Whether he’s in the Cleveland system right now or not– and, honestly, would anyone have even noticed if he was?– it seems as though the cool-guy attitudes of Hipster Kevin Slowey have rubbed off on the teammates he left behind in Minnesota, because ho-lee, they’ve got some pitchers who know how to lay down some turds over there. Shit, apparently even the new players on the club seem to want to be quick to ingratiate themselves to the let’s-snag-some-brunch-in-Seward mindset of their teammates, as last night Ryan Doumit “ironically” lost sight of a two-out pop up while pitcher Jason Marquis and third baseman Trevor Plouffe were too cool to be bothered catching it themselves, and outfielder Erik Komatsu let it be known that he’s more of a fan of Jose Bautista’s early stuff, and not the too-commercial, mainstream bomb-dropping, outfield-assisting machine he’s become in recent years, testing Bautista’s arm by trying to take third after Henderson Alvarez had thrown his bunt attempt into right field. Komatsu was “ironically” dead on arrival.

Tonight’s Twins starter is Nick Blackburn, who, like most of the Twins… isn’t very good. But chin up, young Nick! The way Kyle Drabek’s season has gone thus far there’s really no way to tell if tonight’s going to be the night where he really starts putting it together, or if he slips and goes badly off the rails. Judging by the Twins’ lineup, I guess the safe money is on the former, but who the hell fucking knows?


Do yourself a favour and check out Parkes’s Ten Stray Thoughts on a Friday post over at Getting Blanked. And if you’re into shameless self promotion enough to have read this far, hit up today’s Getting Blanked Podcast and yesterday’s DJF Podcast.

Elsewhere, do yourself another favour and read what Guy Spurrier of the National Post has to say about Adam Lind’s struggles– particularly against the fastball, believe it or not– and why he might look like a different hitter from 2009, and definitely not like an elite one.

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus  CF
A. Lind 1B
J. Arencibia C

K. Drabek RHP

Minnesota Twins

D. Span CF
B. Dozier SS
J. Mauer C
J. Willingham LF
R. Doumit DH
T. Plouffe 3B
C. Parmelee 1B
D. Mastroianni RF
J. Carroll 2B

N. Blackburn RHP


Image via OMG MN Twins.

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  1. Jose boom.

  2. Well that’s encouraging

  3. so all the “deal with the devil expired” talk only applies outside Minnesota – it must be Hell there . . . .

  4. I guess this is what happens when we start bragging about taking ’5 of 4′ and other shit like that.

  5. Can’t help but wonder if Farrell is thinking to himself “should’ve left Drabek in.”


  7. Ya, that’s right guys, you’re facing Nick Blackburn, did you forget?

  8. ET ET ET!

  9. Everyone who turned off their TV. You are welcome off the bandwagon anytime. No re-entry.

  10. Atta boy Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. if there’s an A. Burnett on the mound, you’re essentially obligated to keep scoring

  12. Send him running, John.

  13. left home at 2-2. walk in the door its 6-2.curse whatever the fuck happened, then say to self, well jose polished his wood so he will start again. keep rubbing them titties too and get some hot polesmoker to keep him hot. then read up on what i missed here and boom boom its a comeback with little fluttery things in the sky. awww its working out, fell asleep during the rain delay and now enjoying a double whopper and fries. com on jays

  14. Captain, the Lind-JP black hole has stranded our fastest ship yet again!

  15. heymcclimax take the fuckin tampon out. and to all who bitch at us who make fun of the announcers take a fuckin pill. they are makin big bucks and they are hackin the show. and i find it humourous not to make myself feel worthy. i am a little short on laughs these last 2 years due to being t boned on a motorcycle by a fuckin idiot running a stop sign in a truck. so whoever hears zaun or buck and tabby butcher the english language or game please post. i will smile at least.thx

    • “take the fucking tampon out.”
      Let me guess, you don’t have a girlfriend.

      • I thought you made a call earlier in the week to “raise the level of baseball discourse”?

        • raise the level of my dick john holmes, you’ve been looking for an argument

          • fuck you i havnt said shit all night, i made a comment after the first sayign the bullpen will need to carry the load tonight, which you jumped on because i guess you didnt understand it. You come in here condesending acting liek you are the baseball ghod, you know what? some people just want to enjoy the game, go fuck yourself.

          • Look further up. “Does that include you mcclimax?”

      • being crippled and on percocets i chose to leave beautiful women out of my life. me not horny anymore. thats why im a sports junkie and posting at 12 30 am. ive probably had enough lovin for 2 lifetimes anyways. after my last girlfriend at 49 could put her legs behind her head and orgasm48 times squirting an hour later still and take my gigantic fist ive seen enough.hhaahahaa and i was married for 18 years.

        • Mabey thats because people grow tired of your holier than thou shit.

          • They much rather prefer your ignorant as fuck shit.

          • Ignorant enough to realize that having no control and having a very high pitch count in the first means that the bull pen will get alot of work in the game…..thanks for coming out.

  16. i think AA picked up vlad just for the hit and run. the guy is a beast getting hacks on a ball. ive never seen anything like him. just hope he runs a little better than what i saw last year. if anyone in ball deserved to be on hgh it is him. i could crawl faster.is it his knees or hamstrings?

  17. Friggin attack of the moths going on out here.

  18. while alan and buck were jacking off over wade boggs, they should have given carreno some more props. he pitched amazing around good hitters and 2 bad calls.

  19. hey mcclimax i think ol holmes made a prediction that was correct and you jumped all over him. and i seem to remember the discourse too. either you are a domineering bitch or a bipolar who needs some meds. try to find a sense of humour. my guess is you arent getting any action from a broad either as its 12 30 and you are on here instead of banging her. im not getting any by choice but i bet you are some fuckin ugly creature inside and out.

  20. Good play by Minnesota there. Thames…….come on man.

  21. I try my level best to like Thames, but that was horrible.

  22. Christ Thames arm is pathetic

  23. Like at least how Ashby will call a player out when needed, dont see that from the Tabs

  24. Twins fans must wonder how so few HRs get hit by their team

  25. It would suck to lose to the Twins even though we got 4 HR

  26. mcclimax is a fucking idiot, just read through the game thread. “let me guess, you don’t have a girlfriend”…….says the guy staying up to watch baseball at 1am on a Friday. Good one buddy.

    • the guy made a deragatory comment towards women.

      • it wasnt a derogatory comment against women you fuckin idiot. it was against you. and any woman will admit they bleed for a week once a month and most can get a little bitchy and unreasonable during that time. just shows your inexperience with women asshole. and i stand with the bipolar or obsessive compulsive diagnosis. you just cant let anything slide and there is 3 people on here saying you have a problem. yaaa socially retarded. now call that derogatory against the mentally fuckin ill. go get help

    • and takes one to know one I suppose.

  27. I think this is going to be an interesting finish.

  28. Bunt this motherfucker Colby.

  29. Lol @ booing the jays fans and then the USA chant at Lawrie

  30. I’m going to be crucified here, but I’d rather have Lind in this situation.

    • i kinda would too. just cause francisco has like 4 ABs all season, he has to be rusty

    • Francisco’s done decent this season, a 313 average and a 389on base%. Lind is an auto strike out against a lefty.

      • Its the difference between putting a former silver slugger with power vs a utility player with a small sample size. Granted, from the radio it sounds like a great defensive play prevented a hit, but I think in situations like this you need to go with the player with the higher upside.

        • Lind OPS’d something like .310 or .320 against LHP in 2010.

          I rest my case.

        • I have yet to puzzle out Francisco’s place on this team, but when talking about 1 AB, calling Lind “the player with the higher upside” confounds me.

  31. Rasmus has no luck

  32. That hurt big time.

  33. wow, that had to be tough for Francisco to lay off that 2-1 pitch, nice eye

    fuck if only that ball got down a litttttllllllllle quicker

  34. Really hoping that Thames bullshit play isnt going to cost the game.

  35. Did some higher power unleash a plague of locusts on Target Field?

    • It means there is going to be 7 lean years for Minnesota, as though we (and they) didn’t already know that.

  36. look at all the moths, stoeten must be at the ballpark

  37. farrell fucks up 3 times in 1 inning

    doesn’t pinch run with rajai
    doesn’t bunt with rascal
    brings in bff after rusting on the bench for weeks

  38. at least twice. 3 times is debatable.

  39. Closer Chronicles – Matt Capps edition

  40. bullshit low strike call fucked that at bat.
    umps out to get bautista?

  41. Fuck. Sloppy game.


  43. The loss sucked, but bautista got 2 hr’s, hopefully he is turning a corner.

    • .897 OPS and 141 wRC+ in May so far, and that’s with a BABIP of .130. I have a feeling we’re about to see him carry this team for a while.

  44. AA has to be twitching a bit. he knows that problem in left isnt going to get any better and its costing games. and nobody wants to trade yet. will another manager help him out. i doubt it now because they can see whats building here. a competitve beast. this is where managers feel the squeeze. teams will trade to a non contender easily because no threat and the players arent magnified if they fuck up the trade. good luck AA, because you waited to be sure its gonna cost alot more. you were hoping for too much out of thames fielding. ive got a lamp to rub here and you might need it

    • Hechevarria to SS, Yunel to Second, Johnson to Left, Snider to right when he’s ready, Bautista to first. Problems solved internally.

      • Unless Hech shows he’s not ready to hit big leagues, Yunel and Johnson bitch about getting moved and Snider shows he’s not healthy/still not ready to hit big leaguers.

  45. I didn’t see the game, but just from watching the highlights, I see Buck was back at it with being a complete misinformed retard.

  46. That was a very winnable game if the Jays hadn’t walked five hundred hitters. How do you hit 4 homeruns against the Twins and lose?

  47. In positives, that game brought Joey Bats’ wRC+ up to 98, he’s almost a league-average hitter again.

    • And on the same topic: If Bautista ends up with a .240/.375/.475 with 30 HRs (a little less than his rest of season ZiPS), that’s still a great season that makes his contract a bargain. I hope that if that happens the reactionaries don’t turn on him.

      • I think the OBP and ISO/SLG can be higher – .400/.525 – but the home run totals sounds about right – 35 tops.

        We can’t read too much into one game though. However, his timing mechanism looked nearly vintage Jose Bautista last night, which is an encouraging sign.

        • We’ve seen this before from Jose this year….looks like he’s coming out of it..then goes back in the tank. We shall see whether his “improvements” continue.

  48. We will have to wait all day and see what mcclimax says about this. He is the baseball genius around here. whatever he says is absolutely true. I reserve judgement until i hear from him.

  49. waiting for me to divine my baseball wisdom, pissants

    • Are we all pissants or just Holmes?
      It’s not fair that if he’s a pissant but the rest of us aren’t, then that’s discrimination.
      I say,equallity for all,and may everybody be pissants, if they choose to be.
      It’s not something everybody aspires to be,but damn it,I hate to be left out.
      Freedom or die my friends and fellow pissants, for we shall rise again.

  50. I have forgotten more about the game than you will ever know

  51. yeah you, fool

    • Obviously, you lack a sense of humour.
      Sorry to hear about that bug up your ass.

      I’m in a good mood today,so I’ll cut you some slack.
      You must be new to DJF.
      Everybody’s at a different level of knowledge about baseball.That’s the great thing about it,you never stop learning.
      I seriously doubt you have forgotten more than I’ll ever know but I guess it’s possible.
      Before you spout again,may I suggest you go through some of the DJF archives?
      You may even agree with some of the comments.
      Parkes calls me a “keyboard warrior”,Stoeten calls me moron, idiot and “champ”,Drew’s just plain afraid of me.
      But give it your best shot, I love a challenge and enjoy discussing baseball.
      I gotta leave soon to get a mother’s day card so don’t take to long.
      Until we chat again.
      Have a pleasant day.

  52. Drabek is eerily repeating the pattern of performance from last year. Start out strong, waffle a little bit…then .lose all assemblance of control. For a guy with “New” approach, he sure is still walking a FUCKTON of people..and those he does not walk, he gets behind 2-0..3-1 and cannot use his secondary pitches (his better pitches that is).

    His walk rates have crept up to dreadful status now. He has walked 20 batters in his last 26 innings pitched. He has not pitched into the 7th inning but ONCE this year.

    he required 109 pitches last night just to get through 4 1/3 innings. AND THIS WAS AGAINST THE FUCKING TWINS. Whatever he had figured out seems to be leaving, and replaced by whatever crappy ailments he had last year. I will give him this though, he doesn’t lose his shit as bad as he used to

    From the Toronto SUN:

    It looks a lot like last season where he was 2-0 with a 3.30 after five starts but then went 2-5 over the next nine starts and had his ERA jump to 5.70 before he was sent down to triple-A Las Vegas.

    • Hopefully he can adapt and alter his game.
      Sorta reminds me of Snider.
      Hit the show,rake,regress,get demoted.
      Rake,hit the show,rake,regress,get demoted.

  53. RADAR, dont take it personally, its mcclimax’s goal to piss at least one person off per day. I just hope he got it out of the way early today so we can all enjoy the ball game this afternoon without listening to his whining.

    • looks like i have a fan

    • Not a problem.I don’t take it personally.
      I do take people being supercilious seriously.
      I’ve talked to people who have thought I’m knowledgable about baseball.(I’m not)
      I’ve talked to people that I’m in awe of and I could listen to for hours soaking up what they know about the game.
      It can be very humbling.
      So when people start denegrating others, I stick up for the little guy.We never stop learning about baseball.

      Like I said I’m in a good mood so I thought I was being nice and cordial.
      Maybe It didn’t appear that way.
      Have a nice day,see you in the game threat.

  54. This is the problem with the forum, people can just write whatever the fuck name they want. Oh well.

    • I have never used the word “pissants,” looks like my parrot hasn’t done his research.

    • There is something we agree on. I wish there was a registration process on this blog so names could be registered.

  55. i seem to have an impostor

    this is the real mcclimax

    ready to school you twerps in all aspects of baseball

  56. You should be happy. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….

  57. i do not like being imped

    it makes me look like an ass

  58. A man’s got to know his imitations

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