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Earlier today Parkes passed along the Ken Rosenthal report about the Jays being among the teams to have asked the Phillies about Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino, and even though the Jays ask on everybody and this really isn’t much of a story, that sure as fuck didn’t stop anybody from speculating wildly about what the Jays and Phillies might get up to– ourselves included, as you can hear on this week’s Getting Blanked Podcast. With that in mind, I guess we should also start wildly speculating about the other report from Fox, as Jon Morosi says the Jays have also checked the availability of Angels outfielder Peter Bourjos.

Matt Klassen of FanGraphs looks at the Bourjos rumours, and wonders if the Jays’ supposed involvement means they’re not thinking so highly of Colby Rasmus and Anthony Gose at the moment. While that doesn’t sound particularly outlandish, again, the Jays inquire on everybody.

The always awesome Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week kick off with the Minnesota Twins’ version of dropping an infield fly the Right Way. Gold!

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail likes the low-risk Guerrero signing as “an intriguing option as a final touch should other tinkering be done.” Money paragraph: “The Blue Jays had interest in Guerrero all winter, but were stymied by an apparent reluctance on the part of his agent, Fern Cuza, to consider a minor-league deal. Tired of biding his time, Guerrero switched agents, hooking up with Bean Stringfellow, who represents the Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista and Francisco Cordero. There is a familiarity here; Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulous and assistant GM Tony LaCava both cut their teeth in the Expos organization and are familiar with Stringfellow.”

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet also talks Guerrero, getting Alex Anthopoulos to chime in on the signing. Money quote: ”There’s no timeline for a call-up, there are no out clauses, there are no guaranteed dollars, there’s no point even spending time on that because I don’t even know what we have. I have no idea how Vlad looks, I have no idea what kind of shape he’s in, other than from what I’ve heard, and we have a lot of time to do that. And things change so fast over the course of the year, players get hurt, players don’t perform, players get traded. All those things can happen,” he said. “For Vlad to get to extended spring training, and finally get into games, and hopefully get up to (double-A) New Hampshire or (triple-A) Las Vegas, that’s going to take some time, and that point, who knows where the club is at. There’s no downside but it does give us options if things come up.”

Derek Whetmore of talks to Jose Bautista, who welcomes the addition of Vlad, should his bat round into shape to earn the call.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star looks at what the Jays options are when it comes to Adam Lind.

John Lott of the National Post looks at the possibility that people are actually starting to figure out the whole thing about the way they traditionally view the Clozer Role being total nonsense.

Matt Garrioch of Minor League Ball lists the prospects from the Northeast/Canada region for the upcoming MLB Draft.

Lastly, Kevin Gray has a clip of Adam Lind post-game quotes from 2009 that he says crack him up at Gray Matter (I haven’t watched yet, I must admit).

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  1. Not sure why Rosenthal thinks AA sniffing around on Bourjos necessarily means something regarding the Jays and Rasmus.

    Leaving aside the fact that AA inquires about everybody, he’s far more likely inquiring for the purpose of sheperding Bourjos to a third team (ala Napoli, E-Jax, Michael Taylor) for something that he actually wants.

    • Or to have Bourjos take over LF. I think we’ve seen Thames’ ceiling.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. Bourjos’ defense alone has more value than Thames’ entire game.

        • Except the Jays would probably have to give up D’Arnaud to get Bourjos. No thanks. I want a power bat (that isn’t a liability on the field).

          • How do you possibly figure?

          • Errr.. give up arguably the Jays’ top prospect for their 4th outfielder? I doubt it. Thames and a top 11-20 prospect should be all it takes. Remember, he isn’t a proven hitter (yet), and we do have to factor in AA’s ninja mind trick abilities, even if Reagins isn’t the GM.

      • No thanks. Bourjos is an incredibly weak hitter. This lineup doesnt need any more easy outs. We already have bourjos. His name is Rajai Davis.

        • Plus, rasmus is not significantly worse than bourjos in CF. Its close.

          • @afdg

            Um, I think you need to compare Rasmus’ and Bourjos’ UZR/150′s for the last 3 years. Bourjos is on another planet in comparison.

          • Unless you’re referring to all-around game value. Then I’ll concede that they’re both nearly equal in value in the last 3 years.

          • @ indestrutible

            It doesnt matter. Rasmus is good enough in CF and is a better hitter. Bourjos bat is awful. I really think rajai davis and bourjos are essentially the same player.

          • Agreed. If the Jays did land Bourjos though, I’d rather see him in LF. Rasmus is fine in CF and has a better arm too.

        • I’d say bourjos has more upside, and is younger than Rajai… that being said I’m still not sure what I’d give up for him were I AA.
          Sometimes I dream I’m AA… with laser x-ray vision.

      • or Rasmus to LF and Bourjos plays CF

  2. Just watched Gray’s “hilarious” clip of Lind’s postgame comments. If that is what passes for humour in New Hampshire, I feel depressed in solidarity for them.

    • Yeah, I just got sucked in to watching it too. It’s not even mildly amusing, let alone “hilarious”.
      Ah well.

      • Never said it was hilarious. I just said it cracks me up. Lind doesn’t answer the questions and just grins. I guess you had to be there.

    • I’m with you. Lind is not currently a very good hitter and his play warrants talk and warrants his demotion. But the personal attacks baffle me. The guy is quite humble and doesn’t whine. He isn’t even on a big bloated contract. Fuck “fans”.

  3. Bean Stringfellow. BEAN STRINGFELLOW.

  4. Bourjos fits more (even if the talk is ridiculous) if you look a little down the line to a team with Snider in RF, Bourjos in CF and Rasmus in LF and Bautista DHing or at 1B, which would make for a ridiculously strong defensive outfield.

  5. I cant imagine AA wanting Cole after the intentional hit last week.

    • something tells me that that one pitch in that one plate appearance does nothing to effect the market for Cole “I’m-fucking-awesomely-prestigious” Hamels… Hell this team once had Kevin Millar around for a brief, forgettable moment.

      • “Hell this team once had Kevin Millar around for a brief, forgettable moment.”

        Batting cleanup too! UGH.

      • You may be right, but AA sure seems to put a lot of emphasis on “good character”. And Rios wasn’t around very long after the incident at the ROM.

  6. Weird comment about “rushing” Cooper, who’s 25 and has 700 ABs in AAA. I’ve got to say, given that they burned a first round pick on him and Lind is completely awful, there really isn’t any excuse NOT to give him a shot. If you’re not going to call him up when your 1B can’t break the Mendoza line and he has a .400 OBP in AAA, why even have him in the organization?

  7. Can someone explain the Hamels rumours to me. This is the part I’m trying to understand:

    Why, in a walk year, where he is guaranteed to have many teams vie for his services, would Hamels agree to an extension before testing free agency? There is no way this happens, unless it is with Philly, and that is obviously incredibly unlikely to happen.

    Given he is unlikely to accept a trade and sign move, what point would there be in bringing him here as a rental in a year we are just on beginning to compete. You don’t make a move like that unless your team is set to win. We’re still probably a year away.

    I mean, if the Jays are in it much later in the summer, I’m all for it provided the price is low enough. But jesus, what are we talking about this for now?

    • The Jays ask about everybody, for one. For two, the Jays could actually genuinely be competitive this year– especially if you start adding pieces like a Cole Hamels. For three, the asking prices probably won’t be as large as in the past, because teams can no longer get draft picks back for rental players.

      So, yes, the cost would have to be low– but as we said on the podcast, look at what the Rangers gave up for Cliff Lee. Not a whole lot so far: Lawson, Beavan, Lueke and Smoak. If the Jays think they can give up guys like that and not have their system hurt tangibly by it, maybe it’s a thing? It didn’t hurt Texas to get Lee and it sure helped them that season.

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