The fuck? Shi Davidi informs us of the frustrating news…

I mean, at least there’s something resembling logic behind the decision– Lind has OPS’d 1.460 in 32 career plate appearances against Niemann, with three homers, a pair of doubles and a triple. But… is it really too much to ask John Farrell to recognize that batter-versus-pitcher splits inherently look at far too small a sample of data to be useful?

And really? He took some good swings this weekend, so let’s instantly forget about the 1279 plate appearances over the last two-plus seasons in which he’s accumulated a .238/.289/.422/.711 line? Seriously???

It’s not the worst thing in the world– shit, maybe it’ll even work– and I’m heartened by the fact that I know Farrell is at least willing to bust him back down to eighth at some point, and that the club saw a Lind-related need to hand some money to Vlad Guerrero, but… again… seriously, how much rope?

And, I don’t know, if you’re going to believe in bullshit empty traditionalist modes of lineup construction, why one-on-one splits and not the fact that Bautista has started looking a lot better now that he doesn’t have Lind’s “protection”? Huh? Huh?

Other tidbits from Davidi: Dustin McGowan started playing light catch today, which was earlier than usual, and totally worth $3-million, while Sergio Santos threw from 90 feet on flat ground today– he “must progress to 120-150 feet before getting back on the mound.”

Today’s Jays lineup in full…

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C


Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty.

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  1. There goes the Bautista resurgence :(

  2. Bretzky is in the running for ESPN Web Gem champ – earning high praise from Barry Larkin:

  3. lind in 4th tonight. for fuck sakes. farrell has cost at least 4 games in my account. and it gets worse mccowan is knocking rasmus again. he was fuckin quiet while colby was rockin. fuck off farrell and mccowan.

    • lol I wish I could be this angry and ridiculous at something

      • take a viagara and pray for the 5 hr hardon. then stick it in the doorjam and slam door. your welcome

      • Angry maybe…but not ridiculous. I agree with him. Four games at least….but you’re still learning right Farrell? Maybe a course in basic math is in order.

    • The odds that some poster here has some sound scientific method for determining Farrell has cost us 4 games is negative.

      • how about i watched the games and 3 of them were in the last baltimore series. how about EE at 3rd with an error? go to your car with booster cables, lift hood, apply cables to battery at one end and the other positive to your pole. enjoy the positve charge. repeat daily

  4. I’m glad to hear that Santos is throwing from 90 feet. Hopefully he remains soreness free.

  5. Not surprised.

  6. Holy cow, this is really becoming the meme for this blog eh? 32 PA is actually pretty significant. And it takes a lot more than one or two HR in 32 PA to make a 1.460 OPS.

    My only concern is that I think Lind may not be able to handle the pressure of cleanup. As a general problem. If anyone on this team wants to lay low and bat 8th it is probably Lind.

    But that’s just speculation – the numbers here + the fact that he has been a little tiny bit better of late makes this reasonable to me.

    • thats a fuckin awesome scientific method you got there boy. is that lind pressure measured in pounds per square inch? and is it a positive or negative pressure? come on boy! answers ! now! no time to waste! we need your scientific method to save the season. dont be like all the other posters on here. lets solve this problem. DICKWAD

      • Note my qualifying statements: ” I think”, “may”, “probably”, “But that’s just speculation”.

        The only thing I drew my conclusion on was actual stats, namely the 1.460 OPS and the fact that 32PA is significant. That’s why my conclusion, despite my speculation as to Lind’s mental state, was that this is a reasonable time to put him 4th.

      • Just go fuck off, internet toughguy.

        • just sticking up for myself so why dont you mind your own manners. when i make a comment and ridiculous is a response i reply. got anything to add about baseball roy snooze zzzzzzzz. you seem to be a blank

    • It worked! Lind knocked the starter out of the game. LOL

      (Hopefully Niemann isn’t injured.)

  7. Some guys can’t handle the pressure of hitting 4th, obviously Lind is one of them. Makes more sense to leave him down the order for awhile to build up his confidence. Oh well. I’ll be there tonight but I’ll keep my mouth shut if he flails.

  8. I like how Farrell decides he needs to see a minimum of 100 at-bats before deeming Lind terrible enough to be demoted from the cleanup spot he should have been nowhere near, BUT when it comes to a guy Lind has hit alright against in 26 at-bats, apparently he’s seen enough to convince him to move Lindsanity back up in the order.

    • Scratch that, 32 at-bats.

      • That is actually a huge sampling.

        You get less PA in a year against half the teams in your league, spread across multiple starters and relievers. 32 PA against one pitcher is a lot.

        And it is a fuck of a lot more relevant than other voodoo like night vs day games, stats against teams as a sum against all pitchers, etc.

    • That’s a very good point. Lind should stay in 8th for a while.

  9. Meh. All I know is Farrell’s ineptitude for managing a baseball team makes me need a 26oz bottle of hard liquor every night, and the team’s ineptitude for scoring any fucking runs against shit teams like the Twins makes me need to upgrade that liquor to 40oz.

    The team more times than not is excruciating to watch.

    • The best i’ve come up with is John Farrell as some kind of performance art piece. Talking circles around the media and generally sounding about ten times smarter than the usual MLB manager and then not being able understand what even the most cretinous of Blue Jays fans do, that Adam Lind sucks and at the very least, should not be batting fourth.

      • Very true. He sounds great when he speaks just like AA but let’s put some wins on the board.

        • Agreed. He’s very intelligent, and I’d never say otherwise, but how about utilizing some of that intelligence?

  10. Or maybe some hitters have a competitive advantage over some pitchers and beat up on them. SSS be damned

  11. Everyones freaking out… I don’t like lind, but the reality is that Bautista-Encarnacion-Thames VS LHP is not any better of a 3-4-5,

    KJ has been the jays best hitter so far. what about moving him 4th, Move Lawrie to leadoff, which for so many reasons at this point makes sense.

    Lawrie-Escobar-Bautista-Kj-EE-Lind -Rasmus-Arencibia-Lind-Thames

    it kind bunches up the leftys and rights a bit too much.. but who cares.

    • crap I batted Lind twice, god help us all

    • Totally agree. This team needs another bat and I think AA knows it. Hence, taking a flier on guerrero even though he very likely is over the hill and wont solve our lineup problems. Thames ideally should not be hitting higher than 8th. Same goes for arencibia. I wouldnt mind having escobar hit 9th since he is such a fucking rally killer with his ground balls. But he can get on base via walk before the lineup turns over which is useful unlike thames or arencibia. Lawrie should be hitting 1 st or 2nd and getting a lot of AB’s to gain experience.

      • Ehh. lawrie in the two-hole sounds alright. He doesn’t walk enough to be considered a lead-off guy.

  12. the real issue is why is our second best hitter batting 7th

  13. And if Lind goes 1-4 with a single tonight, he’ll probably stay there.

    That’s what scares me. How long will Lind have to suck to be dropped back to eighth again?

  14. If Farrell likes Lind so much against Niemann then make him the leadoff hitter.

    Also, good cuts on the road? Lind’s numbers on the roadtrip: .156/.229/.344/.572.

  15. 30 events is the baseline for being able to run a z-score accurately, so 32 plate appearances is definitely a legitimate-ish sample size to base a decision upon. Can’t fault Farrell too much on this one.

  16. this guy makes frasor look like speedy gonzales

  17. Our bats are dead.

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