It’s the Jays and the A’s from one of the few stadiums left in the Majors that makes the SkyDome look like a palace– the Coliseum!

I’ve wasted enough time getting this damn Game Threat up already, so let’s just get on with it!


Bluebird Banter takes an interesting look at some Jays farmhands and the Major League equivalencies of the numbers they’ve posted so far– and the guys they’re behind on the Jays’ roster who aren’t performing as well.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star looks into the current rash of injuries to closers that has plagued teams across baseball.

Ben Badler has a slice of non-paywall’d awesome at Baseball America, pointing out some loopholes in the new CBA, and how teams may be looking to exploit them.

At Getting Blanked, Drew asks us not to weep for the downfall of Ron Gardenhire and the Twins, who are looking terrible– but doing it the right way!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C

R. Romero LHP

Oakland A’s

J. Weeks 2B
C. Pennington SS
J. Reddick CF
J. Gomes DH
B. Inge 3B
S. Smith LF
K. Suzuki C
D. Barton 1B
M. Taylor RF

J. Parker RHP

Image of Hammer by Sportress of Blogitude.

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  1. Hey, you guys remember when Oliver retired the side on 8 pitches?

  2. Cordero tries 10 times to throw a WP and finally succeeds. Well done, you piece of shit.

  3. Jesus, at least make them beat you

  4. this is exciting baseball!

  5. I hate to be sons of Sam horn here, but is there a person here who wasn’t totally confident this would happen? I mean… We all at least kind of assumed this right?

    • Yup. I think we’ve all seen that:

      1. closer by committee doesn’t work.

      2. spending mediocre money on a closer doesn’t work.

      3. spending big money on a mediocre closer doesn’t work. (BJ Ryan)

      Can’t AA find some high ceiling, controllable blah, blah, fucking blah….lights out arm who can work a solid ninth?

  6. 10 bucks he walks a run in

  7. Coco can eat a giant bag of dicks.

  8. lol Brandon fucking Inge

  9. This one is all on Farrell. It’s not Co Co’s fault that he’s in steep decline. But just like Lind, Farrell keeps running him out there to fail. Well done donkey. Two years in a row now Ferrall. You can’t blame this one on a poor pen. You have plenty of options, you just continue to make bad decisions.

    • I agree. It’s pretty obvious that cordero is falling off a cliff. Another AA discount closer falls apart.

    • Multiple bad decisions.. why bring in davis to pinch run if you are aren’t going for the sac fly? pinch hit vizquel in favour of someone who can drive a ball deep, burning a catcher in the process? cordero? absolute hogwash all around

  10. That was funny.

  11. My lord, so pathetic

  12. Fucking joke. Why even cheer for a team whos’ leader refuses to make even the most basic decision properly.


  14. I wish we still had Fransisco.

  15. A fucking joke!

  16. FUUUUUUUUUUCK. Release the earned run machine please.

  17. Call this a “knee jerk reaction” if you want, but get this fat fuck out of the 9th and preferably off the team.

  18. FUCK! He doesn’t even deserve to pitch the 5th inning. Fucking garbage!


  20. Fire Farrell. I’m irrationally jamming the panic button down repeatedly. What a fucking utter joke.

  21. The entire fucking front office should be fired if Cordero is still on the roster by sunrise.

  22. I think it’s time CoCo gets put in his place: on the DFA list.

  23. WTF? That fat fuck had better be sitting the rest of the season

  24. 87 mph cement mixer slider right over the heart of the plate.

    well done co co…

    well done

  25. They should fucking force Cordero to sit on the bench alone and watch this celebration go down. What an absolute shame.

  26. gonna be a spicy jays talk!!!

  27. MOTHER FUCKING INGE HIT A GRAND SLAM! are you fucking kidding me

  28. C-A-S-E-Y J-A-N-S-S-E-N

  29. At this point I think they have to DFA him. Without the GSHR, maybe they skate on it a bit and just take him out of the closer role, but now I think he’s gone.

    If not, both AA and Farrell should be canned.

    • You’re a fucking idiot if you think AA and Farrell should be canned because Cordero sucks. Farrell should use someone else, but a shitty reliever does not equal cleaning house of your coach and GM. I hope you’re joking.

      • The coach at least. Between CoCo & Lind this is just getting stupid. I’ll bet he runs them both back out there tomorrow. CoCo again in the 9th, you heard it here. You’d have to be stupid to do it, but Farrell is just that stupid. Fuck, only Farrel can make one miss Cito.

      • you’re one of those jackasses that was running around crowing “AA is a ninja” aren’t you?


    • You’re an idiot if you think AA should be fired. Just plain stupidity.

  30. this fucking blind loyalty to players who don’t produce is fucking nuts

  31. Can we PLEASE start bitching about Cordero now without complaint. That was a disaster.

  32. more reason why the fucking vizquel bunt was dumb. with this closer, you dont just assume one run will be enough

  33. fuckoff coco. defending a blooper and get a grand slam. for fuck sakes.this is the 1 game that costs the wildcard.

  34. how many games has mcfarrell lost for us now?

  35. Fucker fuck fuckety fuck fuck. FUCK!

  36. that’s baseball!

  37. that’s fucking hilarious bringing in 5 fielders and then coco give us the grand salami.

    really mcfarrell did you think you were going to get a ground ball whe the guy is throwing 85 meatcakes?


  39. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. They can’t keep putting him out there right? Farrell can’t keep putting him out there right??? Surely he sees this.

  40. we have no fuckin option to close games. no one

  41. can’t wait for dum fuck wilner. remember last time he said hey why is everyone criticising cordero, we won, can’t you enjoy the win?

  42. I can’t believe no one was warming up during that shit parade….

    • inexcusable (but not shit-can-able)

    • That’s unforgivable, completely concedes defeat.

      Cordero is done, put him on the DL for right arm shittiness. If AA and Farrell try to say they still have confidence in him then they are idiots that don’t know when to admit they were wrong.

  43. Hey, I think I’ll take our catcher out of the game who is great in clutch situations/RISP, and have Omar Vizquel hit. THEN, after a clutch RBI I’ll bring in our favourite gas-can to clinch the loss.

    Seriously, this is fucking sad beyond words. JPA looked as though he wanted to murder Farrell in the dugout.

    It’s just so fucking sickening. After enduring such a boring fucking game, the booze didn’t help, and to lose like this. Fuck these fucks.

  44. This organization is a fucking disaster.

    • the organization is in amazing shape, they just shouldn’t have Cordero pitching in fucking 9th inning.

    • Now that’s just a tad overboard. The only thing that’s a fucking disaster is John Farrell’s brain constantly going into automatic in the 9th inning, and constantly bringing in Cordero.

  45. Janssen, 3:1 K/BB ratio last couple of years, 11:1 this year so far, keeps his walks down and Ks 1 per inning usually

    Has to be

  46. muhahahaha oh that’s the best one yet this year. Took the dog out thinking they got this one wrapped up. So pro. Could have thrown the extra $8 million for frasor and coco at Beltran. Would have much more to show for by the end of the year. Wouldn’t be any worse off with Carreno and Beck or other minor league arm in the pen this year that’s for sure.

    Well we know one area AA is no wizard and that’s building a pen. Either the brain trust aren’t evaluating properly or they just have some shit ass bad luck the last two years.

    It’ll get better for the Jays by the time they get to Minnesota as well. The bats that have been so shitty will surely spark to life in time for the Jays arrival.

    Oh well .500 with upside boys. That’s the saying for this year.

  47. Baltimore is starting to suck. Blue Jays is starting to lose. Apparently things are coming back to earth.

    • That’s a fucking stupid comment. If you can’t separate Cordero fucking sucking from the team sucking as a whole, you’re an idiot.

      • The team is sucking. Look at batting averages and OPS from the entire starters, it is making my ball hair grey. Besides somewhat lucky pitching so far (BABIP) the team is sucking.

      • You are actually the fucking idiot if you think cordero is the only piece of shit on this team so far this year

  48. You guys are idiots.

    It’s the 9th inning and the team is up by only 1 run. MLB rules dictate that the manager MUST use the pitcher that he designated as the mystical “closer”. It doesn’t matter if there are clearly more talented pitchers available in the bullpen, their psyches likely would not be able to handle the gravity of a save situation.

    Once you bestow the closer title upon someone, they are imbued with a cosmic attraction to saves that goes beyond logic and reasoning.

    Get a brain morans!

  49. The thing I will say, better it goes down with the GS, it could have ended earlier on the passed ball – this debacle has to force a change, HAS TO – with the loss on a passed ball, 1 run loss, oh, that is just terrible luck, Mathis makes that play 99 out of 100 times, blah, blah, blah. Brutal efforts like this by Cordero cannot be swept under the rug so easily

  50. Jesus Christ I hate Mike Wilner. Time to turn off 590.

    “JP was upset because Vizquel missed the bunt”.

    Yeah Mike. Please, please slip and fall in the shower and split your fat fucking head open.

    • I couldn’t agree more. He’s such a piece of shit, who thinks he’s so fucking great because he gets to butcher some play by play occasionally. The kids who introduce the batters on JrJays Saturdays could do better than him.

    • McDust, while I prefer not to think of Mike Wilner anywhere near the shower, I will say I had a similar reaction to that explanation over Aaron Cibia’s frustration. I live in Philly and am used to listening to homer radio. Just yesterday I heard a DJ defend 76ers fans cheering Joakim Noah’s ankle injury by saying that they were rooting for the “momentum shift” it caused. I can’t imagine the other line of excuses Wilner must have been thinking of to sway Toronto’s hearts and minds into thinking that all of the players agree whole heartedly with the manager’s decision.

      Oh yeah, how exactly is Francisco “doesn’t walk many guys” Cordero working out Farrell?

  51. Zaun

    Cordero deserves a shot at the save because of his “pedigree”

    Fuck you, Redneck

  52. Farrell completely bungled the top half of the inning in almost every way imaginable. Sticking with Coco for the 9th might have been the most defensible move he made.

    Having Coco cough up a grand slam ONE PITCH after Smithers massaged Farrell’s brain and he brought in a 5th infielder was just unintentional comedy gold.

  53. Wilner is such a condescending, pretentious mother fucker, even after a loss where he basically agrees with what the callers are saying.

  54. Fun fact:

    Francisco Cordero’s ERA tonight was 135.00.

    Maybe that wasn’t so fun, but fuck that’s hilarious.

    • Cordero’s numbers on the season after tonight:

      9.53 ERA, 7.72 FIP, 4.82 xFIP, 6.35 K/9, 4.76 BB/9, 3.18 HR/9.

      Farrell: WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  55. I don’t understand all these fucking teams having giant pitchers throwing 95 mph sinkers. How come we can’t get any of these mtherfuckas? Year in and year out this bull pen sucks. Things never change.

    • The bullpen may be perfectly fine. To say it sucks is a gross exaggeration. What sucks here is that our manager mindlessly trots out the 7th most effective member of the bullpen in high leverage situations.

      • Yes. Thank you. This is the problem. 100%.

        • If the Jays hypothetically had Santos all year so far, and pitching the way he’s capable of, the jays would be 19-10.

          The 9th inning has killed the Jays, mostly from Cordero being shit.

          • 19-10 even without Bautista or Lind hitting. Mm.

            Hopefully it’ll even out. The worst bullpen in history couldn’t keep up this amount of blown saves.

          • Well, 19-11 after tonight. But the record seems about right. The SP has been very good, and the offense has been good, but not where it could be.

            It really does fall upon the bullpen. I suppose it’s still early, but these are games the Jays should win.

  56. So is that 7 or 8 blown saves in the first 5 1/2 weeks? How many exactly have resulted in losses?

    • I think 2-6??

    • Okay it’s 7 blown saves. 5 of them have come in the 9th inning, the other two in the eighth. 6 of them have resulted in losses.

      • actually I think 5 in losses. But really, it’s pretty horrible.

        • Agreed.

          Time to start turning some of these iffy minor league starters who have marginal 3rd and 4th pitches into relievers with 2 plus pitches. $8 million or roughly 10% of the teams payroll on two chumps, well to be fair one real chump and the other just a middling veteran when you had options in the minors that most likely would have been just as good.

    • Blown Saves (W-L in those games)

      Santos, 2 BS (1-1)
      Cordero, 3 BS (1-2), plus a loss in his only inning of work in vs Bal on Apr 14th
      Frasor, 0 BS, but a bad outing vs. TB on Apr 19th
      Oliver, 1 BS (0-1)
      Janssen, 1 BS (0-1) plus a loss vs Balt on Apr 26th
      Perez, 0 BS but a big loss vs. Seattle (his only runs given up this year, 4 on Apr 27th)

      So, as far as I can tell 7 BS, and the record is 2-5 in those games.

  57. Hey guys, I think the thing we’re all forgetting here is that Cordero is a proven closer, he’s got more than 300 saves. He’s earned the right to keep trotting out for the 9th. Who gives a fuck if he’s a shell of his former self, and he couldn’t retire 3 high A ball players in the 9th, and so what if it costs us a bunch of games when we could actually be close to contending for a playoff spot this year. He’s proven it in the past, that’s all that matters. Fuck the present, that clearly doesn’t matter.

  58. FUCK YOU CORDERO!!! You fat fuck. And fucking idiot farrell for having faith in him. Why the fuck didnt he put in villanueva or carreno after he gave up the hit to pennington?

    • those are not good options. the better option would have been to simply leave the guy who was very effective in retiring the side in order in the 8th on just 8 pitches.

      god its so frustrating watching managers just reflexively use relievers for only one inning despite really low pitch counts

      • Oliver?!!! Ummm no thanks. I would have started the inning with carreno or villanueva. Im sure they couldve succeeded against the weak hitting A’s.
        Cordero has no business being the closer. Thank you Farell.

  59. Folks, this is why you dont spend money on veteran relievers that on the downside. you never know when they are going to be completely useless. better to go with cheap guys in the organization and if they dont work out, you just send them down and bring up the next one.

    with this fucker’s contract, the jays are going to be forced to not only keep him on the roster, but actually keep playing him.

    is he really any better than carreno at this point? better than beck or japanese dude in vegas? i bet its close at worst..

    • Not completely true. They could just release him and pay whatever’s left on the contract. It might not be such a bad idea either. I’d rather pay him $3MM or whatever it is to fuck off, rather than constantly give the Jays negative value every time Farrell goes crazy for CoCo puffs.

  60. We were 16-11 and things were looking so promising. And now this fucking team is hovering around .500 again. Some things never change.

    • Just think .500 with POTENTIAL upside. That way you won’t get so disappointed which this pen will inevitably do to you.

    • Ugh. Nothing more annoying than that attitude. Let me guess, they win 4 out of the next 5 and everything is perfect?

      Cordero being a piece of shit does not equal the team is a piece of shit. Jesus. They just need to not pitch him.

      • This loss was 80% cordero and farrell. But cordero isnt the only problem on the team. Inconsistent hitters who make too many easy outs is quite a concern.

        • Sure the offense has been bad. But with even a average save conversion percentage this team has one of the best records in baseball.

          I’m still fucking pumped for the rest of this season, but I don’t want to see anymore games given away by handing the ball to a guy with a 9 ERA in the 9th.

      • Never said the team was a piece of shit. This team has flaws though but lots of potential. .500 in this division wouldn’t be horrible if Boston bounces back to the team they were and if Baltimore stays reasonable.

        Games like this are tough to stomach but honestly anything above .500 for me is a bonus. Lots of young players some dodgy old ones and ones like Lind who should be on the bench. Shit like this is going to happen.

        That said Farrell has done some curious things of late.

  61. How does Farrell even look the team in the eye? They’re scratching and crawling for every inch trying to sneak into a wildcard spot and he’s literally giving away wins.

    • Do you think he’ll go take a shit in Kelly Johnson’s locker just to make his giant “fuck you” more obvious?

      • He already snuck into the dugout in the 7th and took care of that, just in case they took the lead later on and wound up winning the game.

  62. I think Cito is somehow exercising mind control on Farrell. There’s no other way to account for these decisions

  63. you have to blame cordero on alex. NL pitchers don’t translate in the AL east. easy to get 37 saves in the creampuff NL

    • But is it Alex’s fault that Farrell can’t figure this out from blown save after blown save? If Farrell used Cordero properly, many of these blown saves probably could have then been avoided.

      • almost all managers are going to play the veteran card.

        • And that’s why most managers cost their team more losses than wins. The problem here is Cordero and Farrell together are making sure the Jays stay buried in the standings for all eternity.

  64. you have to blame alex. here. it’s 2 years in a row with a shitty bullpen

    • Im not sure any team did more to try to fix their pen last year than the jays. Cordero has just fucking sucked and shouldn’t have been given so much rope.

    • The bullpen is fine. The management of it has been the colossal fuck-up. Santos, Frasor, Janssen and Oliver. Those are good arms and I’d be happy to have them if I aspire to have a contending team.

      But when the manager consistently uses the worst reliever in the pen in high-leverage situations, this will happen.

      • We still don’t know how Santos is going to perform. Frasor and Janssen are adequate as neither of them are dominating like a Venters or Robertson. Basically you’ve got Perez and Oliver as the only ones that have performed well for any stretch of time so far. Jays fans have to thank their lucky stars that the starters have been generally exceptional this year.

  65. Anyone have odds on whether Farrell pulls a Lind and says tomorrow that Cordero is still the closer until Santos comes back?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised I Lind stays at cleanup, but there’s no way Cordero hasn’t lost the job. No fucking way.

  66. farrell makes a decision putting the jays ahead and then he goes and does that. i am pissed with the manger that keeps acting like a pitching coach. has there been any successful pitching coaches to managers ever? or is he in a position to fail.fuck this. the last 3 games i have fell asleep for over half the games from boredom and the trip so far is 2 wins 3 losses. i think i will tune the boys out til they get their shit together. last year jose entertained me all by himself, that was special. but there is nothing to get excited about.lind will be 4th aand do nothing, just boring losses and farrell taking brain cramps. aw well dotel blew a save today too

    • Agree 100%. These games have been ridiculously boring to watch. I could stomach them if we got the wins, but to lose the way we did last night is a crushing blow to the occipital.

  67. I feel sorry for JP, he was the hero of the game and the chance was not given to finish it with the win. loss definitely fault on Ferrel. can’t he how Cordero is out of tune? and i thought he was a pitching coach!

  68. Here are the completely fucked up moves in summary during tonight’s game.

    1. The decision to NOT have Rasmus take second base in the 9th inning when the A’s were basically giving him the base.

    2. Pinch hitting Vizquel for JPA in a situation where a fly ball gives you the lead.

    3. having pinch hit already for JPA, the decision by SOMEONE to have Vizquel bunt on a fucking THREE AND ONE COUNT and he bunted what would have been ball four..bases of the order up.

    4. taking out oliver despite only 8 pitches. i understand we traded for a Capital C closer in santos..he isnt here. we dont have a closer…right the hot hand.

    • I agree with 1 and 3. JPA is a double play machine. But im not sure if that was farrells call to bunt or vizquel had a seniors moment. Fucking dumb either way.

    • I agree with you on all counts.

    • The game was an absolute cluster fuck. I was at the angels game the other day and Vizquel looked like he needed a walker. Seriously, him a pinch hitter for JP!!! Who has actually been warming up a little?!!


    I swear, that dumbass bird in this commercial is John Farrell. And he’s gone coo-coo for CoCo Puffs.

  70. If this year is still about development, then why would you bring in a 45 year old bench player, with about as many years’ experience in professional baseball as I have in life, to bat in the most crucial out of the entire game? Same thing can be asked about consistently trotting Francisco Cordero to blow three consecutive saves. I mean I know that hindsight is 20/20 but using Cordero and Vizquel in crucial situations to avoid playing younger guys in need of this situational experience compounds Farrell’s appearance of stupidity. Let’s face the fact, we’ve seen the carousel of veteran closers: Ryan, Francisco, Rauche, and now Cordero. None of them have gotten the job done over the long haul. Sad but true: the last good closer the Jays had was Jeremy Accordo.

  71. In the post-game scrum, Farrell said he used Vizquel for the squeeze play, basically admitting he was going for a one-run lead. He also admits they’ve been having trouble getting 3 outs in the 9th. So…. why play for a one-run lead?

    • I can see playing for a one run lead is OK if you have a solid closer and the situation is not lending itself to multiple runs. but with men on first and third, and a 3-1 count with a pitcher on the ropes…this is BEGGING for you to try and score more. going for more than one run is not going to cost you getting at least one run if you know what i mean

    • His whole strategy is what you do when you’re DOWN a run.

      What a mushmouth.

      Could’ve gone better….didn’t work out…still have confidence in my players. Then he shrugs.

  72. On the plus side, there’s absolutely no chance Cordero gets a chance to save a game again this season.



  73. “It happens”

    “Whats that?”


  74. Send Oliver back out and have Janssen and Perez/Carreno warmed up.

    Farrell sent out Gas Can with no one ready. That’s called painting yourself into a corner.

    Agreed on the Vizquel PH. Why? It made zero fucking sense in the context.

    Problem with Farrell is he never gets any real heat for sticking with deadbeats. In NY, the press would flay him alive.

    • Its funny, when the signed Oliver I was sort of like “why?”

      when they signed cordero I was actually sort of pleased.

      I should have reversed my thoughts

      • you should probably do that more often. they got rid of that helmet for a reason. injured head

  75. This has to be the last time we see Lind in batting fourth and Cordero pitching in a high leverage situation. If not, bring out the pitchforks and we hunt down Farrell.

    • Agreed

      But if he’s especially still using Cordero then it’s AA that isn’t doing his job.

      Remember, Cordero is a bad signing and that reflects on AA. If he’s getting used from now on it’s because AA wants him used. Then it’s time to put his feet to the fire.

      This is the time of the season where the GM relieves the manager of problems like this.

  76. Remember the Jays were going to acquire Koji Uehara, but he blocked the trade so they signed Cordero instead?


  77. The only thing I don’t get is that with all the research out there teams still continue to fuck the dog on the bullpen issue. I mean they use shifts and all that other stuff but they still can’t use the right relievers at the right time, pretty fucking silly.

  78. anyone on here criticizing farrell for the successful 8th getting the lead is an was a 2 chance opportunity leading into a hot kj resulting in a lead.the coco disaster is on farrell and he is not the closer, he is a pityful filler for santos. obviously he was all over the place because a defensive catcher couldnt catch the shit.farrell keeps acting like loyal pitching coach instead of a win at all costs manager.pissing away the season. fuck what a waste

  79. 4.5 mil for cordero and 4 mil for frasor for a 7th inn guy complete waste

    would rather have spent that 8.5 mil on a hitter and then gone with carreno and beck, mcguire etc.

    this is why a good GM doesn’t sign veteran relievers so the manager won’t feel obligated to give them the save situations.

    remember these players are not long term options with the team so why the blind loyalty? why not take this time to groom someone like carreno. what possibly do you have to lose??????

  80. cordero had whips in the 1.4 range for 3 years before last. doesn’t take an iranian nuclear scientest to figure out that wont fly in the AL.

    another fail by alex was giving carreno that absurd money. was he really in that high demand? if you gave him 1 mil then you could easily waive him, but now you’re stuck with that massive salary there’s no chance he’s going anywhere.

    • You meant Cordero, not CARRENO. Joel Carreno is still a farm prospect earning McDonalds money to prove himself in the majors

  81. What is it with this team and closers? Every one we trot out there starts sending big fat ones over the plate as soon as he puts on a Jays uniform.

  82. Farrell has two main principles:

    1. He doesn’t believe in small smaple sizes, which Cordero’s numbers still are.
    2. He believes in stability in rotation, lineup and bullpen.

    As a result he’s very slow to pull the hook on someone. Is it time to use someone other than CoCo in the ninth? Probably. But lets not confuse a slump (and some unluckiness, even Chris Davis has been a pitcher than Cordero this year, which probably isn’t true overall) with the pitcher being genuinely terrible. Give him another couple months before DFAing him. Though you should probably take him out of the 9th inning.

  83. Almost time for the Rogers apologists to deem this year another “developing year” and shift the perpetual “two years away” down the road another year.

    The Blownsaves will never be anything better than a 0.500 team until they spend at least the league average on quality talent.

    You can’t expect steak if all you’re paying for is hamburger.

    • See the problem is that the Jays are stuck in this position of mediocrity. They are too shitty to make the playoffs, but too good to get high draft picks. People talk about building through the draft and cite teams like Tampa Bay, Washington and Texas as prime examples. Tampa Bay had terrible seasons that allowed them to obtain David Price and Evan Longoria. Washington? Same deal with Strasburg and Harper. As far as Texas goes, they are still reaping the rewards on their Teixeira trade, but have not been afraid to spend money (A-Rod, Yu Darvish).

      Honestly, the Jays need to pony up the fucking money or throw about 3 seasons (last place overall finishes, please). There is no reason that the Jays shouldn’t have went out and got Yu Darvis and Yoenis Cespedes this year. It would not have affected draft picks whatsoever. They should also be hunting down Jorge Soler.

      We have corporate ownership. If it doesn’t positively affect Rogers’ bottom line, they don’t give a fuck. So we’re stuck being the best fourth place team currently in Major League Baseball (hopefully fourth… we’ll see about this year).

      • Thing is even if we crapped out for a few years, Rogers is too damn cheap to pay their first round draft picks.

      • Rays did get Longoria and Price through the losing seasons’ high picks, but the Rays farm system and management was upgraded by a newer ownership, and then John Madden was hired to clean up the clubhouse thugs like Delmon Young and Elijah Dukes. The Delmon Young trade and John Madden’s in-game management and planning turned their team into a clutch-hitting, dominant pitching, bargain talent-finding super-team. The Rays are running on all cylinders because of a great manager they have, which Farrel is not really a good manager who can analyze a situation properly.

  84. Is it wrong that I’m still obsessing over last night? LOL…so fucking angry. I’ve been a Farrell supporter all along, but last night was just unacceptable. Swap him for Bobby V, fuck it.

    • Farrell’s decisions were not to blame. Its all on Coco. The last thing the Jays need is Bobby V.

      • Dude, Farrell’s decisions WERE to blame. If you can’t see that than there is no hope for you. Obviously Cordero was the pitcher on record, but he shouldn’t have been there in the first place! Bobby V was an exaggeration to make a point, but come on.

        • Not saying Farrell was a fucking genius last night. He just played it by the book in the bottom of the ninth by giving the ball to his, ahem, «closer», who was 2-4 in save opportunities, with terrible periphials.

          Dropped and passed balls by Mathis forced Farrell to issue intentional walks. It doesn’t matter if you lose by 1 run or by 4 runs in the bottom of the ninth. It’s a loss.

          Its been a shitty year for closers. Coco felt left out in the I suck category and decided to throw his hat in. He simply blew it last night.

          If Farrell reverts back to Coco in the future, your argument has a point.

    • Here Here……. No wait. Bobby V is the originator of the word clusterfuck

  85. Cordero’s stuff looked awful lastnight. He kept throwing junk and got what he deserved. He clearly didn’t trust his stuff at all and was trying to get by with smoke and mirrors. Mathis didn’t help with his uncharacteristic dropped balls and a passed ball. Sacre Bleu!

    A very a propos Down in the Farm segment was shown earlier in the game. Last night’s game feature was none other than Chad Beck. Call it a bad omen.

    Coco needs more time to refine his stuff, but for the life of Jesus, let him do some mop up duty. Janssen or Carreno for closer please.

  86. May 9th. It’s still early but the bugs and yips should be getting ironed out by now. They’ve got a pretty decent record considering what’s gone on, but after the off-season the media was all ‘at least AA improved the bullpen!’ And I’m not so sure he did.

  87. I don’t think you can put the loss completely on Farrell. For one, Alex is the one responsible for the players Farrell has to work with. Considering Cordero has saved big games before, and considering Alex gave him good money to pitch the 8th and fill in for Santos, that has to be Farrell’s guy right now. I remember last year when everyone was shitting on Frankie and he turned it around in the 2nd half. Coco might just be the victim of bad luck and he’s obviously going through a little rough patch with locating his pitches right now. It’s not like that dinker into right was hit hard by Taylor, the fucker barely caught a piece of the line. Plus, Mathis allowed 2 passed balls which he probably could have caught allowing runners to advance and forcing the intentional walks to load the bases. (Note: Coco’s control was pretty shitty during those at bats, but Mathis is a better catcher than that). As for those of you who say Carreno should have been put in there, if he also blew the save, I’m sure you all would have criticized Farrell for bringing in the young, inexperienced arm in that pivotal situation.

    Also: remember, Santos was supposed to be our closer. It’s not Farrell’s fault that Santos is still out right now. Once Santos is back, hopefully the pen will stabilize.

    That said, I do blame Farrell for leaving Lind in the 4 hole right now. He pulls his head on every swing. That one strike out in the middle of the game, his head was out in right field. I also think the ball was in the catcher’s glove before he swung. Pathetic. He should be moved down to the 8 hole until he shows he can make “contact”, let alone hit the ball with authority. Again, I put the Lind problem on Alex more than Farrell too as Lind is still here because of the front office who believe he is going to turn a magical corner and become the guy he was in ’09. Most likely that won’t happen. But until Alex decides to cut bait, it looks like we are stuck with him and Farrell is likely in the predicament of having to stick with a guy in the 4 hole who was given that role prior to him becoming manager and because Lind has received endorsements from the front office. I hope Farrell will ignore Lind’s feelings though and drop him in the order anyway as he is killing this team, especially late in games.

    What we should probably be discussing though, other than our shitacular pen, is the fact that the offense has not been very good outside of a few players. EE has had a rough road trip but I’m sure he’ll turn it around. Johnson looks really good. But Lind is awful and Jose is swinging for the fences on every pitch he actually decides to take a cut at. It doesn’t seem we can string any hits together right now. For a team which has been praised for being more patient and getting on base, our batting averages are atrocious and it seems we are ever more reliant upon the long ball. The problem is, some of our biggest hitters are in a power outage. Tough to win when we get on base and can’t drive in the runs. That said, we do have a very respectable BA with RISP, but that’s just because we’ve been lucky enough to drive in the runners when they actually reach scoring position. I’m sure that number will come back down to earth as the season dwindles on….

  88. There is one saving grace to this – yes CoCo stinks and should not be the closer. But at least we didn’t pay Heath Bell 24Mill to be our closer. Yes, the Heath Bell that some Jays fans wanted to be our closer who has 4 Blown Saves and has already been removed from the closers role in Miami.

    And so one has to ask – AA knew that Bell was not the type of closer he was looking for. So how come he didn’t know that CoCo wasn’t the type of setup man he was looking for? Also, who was that writer who tweeted that the Jays signing Coco was the “bargain signing of the winter” or something like that?

  89. Hey Guys! Did you see Coco last night? He blew it good for us didn’t he?

    At least it takes away some of the scrutiny from me for one night huh?

  90. simple, new batting coach , Perez temp stopper. Lind to bench , EE to 1st and Snider dh when ready. next ?

  91. but why would any team waste money signing a “proven closer”????



    real fans know what’s up. this blog is a fantasy wank for deluded hipster wannabes.

  92. I know that shit happens, but it doesn’t usually happen all the time. Something has to give.

  93. I don’t know if anyone else pointed it out, but I find it funny that if Taylor had read the ball correctly on the WP/PB and scored, the infielders would have dropped back to regular depth with the score 3-3 and nobody on, and Cordero very well could have got out of that inning with just the one run damage. Such is baseball.

  94. It’s all over for the year! I’m shutting down the old tv until next spring.

  95. I think Lawrie rolling over on a 1-1 pitch with none out and the go-ahead run on third made me more frustrated than seeing vizquel pinch hit and botch the 3-1 bunt. Just a terrible, terrible approach in that situation.

  96. …and we lead the AL in blown saves. Which, if I recall correctly, we did last year as well. Always nice to see old traditions continue.

    • I wonder how people can keep saving alex is doing a great job when every year the bullpen sucks. even tampa rebuilds there bullpen every year and somehow figures out how to do it.

  97. ask yourself this, once coco had blown the save and walked the bases loaded, WHY WAS HE STILL IN THERE? there was no more save opportunity and best case the game goes extras so why not make the move to jansenn and at least give yourself a chance? this is why the loss is all on farrell.

  98. According to Shi, Lind has been dropped to 8th despite the fact we’re facing a shitty RHP. Hallelujah!

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