Did you hear that Dustin Diamond, or whateverthefuck the name of the scrub the Twins will send to the hill this afternoon hoping to pick up their tenth win in thirty four games, is Canadian? Because, oh… you will. Give either the Sportsnet or the Fan 590 broadcast about ten seconds at any point during the game, and I suspect you will. Why? Because that’s what the people want!

Ahh, but whatever. Look at all those right-handed hitters! Now… let’s scuttle the shit outta some asses!


During the post-game JaysTalk yesterday on the Fan 590, Mike Wilner played a conversation he had with Alex Anthpoulos, where the GM dismissed rumours about the club being in on Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino of the Phillies. Money quote:

“One thing that I will stress, and I guess I can’t– imagine if these words were in bold, italicized, stars around them, underlined: I don’t believe that I’ve yet to make a transaction, or we have an organization have yet to make a transaction, that’s been leaked to the media ahead of time, that our talks have been leaked to the media ahead of time, and– in bold, underlined, all the above– almost everything I’ve heard about us– trade rumours, in the media, on the internet, have almost– I think 99.9% of the time have been wrong. So… without confirming or denying, take that huge hint– *wink* *wink*– and take it and run with it, so no one needs to write about it, talk about it. I can’t stress that enough.”

You can hear the full interview and the rest of JaysTalk at Miked Up. And with that said… here’s more people talking about that rumour!

- Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe talks to an AL GM who tells him “The Jays are looking to do something big. I just don’t see the Phillies bailing out on Hamels. They can still win it.”

Elsewhere, Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun– in an epic notebook post– looks at how John Farrell has started to wade into the murky waters of pinch hitting for guys who aren’t used to being pinch hit for– step right up, JP Arencibia and Adam Lind! Of course, the Arencibia decision was pretty questionable, though if Lind never sees a lefty again, we’ll all be the better for it.

Also at the Sun, Mike Rutsey talks to Kyle Drabek about his outing Friday, in which the young pitcher insists he didn’t pitch all that badly. Ruh-roh!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
B. Francisco DH
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

R. Romero LHP

Minnesota Twins

D. Span CF
B. Dozier SS
J. Mauer 1B
J. Willingham LF
R. Doumit DH
T. Plouffe 3B
E. Komatsu RF
D. Butera C
J. Carroll 2B

S. Diamond LHP


Image via Apres la Pub.

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  1. Keep making fun of the “shit” teams Stoeten. It really seems to work in our favor when we’re playing them.

  2. Gentlemen, I have traveled far and wide to get to Toronto this day to spectate Jays vs Rays this evening. Although the most important question has yet to be filled by the locals, so I come before you bearing a question.

    What are some pointers for sneaking in alcohol (a few 375 or 200ml bottles)? It should be worth mentioning that my special lady friend is with me.


    • Attach it to your person and don’t carry a bag or backpack. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s a nice day today, so you can’t just stuff it in a bulky jacket, otherwise that’s also an option. They’ll check ladies’ bags and purses. If you’re a dude, you can usually walk through without anyone even trying to stop you unless you’re carrying a backpack or a bag of some sort. Especially for a Monday night game.

    • Also, outside bottled water is permitted. Depending on colour and the strength of odour of said alcohol, you could just fill up a bottle of Shoppers Drug Mart brand water and likely walk right through in plain view with no problems.

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