Here’s something for your Monday morning that we– and by “we” I mean myself and resident GIFMaster @TheScottLewis– were intending on making a regular segment, crowdsourced via Facebook, over the course of the Jays weekend series’, beginning with the one with Minnesota that concluded yesterday, only… I kinda forgot to put up any mention of it on the DJF Facebook page. It’s the Most GIFfable Moment of the Weekend!

Fortunately for me, Brett Lawrie and Eric Thames teamed up during Saturday’s win, and made a play that would have unquestionably have won the poll… y’know, if we’d actually had one…

(The GIF is after the jump… obviously.)


So there it is, your Most GIFfable Moment of the Weekend. Keep your eyes peeled next weekend for all manner of ridiculousness during next weekend’s series against the Mets– and for an actual post on Facebook about it– and let us know what crazy thing you want to see again. If we decide to keep on humping this idea, we’ll make it happen.

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  1. I think i might have voted for the slow motion bug-to-the-eyeball of Kelly Johnson…epic camerawork

    • Please tell me there’s footage of the Johnson thing somewhere. I hadn’t heard about it till now.

      • I saw it live on the Jays broadcast yesterday on Sportsnet so I guess anyone with MLB TV could go back and find it?

  2. I think the Lawrie/Bautista dance moves would’ve won

  3. Lawrie doesn’t take his eye off the ball the entire way down… you just have to follow it into the glove (even if it isn’t yours)

  4. I thought Lawrie’s barehanded diving flip to home was better.

  5. Thames reaction on the ball looks exactly like Travis Snider’s would be if a steak slipped off the BBQ.

  6. Yesterday Getting Blanked posts the video highlight of Lawrie diving the ball to homeplate, URL Weaver featured Lawrie and Bautista dancing, and now this gif featuring Lawrie. What is the Score becoming, the Lawrie ball washing network? (sarcasm)

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