I think I kinda remember this from when it went viral after it first surfaced (YouTube tells me it was posted on Big League Stew), but stale or not, I think this warrants posting today because un) the Jays just signed Vlad Guerrero, and it’s very possibly that this is the only time all summer that he’s actually going to be topical, et deux) holy shit! This little slice of pop simplicity is actually kind of a great tune, if you ask me. Maybe it’s just genre-bias and the nostalgia talking, but all impossibly hokey loathsome sports tribute songs (read: all of them) should aspire to be as genuinely listenable and not cringe-worthy, and when they realize they aren’t even anywhere fucking close, they probably shouldn’t feel so bad for themselves.

Good on ya, as usual, Montrealers…


Crotch grab in the direction of @RyanPinder for the clip.

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  1. Outstanding.

  2. (takes a bow)

  3. Big tune.

  4. Actually, I like the Hawks, but boy oh boy, Vladdy Guerrero rock(s/ed).

  5. Eric’s Trip.

  6. i’m not sure which one i like more? this or the Ballad of Rey Ordonez jam.


  7. Sorry off topic. But……

    Anyone care to comment on the lack of respect from umpires on borderline/if not obvious balls with regards to Bautista this year!!? 2 nights ago when that ump deemed Jose didn’t try to move out of the way was disgusting like Lenny Dykstra spitting Red an at Sunday mass.

    Perhaps its because its the animated way Jose bitches on bad calls, but I will say this:

    These umps are talking amongst each other about him and don’t like him. And its a mild injustice, but perhaps Jose could learn the art of bitching to an ump better.

    By the way, Vlads a beauty.

  8. Sorry F’ing tablets, “Lenny Dykstra spitting Redman at a Sunday mass……”

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