Holy shit, it’s PJ Walters! The right-hander who was briefly a Jay after he came over as a bit of chaff in the Colby Rasmus deal!

After being demoted mid-season, after one clean inning of relief work for the Jays, he went 1-3 with an 8.38 ERA in seven starts for Las Vegas. He then elected free agency this winter, and signed a minor league deal with the Twins, who… it says here… are actually starting him in today’s game!

Holy shit!

But… I don’t know, he can’t be much worse than Kyle Drabek looked yesterday, amiright? HEYO!

Though, to his credit, Drabek managed to mitigate the damage for a while– though it took him about a billion pitches to do so, and I’m not sure if on any single one of those he had any clue where that ball was going to end up from the moment it left his hand. I don’t think we’re quite sliding back into 2011 territory for Drabek, but… he’s got to get it the fuck together.

Ahhh, but why dwell? Today’s another day, there’s another game, and the Twins are still bad. Unlike last night, I sense good things… of course, that’s not exactly Nostra-fucking-damus shit when your opponent has PJ Walters on the hill and Darin “Pat” Mastroianni isn’t even their ninth hitter.


I dunno… just a couple of things from Buster Olney via MLB Trade Rumors, which are that the Jays don’t have a master plan for Vlad Guerrero, and that it was almost certainly the Phillies, and not other teams, who put out feelers last week about the availability of Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino– to whom the Jays were linked.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus  CF
A. Lind 1B
J. Mathis C

D. Hutchison RHP

Minnesota Twins

D. Span CF
B. Dozier SS
J. Mauer C
J. Willingham LF
R. Doumit DH
T. Plouffe 3B
C. Parmelee 1B
D. Mastroianni RF
J. Carroll 2B

P. Walters RHP


Image via Brad White/Getty.

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  1. Oh boy, a shiney new toy!

  2. Twintanic is sinking!

  3. Drew Hutchison: the strike-thrower who doesn’t throw many strikes.

    • i think he threw more strikes in the first two innings than drabek has his last two starts

  4. The Jays are more than capable of making P.J. Walters look like the reincarnation of Bob Gibson for one night. I don’t think they will, but let’s not pretend we haven’t been curb-stomped by even worse.

  5. Anybody got a stream? I am stranded at work.

  6. Wonder how many GIDP jose has this year relative to all of last year

  7. i looked it up…8 gidp all of last year..6 already this year

  8. Tonight for a limited engagement, PJ Walters and the second coming of Cy Young!

    • the jays are scoring runs by retard strength. 238 team average. one of the two factors has to change…either their high runs scored total or their 238 avg

  9. Laffey is looking real sharp in las vegas wonder how long until he gets called up

  10. How has Hutch looked so far?

  11. Tricky Escobar. Nice DP.

  12. haha…Mastroianni

  13. you cant really expect major league hitters to catch up to an 89 mph fastball

  14. PJ Walters-Baseball God.

  15. Deck Mguire got lit up again last night…1/3 iP five earned runs.

    he and jenkins were the so called “safe” first round picks. they look like they are going to be past quite rapidly by the “risky” high ceiling guys.

  16. PJ Walters: Cy Young candidate.

  17. Name Game fellas, Pedro Alverez vs Sean Rodriguez vs Mike Alviles vs Jed Lowrie

  18. Jesus–the dreaded 2nd time through the order.

  19. that was a great changeup by Hutchison on the 1-1 to Doumit

  20. Hutchison looks like the love child of scott downs and josh towers

  21. I never realised how much Buck talks out of his ass. Rather annoying.

  22. You gotta think that facing PJ Walters, Hutchison cannot really afford to give up runs here.

  23. okay Drew, I am clapping for the final strike of the inning here vs Pouff

  24. geeez, just throw a fucking slider here and the inning ends

  25. Pouff (no L)

  26. Here we go hutchisons shitfuck inning

  27. Nothing more frustrating than walking in runs

  28. Bruce walton: drew, throw strikes.

    Hutchison: Ok

    Bruce walton: really?

    Hutch: really.

    Bruce walton: great.

  29. Gotta think that 1 run will be all PJ needs.

  30. Zaun going with the solid full windsor

  31. Shame hutch needs to pitch like he is facing cy young

  32. So I understand that this is a year for developing (again), but maybe Hutchison needs more minor league innings. His off-speed stuff looks rather average.

    • Hutch is fine. he’s the fucking 5th starter. he can get seasoning up here as long as he is keeping the team in games..witch he has been.

      • 5th starter with the potential to be a #3-4. I dunno, I just don’t see him getting rocked every time out as a healthy development stage. He’s not far off, but he’s clearly not ready just yet, IMO.

    • Not sure I’m ready to blame this soon-to-be loss on the pitcher who gave up 1 run through 4 (so far). Maybe hitters 1-9 need some more minor league seasoning.

  33. GInger: “Why does the batting average against double against Hutch the second time around.”

    Zaun: “Well, he’s just not very good and it’s extremely easy to figure him out.”

    ^ the simpler way of saying it.

    • I’m hoping that it’s not quite as simple as that. He’s still a snot nose kid, after all.

    • he’s obviously paid by the word

    • Zaun was a shit player and now a shit announcer. Why is that no name, no talent ex players think they are a great analyst, Kypreous is another example of a loser that should be sent packing

  34. Hutchison should not have to pitch a shutout thru 5 innings for the Jays to have the lead by the end of this inning s. PJ Fucking Walters – this shit ends here in the 5th – at least 2 runs right fucking NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  35. Buck: When you throw alot of strikes, hitters tend to chase”

    umm..if they are chasing, that means the pitches are not strikes. so what are you saying?

    • Of all the shit that Buck says that one actually makes sense. If you throw a lot of strikes when you do go out of the strike zone they are more likely to swing … unless you’re Kyle Drabek pitching to the Twins last night. Those idiots will swing at anything.

  36. No Buck it really isn’t a sizeable sampling.

    • But now he’s 10/25 with RISP! That’s a sizeable sample. So much more meaningful than the other 80.

  37. I think that Tabler’s gay tendencies in the booth have rubbed off on ashby…

    talking about “if i was standing there with wood”

    • The wording was a bit awkward, but in this case Ashby was essentially saying that even at 50 (or however old he is), he feels he can still hit better than Adam Lind. I both agree with him and appreciate the awesomeness of him saying that.

    • tabler is a bit of a fluff

    • ….and those big, strong arms.

      tabler is certifiable. that is without question. tabler catches martinez….and that’s saying something.

  38. Well he comes through there. Every time you score a run against the likes of P.J. Walters you have to consider yourself fortunate.

  39. Oh Oh. Looks like the Blue Jays hitters have run into another pitching juggernaut.

  40. Cletus done good again.

  41. Fucking John Farrell, move Adam Lind up the order…was that effective sarcasm?

  42. i guess those high socks are working eh?

  43. Wow, great job squezing a run off of PJ Walters. I mean you cannot complain when you can get to this great for even one run. well done guys

    • half the reason why walters is so effective is that no one knows what pitches he has, tendencies, etc… as its his first start in a year

  44. Colby on cruise round the bases – sweeeeet – nice hit by Lindo – PILE ON THIS MOFO

  45. “Ill take your helmet to the rack”

    dude, its a family show

  46. Well you know not much you can do against an 88 mph fastball down the middle. It’s almost unfair.

    • Hey, I thought with the new “open stance” Mathis was taught by Murph that he would mash all year

  47. What’s with Esco throwing stuff in the dirt lately?

  48. I think that is the best smile out of Escobar all season – have to enjoy watching the fun plays like that

  49. When Lawrie’s hands catch up to his range, he might be one of the best fielding third baggers of all time.

  50. When your present sucks and your future is iffy, is it any wonder they haven’t forgotten their past.

  51. take note Sportsnet, good camera angles at Target, the shots of both of Rasmus’ hits and Johnson’s hit were excellent – that camera right down the line- please get that at RC

  52. seemsl ike everytime the last two games we get a leadoff guy on, its a double play

  53. That’s gone.

  54. homerun number 10 at Target for Jose

  55. What a rope!

  56. Awesome camera angle there.

  57. LOL. So at this point Sportsnet is seriously just keeping a camera on Lawrie at all times during the game.

    Think this is the first game I’ve seen a replay get used.

  58. so everyone in the stadium but four umpires immediately knew it was hit out

  59. more lawrie ball washing!

  60. love brett

  61. holy shit, that camera angle along the flower line is even fucking better than the left field camera angle, this place is amazing for televised games, Sportsnet, get fucking on it at Rogers

    • to be fair, the dome doesn’t present the same potential issues of homer or not a homer as this field does. there are a couple spots in the alleys where the concrete juts out and a ball hit right off it could fool a blind ump..other than that..its pretty obvious

  62. so Twins, what would you trade to have Jose Bautista’s home park be Target??

  63. when does cordero come in?

  64. Mathis’ nutsack saves a run!

    • what neither buck nor ashby noticed was that the umpire’s leg actually saved the run

  65. cmon Doumit – K time

  66. Trevor Plouffe has to be the least intimidating name ever.

  67. God, he almost threw it over Lind’s head

  68. wow, Escobar good at playing the tips tonight

  69. 7 inning: perez

    8 inning: frasor / oliver

    9: janssen.


  70. Brett goes yard here

  71. Cordero warming!

  72. Uh oh, Coco Puff warming up? I thought he was done with high-leverage situations.

  73. Oh no–Coco time is almost upon us.

  74. Fuck No! Don’t bring in Cordero with a 1 run lead, just because its not the 9th doesn’t make it any less retarded.

  75. Okay so how many runs will the Jays be trailing after this inning is over? I’ll say 2.

  76. So when Farrell removed Cordero from the closer’s role, I thought he meant he was removing him from high leverage situations unless asolutely needed to pitch (like extra innings..other guys being over used).

    so why the fuck is he coming in now? this is equivalent to his role in the 9th, just a little earlier.

  77. it would be funny if the game ends up with this score – if I had been given 70 guesses of tonight’s outcome 2-1 Blue Jays would not have been one of them.

  78. Okayyyyyyy


  80. that was worth the price of admission

  81. Hilarious – 3 tipped balls tonight – any record keeping on that type of stat?

  82. Coco’s in — it’s dick-holding time, fellas.

  83. I have to assume Farrell is thinking even Coco couldn’t fuck this up against the Twins. I think he is wrong, but that has to be the only possible explanation. Doesn’t he realize that a 1 run lead in the 7th is not really any different from 1 run in the 9th?

  84. I bet Thames would trade that smile for an arm in a heartbeat.

    • yeah, buck said thames doesnt want to be thought of as a One dimensional player.

      what dimension would that be?

  85. oh boy, here we go

    co co for co co puffs!!!!

  86. Fuck off with the throws to first, how have you not fucking learned to focus on the batter yet.

  87. Here we go again.

  88. two run shot coming up here

  89. Aaaand before you know there’s two on.

  90. why not perez to face spann? saving him for mauer? really? we can afford to save him with coco on the mound?

  91. okay dozier you have outperformed your talent level for tonight with 2 hits – mean reversion time

  92. “you’re not going to get mental mistakes from francisco cordero”

    fuck you buck you brainless bag of bones

  93. 93, 95, 94, 94 from Cordero on the fast ball

  94. how many mental errors can you really make as a pitcher/

    • Well, being preoccupied with the runner at 1st base while falling behind 2-0 and then throwing a wild pitch on the 3rd pitch.

      Which an error he has made now on 3 separate occasions this year.

  95. And now we’re back to a full count.

  96. Question for every Jays fan and myself: Is it a double standard if the person blowing the saves is a 24 yr old rookie with a 95 MPH heater and a nasty breaking pitch having control issues at the plate, if comparing to the Cordero as of now?

    • If a 24 year old on the roster had been pitching like Cordero thus far he would have been sent down to Vegas to work on it. The double standard is that because Cordero is a veteran he gets to keep his roster spot.

    • of course its a double standard and for several good reasons..

      the young kid is learning on the job. not every outing will be a success.

      cordero is paid a larger salary because you are paying for his experience and skill…tools which he is paid to bring to the mound and use effectively. so when he is blowing save after save, it is not as acceptable

  97. 0-2..then three balls not even close

  98. PHEW


    Now go to some other pitcher in the eighth, please.

  99. I feel like my ride on a scary, accident-prone roller coaster has just ended. I’m back in one piece. I can breathe again.

  100. Why do I feel like this would be a good time to walk the dog?

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