Tattoo Audit: Brett Lawrie

Brett Lawrie is a young guy with the whole world in the palm of his hand. He has money and opportunities for days. He, like so many other people of his generation, likes getting tattoos. He spent much of this off-season in the tattoo chair, showing up this spring with two new full sleeves.

Here is a shot from November, with Lawrie modelling the new Jays third jersey. Notice the left arm is completely covered in grayscale work while his right arm retains some of its original pigmentation. As you can see above, that is no longer the case. Lawrie festooned his left arm with a largely flowered motive, with a black rose featuring prominently among the other lightly shaded elements.

Look more closely at the right wrist of Canadian Jesus. Is that…the MLB logo? With a date underneath?

Yup. That is the Major League Baseball logo with the date of Brett Lawrie’s big league début underneath. Which, as a known tattoo sympathizer, I don’t have anything snarky/condescending to say about.

Brett Lawrie is certainly not the first kid from Langley to go from a few ill-chosen tattoos to full sleeves in less than a calender year. If anything, I salute Lawrie for doing as he chooses with his time, money, and notoriety. It doesn’t effect his ability to play the game one iota so what’s the harm? Live large, bro. (Or something.)

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  1. I am a known (to my family) tattoo hater and I have nothing bad to say about the MLB and date one. I think it’s more likely that one will maintain its meaning than the black rose or the dog tags.

    • After reading subsequent comments, I retract my statement about the black rose. Not likely that one will lose meaning. Eminem lyrics on the other hand…

  2. I get tattoos that have meaning. Otherwise……gtfo.

  3. Should have gone on his face.

  4. That is actually pretty cool. When the Jays win the WS he will be the guy to get a MVP tat or something like that.

  5. he’s totally going to get a face tat!

  6. YOLO!

  7. I think somewhere in the tattoo collage of Lawrie’s arms is a small «INSERT HERE» tag, where he inserts the IV needle for his Red Bull, Moose blood, maple syrup concotion before each game?

  8. The black roses are part of a tribute motif to his sister who died before he was born. Her name is intertwined amongst them

  9. His left arm’s entirely about the sister who died before he was born in a freak snow-blower accident – the roses, her name, the words “fate” and “love”, etc. all the way up to his shoulder.

    The right arm’s Douchebag City, a mishmash of odds and ends ranging from the predictable (a nautical star, a spiderweb on the elbow which usually means you’ve been to jail but whatever) to the weird (an entire graveyard full of bats and shit on his forearm?) to the spiritual (Proverbs 19:11 right near the graveyard: “A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.” So wait, is he the wise or the patient one, or are we overlooking his offenses, or…?) to the very Brett Lawrie (the MLB tattoo, and a giant quote from the Eminem opus “Lose Yourself” up on his shoulder)

    • The truth is……. you’re the weak, and he’s the tyranny of man. But he’s trying real hard to be the shepherd, Ringo…

    • *Edited giant quote form the Eminem opus “Lose Yourself”

      Love the douchebag city arm line though!

    • I didn’t know Brett Lawrie had a sister who got run over by a snowblower. Gruesome.

      “The family had gone for a vacation in the winter. It was just Nicole and Danielle at that time; Brett wasn’t even born yet. A friend of theirs took her out to play in the snow, but he lost concentration and didn’t remember that she was out there with him. Nicole was run over by the snowblower and killed. They weren’t even going to have a third child, but when Nicole died they decided to try again, and that’s when they had Brett.”

      Interesting that had the accident not happened, his parents wouldn’t have had a third child and baseball wouldn’t have Brett Lawrie.

  10. He wears his art on his sleeve?

  11. Reality it is, brett will never have to look for a job or have to look professional. not that tattoos prevent that, but it does at times make it more difficult..

    if i didnt have to wake up every day and slave in an office i would get a full sleeve or two myself.

  12. I am admittedly not an afficianado, but as meaningful as many of those tats are for Brett, I’m certain that he’s going to regret some of those weird tacky ones by the time he’s 40.

    I guess he can always laser them off.

    • I’m sure when he’s 60, he’ll look at his tattoos with more fondness than he feels for them now. They will remind him about how much fun he had as a kid coming up in the majors and all the important games played since.

  13. Until he gets a snake tattoo on his face, I’m withholding all judgement.

  14. A lot of my friends are covered in tattoos – and I’d say 0% of them are concerned with the meaning of each tattoo on their body. I feel like having meaning behind each piece is simply a way to justify tattoos to people who think you’re crazy for getting them.

    Not that all tattoos are meaningless – but you cannot possibly come up with a meaning for each tattoo on your body once you’ve committed to covering yourself like Lawrie has.

    At some point – just liking the look of them is the single most important element.

  15. I also think if you really need to leave notes for yourself to remind you to think a certain way – there are far less invasive ways to do so. Art is art.

    • So where are you? You’re in some motel room. You just – you just wake up and you’re in – in a motel room. There’s the key. It feels like maybe it’s just the first time you’ve been there, but perhaps you’ve been there for a week, three months. It’s – it’s kind of hard to say. I don’t – I don’t know. It’s just an anonymous room.

  16. Brett Lawrie is about the only person in the world who could convince me that tattoos are awesome.

  17. YOLO, I guess.

  18. Didn’t he debut in August?

    His tattoo seems to be commemorating May 1, 2011, which was my first wedding anniversary, which is pretty nice of him I must say.

  19. So who wants to join me at a game this season on the third base line with wife beaters, crooked ball caps, and 40s duct-muthafukin-taped to our hand with the other one draped over our lip?

    I’m serious, DFS homage to our loveable skid from Langley. I want at least 3 regulars, and if you are in, I’ll buy tickets.

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