Like the title says, he’s truly beating a dead horse here, and I must acknowledge that it truly sucks continually being down on the guy– it’s not like he isn’t trying, and it’s not like his manager is putting him in a position where his struggles aren’t infinitely more visible– but commenter Jim threw down some mind-boggling Adam Lind-related statistical figures in the post below (which I assume are correct, even though I’m gonna be too lazy to actually corroborate them– because, y’know, then it really isn’t like letting commenters do the work for me at all).

Who am I not to pass them along?

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Verlander no-hitting the Jays. It was also Lind’s last game before going on the DL. Since then he’s had a .674 OPS (23rd worst in MLB), 80 wRC+ (11th worst in MLB) and been worth -0.6fWar (4th worst in MLB).

As a comparison, Lind now has 507 plate appearances over the last 12 months. When they got rid of Rios after 479 plate appearances in the 2009 season, his OPS was 70 points better and his wRC+ was 18 points better than Lind’s.

I know it’s practically beating a dead horse at this point but man that’s pretty ridiculous.

Now, Rios was owed a shit-tonne more money when Ken Williams gave the Jays the gift of clusterfuckingly awful asset management by taking him off his hands, but he also played a premium defensive position. But still, the club cut bait on him when he was actually better than Lind has been.

Sure, we’ve got some arbitrary end point action going on, and we can’t forget– I must mention for a second straight day, as I’m certain it’s the reason that the Jays are still maintaining hope (and it almost makes it make sense to do so)– that Lind was sporting a .300/.349/.515/.865 at last year’s All-Star Break. And maybe there’s genuinely something to the stuff about injuries suffocating his second half performance (though… they don’t explain 2011, nor do I understand how they could explain why he was swinging so recklessly in that period), but… ya. He’s been bad.

I suppose you’ve noticed that we’ve noticed.

And… I don’t even know what to think anymore. I mean, with all that said– again– I can’t help but think how we shit on Bautista’s ability to repeat his 2010, but the club had belief, and it worked out. And we shit all over Encarnacion, but the club had belief, and it worked out.

Maybe we’re just dicks and far too impatient when it comes to guys who’ve shown what they can hit the fuck out of the ball for stretches at this level. I’d love to see Lind come around, and I’d love to see him dropped in the order so that a small measure of pressure might be taken off of him– or me, for continuing to have to write about this day after day– but… it’s just not getting a whole lot less ugly, is it?

Image via Robin Marchant/Getty.

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  1. Listen to AA’s interview on fan590 morning, tons of BS from AA in regards to Lind..

  2. Is that semi-colon sitting at the end of the article because, like Lind, it should be used sparingly?

  3. Oh also Lind ops under 600 over his last 350 pa’s…

    Small Sample Size???? lawllllllll

  4. Question is… if they do give up on Lind, what are their other options at 1B? It’s not like the LF position where we have good options in minors just waiting to come up.

    • Unless the Snider injury is a hoax and they have him in Area 51 practising with a first baseman’s glove, there really isn’t an internal option, other than playing EE everyday.

      AA has made some comments in recent days about getting a big bat in the lineup. One can only assume he means a trade for someone to take over at 1B.

      There could be some intriguing options via trade, in particular, in Chicago where the Cubs have Rizzo waiting in the wings. LaHair isn’t particularly adept in LF.

      • LeHair would be nice, but for who? The guy is hitting top ten in the league right now.

        • The Cubs are rebuilding and LaHair is blocking Rizzo, who might be called up by June. With Soriano in LF and really no other place to put him (or to move his ridiculous contract since Reagins is no longer a GM), LaHair might become a redundant piece in Chicago.

          The market is fairly thin (no big market clubs are in play) for a decent 1st baseman. And the Jays have prospects that could be moved without stripping the farm system.

          Besides, LaHair is 29 and does not have a huge track record of success in the big leagues. I don’t think his value will cost MLB talent if the Cubs are willing to go with some prospects and perhaps a bullpen arm.

          Another option would be Trumbo. The Angels might need a bullpen arm given the rash of injuries to Downs and Hawkins and Walden being only so-so.

    • Come up and do what? Run around the outfield like Thames? Strikeout regularly? No thanks. Thames has played all of, what, 67 games in the majors and is at least 4th best in batting #’s on the team. Give the guy a fucking chance.

      • Snider is a far superior defender, though. And Thames, in that scenario, would DH. At least, until those (admittedly) 4th best numbers on the team normalized their way back to where we’d expect them to be– which isn’t so hot.

        • Sure, but 2 things stand out: 60 something games is a small sample size and Snider’s inability to last more than 20 games without injuring himself.

          And yeah, personal bias but “far superior:…?

          • 90% of players in MLB would be far superior defenders in my personally biased opinion. It’s more an issue of Thames defensive inadequacy than of Snider’s superiorty. To me this shows how truely difficult a sport baseball is. In the NBA you don’t have players that can’t driibble. In the NHL you don’t have players that can’t skate. Yet in MLB, here’s an everyday player, with a slightly above average bat (maybe), on an above 500 team that has trouble with many of the basic fundimentals of the game. And compared to Lind he looks like Ruth. I’m not being sarcasic when I say that this is what I love about the game. The degree of difficulty is ridiculous.

          • @CowTownJay but yet you still have all these fucking clowns you meet in day to day life who mock baseball, say it’s not a real sport, is an easy sport, etc. Fucking HATE those types.

    • They don’t. That’s the problem. That’s why he’s going to be in there everyday until the situation becomes untenable and they have no choice but to make a trade.

      For now, I’ve given up thinking about Lind. I just assume he’s an automatic out and hope the guys around him get on base and drive in the runs. The Lind failure would be a lot less problematic if Bautista started hitting, too.

    • We can trade Lind for some starting pitching and bring up Travis D’Arnound and bring him to first base. SInce he is not as great at Arencibia behind the plate, I’ve heard impressive things about his bat, he is one dimensional so we can put him on first. Even bringing the red hot Snider to left field and moving Thames to first would be a good move as well.

  5. This is getting fucking ridiculous. Let’s be clear: the Toronto Blue Jays DO NOT have a better option at 1B vs. RHP than Adam Lind. Most of the people shitting on Lind are the same people who defended ownership all winter throughout its refusal to augment the roster by spending money on FA talent. You reap what you sow, and unless AA can swing a trade, Adam Lind is your 1B.

    • I don’t understand why someone can’t be against going out and spending on Fielder or Pujols (as if Pujols was ever going to come here anyways) while being unhappy with Lind. It’s not so black and white. It’s awfully simple-minded to say that we either have the best 1b in the league or the worst. There are plenty of options in between.

      Anyways, as someone who didn’t want Fielder’s or Pujols’ contract, I think that it was worth looking at what Lind could do and give him and the team the benefit of the doubt that he could return and be productive. Even with how bad he has been, I’d be fine with him being horrible somewhere lower in the order. The frustration of having one of the worst hitters in baseball is that he’s batting 4th. If you can’t get rid of him and have no better options at 1st (which I think EE could play adequately, with Thames at DH and Snider in LF) then bat him 9th and let him try to find his game or at least hide him.

    • How do you possibly reconcile the two things you just said? It was either stick with Lind or handing out a ridiculous contract to a player who wasn’t ever seriously coming here anyway?

      Having a problem with Lind– or even with Lind not having an adequate platoon partner– has nothing to do with appreciating the reasons for caution when it came to the winter’s free agent spending madness. Nice try, though.

      • Here’s the funny thing – both of you maroons assumed I was talking about Pujols & Fielder, when I wasn’t. Here are some of the other FA acquisitions that could’ve allowed the club to upgrade at 1B/DH by removing Lind from everyday playing time:

        Yoenes Cespedes
        Michael Cuddyer
        Jason Kubel
        Josh Willingham
        Carlos Pena
        Luke Scott

        • Here’s a funnier thing: how many people were defending the club not spending on those guys?

          • Mostly everyone? Parkes shat on the Cuddyer, Kubel, and Willingham signings this winter. I would bring up signing Willingham & Pena often and NOBODY was interested.

        • I guess you don’t realize this because you’ve only heard it in old Bugs Bunny cartoons, but “maroon” is actually a racist slur for black people.

    • Very good point. They could have got a DH in the offseason . Carlos Pena was available. David Ortiz was available.

  6. yeah, Lind pretty much is what he is. He’s not as bad as the guy he is portraying on TV right now..but he’s also not the guy who scorched the earth for the first part of last year.

    I see him as a guy who will settle in for the next few years at this type of level

    250ish Avg
    300 ish obp
    425 ish slugging

    that isnt bad …IF YO U ARE A CATCHER.

    so basically i feel that lind is a legit major leaguer FOR ME TO POOP ON

  7. Although I would like to know what was said about Adam LInd in the comments section before Herr Fairservice struck down and deleted the juicy gossip.

    • It was a case of mistaken identity. Let it go.

    • It was bullshit and libelous, and your tone that something shady was going on is fucking horseshit. It was a false rumour to the best of anyone’s knowledge and would have been irresponsible to keep up.

      • waaaaaaaah!

        • Excuse me? Dickhead suggesting we’re purposely keeping a story under wraps for nebulous reasons (the inference being we’re trying to spare someone from the consequences of a story), when the reality is that the rumour was complete broken-telephone bullshit, and I’m not supposed to put him in his place for that? Please tell me I don’t need to explain to you why your comment can go fuck itself.

      • You have an uncanny ability of reading non-existent tone, Stoeten. I am legitimately curious as to what was said about Lind, and why it was instantly deleted. You’ve moderated comments before, but that was only to make sure it wasn’t filled with vile filth and whatnot. This is the first I’m hearing about a concern of comments being “libelous”, and I think the idea of deleting comments on DJF for fear of “libel” would have horrified you 5 years ago.

        I guess I shouldn’t tell the story of Parkes & John Travolta…

        • Oh fuck off, I can read your dickless tone just fine, with your “I think the idea of deleting comments on DJF for fear of “libel” would have horrified you 5 years ago” garbage.

          Someone posted a rumour that sounded realistic enough, but was untrue. We deleted it out of fear people would be dumb enough to believe it, and blind enough to miss the follow-up comments where we explained it was untrue. Pretty simple stuff.

          • “We deleted it out of fear people would be dumb enough to believe it”

            So it had nothing to do with libel? This dickless dickhead is confused.

          • Just want to clear a few things up. I can’t believe this is even still being discussed. I regret ever posting it at all.

            The “rumour” wasn’t made up, nor was it taken from Google. I was passing along information given to me by a friend, not something that was ever reported anywhere. You won’t be able to find anything out by Googling it because it wasn’t public information, which in retrospect is exactly the reason I never should have said anything at all.

            I’ve always hated people who try to post “insider information” and I never meant to start any of that shit at all. It was a poor decision for me to post anything, given that I was referring to information I never actually should have had in the first place.

            To NorthYorkJays and/or anyone else who is still concerned over what I posted: don’t be. Although I want to clarify that I have every reason to believe the information that was given to me, I have no intention to do anything with that at this point because (1) I can’t “prove” anything without completely fucking over my friend in question, and (2) much more importantly, I have no desire for attention or “whistleblowing” or whateverthefuck else would come from talking about this any more.

            I can’t provide evidence, I have no desire to ever provide evidence, and there’s really no reason for anybody to give two shits about a comment that (thankfully) nobody ever even saw. Please, just forget about it.

        • The comment was instantly deleted because I was looking over the comments and didn’t think it belonged. So I deleted it. THE GUY WHO POSTED IT LATER CAME BACK and said he understood why it came down and wished he had more to back it up. If he accepts that, why can’t you?

          • Go to google. Type in our 1st baseman’s name but don’t hit enter. Wait for the auto fill-ins to drop down. Click on the auto fill-in that comes up that looks a little funny. Scroll through the results that come until you see something incriminating. Laugh at the fact that somebody obviously mistook said person for our similarly-named 1st baseman. Collect your Junior Detective badge. Go home. Nothing to see here.

          • What’s the problem, occifer?

          • Drew Fairservice, everybody!

        • If you wanted to avoid your comment being read with a “tone,” you could have avoided the dickish “Herr Fairservice.”

  8. Well, now that they’re the subject of a post, I hope I got those numbers right (I’m pretty sure they are correct, but if anyone wants to prove them wrong then by all means it’d be appreciated). I also forgot to add that Rios had a 1.2 fWAR when he was waived, which isn’t far off a full 2 fWAR better than Lind.

    As has been discussed endlessly, it’s not just that he’s been bad. It’s that he’s been bad in such a prominent spot in the lineup ahead of players who are much much better than him. I mentioned in another comment a few days ago that Lind has one season of >100wRC+ baseball (two if you include his 18 game rookie stint) while EE has 5 out of 7 seasons and is on his way to a 6th. Sure, EE’s never had a season like Lind’s best year, but given both of their career sample sizes it’s pretty difficult to argue that Lind deserves the 4 spot more than EE.

  9. I don’t think they should cut bait on the guy, but it’s a little fucking ridiculous that he’s hitting cleanup, and it’s a little bit more fucking ridiculous that people are going out of their way to defend a guy who has been below average since 2010. There’s a much larger sustained sample size of him being below average than above average…you can blame injuries if you want and there might be truth to that, but the numbers don’t lie.

    • it’s not just that Lind has been below average. He has been essentially REPLACEMENT LEVEL for 2+ years. In other words, and AAAA player would likely have fared just as well. Hard to imagine winning the AL East with a replacement-level player at 1B, batting clean-up. Probably Cooper would even be better, at this point.

      • I always felt that people were a bit uncomfortable about riding Lind too much, because he seems like a nice guy. Unsophisticated but nice. I’m not so sure about that anymore. When I watched his post-game interview a few weeks back, I think he came off as a rude pompous asshole.

      • Yeah, I was trying to acknowledge that he has had some streaks in those replacement-level seasons of OPS above 1, etc.

  10. Funny that you lament beating a dead horse and yet cannot go two posts without suggesting the Jays call-up Travis Snider. An injured player. Knowing that Brett Lawrie took a few weeks after his injury to get back into stride and become worthy of a call-up, can we please stop talking about Snider every day? At least until June.

    More to point, the LH hitters available are Johnson, Lind, Thames, and Rasmus. Farrell has made it clear that one of these 4 will hit in the middle (3-4-5) of the order. Thames and Rasmus are both young and “fragile” (meaning they are kept out of high pressure spots, like hitting behind J-Bats, for the benefit of long-term player development).

    It comes down to Lind or Johnson hitting 4/5. You could conceivably move Thames to the 2 hole and Johnson to the 4, but Johnson has had a helluva season at the top of the order, and it would be stealing from Peter to pay Paul to move him. So they are saying they’d rather go with the veteran who if he fails doesn’t have long-term implications for the club like having Rasmus deal with fallout of a struggle in high leverage situations like Lind has.

    • I should add that the ‘you’ was the royal you of DJF.

    • I don’t think anyone is calling for a Snider call-up ASAP. I mean, a baby step at this point would be to drop Lind in the order– which, I still think makes sense, despite what you’re saying. I’m not afraid of Johnson losing his mojo outside of the two-spot, because I don’t think that kind of superstition stuff exists. No, he’s not an ideal four hitter, so they might have to suck it up and put some right-handers in a row in the middle of the order. It’s a better plan than the alternative, I think.

      Another baby step: Lind never sees another lefty.

  11. “And… I don’t even know what to think anymore. I mean, with all that said– again– I can’t help but think how we shit on Bautista’s ability to repeat his 2010, but the club had belief, and it worked out. And we shit all over Encarnacion, but the club had belief, and it worked out.”

    Um, 2nd half of last year was basically average if not less-than-average for bautista and definitively predicted the cliff he’s fallen off this year. So really , smart fans were right about him.

    and the complaints about E5 were never really about the bat, but the glove. Everyone knows this.

    • “and the complaints about E5 were never really about the bat, but the glove. Everyone knows this.”

      EE was hitting .236/.260/.321 through May 28 last year, with ZERO HRs. The complaints were very much about his anemic bat as well as his glove.

    • Here’s Bautista’s wRC+ for July, August, and Sept in 2011: 183, 172, 134

      So his 2nd half last year was definitely not average or below average. It ranged from above average to very very good. it’s just that it paled in comparison to the first 2 months of the year so that it only seemed like he was shit.

  12. The following requires an open mind, so don’t lite me on fire immediatley:

    I think Jays fans are at times, dickheads for giving up too early on a guy when he hits a slump.

    Believe it or not, were actually regarded one of the tougher joints to come into as a player and get heckled. Ask Raffy “Ear plugs” Palmeiro about it. We can also be a bunch of pricks with our own players too…….perhaps its deeper than this and rooted from problems with premature ejaculation and the Toronto Maple Laughs.

    Bottom line, Big Papa started horrifically 2 years ago and sport pundits said he was done, and needed adult Pampers. Lind can turn it around too, we are still above 500 and getting wins based on input from everyone. I think we can be patient with out former Silver Slugger.

    And lets quite being fucking cowboys and stop riding around on wagons.

  13. The club also believed in Jo-Jo Reyes, and we know how well that worked out.

    The injury excuse doesn’t even help Lind, because his best month of the 2011 season DIRECTLY after the injury. If his back hurt him so much after coming off the d/l, how did he manage a 1.00 OPS in June, when he returned from the D/L? Better yet, how did Lind post a 1.00 OPS over 90 at bats?

    • Better yet, if the injury was a problem, why the fuck was he playing? I’d be just as pissed that he dragged down the team by hiding an injury. Fuck Lind.

  14. Lind’s bat speed is terrible. One of the slowest I’ve ever seen. He can’t hit fast balls. He sits on breaking balls but he can’t hit them either. Maybe he is still suffering from back injury. Maybe he is not completely healed. Give the poor bastard a break. It’s not his fault that John Farrell puts him at clean up spot.
    Are his numbers shitty? yes. Does he suck at the moment? yes. But so does Colby.

  15. p.s. How can you guys be so harsh to him? He looks like a kitten.

  16. I don’t understand how every fan has a plan for Lind moving forward, but the club keeps rolling him out every night in the 4 spot.

    Knowing AA’s recent ninja history, I just hope there’s a larger plan in the works for Lind.

    • Another thing that perhaps complicates is that he had a .807 OPS in the second half of 2010. So, in the “year” that went from mid-2010 to mid-2011 he was decent in the overall. I understand the trepidation to just ditch him, and I think that would be taking it too far, but the status quo just isn’t working.

    • Does anybody not think that AA has a plan here? I guarantee you that the front office has discussed this shit way more than we have. But he’s not going to talk about it publicly.

      The one thing that doesn’t make sense is why he’s hitting 4th. That’s on Farrell though. Who knows why he’s doing it but something makes sense in his head and he’s sticking with it for now.

  17. Don’t you think it’s a bit premature to say that it’s worked out for Edwin? I know “small sample sizes” gets used often, maybe even too often. But it’s only been 29 games. Let’s see what he can do for a full season before saying, “it worked out.”

    • He was very good for the last four months of 2011.

      • And same for 2010. Then sucked the bag of life for the first 8-10 weeks of 2011.

        He still only managed a 1.5 fWAR last season too. I dunno, it just seems unusual to say it’s worked out for him now.

  18. I think AA’s reputation as a ninja has gone the same way Bautista’s reputation as a fearsome bat has gone. That’s not to say I believe Bautista is finished. Nor do I wish to imply that AA has made his last great move. But this last off-season, in my opinion, he made some mistakes and the team suffered because of it. The main mistake was undervaluing the market on the players he wanted to trade for. Whether he was right not to make the trades or not, he missed out on a lot of people he wanted. I think AA tends to take a position and stick to it. He’s got Lind as 1st base and batting clean-up and for some reason he wants to stick with that in the face of much better options. I wish it were otherwise…

    • Your position seems ridiculous. But please elaborate…

      • With pleasure. AA is inflexible. He takes up a position and sticks to it. His offers for various starters this off-season were rebuffed because he thought the price was too high. He may have been right, but he is unlikely to have been right every time. If he consistently underestimates the price of a player then that will hamper the team. He has done some amazing things, and he’s a much better GM than his predecessor. But I believe him to be inflexible in various areas and maybe Lind is an example of this. I never expected him to sigh Pujols or Fielder. But as others have pointed out, there were other 1st basemen that might have been an upgrade for a position that’s been weak here basically since Delgado left.

        • What you are accusing AA of being (inflexible, sticking with his original idea) is exactly what people accused JPR of doing…and I suspect EVERY fanbase accuses their GMs of doing.

          Considering the MANY trades that AA has made in his short tenure, the last thing I think he should be accused of is being married to his players. They are all moving parts. None of them have a NTC for this very reason I suspect.

          As far as Lind goes, my best guess is that he sees a potentially VERY team friendly contract and would like to at least see Lind get hot before he considers a trade.

          Do I agree with this? To a point…but I think it’s getting close to cutting bait time if Lind can’t improve by, for example, the all star break.

    • Ya I don’t think that is the case… if AA wanted certain players he would have certain players. I honestly have no idea why they are sticking with Adam Lind in the clean up slot…who knows.. they could have any other player hitting there and do fine.

    • Other than TRYING to sign some free agents, I don’t see how AA made some mistakes. Free agents = they can sign wherever the fuck they want.

      • Yes. But I was referring to his trade attempts.

        • Are you referring to his attempts to land a starting pitcher? AA was active in that market. By all accounts, he made offers for Pineda (rejected – the Mariners wanted Lawrie) and Latos (rejected – the Padres wanted Alvarez). Oh, and Gio Gonzalez (rejected – Beane wanted Syndergaard + other prospects). Perhaps AA dropped the ball on Gonzalez but in the other two proposals, AA looks like a genius.

          Can’t think of any trade rumours that involved a major bat. AA did make an offer for Carlos Beltran but the artificial turf at the Rogers Centre didn’t help things.

          Do elaborate on any missed trades from this past off-season.

          • Yes I was talking about pitchers. He went after three if I recall correctly. Didn’t get any of them. He may well have been right about their value At some point he will have to pull the string on a big trade that will mean giving up players he loves and we love in order to put the team over the top. I wish I was convinced he’ll be able to do that. Right now I’m not.

  19. comments are the best part of this blog

  20. Oh guys, great news!!! Anthopolous says that they told Lind to walk more and be more selective in spring training to raise his OBP. All he’s been doing wrong so far this year is being too selective. Thank god, here I was thinking this whole time that he just sucks! Not the case at all, once he stops being too selective he’ll be fine! Whew, that should be a super easy fix!

    • I’m looking forward to these 3 pitch strikeouts! No more dragging it out and wasting our time, when we know what the end result will be anyway.

      • hahah yeah, or flailing away at a bad pitch that is weakly grounded to second which starts a double play when there’s two strikes against him already.

        • I seem to recall a game against the Twins in the old M(R)etrodome when the Jays were playing there. The stands maybe had 5,000 people there, and Lind was batting. After about 12 pitches in the at bat, some fan yelled at the top of his lungs (this was heard clearly on live television), “Just strikeout already Lind! You know it’s going to happen so stop wasting our time!” 2 pitches later he finally struck out lmao.

  21. I personally don’t think Lind is the answer at 1B and he should probably hit in the 7 or 8 hole at this point. But in a follow up to the Encarnacion sucking the bag of life in the first part of last year, I guess there is a chance that Lind could just be having a bad go of it here in the early goings of 2012. I mean, Pujols hit 7hrs this spring and then got off to the worst start of his career. I’m not saying that Lind is going to turn it around, I’ve essentially considered him an automatic out since the 2nd week of the season, but every player has a bad go of it at some point in their career.

    That said, Lind has completely sucked for most of the past 2 1/2 years. I personally was one of those fans who felt spending on Fielder could benefit this club, even though the cost would have been tough to swallow. Hopefully AA can come up with some sort of trade which would help this team in the next few years at first. Maybe Ken Williams would deal us Konerko or Dunn?

    • Dunn doesn’t like baseball….

    • I think it’s quite clear Lind isn’t the answer at 1b, and anyone who thinks he will be around past this season is retarded. I also don’t see why the $ for Fielder would have been tough to swallow? Rogers ->top 5 richest owners in baseball, not our money.

      • Fielder would generate revenues for the team through increased attendance, broadcast revenues etc. A winning team would bring big benefits for Rogers.

  22. Even if Lind does pick it up and raise his average to .260 and OPS of around .750 from where it is now by the end of the season, and hits 15-20 homeruns. Who the fuck cares? He’ll suck horrendously to start next season too, maybe have a hot month or two then suck again. And AA or anyone else will be like, well he had that really good June and July last year. He’s never been consistent a year in his whole career except for 2009. That was 3 years ago, pre back injuries too, it’s almost guaranteed to never happen again.

    Inconsistent guys that play really well for a few months here and there and then are terrible the rest of the time do not belong on good teams. Period. I think every GM in baseball would take an average to slightly below average player who consistently put up those average numbers to a guy like Lind who may end the season with the same numbers as the other guy but was an atrocious black hole for 60-70% of the season. At least the consistent, average player is still contributing all the time.

  23. The 1 ye aranniversary of Verlander’s no hitter is also the 1 year anniversary of my wedding… Is that a bad sign?

    That marks the one and only game that I have 100% missed without so much as an update check on my phone during the game… Could that be the reason the Jays were no hit? I tend to think so.

    So don’t worry Jays fans, as my anniversary appears each and ever May 7th, I am reminded to never skip a game again.

  24. Griffin was just ripping Lind on tsn radio… Nice… We need more writers to do it!

  25. Lind hitting 4th again tonight…the clusterfuck goes on. FUCK.

  26. Babe Ruth doesn’t have shit on Adam Lind.. Lind is the best hitter eva!

  27. Lind is the shiz, you dun know about the 6hr 2012

  28. What’s his batting average on balls in play? I really like that stat. Tells you if a hitter’s finding holes.

    Adam Lind is a big, strong man. I’m sure he’ll figure it out. We sawl him hit 26 home runs last year. And he’s really added a lot on defense with those soft hands.

  29. Well, Jamie, ideally I’d like to see a lot more from my number 4 hitter. You’d like to have a veteran hitter who can drive in runs and knows how to win. I’d also like to see someone who hits for a high average, like George Brett used to. Just as long as he’s not a catcher. I don’t care about my catcher’s batting average. All I care about is that he handles the pitching staff.


  31. Hey did you guys ever hear that story about Adam Lind? Wow I cant beleive it, craziest thing I have ever heard….When Stoeten heard the story he nearly shit himself.

  32. Whaddya think about that?

  33. Did I mention I was a five-time Gemini Award nominee as Canada’s Best Sportscaster Tabby?

  34. Every player has fits and starts of doing well during the course of a year. But at the end of the year, you are who you are and your body of work speaks for itself. As encouraging as Lind’s small samples are great and everything, but the fact he simply hasn’t been able to keep them up is exactly why there are major issues with him.

    I do agree he should be moved down in the order before being let go outright, but looking at small samples within a couple of seasons as glimmers of hope – to me, at least – seems more like rationalization for hope than anything else.

  35. Is it just me or does Lind look like a grown up bobblehead version of the Jerry Maguire kid(Ray)? D’you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds? Y’know unless you have Lind’s fat head that weighs 16 pounds….Would you rather win the lottery or have Lind’s head full of pennies? If they don’t move Ray Lind from clean-up I am going to lose my shit!!!!

  36. Lind’s hitting .340 in my MLB The Show franchise.

  37. I obviously agree with Stoeten’s comments re: moving Lind out of the 4 spot. At the very least, it would take some pressure off of Lind, and maybe help him avoid being the brunt of some ridiculous comments (see above).

    I don’t have faith in Lind rebounding to his 2009 production, but there is some reason to think it makes sense to wait it out for a while longer and to stick with him:

    1. As mentioned, he has a very team friendly contract. If he returns even partly to form, he will be a movable asset.

    2. His BABIP on the year stands at .213. In his 2009 year it was .323. Again, no one should think he’ll return to 2009, but that BABIP has to go up closer to the .270 range (last year it was .265).

    3. His walk rate is way up from past years. Last year it was 5.9% and this year it is 11%.

    So in the midst of his shit stain of a year, there are reasons to think that he’ll turn it around, and that he has already improved his approach at the plate. It’s unlikely he’s a decent long-term solution, and therefore 1B remains a problem the team must address going forward. But he really isn’t as bad as he’s been so far.

  38. The only plausible reason I could think of Lind still being the 1B is that the club believes that:
    a) He can turn it around
    b) This year is not the year we go for the playoffs such that keeping a Lind that blows at 1B isn’t disastrous but the potential benefit is large.

    As for why he’s hitting in the 4 spot, that’s anyone’s guess.

  39. Having just finished Dirk Hayhurst’s awesome ‘Out of My League’, which is at it’s best when describing the precise soul-sucking vortex of self-loathing and mental anguish a player goes through as he watches his career disappear down the toilet, I can only have sympathy for Lind. But the truth is that, even taking into account the sunshine among the shadows (and the good first half last year that Wilner always mentions is more like a very good month if you look at the numbers), pretending that Lind is more likely to suddenly re-emerge as an adequate #4 than remain with poor numbers is foolish.

    Given that there’s no good alternative to him at 1st base, and the idea that Edwin ever doing anything other than DH is unappetizing, it’s crazy not to drop him down in the order, take some pressure off the poor guy and see if he can bring it around in a less visible spot. Going out and finding some cheap utility guy who can hold his own a bit against lefties would mean you could at least use Lind as a respectable 1st baseman, low in the order, only against righties.

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