Game Threat: Jays vs. Rays

You know and I know that the Jays are playing the Rays tonight, and that this is the Game Threat for it. So… what more do you really need from me?

Answer: goddamn nothing.

Consider this your Game Threat.

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  2. Stoeten, your new “Editor” photo looks more Randy Savagesque than your previous one. Let’s keep moving in that direction.

  3. Vegas has the Jays in slight favourites in this one, despite it being Alvarez vs. Price.

    Sounds like a good enough reason to be optimistic to me.

  4. On Sunday, I went 2 for 2. I hit a sac fly and two singles but I HAD 4 RBI! It’s an absolute garbage stat.

    Talk about luck, but I didn’t score a damn run because the three hitters behind me went 0 fer 9.

    First place bitchez!

  5. Jeez Stoeten.
    Not much of a preamble.
    I look forward to the preamble.
    Guess it’s better than no preamble.

  6. lyle overbay is the posterchild of why rbi’s are the most important stat. if you can’t drive in runs you ARE a shitty hitter. case closed.

  7. so the question today is not whether we will win, it’s not whether we will score, it’s whether this sad sack lineup will even get a hit off of price. price is licking his chops at the site of mathis, rajai and bff.

  8. Ben Francisco will save us.

  9. bff has ZERO rbi’s yet mcfarrell puts him in one of the highest leverage spots. good one.

    I would hazard a guess that the jays are the only team to have a 5 hole hitter with no rbi’s

  10. late scratch, lind is batting cleanup

  11. anyone notice that we’ve had 3 francisco’s in 2 years and they all sucked?

  12. It can’t get any worse. That one inning last night was the worst inning of baseball I’ve ever seen from this team.

  13. francisco and my 92 year old grandma have the same number of rbi’s, but it doesn’ t really tell you anything

  14. EDWIN!

  15. Alvarez, just for a moment, thought he was Lawrie.

  16. That’s the kind of idiot play that warrants a benching. Sit him down.

  17. Good thing there was no drooling, foul-ball loving moron to interfere with EE on that catch – give those rows a free drink Rogers.

  18. Now that was a terrible strike worth pitching a Jose fit over.

  19. Jose Molina strikes again (Hey-o!!!!!)

  20. You have to be fucking shitting me with the zone this asshole is calling. An extra foot high and an extra foot outside.

  21. man these calls are getting ridiculous.

  22. Drink

  23. I feel like my role on the team is being diminished.

  24. Edwin had to remind us he is still Edwin in the field.

  25. Francisco sucks out loud. Why is this guy on the team?

  26. i thought francisco was a decent pickup at the time

  27. Scioscia just had a deja vu experience.

  28. Well thats a run if Thames is out there

    • I like JP but I’m not sure he would have had it either. He seems to have trouble with balls that bounce before the plate.

    • I’ll have to see Rajai duplicate that before I’ll start to believe in his arm.

  29. This just in: Jose Bautista is a horrible outfielder. Please move him to 1B or DH immediately. Thank you.

  30. holy shit! rajai davis just made a half-decent play!

    • Yeah, I’d become so used to him rolling the ball in underhand, that throw was quite a surprise.

  31. Oh ya….that what a strike to home plate by the LF looks like. Almost forgot.

  32. It’s all Davis all the time.

  33. Hey! What the hell is this rash on my arm? It’s getting very itchy.

  34. Tampa Bay Errorays, amirite?

  35. Also: fuck this strike zone.

  36. Davis yet again.

  37. EE likes home. Home likes EE.


  39. Edwin was due

    • The team is playing its 37th game and Edwin now has 12 homers. That actually prorates out to 50+ for the season. I’m just sayin’.

  40. I guess you could say Edwin cleaned-up..

  41. Farrell will celebrate EE’s homer by penciling LInd into the cleanup spot for tomorrow.

  42. Don’t worry guys. Playing the Rays. Things will get fucked up. Before you know it Maddon will be sending in their bat boy to pinch hit and he’ll hit a bases clearing infield double or something.

  43. Why do Buck’n'tabby insist on calling BFF a veteran and Lind a kid who’s down on his luck? Ben’s debut was in 2007. Lind? 2006. They put Edwin somewhere in the middle, and his debut was in 2005. I really should start syncing my radio up with the broadcast.

  44. Whoa!?!?!? A strikeout? Imposssible. Who is this dude on the mound that looks alot like Alverez

  45. I know Alvarez is gonna ahve to strike more guys out at some point… but…

  46. Lawrie thought he was Alvarez.

  47. I really thought Lawrie’s misplay there would cost us 6 more unearned runs.

  48. I feel like the shift would be more effective if Lawrie played a little shallower. Not sure why they have him all the way out there in right. Makes it very difficult to field a grounder and get a throw off in time.

  49. That girl’s ass was not good enough that we needed to watch it for 15 seconds.

  50. fuckin game isnt on the regular channel. fuck fuck fuck. i would like to know how much AA interferes with farrell. the ole EE in 4th said by farrell and then not there for a spell stinks of AA trying to trade lind aand then it was so bad farrell told AA to flock off or something.if not the case then farrell might be prone to major fucking brain cramps

  51. i am a boneless chicken breast

  52. Did that gun just say 96 mph? Had to be a glitch

  53. And thats the only problem with this pitch to contact Alvarez plays. The odd flare that finds a hole

  54. “And thats the only problem with this pitch to contact Alvarez plays. The odd flare that finds a hole”
    “Deeper would allow slightly better angles on sharply hit balls ”

    Is it me or is the sex deeply rooted in the baseball brains

  55. It’s almost like cheating, isn’t it?

  56. Edwin is not a bad first basemen…he has good hands and feet but he cant throw accurately at all!

  57. Farrell is going to fry this starting rotation by july

  58. Alvarez is the master of efficiency.

  59. wow Price is throwing sliders in the 90′s

  60. Lawries shit eating grin to Price was…er….priceless!?

  61. Bullpen please

  62. I Just don’t understand when people diss Alvarez stuff…he has only 1 Fly-ball compared to 13 ground outs in 6 innings…so what if he lets a HR here and there.

  63. Jose Molina is a Turncoat!

  64. And herrrrrrre we go…. *hope not*

  65. Rhymes is killin us

  66. okay, which MLB team has a deal with the devil ???????

  67. *face palm*

  68. OK – I came back against my better judgement but I can’t take it anymore. I’m out for the year!

  69. Rajai giveth , and he taketh away.

  70. And here I was thinking this game was going pretty well.

  71. all is silent, here it comes stealth like …within 14 days. a major bat

  72. It’s looking a tad grim, no?

  73. Man whenever I come homegrown work and turn the game on, the wheels come off

  74. Pathetic attempt at baseball

  75. This team isn’t capable of getting flat out beat from start to finish. We just consistently find an agonizing way to lose.

  76. We’re currently at seven runs and six errors. Any guesses which finishes on top?

  77. Miserable defence aside, this team is really one of the worst offensive teams in the league. They have turned out to be the opposite of what AA must have thought he was building.

    They’re a bunch of hackers. Plain and simple.

    • So they have gone from leading the majors in HR’s in 2010 to a bunch of hackers?

      • They were hackers then too. Look at the OBP, it’s pathetic.

        All I read all winter was how they were going to take the next step and work opposing staffs like a real team should. And look, it’s the same pathetic ‘B’ league bullshit.

        I know The Sun headline this morning was, well, Sunnish, but I think they were right on, even if by accident.

    • They seem to lack intention. It’s not so much that they fail, but rather that they don’t have a game plan to follow. They just seem to flail away.

    • Actually they’re almost exactly average for the AL.

  78. Wow what a giant bunch of fail. Including tonight that’s 18 fucking errors this month alone. Bloody awful. Again like I said the other day they need to fuck the swagger and get their heads in the game.

    Oh well .500 with upside. Just have to hope the upside shows up this season at some point.

  79. They can still come back tonight. If they take both from the Yankees, they’re still in pretty good shape.

  80. shockingly bff has 0 rbi’s. who knew?

  81. omar died 3 weeks ago. but alex won’t waive him cuz he doesn’t want to start hech’s clock

  82. boston won so jays 1 game out of last

  83. can rasmus be sent down? fuck I’d rather see what gose can do

  84. How can the Rays do dumb things like this and not get burned?

  85. Am i the only one sick of Thames staring back at the pitcher with a look that says “i’ll get you next time” every time he strikes out? You won’t get him next time dude, cause you suck

  86. holy shit, that pitch wasn’t even close


    Those pitches weren’t close

  88. Farrell just grew a pair, albeit belatedly.

  89. Lawrie might get a game for that.

  90. Seriously bullshit. TWO bullshit calls and LAWRIE is the one who probably will get suspended a game?

    Fuck Molina’s pitch framing. Are umpires that focused on the fucking glove as opposed to their fucking job of LOOKING WHERE THE BALL WAS WHEN IT CROSSED THE FUCKING PLATE.


  91. Lawrie’s getting 20 games for that

  92. Yeah that’s about a typical Rays series. What fun.

  93. Only time I’ve ever wished Farrell would have sat back. Lawrie would have kicked the shit out of that ump, and he would have deserved it.

    • Come on, he’s gonna get fucked for what he already did, you want Lawrie gone for the year? Farrell did good.

  94. Apparently fans are throwing beer and hitting the umpire. Yes. Fuck you Miller.

    • he is a nigger lover

      • Hold your breath. Don’t stop. (Ever)

      • That’s disgusting. Way over the line.

        Stoeten or someone has to get rid of this. It looks bad on everyone here.

        Same with the F*g stuff going on.

        • And so it’s clear, I’m referring to the first reply to Beachjay.

        • the attraction to the site is the freedom to express foul or profane language. i loved it when i saw the leader use it. it goes with sports. as for racism i believe there are laws governing hate and if its afoul of the law file a complaint. nowadays most people see trolls and ignore trolls.they will go away if ignored.their reward is an angry response to acknowledge their existence. weird

      • I hope you get banned for that comment you piece of shit

      • This type of ignorant shit makes you miss the JB debates. Really.

    • It looks like they pointed at a fan who was holding a can of beer and that fan was livid at them accusing him.

  95. Shitty umps, shitty play, every break going against us and I’m forced to watch the crappy Rays telecast…. This game sucked!

  96. Gotta be 5-10 games. What did Delmon Young get for throwing the bat? It’s going to be a reduced version of that.

  97. That last pitch was at Lawrie’s chest. Un-fucking-believable.

  98. i need to find that umpire’s name

    biggest faggot fucker i have ever seen

  99. Perfect night of fail. Hopefully Lawrie’s freak out gets some of the Jays players heads out of their asses.

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