Whether he’s in the Cleveland system right now or not– and, honestly, would anyone have even noticed if he was?– it seems as though the cool-guy attitudes of Hipster Kevin Slowey have rubbed off on the teammates he left behind in Minnesota, because ho-lee, they’ve got some pitchers who know how to lay down some turds over there. Shit, apparently even the new players on the club seem to want to be quick to ingratiate themselves to the let’s-snag-some-brunch-in-Seward mindset of their teammates, as last night Ryan Doumit “ironically” lost sight of a two-out pop up while pitcher Jason Marquis and third baseman Trevor Plouffe were too cool to be bothered catching it themselves, and outfielder Erik Komatsu let it be known that he’s more of a fan of Jose Bautista’s early stuff, and not the too-commercial, mainstream bomb-dropping, outfield-assisting machine he’s become in recent years, testing Bautista’s arm by trying to take third after Henderson Alvarez had thrown his bunt attempt into right field. Komatsu was “ironically” dead on arrival.

Tonight’s Twins starter is Nick Blackburn, who, like most of the Twins… isn’t very good. But chin up, young Nick! The way Kyle Drabek’s season has gone thus far there’s really no way to tell if tonight’s going to be the night where he really starts putting it together, or if he slips and goes badly off the rails. Judging by the Twins’ lineup, I guess the safe money is on the former, but who the hell fucking knows?


Do yourself a favour and check out Parkes’s Ten Stray Thoughts on a Friday post over at Getting Blanked. And if you’re into shameless self promotion enough to have read this far, hit up today’s Getting Blanked Podcast and yesterday’s DJF Podcast.

Elsewhere, do yourself another favour and read what Guy Spurrier of the National Post has to say about Adam Lind’s struggles– particularly against the fastball, believe it or not– and why he might look like a different hitter from 2009, and definitely not like an elite one.

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus  CF
A. Lind 1B
J. Arencibia C

K. Drabek RHP

Minnesota Twins

D. Span CF
B. Dozier SS
J. Mauer C
J. Willingham LF
R. Doumit DH
T. Plouffe 3B
C. Parmelee 1B
D. Mastroianni RF
J. Carroll 2B

N. Blackburn RHP


Image via OMG MN Twins.

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  1. Vernon Wells’ retarded cousin. You’re welcome.


  2. Don’t expect the Jays to take many walks today

  3. To be fair, with decent Twins defence in the field yesterday, the Jays might’ve scored three runs off that awful pitching.

  4. I’m going deep tonight

  5. Lind in the 8 hole…pure awesome.

  6. uh oh might not be a game tonight

  7. One of Gregg’s keys to win is that Kyle Drabek should win. Thanks Zaunie.

    • Why does everyone get on the Zaun’s 3 ways to win thing. It’s just a broadcast spot for pregame entertainment. Every other sport and sports show has similar stuff. Could be a lot worse.

      • Some people are only happy when they have something to be unhappy about. This goes for many of the people who post on this site.

      • Because it is rarely insightful in any way.

        • Yes and pointing it out is cutting edge

        • The constant need to run someone like Zaun down is one of the most pathetic aspects of the Canadian inferiority complex. Canadians are so negative because they think by always being negative about others, they’ll get less criticism themselves. They enjoy nothing for fear they will be ridiculed by others. Here, some pathetic asshole takes time to write on the Internet some put down of the broadcaster, trying to build himself up by running down a broadcaster.

          The Red Sox forum sonsofsamhorn has far more posts in its game threads but you rarely if ever see the constant insults to broadcasters that the sad fucks here seem to need to post.

  8. Texas (Darvish) vs Los Angeles (Wilson) is better than a kick in the nuts.

    • Honestly I love baseball, but I don’t find watching other teams nearly as much fun. I want to see some Blue Jay baseball, fuck.

  9. Pujols is a butcher at 1st at times; and then to not chase the ball…

  10. Ugh, fuck you mother nature.

  11. Bored in the clubhouse. Should go out back and smoke a fatty

  12. They will get this game in tonight, rain looks to be moving out, be on within the hour.

  13. The game may start around 10 pm est, here’s hoping!

  14. Wilner is saying game is a go at 10 eastern

  15. Kyle Drabek is pitching an impressive no-hitter so far.

    • Not just a no-hitter, a perfect-perfect game. Not only has no twin reached base, none of them have even reached the plate.

  16. Wilner says they’re removing the tarp, 9pm central start time.

  17. Balto ahead again. Good on them. I wish it were us and maybe it will be us, but if they get to the playoffs I will be thrilled for them. No one would have seen that coming.

  18. I’m watching Clue on Bravo until the game resumes.

  19. Jose!

  20. Bautista Bomb!

  21. Fuck SN1. Stream anyone?

  22. Drives me up the wall when Buck ignores Ashby’s questions. Like he didnt even hear him. What a tool.

  23. Buck brings up this “starting pitchers only have one day to work their trade” thing every game.

  24. Well, at least Drabek is keeping his cool, right?


  25. Time for some DP action!

  26. Was going to miss most of tonight’s game, come home to find its the bottom of 1. Thanks rain!

  27. here comes the dp…..

  28. Its so fucking obvious, when he stays straight he throws strikes, when he falls off the mound he’s wild. How does it take 3 walks to come out and talk to him about it?

  29. This is painful to watch right now.

  30. Is there more rain in the forecast? Another lengthy rain delay may not be such a bad thing at this point.

  31. Can still win the game but the bullpen better be prepared to carry a big load tonight.

    • A big load? We’re down one run in the first fucking inning!

      Lighten up.

      • thank you Randy

        • I dont like all the negativity in here sometimes either, but people are starting to be to quick to attack what they deem is a negative comment when in fact it is not.

      • I think he’s trying to say from that first inning, they should be prepared to pitch 4 or 5 innings tonight.

      • I am not being negative, but its the facts. We are only down 1 and the game is very winable, but regardless, the bull pen is going to have to do some work tonight. Drabeck will be lucky to get through 5.
        Ws just saying, jays can win the game, just hope the bullpen can do well tonight because I know they are going to be relied on.

  32. Can we stop overplaying the shift yet?

  33. Does anybody on twitter know what’s up with Bryce Harper’s bleeding face right now?

  34. Could have been much worse.

  35. Well that could have been worse. But have to throw strikes jeez.

  36. Nice to see the old Kyle Drabek that we all love is back. Have to get the yellow lines out again Kyle you’re slipping badly.

  37. I know Bautista is a stud and will bounce back, but with him hitting .184 combined with Rasmus and Thames we must have the weakest hitting outfield in baseball.

  38. Drabek’s gonna be at 100 pitches in the 3rd inning.

  39. Fuck sakes. Throw strikes and make them earn their way on base.

  40. Lind’s got an iron glove over there

  41. Every major outlet from ESPN to sportingnews is doing stories on how great the Blue Jays defense has been the year. Make them hit the ball in play, Drabek, for fuck’s sake!

  42. Are the pitchers having a contest to see who can throw away the most pick off attempts?

  43. How is it even possible to throw 57 pitches in 1 and a third innings?

  44. Fucking brutal.

  45. I think Drabek may be trying to get an error so his ERA doesn’t take a hit. /conspiracytheory

  46. Nice tag by KJ.

  47. Stupid Twins. What are they doing?

  48. Nice Kelly, nicely done!

  49. Drabek works out of the jam .

  50. It feels like the Jays are trailing 6-1.

  51. I’m surprised the Twins didn’t steal home there.

    • It would have been an awesome opportunity for a double play at second and then at home.

      The Twins are so bad it could happen. And I could see KJ making a good play on it.

  52. Randy and mcclimax:
    Jays are only down 1 run which is good but Drabek has made 62 pitches through 2 innings, you think the bullpen might have to carry a load tonight?

    • ah good ol’ hindsight. It’s not like any pitcher struggles in the 1st and comes back and pitches a gem right?

      • That looks to me to be a lot like foresight, but what do I know.

      • usually not after pitching 30+ pitches. Even if Drabek started pitching really well, his count was so high that he was only going to get to 5 innings anyways. He cannot go over 100, this was the point of the original comment.
        after the first you knew the bullpen would be pitching at least 4 innings.
        It has nothing to do with the score of the game, hell the Jays could be winning and it would be the same outcome for Drabek

  53. Carlos V is going to have to soak up 3-4 innings tonight.

  54. I love the irony of trading the most efficient pitcher in the game for a kid who just threw 62 pitches in 2 innings against the worst team in baseball.

  55. Make up call.

  56. What the hell was Escobar doing there?

    • Why isn’t this Escobar play getting any notice? WTF was he doing?

      1 out. Lind on 3rd. Johnson on 1st. He grounds to the pitcher who takes his time and goes to 2nd for the out. Johnson slides into the base and the baseman. He manages a slow throw to get the out at first. Escobar isn’t within 10 ft of the base! Was he arguing the call at 2nd instead of running. A little hustle and Lind would have scored.


  57. Okay that’s enough grounding back to the mound.

  58. Did Escobar walk to first there?

  59. No doubt Drabek doesn’t have it tonight. But we were fucking spoiled with our starting pitching.

    It’s time for our hitters to pull their weight.

    • Agreed. Jays will still win this game, hitters will come through and hopefully the bullpen does decent. Just hope Farrell doesnt leave Drabek in too long.

  60. Has Drabek had a full count on every batter so far or does it just seem that way?

  61. If the Twins had any sense they’d just go up there, keep their bats on their shoulders and have walked 15 times already this game.

  62. Alright, lets just get Carlos ready for the 4th inning, playing with fire by continuing this disaster start, he just doesn’t have it today.

  63. Drank sure got lucky there!

  64. This is excruciating.

  65. Thank God they’re playing the Twins and not a real team

  66. I’m surprised these guys are swinging at all tonight against Drabek. How many 3-2 counts have there been?

  67. Every time the Twins swing the bat they’re helping Drabek out.

  68. If I was the Twins manager, I would not let anyone in the lineup swing. Every batter would probably have been walked if they didnt swing at bad pitches.

  69. Teams should probably stop pitching to Josh Hamilton

  70. No one on the Blue Jays is batting above .280, ugh. thought they were going to have a strong offense this year

  71. Blackburn finally gets to 50 pitches.

  72. It’s one thing to want your starters to last at least 6, but Farrell’s mule-headedness in pursuit of this goal scares me silly. As an ex-pitcher and pitching coach, these kind of decisions should be his bread and butter.

    • I’d let Drabek go in to pitch the 4th and see what he can do. That’s just me though.

    • This would be a nightmare against an MLB team. Somehow, the score is still acceptable, so keeping him in isn’t horrible this time.

  73. The fuck?

  74. That’s kind of BS, he was barely off the line

  75. Was it Welke again?


  76. Actually I think it was the second base ump that made that call. I think.

  77. Actually Welke is at third, isn’t he?

  78. what fucking baseline? i dont see no fuckin baseline. fuck it im goin out for some food. and mcclimax you seem to be a raggin bitch on holmes tonight. whats yer fuckin problem.

  79. Welke’s going to find a way to fuck us over this game though. You watch.

  80. hilarious of drabek pitched another inning and got a win

  81. Ptichers tremble when the might Adam comes to bat

  82. Alright, the Twins don’t even want to win these games, lets take advantage

  83. So when someone told Farrell one of the keys to the season was that the Jays needed to get more innings out of their starters, Farrell decided to take it a bit too literally.

  84. Jesus christ, seriously MLB pitchers, stop throwing strikes in the vicinity of Josh Hamilton

  85. What are these guys doing throwing pitches at Hamilton?!?

  86. In other Kyle Drabek news Happy Endings was renewed for another season.

  87. How many homers would Hamilton have if he actually played in the Jays series? 20? 22?

  88. Charlie V coming in.

  89. It’s hard to believe that we’d need to ‘buy some time.’ We couldn’t have been ready? Is this really an unforeseen eventuality?

  90. New strike zone? That was way out

  91. JP makes the worst decisions back there when he panics

  92. These moths are killing me or whatever they are

  93. Jesus, the wild things are out in force again tonight. They must be annoying.

  94. Probably should’ve walked Mauer to begin with.

  95. Need to ship in some new dirt to fill in all the divots jays pitchers are putting in front of the plate

  96. Awesome, walk the guy with a RISP avg of .071

  97. Mastrianni….for real.

  98. Hey guys! AA built the Jays an awesome bullpen! Fuck this game tonight.

  99. Charlie V taking some solid lessons from Coco.


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