Game Threat: Jays vs. Rays

You know and I know that the Jays are playing the Rays tonight, and that this is the Game Threat for it. So… what more do you really need from me?

Answer: goddamn nothing.

Consider this your Game Threat.

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  1. absolute horseshit! I usually don’t care for Zaun but I’m glad he’s calling out the lazy, horseshit ump!

  2. This is why umps should have to answer … that was fucking bullshit! You could just see the umps wheels turning, “Fucking punk kid … I’ll show him with this next one”, even though its his fucking fault for taking his sweet ass time calling strike 2 … and then the immediate toss because he fucking knew Lawrie was going to flip out … justifiably so.

    I know umps aren’t perfect, but that was a shitty call, followed by a vindictive call … and he should be suspended for the same amount of games as Lawrie.

  3. Has anyone ever punched an ump in the face (since the John McGraw/Ty Cobb days obviously) and if so, what did he get for that? I’d have to think it would be worth it. This team isn’t winning anything this year anyway, so not having Lawrie for awhile won’t hurt them.

    • I’ll be honest, a big part of me wanted to see Brett knock that guy, and I thought he might even do it when he was pushing Farrell out of the way.

    • Thats funny, i was just reading about how Babe Ruth walked the first batter of the game and got thrown out arguing balls and strikes, charged at the ump swinging and had to be taken off the field by police. The next pitcher came on and retired the next 26 batters in a row for a almost, kind of perfect game.

  4. That was such fucking bullshit. On the brightside I loved the “bull shit” chant at the stadium. And throwing beer at someone is always a waste of beer but in this case it was beer well wasted.

  5. Stink, stank, stunk!

  6. Getting fed up here…the defense ain’t very good.Here comes Boston…5 in a row.Yankees coming to town.LOL Were fucked!!!!Hate to say it but were gonna be a last place team and very shortly!!!! Why the fuck isn’t Lawrie batting in a higher RBI opportunity part of the lineup?Give him a chance already.No one else is hitting.EE thats it!!! Move Bautista down in lineup.Move Escobar down! Fire Farrell while were at it. His heart is in Boston anyway!!!He woulda jumped ship if AA hadn’t of stepped in.In hind sight…he shoulda let him go.I had a trip planned to see them for 4 games this summer.I’m talking a 20 hr drive.LOL fuck that!!I’ll do something else.I dont think Rogers realizes how many fans are out there and how fed up we are!!!

    • Right now he’s a glorified singles hitter. Maybe he hits 2nd but the only part of the lineup that seems to be working is Johnson and Escobar at the top. If he showed more of the slugging like he did last year I’d put him higher. That said as long as Farrell continues to go L R L as much as possible that’s going to limit him too.

  7. at least lawrie had the balls to not take this shit, lind would have shrivelled up like a prune

  8. Lawrie better not be suspended for even one game. Miller should be the one suspended

  9. I know he’s getting suspended, but, could they at least look at the shittyness of the call that caused the outburst when they decide for how many. If he did that on a ball on the black then fine, he deserves what he gets, but how do you not lose your shit after those calls?

  10. and career-shitballer Rodney does an exaggerated Archer’s Pose after the 3rd out – FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  11. so does grandpa omar get the start at third or do they call up hech?

  12. Miller or w.e should be fired for blindness

  13. they should have a simple rule, you have to call it a strike within 1 second or else it’s a ball. no thinking time allowed

  14. That Ump can kiss my nasty, dark and dungeonous, wretchedly linty, and horrifically folical sphincter.

    Good on Lattimer and Farrell going ballistic. I actually wish Farrell dug deep into his own ass and offered Miller a delicious shit pie. Voila!!!!!

  15. Somebody better replenish that man’s beer…God’s work.

    • Too true, my man. Too true.

    • I will certainly buy him 16 beers when I see him.

      • Thought you were buying me 16 beers.
        We’re certainly gonna be hammered after all this.

        • Radar, your getting 19 beers, all tallboys. Cause your a heavyweight!!!!!!!!

          I’m starting Ballsdeep off on 0.5′s though,he’s gotta prove is mettle.

          • Grooobah. I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer 80 grade chilled ales.

            I missed the whole shitstorm tonight.

            Lawrie will get suspended which sucks but I think this moment might shake the team up.

            Next series against the Rays, I say that we throw some chin music at those fuckers. That Rodney bastard with his pointing in the sky bullshit was over the top.

  16. Some seriously bitter Jays fan added the following to Bill Miller’s wikipedia page:

    On May 15, 2012 Bill Miller intentionally called two balls as strikes against Toronto Bluejay Brett Lawrie.

    Love it.

  17. There needs to be a gif made of Miller’s reaction. He looked like such a diva. The helmet hit him and he looked so put off, like the waitress brought him a beer instead of the Shirley Temple he ordered.


      There it is. (Not mine, no credit)

      • lol wow Lawrie’s getting 5 games minimum for sure since he threw it in the direction of the ump

        That does not look good. Might even get more.

        What’s even worse is you might get EE at third or get stuck with Omar’s bat in the lineup now. Hope they call up Gomes.

      • I can read lips enough to see 3 “fucks” directed at Lawrie

    • Haha. It would be a sweet little GIF that would go viral. Bring it on computer Jays nerds!

      “Oh dear server Brett, but I asked for Shirley. How dare you!!!!”

      Brett Lawrie: “I’ll eat your fuckin liver with some fava beans and a nice glass of Redbull!!”

  18. That strike out call just stunk of “teach this kid a lesson for assuming a walk”

  19. i understand that Farrell is going L-R-L or vise versa. Problem is…it aint working.i understand the concept.why not try something different?Have they showed confidence inLawrie? after whaqt he did last year…shouldnt he get more opportunity?Others do and have done less

    • It would be far worse if he didn’t because unfortunately most of our lefties are brutal vs lefties and late in the game you’d be fucked with a lefty specialist. Maybe once they add Vlad to the roster they’ll have more flexibility.

  20. Anyone else think that the helmet bouncing into Miller with any kind of force was just a product of it being Brett Lawrie who threw it? He seemed like he was just intending to throw his helmet down as a response to the call and didn’t intend to hit Miller. Maybe i’ve got homer glasses on and need another replay though.

    • I’m pretty sure if he had intended to hit the ump, he could have gotten a bit more height on the throw. Just took an unfortunate (for Lawrie) bounce.

    • i agree that i dont think he was intending to hit the ump, but he still threw it in his direction, so it was his fault.

      Stupid move, but ya live and learn. If he gets a suspension you can bet next time he throws something on the ground he does it in such a way that it wont bounce towards anyone

    • That’s why I’m guessing 3 to 5.
      If he threw it at Miller intentionally it’d be a minimum 10 to 20.


      The intent will be important.Although he threw it at the ground,it was in the umpire’s direction.

    • He’s gonna catch big trouble because it was in the direction of the ump if he had slammed it down behind him and it happened to bounce forward then that would have mitigated some of the sting.

  21. had lawrie’s bucket kicked the other direction, no suspension. horseshit strike calls but i can’t say i didn’t see both coming.

    • Yeah this. I didn’t see the play live but caught Zaun saying that Lawrie would get multiple games for the play. I guess I expected it to be more direct and less incidental.

  22. 13 > 14

  23. OK LAWRIE DEADPOOL time. How many games you think Lawrie’s getting?

    I’m saying 10

  24. This? Total complete epic shit show. Game looked bad on everyone. And our bunch of incompetents are gonna be competing for a playoff spot in the near future? Don’t make me laugh. This isn’t Hustle and Heart. This is the blind leading the blind.

  25. He is going to get 10 games because MLB is against Toronto.
    But, this might be the wake-up the Jays need. Call up Cooper, move EE to 3rd.
    Either Jays wake up or put a fork in them after this….

  26. The only silver lining I see in this mess is that it fires some of the other fucktards up. No more multiple error games every night. A little more aggressive at the plate. Anything but this mediocrity.

    • Good luck with that. This team has been mediocre for years and years. You know who isn’t mediocre? Balto. They’re winning every game they play. And the Jays? Guess what. We’re fourth. Again.

      • Okay I know you’re mad and irrational and all that right now, but how does Baltimore’s shittiness for a decade and a half get wiped out by a decent month and a half? And if a month and a half actually means something, then remember a couple years back the Jays had the best record in baseball at this time of year. So if “Balto” isn’t mediocre now, then it’s simply incorrect to say that the Jays have been mediocre for years and years.

      • I don’t care if it’s reflected in the record this year. I for one was under no illusions that this was a .500 to 85-86 win team. That said, if they’re doing things properly and still losing fine, I can live with that. However, all these fucking errors and watching first pitch juicy fastballs just pisses me off.

        • It pisses me off too, but idiots saying that Baltimore is good, and the “Jays are in fourth” “again” even though the whole division is separated by just a few games and it’s May is…well I don’t want to call it silly, or dumb, or irrational, or moronic, or idiotic, or ridiculous, or laughable, or anything like that, but it’s certainly something.

          • the difference is that baltimore hired a new gm who turned it around in 1 year and they have a well respected coach as manager.

            alex has had 3 offseasons and done little to improve the club and we have a bozo for a manager.

          • You’re right. But right now I’m just not all that rational. Its not like this was just one bad game. They find really ingenious ways to lose.

  27. given the bias against the jays he probably gets suspended for the rest of the season

  28. This is what got Yadier Molina 5 games – hard to compare, Lawrie was not as crazy after the helmet throw, and Molina really seemed much more aggressive, but the helmet throw seems dangerous – 8 games is my pool number

  29. Here is Torey Lovullo umpire confrontation while he was manager in Buffalo

  30. and, I hope Lawrie challenges any suspension and takes it to a hearing – fuck Bill Miller

  31. and the gif makes it clear that the helmet was thrown on the ground about 12 to 18 inches from Miller’s feet

  32. why does every former blue jay fuck us up the ass. molina is going to haunt us for eternity with his framing

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