Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a nooner! Um… Pacific time. And that lunging Californian you see above is the Jays new (temporary) closer, Casey Janssen. Though, apparently not everybody is thrilled with the selection…

I have my doubts as well, but they’re mostly of the old school “gut feeling” kind, so they’re pretty much laughable. Janssen has had his trouble with the long ball this year, posting a ludicrous 25% HR/FB rate and countering last year’s ludicrous-the-other-way 4% rate, but he hardly walks guys, and continues to strike guys out at levels I would have never thought possible– and even though his swinging strike rates were only up less than one percent in 2010 and ’11 over his career norms.

I dunno… it can’t possibly get worse, amiright?

Oh yeah, and Brandon Morrow looks to continue his utter ridiculousness again today. Has he turned a corner? We won’t likely know any more by the end of this game than we already do, but I bet we’ll still talk a shit-tonne about it! (Probably even on tomorrow’s DJF podcast– that’s right, Mondays and Thursdays now!)


Big League Stew chronicles the story of Brett Lawrie crowdsourcing the best tanning spot in downtown Toronto on Twitter, being told “outside” by Brandon Morrow, and then explaining to today’s starter: “just Wat I need Brandon to sit outside for 3 hours when I can get done in 12 min high power stand up for the boys #TimeManagement”. Amazeballs.

The National Post talks to country singer– and one-time Negro League player who got a couple of looks from Major League clubs (!!?!)– Charley Pride.

Lastly, the Toronto Star tells the crazy tale of a collection of Ernest Hemmingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald letters that, among other things, were stolen from a Queen W. shop in 1993– along with a ball signed by the World Series winning Jays, which apparently didn’t qualify as “the good stuff.”

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus  CF
A. Lind 1B
J. Arencibia C

B. Morrow RHP

Oakland A’s

J. Weeks 2B
C. Pennington SS
J. Reddick CF
J. Gomes LF
S. Smith RF
K. Ka’aihue DH
B. Inge 3B
D. Barton 1B
A. Recker C

T. Ross RHP


Image via Brad White/Getty.

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  1. The No Fat Fuck movement has begun….

    • The slimmer, trimmer one.

    • Is that a hidden slight against Stoeten?

      • I did not say Bearded-Fat-Fuck… just Fat-Fuck (meaning non-bearded Fat Fuck). Stoeten never got on my nerves before, only Mike Wilner got on my nerves, especially during Live-game chat when he replies to me with condescending comments on my observations.

  2. How. Fucking. Simple.

  3. That was such a fucking awesome 9th inning man. Casey fucking Janssen folks.

  4. Thank you Janssen. It’s May 9th and I think the Jays got their first clean ninth inning. No Cordero heart attacks or other weird shit going on.

    • May 9th 2012, might be the first clean 9th of the decade

    • Maybe some assholes named Derek Jeter might sure cause scary 9th innings, but after seeing a slim, non-fat-fuck pitcher do a 1-2-3 9th was like getting a BJ from a decent looking brunette than getting one from a hippo we were stuck with.

  5. things happen for a reason, better this closer situation be sorted out before the next span of games against real tough teams

  6. don’t know how i missed it on the schedule – but 3 games in June in Milwaukee – Its Marcum, Axford, maybe Markham’s own George Kottaras, maybe BC’s Taylor Green and of course Bretzky vs the whole damn state of Cheeseheads

    Be THERE!!!!

    oh, and it sure seems like the Boston Character Assassins have set their sights on Josh Beckett – im sure he played just as many rounds of golf in 2006, 2007 and 2009 and 2011 . . . . . .)

  7. GFG. Thats what we need to see more of.

  8. Wow the rays are a damn pesky bunch. They always seem to get lucky in the late innings even with that shitty lineup they have. The rays hitters are able to get on base though unlike the blue jays so maybe they arent so shitty.

    • Lex Luthor Madden just knows how to make his “shit” looking lineup get on base. After Madden left the Angels, the true rally monkey was gone and Soscia is left with is fetish on sub .200 hitting catchers and Vernon Wells.

  9. Catching ip late on the game. The bats came alive. Lind came though with a HR. E5 & JP also got HR”s.

    I am very impressed with Farrel’s moves today. He realized that the 9th inning chaos cannot continue. Coco took his demotion well.

    Adam Lind in the 8th spot is surprising, but it is where he deserves to play ntil he can hit like an above average hitter.

    Casey in the closer spot is a great short term solution.

    It seems the Jays actually want to stay compettive this year, & Farell wants a fture as a manager.

    It was getting very frustrating to see Farrell stay loyal to Cordero, Lind etc when they couldn’t get the job done .

    Frankly, it was great that Codero blew up in spectacular fashion last night . Farrell could not justify keeping him in the closer spot, for the sake of losing the clubhouse.

    It was hilarious to listen to Jaff Sammut & Jeff Blair this morning trying to explain why Farrell might keep Cordero in the closer spot.

    Boom two hours later , Cordero is out.

    I think it is obvious that Farrell wants the team to succeed & knows that ifhe can get the jays into the playoffs this year or come close, Rogers would want to give him a contract extension or Boston would be willing to pay him a fortune to go back there next year.

    We all know the Bobby Valentine won’t last in Boston after this year if the red sox finish 4th or lower in the division.

    Farrell will put the team’s performance before loyalty to Adam Lind or Cordero.

    • I don’t hate Lind to the point he should be out of the team. He’s healthy, but not in the right “mindset” of things. He never took is frustration out to the fans while he struggled, so Karma will come back for him. He is still “struggling” though, so instead of stabbing him in the back and benching him, just keep him in the lineup, but have him start lower… the 4th spot already puts pressure on people that cannot handle the title.

  10. Red Sox lose.

    Yankees lose on blown save.

    Rays are pesky fucking buggers and win late again.

    • The AL East is very entertaining this year. Every loss by the Yankees & Red Sox now makes it harder for them to come back later in the season

      The red sox should have won tonight.

      The division should go to the Rays this year.

    • Hate the Rays, but they earned it through playing it the way many closet fans of the MLB want to see, a team with a $45-50 million dollar budget sticking it to a +$175 million dollar pay roll team.

  11. This is a frustrating team, but given the struggles they have had and the injuries, they have a pretty decent record. Makes me think that when they get on a good roll and things are in sync they are going to get on a good winning streak and be able to contend this year.
    Already 3 games over 500 and they have a legitimate chance to take the 4 game sweep of Minnesota, a .267 team.
    7 games over 500 in the middle of May would look pretty good.

    • Yeah but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Minnesota sucks but they are the blue jays and traditionally find a way to stay around .500. Whether it be blown saves or inconsistent offense.

  12. Bullpen Chronicles:

    Check out the Phaillies disaster-fuck bullpen effort tonight with Kyle Kendrick blowing up real good – a culmination of 2 weeks of BRUTAL outings

    Robertson can’t handle the load tonight for the Stanx

    We all know Boston’s bullpen issues (helloo Yankees series)

    Blue Jay fans, we are not alone

  13. How can anyone be upset with this move ? When we were pressing and BJ dickfuck Ryan was getting paid the bank to sit at home who came in for atleast 3/4 saves ? I dont care if he gives up 1 run every time he comes out, he will clearly do better than any of our cursed,track record proven, throw me the ball meat “closers” we have now. Jansen is a pitcher.. Cordero is a… Overweight over rated 8th inning guy we were hoping we could burn the fumes off with another year. Sure if he worked out and Santos stayed healthy it would be lights out, This is what AA could muster and I would have done the same thing at the start of the year. The Blue Jays are getting a sidemark curse of people blowing their wins, its devastating to watch and Im almost sick to my stomach thinking about it. Anyone who thought it started last year is wrong, when we signed VW and AR with our up and comers and Doc holding the ace spot it was a great feeling, BJ shit the bed coming in , AR got a fucking infection on his thigh from a bean ball and the rest is history. We dont need high priced closers, we need people who can pitch an average inning and not shit themselves.

  14. I don’t totally disagree with (what I think of as) the metric-hipster ways of looking at stats that is sort of in vogue now, but those human-element things that get ignored are, to me, what makes it not-as-perfect as what (I suspect) many imagine. There’ll always be new measurements that we’ll figure out how to apply … which, if so, means that we don’t yet have certain areas of the game, or players’ abilities, quantified. (Which makes many of the present-day stats that we rely on fuzzier than we might assume.)

    Watching Cordero shit his pants the other night, I thought, ‘this guy doesn’t want to be there’. Hearing what he said after the game, I was certain of it. (Talking about losing his job, saying the same thing repeatedly in consecutive sentences made it obvious to me.) Then hearing what he said yesterday, a day later, tripping over how he was glad that the demotion happened – and then immediately trying to correct what he had just said, left little doubt in my mind.

    Janssen on the other hand, talks of how he runs on adrenaline while he’s out there pitching whatever inning it is like it’s the ninth. When he was out for the season a couple of years back, he spoke of how he’d watch the Jays on tv and constantly learn more about pitching and what he wanted to be, from what he was seeing. Right then I started looking forward to seeing him back. And really, he’s been sensational for the most part.

    I don’t know how it’ll all go while he’s filling the closer role but I’d wager that we’ll always get his completely focused very best … which isn’t as automatic (for a closer) as one might think. This is a guy who I’ll trust handling that pressure — one of the things that might be difficult to truly quantify — of closing out games. Fingers crossed.


    • Well said.
      Many players have said they were not comfortable in various roles and don’t perform well when they are placed there.

      • and truthfully, guys who say that they fold in certain postions, usually high profile ones are the players who will never perform in the championship game. they cant learn to get comfortable so it comes to genetic fortitude and they are missing it. that is the measurement to gauge a winner. and that is what AA sees in this team. there is a regular season player putting up good numbers that will fold in the playofffs. now romero is a beastly competitor that has no quit or fear and i would like 10 of him, but in the playoffs more than likely he loses in game 1 against another ace. i think ricky is the best number2 starter in the league but the lowest 1.

        • I see what you’re saying and I agree that Ricky is probably more of a number 2, but I don’t think he’s the lowest number 1. Probably middle of the pack to be fair. Matt Cain or Cliff Lee would be the best Number 2 if you took into account NL. Also, James Shields may be the best number 2 in the AL.

  15. “Closers aren’t named Casey.”

    I thought his name was Dirty.

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