  7. This is the part where Farrell leaves the starter in too long and a close game gets away from the Jays, right?

  8. After farting, he has to reach for an oxygen mask…….and not because of the odor

  9. What a riveting game.

  10. When told of conditioning drills during spring training…he went to the beauty salon and purchased conditioner

  11. Alright, lets put a run on the board so ricky can leave in a good mood

  12. sorry starting pitchers….you got your two runs….and you didnt hold up your end of the bargain by pitching a shut out

  13. For a player known for his patience, Rasmus sure swings at a lot of really bad pitches


  15. Good night everyone. With Frasor in this Ames headed for the 4 hour mark.

  16. Jesus. I counted 26 seconds between pitches there.

  17. Frasor’s K rates are probably high due to the batters falling asleep.

  18. Nice hustle, Edwin

  19. Yo Oliver! 8 pitches, 8 strikes, 3 outs.

  20. Oh no…Coco time.

  21. Fuck Yeah Thames, nice, be the homecoming hero

  22. “It’s about fucking time” Thames!

  23. will davis get thrown out trying to do something stupid?

  24. Thames has a sixth sense for when we’re about to give up on him. He will give us just a quick flash of potential awesomeness and then go 0 for his next 20 or so. But it will be just enough.

  25. Given Rajai’s decisions the other day i’m not sure i like this

  26. i love you colby

  27. JPA is going to have a chance here to do make up for some bad at bats this year

  28. Please don’t try the double steal, i have a bad feeling it’ll end badly.

  29. Rasmus better swipe second.

  30. Omar? wtf

  31. Farrell must have read Parkes’ blog this morning.

  32. WOW, pinch hitting for JPA? farrell has my respect no matter the result

  33. why doesn’t rasmus run? they arent going to throw through and omar is a big dp candiate

  34. Fucking retarded.

  35. that was one of the stupider fucking things ive ever seen. 3-1 pitch and he bunts

  36. That was dumb.

  37. Yeah, Omar, about why you don’t get to play more often? Yeah … that’s pretty much why.

  38. what the hell was that?

    whatever, KJ wins.

  39. Kelly Johnson 3, A’s 2

  40. aaron who?

  41. KJ!!!

  42. KJ is nails.

  43. KJ is going to be on the DL with a back injury soon, carrying too much of the team

  44. Aaron Hill…fuck you and the tiny horse you rode out of town on.

  45. Johnson with a HUGE bailout of all dumb fucks involved in the decision tree that lead to the OV disaster

  46. KJ driving in every damn run.

  47. Can we please just let Oliver come back out

  48. i think it was smart not to risk a dp there on the bunt. it was a 2 chance decision and it worked

    • except for the part where the drawn in infield would not have turned a DP, and the botched bunt in fact did almost cause a DP, you make a good point

    • the problem with that is the fact that Oakland wasn’t even playing the fielder at double play depth…. they were in so turning two was basically impossible.

    • Wasn’t a big reason for having Davis at 3rd making the A’s respect the possibility of a double steal? Rasmus could’ve taken 2nd if he wanted, cause the A’s wouldn’t risk a throw due to the double steal possibilities. That gives you 2nd and 3rd and takes the double play away. Let JPA swing away for a sac fly and call it a day.

      Or just let KJ take things into his own hands.

  49. ok, leggooooo Cocooooooo

  50. We’re going to need a lot more than 1 run if Coco is pitching.

  51. and kj is hot

  52. Fuck we needed more runs there. Coco generally gives up one homer before he starts actually trying.

  53. c’mon coco!

  54. Pinch hit OV for JP? WTF? Johnson bails out team.

    Time to bring in FC….Jesus. Will they never learn….

  55. Jays fans can be so cynical.

    • Yep. I have no idea why we are so cynical.

      “”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

      If Albert knows this, Farrell should as well. It makes me physically sick.

  56. Oh joy, Weeks is on deck

  57. and finally low average jp gets replaced. farrell has regained my respect. anything that produces and wins games. i doubt the A’s expected that pregame, way to go farrell

  58. here we go again….

  59. ouch bad luck

  60. now here comes the homer

  61. How the fuck can the rest of this team put up with this? We’ve still got weeks until Santos returns.

  62. lets see if they jays have learned how to field a sac bunt yet

  63. good lord man, the guy headed for Golden Sombrero gets the double to be the tying run

  64. Hitters make good contact on “tough” pitches from Coco way too often. They must be picking it up out of his hand early.

  65. a kick in the nuts might be in order

  66. CO CO
    CO CO

    GO GO


  67. time to reach back coco.

  68. Oakland doesnt even want to win

  69. Fuck sakes. That woke me up.

  70. Cordero is one of those fat guys with a gut but skinny legs

  71. Welp.

  72. At this point the blame has to extend up to Anthopolus for even keeping him on the roster

  73. holy fuck, game ops in Oakland use Whoomp There It Is when hometeam scores, just like Anaheim, fucking time machine, 1993

  74. I hate Cordero.

  75. Yea! more baseball!

  76. another fucking adventure. a chance to make a run in the standings with a team usually dominated and division leaders getting clobbered and puke

  77. Anyone but Cordero needs to close the next game

  78. Does Janssen have cancer or something?

  79. just end it here so i can sleep.

  80. Is there a human on Earth who wants to see Cordero close any more? Seriously. On Earth.

  81. FAT FUCK!!!! I canf’t watch this season anymore… call up the farm, anything but this fat fuck, waive this fat fuck!!!

  82. Oh good idea, get angry and wild throwing at 1b for a meaningless pick off attempt, how could that ever backfire

    • So while you let your fat fuck self be pointlessly distracted you went to 3-0 and he got the steal anyway.

  83. Much as I obviously would prefer the Jays to win, it’s actually better if Coco just fully melts down. Otherwise if it stays tied and we win later people might forget what a shitshow this was.

  84. Honestly i wouldnt even be that annoyed with tonight if this meant that this was the final time we saw coco in a 1 run game.

  85. is there a way to get real time updating on this page? i have to comment to catch up

  86. That motha fucka is putting on a shit show again.

  87. I don’t consider myself to be an overly reactive fan, but Cordero should be nowhere fucking near high leverage situations. We’ve seen e-fucking-nough!

  88. the anatomy of how not to win

  89. Farrell get him the fuck out of there! Fucking joke!!

  90. If Tabler were doing the game we would be hearing the following phrases..

    “The A’s just never quit”

    “they are young, but they are not intimidate”

    “they are learning how to win”

    • I’m cringing because I can hear him saying those things in that slow, highly enunciated tone of his.

  91. My lord, get him out of the game!

  92. …..and nobody even warming up of course.

  93. you can do it coco!

  94. I would suggest the benefit of Cordero blowing yet another fucking god damn save is that it may finally persuade Farrell to stop using him in the 9th, and then I remembered that we’re talking about Farrell here. If Lind is still hitting cleanup at this point, Cordero might still be the closer when Santos gets back for fuck sakes.

  95. i can’t take this shit anymore

  96. I cant watch anymore…this is atrocious

  97. pathetic mathis.

  98. This closer role shit is fast becoming tiresome. Use your best available pitcher in that situation instead of a designated guy.

  99. what the fuck Mathis? He seems drunk back there

  100. My kingdom for a catcher who can, you know, catch!

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