Brett Lawrie plays baseball with passion. Sometimes that passion is good. Sometimes it’s bad. Incredibly bad.

The Toronto Blue Jays third baseman came up to bat in the ninth inning with his team down a run to the Tampa Bay Rays. He took two straight balls before fouling one off and then taking a third ball. With the count at 3-1, Lawrie again took the fifth pitch of the at bat and began walking to first base when the umpire called it strike two.

As we can see below, it was a bad call.

The bad call was followed by a questionable strike three call, that in all honesty, was close enough to probably warrant a swing given the conditions surrounding the at bat. After getting rung up, Lawrie slipped into a Red Bull rage, threw his helmet to the ground like a spoiled child and hollered at the home plate umpire in an aggressive manner. Considering that his helmet bounced up and hit Miller, it’s quite likely that he will be suspended. And deservedly so.

Adding embarrassment to shame was the moron who threw a beer at the home plate umpire following the game. We can only hope that he’s dealt with appropriately.

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  1. Anyone who is familiar with Pitch f/x knows that the strikezone that umpires call is rounded and not the rule book square we see overlaying the graphic. The strikezone widens in the middle and corners get rounded out. When you think about it, the pitch is much, much further out of the CALLED strikezone.

    That pitch could be half a foot out of the called strikezone, and that’s why fans know by their eyes that it’s a ridiculous call.

    • Yeah, but the rounded strike zone does peek out of the top and bottom of the square zone. The rationale is basically what a batter can swing without leaving his regular swing path.

  2. With how audible the “bullshit” chant on the telecast was, I’m just surprised that only one beer made its way onto the field.

    Also, not to pull the “played the game” card, but this type of nonsense from umpires goes on in baseball at every level. It’s ugly, petty, and unacceptable, but it’s par for the course for baseball that isn’t played in front of an audience of millions. I understand Lawrie’s frustration, I don’t condone his behaviour, but there’s no conceivable fucking way that this hasn’t happened to him before (especially since his enthusiasm can easily be mistaken for douchiness, or vice versa). Say your piece, get tossed, but there’s no need to go after and ump like that. I have no time for umps who want to make it about themselves, but it’s not like they don’t exist in the big leagues.

    • Good comment, fair points all around.

    • As a former umpire myself (stopped doing it last year), I’ll say that I really have no problem with a player saying his piece about the call, be it about a play at home or on the bases. It’s a pretty fucking tough job, and people are gonna fuck up, but the people that fuck up have to own it. That was one of the main lessons they drilled into me, stand behind your call even if you know you shit the bed.

      • Definitely. Umping is a tough job, I lasted less than 3 seasons at it. I think Lawrie pretty much had to get tossed there, if for no other reason that to draw attention to the shittiness of the call. He could have done it in a, let’s say, less suspendable way, though.

  3. you are all wonderfully intelligent people and you should all be proud of the great insight you’ve contributed to the discussion this fine evening.

  4. I think Lawrie and the fans have reason to be angry. The Jays are beginning their early/mid season slide out of contention and games like this really matter. It was a huge mistake by the ump that could’ve ended up costing the team quite a bit. Even though Rasmus might’ve hit into a weak double play to end the game right after, it was total bullshit and this blog has gone a little soft. It’s almost as if some already feel the Jays are entirely out of it and there’s not much reason to give a shit about wretched umpires missing important calls in divisional games.

  5. I fully expect horrible calls like that to be made by umps like CB Bucknor or Joe West, but perhaps we have a new contender for “Worst Umpire”? Or not, CB and Country Joe are still infinitely worse. I’m still more upset with the Jays’ errors costing the team both games of the series than Lawrie’s temper tantrum. It was a bad call, it’s “part of the game” and throwing equipment around won’t change anything (ask Delmon Young or Zambrano). So until there are holographic strikezones players will just have to accept that from time to time they’ll get screwed by a horrid call.

  6. How can you not love this rage? This is what the Jays need. Face of the franchise. Passion without the bitch-factor that is Bautista.

    • So you like Lawrie bitching at the umpires but not Bautista doing the same thing in a less suspendable way?

      Bit of a double standard, no?

      • I think I know what he means. Lawrie’s fit was pure rage and all man. Bautista often looks like a little girl the way he reacts to the umps.
        Just sayin…

        • You get it.

          Lawrie doesn’t routinely call out umpires and do all the man-boy body flexing that Bautista does at every fucking at-bat. It’s brutal to watch. Lawrie plays the game hard, he’s into it, and at a pivotal point in the game to have a call at the level of atrociousness that this was, it’s completely justified.

          I really thought he was going to pull a Kano and rip out the umpire’s heart for all those at the convertible.

  7. I think Parkes is taking way too much abuse for offering his opinion as someone who isn’t a little blinded by the colour of Lawrie’s jersey.

    However, I think calling him a “spoiled child” is more than a little excessively harsh. Lawrie is very young, and a passionate player. This was a high leverage situation, and I’m sure Lawrie felt he was being jobbed over “showing up the ump” (and I think we’ve seen enough to Lawrie to know that isn’t his style). He was upset, and he took it out by throwing his helmet at the ground. I’m sure it was purely bad luck that it hit the ump. I’m sure if you ask him tomorrow he’ll say it was stupid to throw the helmet, but he was caught up in the moment.

    I have a hard time believing, Parkes, that you were never in a situation in your early twenties in which your emotions got the best of you. We’ve all been there. Lawrie wasn’t acting like a “spoiled child” as much as a typical 23 year old male. His reaction might not have been smart, but I have a hard time condemning him for that.

    • Was George Brett a “spoiled child” when he charged out of the dug out to confront Tim McClellan?

      You cant play baseball the way Lawrie does and then expect him to not occassionally lose his shit when an ump makes a series of bad calls…on purpose…against him.

      you take away his edge if you tell him to dial it down.

      it is unfortunate that he threw his helmet, but as far as the emotion he showed….I loved it and would rather have someone do that (especially when the game is pretty much over and getting thrown out doesnt hurt anything) than put your tail between your legs and waddle away with the “get em next time” attitude from guys like lind and rasmus

    • Was George Brett a “spoiled child” when he charged out of the dug out to confront Tim McClellan?

      You cant play baseball the way Lawrie does and then expect him to not occassionally lose his shit when an ump makes a series of bad calls…on purpose…against him.

      you take away his edge if you tell him to dial it down.

      it is unfortunate that he threw his helmet, but as far as the emotion he showed….I loved it and would rather have someone do that (especially when the game is pretty much over and getting thrown out doesnt hurt anything) than put your tail between your legs and waddle away with the “get em next time” attitude from guys like lind and rasmus

    • Was George Brett a “spoiled child” when he charged out of the dug out to confront Tim McClellan?

      You cant play baseball the way Lawrie does and then expect him to not occassionally lose his shit when an ump makes a series of bad calls…on purpose…against him.

      you take away his edge if you tell him to dial it down.

      it is unfortunate that he threw his helmet, but as far as the emotion he showed….I loved it and would rather have someone do that (especially when the game is pretty much over and getting thrown out doesnt hurt anything) than put your tail between your legs and waddle away with the “get em next time” attitude from guys like lind and rasmus

  8. I didn’t watch this game, but honestly, although Lawrie sometimes makes some questionable decisions, he’s a fucking gamer and you can tell he actually cares. I love it. It’s awesome and it’s firing up the fanbase. He pumps up the whole team.

    Fuck that ump. The beer throwing was epic. To the fan who threw that: if you read this, keep up the good work. The Jays have been getting jobbed this year.

  9. I am sick of these sticking umps/refs…they are brutal…the Ump should get suspended for incompetence

  10. I’m not reading through this entire post, but I just had to share.

    Lawrie’s reaction to the call is like an unwanted pregnancy. Sure it was exciting and passionate at first, but months down the line you will wish you didn’t take it to that level.

  11. really time to shake this fucking lineup up. why do we need all these relievers. send crawford down, waive bff, send down thames, call up snider, gomes and sierra. at least give yourself some fucking options on the bench. this bench is a joke.

  12. I don’t see what was wrong with what he did..good for him…thats a bullshit call in the 9th and down a run….real bullshit. And no he didn’t throw the helmet AT him….it just happened to hit him. Man up. if you are gonna make a bullshit call get ready to get some shit said or thrown at u. theres no possible way he actually thought those were strikes lol

  13. Seriously bad for Lawrie.. but this is a good time to get this out of his system..and I cant say as I blame him.. that strike 3 call was a bullshit call plain and simple.

  14. Seriously bad for Lawrie.. but this is a good time to get this out of his system..and I cant say as I blame him.. that strike 3 call was a bullshit call plain and simple.

  15. Seriously bad for Lawrie.. but this is a good time to get this out of his system..and I cant say as I blame him.. that strike 3 call was a bullshit call plain and simple.

  16. Well you know, for a while I’ve been saying that young Brent Lawry should get a bit more seasoning in the minors. When I’m managing again, if this kinda event occurs, after his 20 game suspension I’ll keep him another 3-4 weeks in the minors to curb his enthusiasm a little. That will give some real pros like Vizquel and Francisco some quality time to work on their swings. Ya, I really like the looks of Lind, Bautista, Vizquel and Francisco staring down a picher! That kinda batting order can put some real fear in an opposing team. See you all real soon.

  17. Hitler also wasn’t always right Mr. Miller.

  18. This post was written sensibly and didn’t insult Jays fans for being “maple-sucking morons” even once. I was getting concerned until I realized it was Parkes and not Stoeten who wrote it.

  19. still a very immature team by not keeping emotions in check and showing up the ump. a work in progress. too many holes in lineup. only 3 players short. Bell, Barfield and Moseby.

  20. Anybody know if Lawrie is staying in the hotel at the dome? I hear there are things that go on in there that contribute to such behavior. (DUCKS!)

  21. I said it earlier in a reply and I want to say it as my own post:

    if you watch the rays telecast they have the pitch well above the box (vs the chart above). also, like a few have noted, anything up at the top of the box is generally (always) called a ball. these pitches were not close. further, and more importantly, umps have been screwing jays for years and it seems especially bad this year. i’ve watched just about every game for the past 5 years and it is unbelievable how many bad calls i see go against the jays (esp. on first pitches).
    i am surprised bautista has not gone off yet. he is getting royally-ed at least once a game. some are being pissy against bautista, but really, watch the games, he’s been spot on about 95% of the time…it is unreal how often he gets screwed. what is supposed to do? just accept it? game after game he gets fuked and everyone expects him to just say “ah fuck it..there is always next time”…

    sure, you can dismiss all this with comments like, “every team gets bad calls” but in my opinion, no, teams do not get anywhere near the volume of bad calls that the jays get.

    (watch the games…watch visiting broadcasts…pay attention to first picthes…)

  22. In a way, it was a thing of beauty. It’ll cost Lawrie, for sure, but maybe the team’ll rally from it all. That part wouldn’t hurt; other parts might but … fuck it. The ump’s an asshole and there’s way too much of that shit that goes on. While the whole baseball world watches the replay of it and condemns – as many will – Lawrie’s fuuurious anger, many will quietly nod their heads and be glad that the ump is getting centered out with his bush-league calls … especially that second-to-last ‘strike’ that so clearly was (bush-league).

    • Watching the replay of the last called-strike again, it looks VERY much like it’s more out and up than what that chart thing I see everywhere shows. Whoever does that chart should look at that last pitch again and correct it if need be.

  23. And … why is it that JF couldn’t see that Alvarez was losing effectiveness a couple batters into the seventh? I sure could and I don’t know shit. DO we have a bullpen or not? I don’t get it. We didn’t have to lose that game.

    • Absolutely!! Everybody in Christendom, except Farrel, could see that Alvarez was running out of gas starting with Rhymes in the 7th. We shouldn’t be running a training program where every pitcher has to get to 100 pitches before he is allowed to come out. The objective is to win. Certainly Escobar’s lackadaisical bobble delivered the death blow, but if Farrel is managing for the wins that might come next year, then “we got trouble”.

  24. I don’t agree with the plotting of the pitches in this article. I watched the Tampa telecast (only one available last night) and their pitch blotter had the 3-1 pitch about a foot outside and the 3-2 pitch about 6 inches high and about 8 inches outside.
    One of their announcers even said the two calls were bad. And the other said you knew the ump was going to call the 3-2 pitch a strike no matter where it was thrown.

    • It doesn’t matter if you agree or not; PitchFX is almost always more accurate than FoxTrax because it takes into account normalized strike zones.

      • Even if it was barely high per the PitchFX data, that means in terms of how games are actually called (since the high strike is pretty much not called, even by this ump) it WAS not really close. PitchFX is giving you the strike zone by rule, not strike zone as it is actually called by major league umps.

        • Not my point; my point was simply that no one should trust FoxTrax over PitchFX.

          Further to your point, though, Brooks does do FastMaps as well, which define a normalized strike zone. Basically, you can look at how the umpires called the game throughout. If you look at those for this game, you see that there were 4 other pitches around that part of the strike zone to RHBs. Two were a bit higher than strike three to Lawrie and were called balls. One was in about the same spot on the other side of the strike zone and called a strike. I don’t want to infer too much from 4 pitches to RHB, but that data doesn’t really support the assertion that that pitch is never called a strike, even though I agree that it wasn’t a strike.

  25. Computers calling the strike zone make it happen.

  26. Umpires are like cops. Power pigs. can’t stand either. I would’ve thrown a keg at him & then I would’ve hit the ump AND the cop. 2 birds with one keg.

  27. Blair is going apeshit with Wilner on the Fan590 over the whole shitstorm from last night.

  28. Remember how bad the call was in Armando Galarraga’s perfect game! Jim Joyce came out after the game and stated he blew the call. But in the end Galarraga was a class act and Lawrie was a douche bag.

  29. Good for Lawrie. Sadly, this is the major highlight of the season so far. This team has been tedious to watch at best and wince-inducing at worst.

  30. You know Parkes is getting drenched the next time he’s at opera bobs. Who’s with me?
    Speaking of spoiled children…

    • Im not wasting my beer on him. He’s just going to get a proverbial “FUCK OFF PARKES!!!!!”

  31. In any case, all this childish shit with the umps needs to be stopped and fast. Bautista I’m looking right at you. The umps have all the power in this situation and we know they hold grudges. So there is no point whatsoever in antagonizing them unnecessarily. The Jays need to get the calls and win the games. Looking daggers at the guy behind home plate/going for a protracted little walk around the batters box/throwing your helmet in the umps general direction, all this might make a player feel a bit better for like a second and a half. But the ump makes the calls and he is gonna make the player and possible the team pay for the little show-up fest. The sooner this bunch realize that, the better in my opinion.

  32. Please dont let Parkes write here anymore Andrew.
    Ever since u moved the blog to the score he has been popping up wayyy too often.
    Let him keep his little getting blanked blog and leave the Jays writing to a real fan.
    wtf is the point of writing the same thing twice anyways? let him give his opinons over there and then u can give the correct opinions here.

  33. I think there’s a big difference in the wording, and ultimately the interpretation of what Lawrie did and it will affect his suspension significantly. Some outlets (mostly in Toronto) are saying Lawrie threw his helmet at the ground and it ricocheted up and hit the umpire. Others (mostly in the States) are just saying he threw his helmet at the ump. If you threw your helmet towards the ground and it happened to bounce up and catch the ump then maximum 5 games. If you knew what you were doing and intentionally threw towards an ump, regardless of whether it hit him on the fly, then that is easily 20 games.

    I’m not sure there is too much middle ground here. Either you threw it against the ground and had no intention of it hitting the guy whatsoever or you threw it right at him hoping to hit him. If MLB takes the first interpretation than I can easily see a 3-5 game suspension. If they take the latter interpretation then watch out.

    Looking at the replays, the side angle that is contained in this post actually looks very much like he threw it straight down and it unfortunately caromed the wrong way. The head-on angle looks like he threw it directly at him. I am definitely not as dismissive as some have suggested that this will just be a small suspension. I would not be entirely shocked it this was a 20+ gamer. You simply can not throw your helmet at an ump. Those things are pretty damn solid and although its not as bad as a bat its still pretty bad.

    I really hope that this is the low point of the story but I’m afraid that it could get much worse once we find out if it is indeed a lengthy suspension.

    • If you go to sports . yahoo . com, and scroll to the bottom of the page, they give links and thumbnail images to three articles. One of them is about the Lawrie incident, and the headline (and I’m assuming the original title of the article) says “Player Hits Ump in the Head With Helmet.”


      The whole article reads like someone who didn’t even watch it, but ran to his computer to make sure he got the story out quickly, but that’s how she goes with New Media.

  34. One thing I notice that no one is commenting on. Although you are not supposed to argue with an ump, if you notice thew full at bat, just before Lawrie throws his helmet, the umpire throws him out of the game for arguing the calls. If anything we have to wonder if he did not throw him out after some very questionable calls would Lawrie still have thrown the helmet?

  35. That call was bullshit. Unfortunately it was preceded by another unfathomably bullshit call.

    It was also a HUGE mistake for Lawrie to do what he did afterward. I’m not sure he acted like a “spoiled child” so much as a raging bull.. but it doesn’t change the fact that he deserves to be suspended and will be. He definitely cannot do what he did – regardless of his intention was to hit the Ump. You’re responsible for the consequences of your actions. I’m sure he’ll pay the price – even though I can TOTALLY understand why he was so angry.

    I also think the amount of BS pointed towards Steoten and Parkes because fans are all butt hurt that we lost a game is ridiculous. I for one read just about every post on both DJF and Getting Blanked. Having arguments about baseball is awesome. I don’t understand why it needs to get shitty and personal because Parkes saw it a little differently than the rest.

    Finally – I can only think back to that fucking shit bag of a 7th inning. Alvarez was having a solid outing and the defense once again shit the bed. THAT was where the Jays lost the game – and although it would have helped to have Lawrie standing where he rightfully deserved to be: on first base, the Jays have only themselves and the errors/passballs in that inning. They had Price working real hard early in the game and couldn’t cash. That was the story.

    • It’s not about fans being butthurt about a loss. It’s about a writer who either (a) is trolling, or (b) fundamentally does not understand the audience for the site on which he is writing.

      Parkes does some admittedly fantastic writing on GB (which caters to a wider audience) when he’s breaking something down or presenting an interesting or unique hypothesis with data that cannot easily be compiled or found elsewhere. Parkes misses the mark when he writes on DJF (which caters to Drunk Jays Fans, not Ambivalent Jays Impartial Observers) by taking a holier-than-thou attitude and belittling the character of a player of the team that we are Drunk Jays Fans of. The former is good, the latter is trolling.

      • I think people are being overly literal in referencing the name of this particular blog – while losing sight of the fact that it is just a blog. I also disagree with Parkes’ assertion that this was childish.. I don’t need to type in all CAPS or flip my wig about it though.

        Nobody needs to read what was written. He started the blog and can write whatever he wants. I’m free to disagree with him too – but somewhere along the way it became about people using their emotional reaction to an admittedly charged incident and directing all of their negative reaction towards someone who had nothing to do with it.

  36. I bet Parkes would have posted something making fun of the umpire and defending the player if this had happened to a SF Giant. it’s funny how Parkes all of a sudden became HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE Giant’s fan the year after they won the WS…

  37. The thing about this, as well, notice how he takes the initial horrendous call with total class. Doesn’t bitch, just gets back to the plate.

    Fuck Kano, he should have busted out the F D F High Punch with Sub-Zero and take the head and the spine at the same time.

  38. the correctanswer is robot umpires.

    and lasers…lots of lasers.

  39. Why hasn’t anybody commented on how Escobar hot-dogging the double play ball cost us the game? Last year he was my favorite player, this season…not so much. To me it looked like he was attempting a slick glove to hand transfer and fucked it.

  40. it’s funny how much effort you baseball trekkies are going to in order to make fun of spock. Did you really expect different. and do you realize that your comments are generating pageviews fpr the corporation that you blame for toning down the “fandom” in the blog….
    it’s ok to be an irrational fan… i threw stuff around the room when that happened last night, and cried in 1993 when gretzky did not get called for “the slash” in the playoffs. of course I was ten at the time. I’m not anymore, so I can look back on last night and say the ump blew the call, Canadian Jesus overreacted in a very immature and dangerous way (imagine the helmet bounces back, concusses him and ends his career”? what would you people be saying then?), Parkes maybe should have held his comments for the URL Weaver post this morning and just posted the GIFs without comment (knowing the mouthbreathing hatred that would ensue), and you folks need a little perspective in life.

    go hug a puppy or something. find a furry wall. i dunno. but get help quick, the season has another 4 months to go.

    • Balls to this attitude.

    • fan = fanatic.

      No, that doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot, but it should grant a grace period immediately following the incident. Rationale analysis can sometimes be put off for later. Otherwise, you’re arguing that no one should cheer for a walk off homerun if it doesn’t improve playoff chances. Two sides to the same coin.

      Lighten up dude, it’s good for you.

    • Ya a plastic helmet concusses a player and ends his career. WTF?
      Lawrie isnt a pussy like half the pro athletes nowadays. It would take a hell of alot more than a plastic helmet to knock him out of the game.

  41. seriously though, in this age of sophisticated technology (where instant replay is now employed across all the major sports) why can we not use an exact, computerized strike zone to have the game played on a level basis? .Not to mention, laser measuring surrounding the playing field. All the FanGraphs/VORP/Bill James-types would embrace this concept, no?!?!

    in my opinion, this is the argument here.

    umpires = dinosaurs

    • I never want to see a robotic umpire measuring balls/strikes. The league does, however, need to allow for challenges for steals/missed tags/plays at the plate, etc. Give each team up to two challenges per game, providing the first challenge proves to be correct/turned around. Honestly, with technology it would take mere seconds to reverse a call, and they do it in football and hockey, so why the fuck not in baseball.

      Anyway, the human element to the strike zone, varying from umpire to umpire, is great. It’s just when they have petty fucking vindictive calls like last night that it brings the whole institution under scrutiny. Apparently, the umpires do get disciplined behind closed doors, but I’m not buying that. It seems like and old boys club and that they are thick as thieves.

  42. i liked the call. makes sense that the umps are showing bautista and lawrie that they can’t whinge and flip bats and helmets whenever they don’t get calls. the jays seem like a bunch of whiners this year. much like this blog and its commenters.

    the truth is, as the knowledgeable among us recognized coming out of the off-season, that AA did nothing to improve this team at the MLB level. Sure there was a ton of bluster, but nothing of substance.

    but it is cute how upset everyone gets.

    • :pompous: :sophisticated: :fraud:

    • *yawn*

      • Yeah he’s a troll but he’s right that the Jays are whining more and hitting less. The more they whine the less they’ll get the calls and the umps will continue to be unfriendly. This year’s Jays need to keep their heads down. They’ve already done themselves a bunch of damage with all this shit.

        • Well it’s hard to argue that considering the kind of calls they have (haven’t) been getting recently. In particular, the whining at borderline calls is getting tiresome but I have no problem with them standing up for themselves when they get blatantly screwed. I just wish that helmet bounced passed the ump.

  43. Why do we still even have these incidents in 2012? Do we not have enough confidence in Pitch F/X by now to just automate the strike calling process and get rid of the umps entirely?

    And don’t talk to me about your ridiculous romance with the subjective side of the game…it’s just silly.

    • Again, love it! For real. Put these fat old guys to rest. Way too much infuence on the outcome of games given their ability to get it right.

  44. The same crew is still in Toronto for the Yankees-Jays mini-series. MLB probably won’t switch them, it’s too late. But my lord, this should be rough. If Miller is on 1B or 3B I worry people might throw things again.

    • Yes, same crew. So Miller will be at third tonight, you would think. And Brett Lawrie plays third! Fun times ahead.

  45. If they ban the fan who threw the beer the attendance will only be 15, 611.
    They need him, so I suspect he will be moved around like the vatican moves catholic preists, just a seat further away from the child, I mean field.

    • lol hilarious!!!

    • According to Bob Elliott the fan who threw the beer at the umpire successfully evaded Police & Stadium security. Good Job!

      The umpire’s description of a guy wearing a blue jay ap was not helpful to Police.

  46. Please no more Parkes on DJF.

    Check this

    That the final comment stands without reply is proof Parkes got completely owned. There is hypocrisy in his use of non-facts and sanctimony in tone toward Jay fans.

  47. Lawrie plays the game with passion and plays for his team, I love that we have a guy like that playing for us… I know that not one of us haven’t done something we later regret in the heat of the moment… Lawrie will be suspended my guess would be 3-5 games for I think is his first offense, his actions show that the Blue Jays wanna win and hopefully will spark the rest of the team, shouldn’t the ump be investigated as well? He is a professional too so I can’t see him making that kinda of mistake in a 1 run bottom of the 9th game twice in a row, it’s clear in my opinion, that those calls were intensional…

  48. In other news, Trystan Magnuson was outrighted off the 40-man last night. Yan Gomes is not on the 40-man. I think we can do the math here.

  49. I’m kind of glad that this is getting all the attention that it seems to be getting right now. Although it shows Lawrie in a less-than-civil light I think most will look at the full replay of the at bat and see the 2 called strikes.

    Then at least we know that most people will have also seen the 2 brutal calls from this ass.

  50. Meanwhile, per The Knobler, Torre says he doesn’t think helmet thing was intentional.!/DKnobler/status/202784763004727296

  51. Lawrie isnt a pussy. i would rather have him flip out like that than be a pussy and just go sit down the way John Olerud used to.

    When a Jays fans throws a beer at an ump he is called a mornon. When Yankees fans throw shit they are called passionate.
    Glad to see passionate Jays fans.

  52. He’ll get 2 games, same deal as Jermaine Dye. Then he’ll appeal and the arbitrator will overturn the suspension.

  53. Re J-Dye call that was a much closer call, where as Lawrie both two pitches were much further away.

  54. Those were some ridiculous bad calls… The umpires in the MLB aren’t held accountable enough. If they had a little more fear in them, maybe they wouldn’t screw up calling the game.

    If Lawrie gets suspended, which he probably should, I think the umpire should as well. He is the one who originally f’ed up. Why should umpires be put on a pedestal? If he wouldn’t have done a lousy job the whole incident wouldn’t have happened in the first place. You need to fix the problem at the source!

  55. who decides this shit in the commissioner’s office? is it ultimately up to Bud Selig??? (which is a huge conflict-of-opinion, obviously…)

  56. Parkes knows baseball, but his disdain for the Jays is down right aggravating. We get it, you think Jays fans are neanderthals, the Giants are Gods, and the low-scoring NL is pure, superior baseball.

    HOWEVER, 90% of fans in Canada cheer for the Jays, and we have our hopes, and they may be foolish and unrealistic, but fuck, what’s wrong with gunning for your team and hoping for some miracles? It’s been a tough (almost) 20 years, and now that we have a team “on the rise” it’s fucking painful to hear the DJF guys (Stoeten and Drew are not exempt) slag and poo poo and look down on the team. Have a little faith guys. Cheer for the good guys. Be biased. Be unrealistically optimistic. Cheer with us.

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