Did you hear that Dustin Diamond, or whateverthefuck the name of the scrub the Twins will send to the hill this afternoon hoping to pick up their tenth win in thirty four games, is Canadian? Because, oh… you will. Give either the Sportsnet or the Fan 590 broadcast about ten seconds at any point during the game, and I suspect you will. Why? Because that’s what the people want!

Ahh, but whatever. Look at all those right-handed hitters! Now… let’s scuttle the shit outta some asses!


During the post-game JaysTalk yesterday on the Fan 590, Mike Wilner played a conversation he had with Alex Anthpoulos, where the GM dismissed rumours about the club being in on Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino of the Phillies. Money quote:

“One thing that I will stress, and I guess I can’t– imagine if these words were in bold, italicized, stars around them, underlined: I don’t believe that I’ve yet to make a transaction, or we have an organization have yet to make a transaction, that’s been leaked to the media ahead of time, that our talks have been leaked to the media ahead of time, and– in bold, underlined, all the above– almost everything I’ve heard about us– trade rumours, in the media, on the internet, have almost– I think 99.9% of the time have been wrong. So… without confirming or denying, take that huge hint– *wink* *wink*– and take it and run with it, so no one needs to write about it, talk about it. I can’t stress that enough.”

You can hear the full interview and the rest of JaysTalk at Miked Up. And with that said… here’s more people talking about that rumour!

- Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe talks to an AL GM who tells him “The Jays are looking to do something big. I just don’t see the Phillies bailing out on Hamels. They can still win it.”

Elsewhere, Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun– in an epic notebook post– looks at how John Farrell has started to wade into the murky waters of pinch hitting for guys who aren’t used to being pinch hit for– step right up, JP Arencibia and Adam Lind! Of course, the Arencibia decision was pretty questionable, though if Lind never sees a lefty again, we’ll all be the better for it.

Also at the Sun, Mike Rutsey talks to Kyle Drabek about his outing Friday, in which the young pitcher insists he didn’t pitch all that badly. Ruh-roh!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
B. Francisco DH
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF

R. Romero LHP

Minnesota Twins

D. Span CF
B. Dozier SS
J. Mauer 1B
J. Willingham LF
R. Doumit DH
T. Plouffe 3B
E. Komatsu RF
D. Butera C
J. Carroll 2B

S. Diamond LHP


Image via Apres la Pub.

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  1. Why is it that every Canadian athlete is left-handed?

    • It’s a left-brain,right brain thing.Determines which side is dominant.

      If that can’t be worked out,we in the medical field call that a no-brain,of which there are will be many examples in this thread.

    • If you ask Americans, supposedly it has something to do with hockey.

  2. Shit, no Adam Lind to kick around today. Thank you John.

  3. lol@Bautista No fucking way he is hitting with a pink bat today!

  4. oh no they will mention someone is Canadian, for shame.

  5. Fluffed by Pouffe.

  6. Why the fuck is Francisco hitting 5th? I don’t understand this thought that lineup spots have to stay consistent. I’m baffled enough with Thames hitting 5th.

    • It’s a really small sample size, but of the batters batting below him, only Lawrie has a higher OPS than Francisco.

  7. the only request for me is EE in cleanup because he was the best hitter. but i think his numbers were even better at 5th. for some reason the games have been won with top half alone or the bottom. it rarely is spread out evenly in a game. i never looked it up but just from watching most games

  8. nice to see the locusts are gone

  9. Rosenthal had the Phillies trading Lee and acquiring Halladay a day or two before it happened. Phrased it as ‘I could see this happening’. Blair made clear on PTS though that Amaro is a major source for Rosenthal.

    That’s the only major AA move I can recall that was ‘out there’ before it happened. Although, we all knew AA was trading Doc …so weird circumstances.

    • When you listen to the whole interview,AA says before he talks seriously with another GM,he makes it a requirement that nothing gets leaked to the media.Or else trade talks cease.

  10. Does anyone think the velocity issues with Doc in spring training are coming home to roost?

  11. Man, so many well-hit lineouts. If we found some holes in the field we’d have the lead.

  12. The latest speculation says that the Victorino/Hamels talk was likely initiated by the Phillies, and consisted of nothing more than them calling around and asking various clubs the hypothetical of IF the Phillies decided to sell (presumably not for another month or two), would they be interested.

    This would still be consistent with AA’s denial that there were substantive talks, or that he was calling around looking to acquire pieces.

    This isn’t the year, but the Jays have made it pretty clear that when it does come time to acquire a big piece, it will be a rental player only. Rogers is way too cheap to pay more than 3 months’ worth of a big salary, and AA needs to be almost 100% sure that he can win before pulling the trigger on mortgaging the future like that. So I could see them being in on a Hamels type in future seasons if things went well.

  13. Isn’t the 5th usually Ricky’s implosion inning? Getting it done early today.

  14. watch a quick peak of golf .come back. think to self ricky is due to give up the big one and watch the ball go sailing out on the very next pitch.note to self, dont think

  15. No fucking luck.

  16. Oh fuck off

  17. This is the most frustrating type of game. Scott Diamond is awful.

    • I’m pretty sure I got a bloop hit off him when I played against him ten years ago. So agreed he’s awful. I never ever thought he was going to make it anywhere as a lefty throwing mid-high 80s, but well I was wrong

  18. Unlucky this game.

  19. Do you think it hurt Diamond … you know ramming that horseshoe all the way up his ass?

  20. fuck i love these camera angles. seeing most people have big screens i would like to see them trya split screen with the straight view from behind the pitcher and a camera to the side of the batter to see height of pitch at the same time

  21. has anybody seen the rating of the jays runs to hits in the league. i keep reading that they are very efficient. are they top five. teams like pitt or sf must be there

  22. We haven’t seen Scott Diamond’s big time pickoff move

  23. Scott Diamond is looking like the Twins next Scott Erickson today. This shit is quite perplexing…

  24. Jays have four stolen bases on the day.

  25. fuckin moths. this park is built on swampland

  26. Beauty, Maple boner.

  27. Lawrie would’ve beaten the runner home, sweet Jesus

  28. where did tabby go? love ashby. ooooooooooooohhhh lawrie gets a mapleboner ballwash from canada and me. stunning move.for that no channell changing. that was as nice as a jose bomb

  29. How were all the scouting reports on lawrie being a crappy third baseman so wrong?

  30. “You see a team with 30 errors and you hear, ‘man, your defense is really killing you’”. What the fuck is Buck talking about?

  31. How could so many talent evaluators be off on Brett Lawrie’s defense? Kudos to John Sickels for not just going against the grain and predicting he’d be ok at third, but that he’d be a gold glove defender.

    • When his hands catch up with his feet he will be on another level.

    • @ Bunk
      Because he was a catcher ( he thought it would be a quicker road to the Show) and hadn’t played a lot of infield.Converting to 2nd when he was 19 (he stunk while learning the position) and the Jays converting him to 3rd.He made a errors ,partially because of his age,new position and Cashman field ( it’s supposed to be bumpier than hell and hard as a rock).
      Now older and knowing where to position himself on each play,he gets better.
      He looked horrible in an earlier game this year, where he was out of position but you learn from your mistakes.

    • I think people were just skeptical because he had never played at a defensive position for an extensive period of time, not that he wasn’t athletically capable of playing anywhere on the diamond.

      He was bouncing from position to position in Milwaukee’s system, because he kept asking to get moved to whichever position he felt was the path of least resistance to the majors.

      This guy’s such a freak that he could probably play anywhere on the diamond and be above average.

  32. and zaun knocks the best play of the game. if i ever meet zaun ima gonna right to the moon

  33. Fun facts:

    Jays are 2nd in the AL in Runs Scored.
    Jays are 5th in the AL in Runs Allowed.

    Jays also have the best run differential in the AL East.

    Just something to remember on a day when we’re getting owned by a rookie pitcher.

    • *3rd in runs scored.

      • I wouldn’t say owned, but yeah he’s definitely made the hitters look bad. Francisco alone has left 4 men on base through 6 innings. Maybe that’s why we don’t want him hitting 5th. ;)

        • But he has to ht 5th!! Otherwise the other batters and their tiny brains will get confused!1!1!1

          Actually, that may be a valid concern when it comes to Rajai Davis.

  34. baltimore making a comeback wieters hit a 2 run hr 7-4 so far

  35. someone earlier posted romero slides in the 5th. cmon ricky

    • I think Ricky figured out his team wasn’t going to score any runs today anyway. Would be hard to remain as motivated in that situation.

  36. Welp, this game went from watchable to unwatchable in a matter of minutes.

  37. Is he allergic to the #5? WTF Romero

  38. thats alot of people in the stands for a shitty team. whats the attendance

  39. well even if we lose you have to give props to the orioles for making the rays look bad

  40. for fuck sakes the call for a guy to warm up when the y walked in a run. alittle fuckin late

  41. hey just found out that this game is the free game of the day online!

  42. Game over

  43. jp really struggles with catching or blocking throws to home.like not even close

  44. Game not over

  45. well I at least the yankees are losing

  46. ricky has struggled all year. nothing has been easy and he has got out of some big jams, just not today

  47. if i was farrell, i would sit down with the starters and say look. if you guys look a little off and trouble starts and our bullpen needs some work out u come. no pouting allowed

  48. It’s time to teach Diamond some humility. Actually, it’s past time.

  49. well time to focus on these next 7 games dont let this game affect us greatly

  50. Man, I stop watching for an hour and this is what I come back to.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Ricky seems to consistently forget how to play baseball for at least 1 inning every game as of late.

  51. This game is fucking bullshit. Every fucking groundball the twins hit has been getting into the outfield meanwhile the jays are hitting line drive after line drive…all caught.

    I will say this though, how many times through the order does Diamond go before the jays hitters figure out that 90 percent of the time he throws an 88 mph fastball right down the middle on the first pitch…a pitch which for some reason they have been taking ALL FUCKING DAY

  52. Carreno is nothing more than a ROOGY

  53. I didnt realize the twins hitters were more disciplined than the yankees, red sox, and rays hitters. The jays just keep walking these fucking hacks as if they are facing the 27 yanks.

  54. the o’s are coming back now 7-6 top 8

    • who gives a fuck. scoreboard watching in may is for teams that cannot take care of their own shit….oh wait…..good point

  55. Time for Farrell to sit down with the staff and stress the importance of throwing fucking strikes. Diamond isn’t that good, and has been super lucky, but you don’t get lucky if you walk as many as the Jays are.

  56. Can’t wait for Wilner to spin the road trip as “successful’ because they went 5-5 on a “west coast” swing. not taking into account the fact that they played

    1. the angles: who have been fucking terrible.

    2. Oakland….a team which is pretty fucking bad..and didnt have one of their best players in the lineup for the series.

    3. Minnesota….a team which sucks really bad…and doesnt have Morneua in the lineup…and the jays end up splitting, losing a game in which our number one starter got lost to their number 5.

    that is not a good trip

    • Good point, but Wilner is not doing Jays Talk today. This should be a 4-2 or 5-1 road trip.
      Perhaps they will do well against the Rays or Yankees this week. Splitting at home would be the minimum acceptable.

  57. way to swing at a 2-0 pitch down four in the fucking 7th

  58. hey butch you may not give a fuck but i would like to see the rays hold on so the jays dont go down another game. the jays should be tied for first if they didnt fuckin lose 2 games to the shittiest team in the al. so it might be too late to save your head from the helmet but understand you arent the only one on here. if you want to control content i suggest you get your own site. otherwise fuckoff

    • Butch’s intentional double take was funny.

    • asshole, I didnt “prevent” you from posting it did I? you can post whatever dumb shit you want to….and I can comment on its stupidity.

      so yeah..fuck off and eat a dick

  59. Davis is such an airhead. How do you not eat that throw.

  60. In fact, the Jay are lucky to be able to split this series. check out these walk totals for the series..

    Jays: 26 walks issued.

    Twins: 7.

    that is an insane baserunner discrepancy.

  61. farrellls fuckin obsession with starters going 6 has to be modified. after 35 games he should be able to see when the starters dont have it and get some use out of the pen so they dont get rusty.

  62. wouldnt vlad look good here

  63. This could possibly get interesting…

  64. Johnson finally catches a break..has hit the ball pretty damn hard today with nothing to show up to now

  65. 3 singles up the middle. Good hitting.

  66. i will dance if jose hits it out

  67. Come on jose…just hit it hard somewhere….dont “try” to hit a dinger

  68. thats was our shot…at least they made it somewhat interesting

  69. Id rather have francisco vs burton than thames vs a lefty

  70. thames bat has been pretty good lately

  71. Now what is important to realize is that had Farrell done what a non moron manager would do..that is bat Lawrie above Francisco, the twins would have a lot tougher situation with Burton vs Lawrie rather than Perkins vs Thames

  72. I’m just glad we have a chance.

  73. What the fuck…how many at em balls can we hit today

  74. cmon just a single

  75. Thank god the phenom Scott Diamond is finally out of this game :S

  76. I like our chances vs matt caps

  77. So let’s say the jays tie it up after pinch hitting Lind for davis…who plays left field? EE? Thames could move there but then you lose the DH.

  78. JP Arencibia hits a HR to tie it.

  79. Lind flies out on ball 1.

  80. Good move to pinch run here.

  81. Is that the first time in his career Mathis has been used as a pinch runner?

    • I think farrel has used mathis to pinch run for arrecibia a couple times this season already

  82. Last place comes closer as Boston wins.

    Gravity is the enemy.

  83. Jays were just unlucky this game. Romero was probably the worst i ever saw. Had absolutely nothing. Im still not a fan of this offense. They dont get on base nearly enough. Just as I felt they were lucky to win last night, they were unlucky to lose today. 5-5 is not terrible but should be better when you are competing against other teams in the AL East. They werent playing good teams on this road trip with he exception of maybe the angels.

  84. This team fucking sucks dick… how about you stop posting cracks at other shit teams since they continuously beat us???

  85. Okay, so the Jays might have done better this series had they not walked 487 Twins during the three games. Romero was doing a good Drabek impression today.

    Today the whole team had Colby-itis. Hit the ball hard right at people.

  86. Fun facts: all five teams in the East have a positive run differential. All five Central teams have a negative. In fact only one AL team (Texas) outside of our division has a plus run differential. And the fourth place Jays would be first in the Central….

  87. I’m bailing out for the year

    • Well the writing is pretty much on the wall. The Jays are 3 games out of first, and half a game out of a wildcard spot on May 13. No hope, really.

    • Too early to do that. This will be a key week to see how the Jays do against the yankees & rays.

      The team could do better than expected like they did against the Rangers at home.

      There is too much baseball to watch before bailing for the season.

      Vladdy is on his way !

      • any assertion that vladdy is going to be any sort of significant help to the club is a drug induced fantasy

  88. Glad you see it my way

  89. Rant and rave say whatever u want, the team will be fun to watch but they are not competing this year. mabey next year.Unless of course some moves are made.
    small sample size my ass, you can see if a team has potential or not.
    The over under in Vegas on total wins for this team this year was 80.5 games.
    I would still take the over, but those guys in vegas are pretty good with their predictions.
    I would predict 85 wins at this point and thats not going to be enough.
    The thing that is frustrating people is they see the talent is there, this team is so close, but yet so far from being a serious contender. A couple more moves and a couple more years down the road and the will be the beast of the east, just not this year.
    Thats not to say I wont cheer and be a fan, but if you are realistic about things you should know that.

    • well great predictor of the reality future. why dont you piss in my eye. i dont want reality in sports.i like watching sports to escape reality you dumb fuck. and i watch to see teams improve over the season and make some fantastic plays. so go throw your miserable piss in someone elses playground so i can cheer for a team that is in a race. your helmet choice says it all.

      • You watch sports to escape reality, thats cool, but some like to talk about sports and discuss possibilities, so why would you call someone a dumb fuck for making a prediction based on recent play? settle yourself down, go escape some reality to lessen your anxiety.

    • I have to agree with you John. I wish they were better now, but they’re way off. AA knew it when he said, ‘We’ll spend money when we have a team that’s ready to win’. Given that he didn’t spend any money, he pretty much told us how he feels about this team. Way too many holes to fill with one or two guys. I was hopinmg that this wasn’t the case, but this road trip proved it. Ugly all around.

    • Prior to spring training , I predicted 85 wins & bumped it up to 88 wins on opening day. So far, I am disappointed with the bullpen but the starting rotation has been better than expected. Offence is weaker than expeced. The division is in flux with the Orioles this year. Hopefully they can win some more games against the AL east before they collapse. They are supposed to collapse right?

  90. it was so much better to hear it within the first few lines from you in all its sarcasm….what’s that called again? You know, admonishing something just so you can say it yourself before the person you are admonishing can say it?

  91. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/how-los-angeles-angels-hooked-rookie-phenom-mike-trout-in-mlb-draft-051212

    great article on trout. I’d love to hear alex’s explanation on how they passed on trout who went 5 spots after. gee wasn’t that the point of having all these extra scouts to not miss on talent?

    • I’m always amazed by posts like this…..nothing short of absolute perfection in the draft will satisfy people. Other teams passed on him too. It’s more complicated than you make it out to be.

      • yeah I’m always amazed by the “other teams passed on him too excuse” so if other teams fucked up then that justifies you screwing up too?

        • The fact that other teams pass up a player in the draft shows that it was by no means a universal “given” that the player would be good or great. There are lots of stories of players drafted in later rounds who end up being good MLB regulars. It is simply not possible to be completely accurate…it’s is, to a certain extent, a gamble.

    • Saying today that the Jays should have grabbed Trout in the draft is like saying you should have been able to pick Friday night’s 649 numbers now that you’ve seen the results.

      All those scouts are able to do is help improve the odds of landing a winner. There is no sure thing in the game of prospects.

      • what a stupid answer. we’re not talking about an 18th round pick. he went 5 fucking spots after. he was ranked TWO by the angels and yanks. where the fuck did the jays have him? you can’t keep making excuses when for 10 years the jays never draft a stud player in the late round.

    • This is beyond ridiculous. The best scouting department will miss on players. The Cardinals missed on Albert Pujols for 12 rounds. It’s shitty, but trying to pin that as a negative of the scouting/player development people AA has brought in is crazy stupid.

      • did you even read the article? it wasn’t luck, it was lazy scouts and bias that caused him to drop. the jays were supposed to have an edge over other teams in scouting. they were supposed to cover every player with 6 different scouts etc. all these extra picks make no difference if you draft the wrong player.

      • Every team has player/scouting/development people that they claim are second to none. Even the Oakland hierarchy defended theirs until Bean starting exposing some of their antiquated ways of thinking.

    • it’d also be a great article to hear how all the other MLB teams missed on 15th rounder Drew Hutchison whos made it to the MLB faster than every other pitcher form his draft class.

  92. This next two weeks will tell as a lot more about this team. They play the Rays 5 times, Yankees twice, Mets 3 times (yes interleague, the Blue Jays menace) and Texas 3 times.

    • Just for fun, here is my prediction
      3-5 against Rays, split Yankees 1-3 Mets, 1-3 texas for a 6-7 record…..not too bad, but not great.
      But you never know, thats what makes sports great.

  93. I keep reading that AA claims that when he feels the team is ready, Rogers is prepared to open the vault to make the Jays a contender. In one article a couple years back he even claimed Rogers was willing to spend more right away but he said no its not worth it, would just be a waste of money, lets wait until the pieces are in place and then spend the money to put the team over the top.
    So no money being spent yet indicates to me that AA still thinks the Jays have a ways to go before its worth going after some big name free agents.

    • or else he’s more concerned about keeping his job

      • That’s probably equally true. Riccardi spent on free agents. They underperformed & he was out of a job . He still has not be offered aanother GM job. Rogers won’t tolerate mistakes like BJ Ryan, Ales Rios, Vernon Wells etc.

        AA is too young to risk his career on a free agent acquisition.

    • Signing FA’s and trading for players are two entirely different things. it was clearly a mistake not aquiring Darvish, but we cant just throw our prospects away while our lineup is underperforming and rotation is overachieving – we need SOME stability before we can decide where this team is really at – remember we’ve made big strides forward from where we were last year, even after Lawrie came up – you may be surprised to find out we were still a .500 team afterwards.

      • But we don’t know that it was a mistake. It is entirely possible that the Jays bid within $1000 of the Rangers. Maybe they were $45 Million short. Who knows….we don’t and we probably never will. There’s no way to know if it was a mistake because if they narrowly missed then it’s tough to see it as a mistake – they simply got beat by a small margin.

  94. the jays have been pretty lucky so far in that they haven’t had to face hamilton, cespedes, morneau. and they won’t have to face longoria, rivera. and yet they can barely stay above water.

    • yep that is true. and those teams have been lucky that the jays lineup currently has 7 out of 9 of its players producing below their current career averages and we’re missing our closer. Im not trying to make light of your point, its relevant especially the Rangers not having Hamilton and Beltre for our series, but its not like they are facing us at our best

  95. all will be forgiven if the jays sign hamilton this offseason.

    • I very much doubt he will be available and, if he is, you’d better be ready to not forgive. I doubt you would anyway.

  96. that is true. and those teams have been lucky that the jays lineup currently has 7 out of 9 of its players producing below their current career averages and we’re missing our closer. Im not trying to make light of your point, its relevant especially the Rangers not having Hamilton and Beltre for our series, but its not like they are facing us at our best

    • I keep hearing this claim that our offense has yet to get into gear. Maybe it is true.

      what is also true is that the staring pitching has been playing WAY over their heads as well. look what happens when the jays dont get a stellar start? they pretty much lose every game unless their starter is lights out. (texas game being exception)

  97. Dayuuum, that guy on the right could get it <3

  98. Must be tough being the smartest guy in the room all the time, Stoeten.

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