Brett Lawrie plays baseball with passion. Sometimes that passion is good. Sometimes it’s bad. Incredibly bad.

The Toronto Blue Jays third baseman came up to bat in the ninth inning with his team down a run to the Tampa Bay Rays. He took two straight balls before fouling one off and then taking a third ball. With the count at 3-1, Lawrie again took the fifth pitch of the at bat and began walking to first base when the umpire called it strike two.

As we can see below, it was a bad call.

The bad call was followed by a questionable strike three call, that in all honesty, was close enough to probably warrant a swing given the conditions surrounding the at bat. After getting rung up, Lawrie slipped into a Red Bull rage, threw his helmet to the ground like a spoiled child and hollered at the home plate umpire in an aggressive manner. Considering that his helmet bounced up and hit Miller, it’s quite likely that he will be suspended. And deservedly so.

Adding embarrassment to shame was the moron who threw a beer at the home plate umpire following the game. We can only hope that he’s dealt with appropriately.

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  1. Who still has a full beer by the 9th inning anyway?

  2. To paraphrase Chris Rock:

    Not saying they should have done it…. but I understand.

  3. Eh, it still doesn’t beat Rauch’s blowup.

  4. It’s a plastic beer glass, not a bullet.

  5. Moving on…given that we have no backup 3B, Bautista to 3rd and Snider up and in RF for the next 10 games or however long he’s suspended?

    • …and to be a realist, Encarnacion to 3B and Lind on 1B until Lawrie is back.

    • You might see Gomes called up instead imo. Moving Bautista for a few games is too disruptive. Just look at all the fuss when he moved there last year.

      If you’re going to move Jose might as well just move him to first when Lawrie gets back and call up Snider and be done with Lind if you put Jose at third now.

    • Are you allowed to call up a player for a suspended player? Seems making the team be down a player on the 25 man roster would be more punishment.

    • He won’t be suspended very long, I’d wager.

      • What’s the over under? 5 games? I’d be OK with that. As long as it’s not something insane..

        • What a shitstorm.

          My guess is 4 games.

          • I forget who it was (a guy on the Angels, I think) who was suspended 10 games for bumping an ump last year. I think that’ll be the benchmark used – if they feel Lawrie intentionally threw the helmet AT the ump, he’ll get 6-10. If they figure it was an accident, he’ll get 3-5; in my opinion, anyway.

    • Good luck on that. Snider has all of his options used up. The Jays can not call him up and send him back down again without putting him on waivers. If Snider gets the call again, it will be for a long term role or a trade.

  6. That’s our Brett.

    • Brett deserves a sstanding ovation for standing up to that umpire.

      • A meat head hockey fan, ladies and gentlemen!

        • It was a failed reference to the ‘That’s our Vernon’ shtick.

        • That umpire clearly cheated, he stole from the players and from the fans, and was lucky to get off the field with 2 barely glancing blows. I was at the game in the 5th deck and we could see that they were bull shit calls. (You can hear us chanting bull shit from the 5th deck.) I’m even more amazed seeing the replays after the game that the calls were even more incompetent than they seemed in real-life.

          • @Dave9t5 Are you kidding? I don’t care how bad the calls were, it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell whether they are good or bad calls from the 5th deck. I understand you’re upset but let’s not start making shit up to support our arguments.

        • Is there any other kind?

        • A meat head American wannabe folks…..

  7. Only thing wrong with that was that it hit him in the arm, not the head.

    Oh, and that it was a beer, not a battery.

  8. Lawrie’s going down for a while with that helmet throw. I can’t recall it ever happening before, so the suspension will be a precedent setter.

    If Bill Miller doesn’t want beer thrown at him, though, perhaps he shouldn’t make two awful calls in a row (one seemingly in response to Lawrie running to first on the previous pitch). If this was New York with a full, hostile crowd, it would have been far worse for him.

    • Bill Miller wouldn’t dare do that to the yankees or the red sox especially at home.

      • bill miller wouldn’t do that to the yankees or red sox because it would hurt the league. canadian teams are fair game though. Chemtrails! Rogers, Bud selig and mike wilner are controlling our minds using chemtrails!

      • Agreed, Oakville. An ump would never dream of making that pair of calls against the Yankees or Sox in their own stadium at ANY time, let alone in the 9th against one of their best players with a one-run deficit. They’d be lynched.

    • whatever, fans shouldn’t be stupid enough to throw shit at umps, even umps who make bad calls. Nobody deserves to have shit thrown at them in a work environment (where “shit” refers to non-work place condoned projectiles.).

      • It’s a god damn sporting event where people get shit hammered and yell and scream. It isn’t an accounting department.

        • That’s a ridiculous argument. Let me ask you this – should bartenders be fair game for assault and abuse from drunks because it isn’t an accounting department; it’s where hammered people reside?

          • But if i throw something at a bartender I know that i’m getting my ass kicked by the bouncer…which is a much bigger deterrent than getting a talking to/fine from ‘security’

      • Umpires shouldn’t also be stupid enough to call that 3-1 BALL a STRIKE. Two way streets are the best streets. Try that against the Yankees or Red Sox. What happened to the Umpire that ruined Buerle’s perfect game? What happened to the kid who caught the baseball in some world series against two american teams? Oh yes, lynch mobs waiting for him, death threats at his door…

  9. Yes deal with him appropriately free seasons tickets should do it

  10. Lawrie will get 3 games. First time offender.

    • That’s what I said in the other thread. I’d be surprised if it’s much more than that.

      The question is, when will it be served? You’d think the Jays would appeal so they don’t lose him for the next two games, anyway.

      • They have to hand down a decision first before it can be appealed. On the other hand, if he’s not suspended by game time…business as usual.

  11. I’m saying 10 games for Lawrie.

    What do you guys say?

    • I don’t think Lawrie gets 10. 5-7 games max.

    • 5 to 7

    • Hard to say…has this ever happened before? Delmon got 50 for throwing a bat in the minors.

      Lawrie can argue that he didn’t mean to hit him (as it bounced), but it’s pretty obvious he intentionally threw it at him.

      I wouldn’t be surprised by 20 games.

      • I think this:

        is a little more blatantly intentional and more serious than what Lawrie did.

      • I’ll full on admit I enjoy contradicting you, but in all honestly, I don’t agree at all that he intentionally threw it at him. If he wanted to throw his helmet at the umpire, it sure as fuck wouldn’t have hit the ground. He threw it at the ground in frustration. Hard to argue otherwise, in my view.

        • Stoeten! Thatta boy!!!

        • Yes, the ground, but it was also in the ground right in the umpire’s direction. He could have thrown it away from him or to the side, but he didn’t.

          I doubt Lawrie meant for it to hit him as it did (with the bounce right into his body), but I also doubt Delmon Young meant for the bat to hit the MILB umpire as it did either (and he claimed it didn’t). That didn’t stop Delmon from receiving a major suspension. And while this isn’t nearly on that level, I wouldn’t expect that excuse to help him much either.

          As it’s never happened before, this suspension has potential to be a real precedent setter.

        • Agreed!!

          • I guess what I wonder is, where does the line get drawn? Throwing an oddly shaped object into a dirt pile means it can be bounce a million different ways – in this case it hit the ump on the foot. What if it bounced straight up and caught him in the chin? Or, what if it simply bounced away and didn’t hit anyone? It’ll be interesting to see.

        • I took it, and threw it on the GROUND!!

    • I said 10 on the last thread that has now descended into racist and homophobic filth.

      I know everyone is saying no intent, but it wouldn’t be difficult to infer intent if you wanted to. Delmon Young got 50 for throwing a bat at an ump. This obviously isn’t anywhere near that, but I don’t think he’ll play again before the last week in May.

      • Where is this last gentleman’s club in town where they are freely discussing homophobic and rascist filth? If it exists, its probably most full of closeted homosexuals wearing turbans.

    • Hamels only got 5 games for admitting to intentionally beaning Harper and that really only means he misses one game. I say Lawrie doesn’t miss more than three games.

  12. Lawrie will take responsibility and be suspended as he should.

    Ump should also take resposibility but will not.

  13. Gotta be at least 10 games. Throwing any object in the direction of an umpire will be enough to get the hammer regardless of whether he wanted to hit the ump or not. The fact that he actually hit the ump, however unintentional it was, will be an aggravating factor.

  14. Let me by the first to say that this is one of the more ridiculous posts I’ve read on DJF.

    “a spoiled child”…..really? His anger and actions are no different than ANY other player who gets jobbed by an umpire. His helmet bounced into the umpire, which was clearly not his intent.

    I don’t see any analysis of how Bill Miller seemed to make it pretty personal out there, how HIS reaction to Lawrie sprinting down to first on the 3-1 pitch was like “a spoiled child”. True story, but Miller is three times Lawrie’s age.

    As for the “questionable” 3-2 pitch that should have warranted a swing, maybe I should dig up your Lawrie slam piece from earlier this year when you said he was swinging at too many pitches?

    • You’re wasting your breath.

    • just ignore that faggot who said lawrie is a spoiled child, he probably like golf or shitty hockey, and enjoys anal from 5 black guys.

      • troll troll troll your boat

      • Wow. Apologies, everyone. I haven’t been paying attention. This fucking piece of shit should have been banned 20 comments ago. Taken care of now.

        (Lindsucksdick I mean, not the guy who commented above me.)

    • But but guys like Lawrie and Hamels are ruining Parkes genteel version of baseball can’t you see that?

    • Yeah, no mention of how Bill Miller made an absolute fool of himself there. But again, that’s Parkes for you.

      • Not how I would have written the post either, but when it comes down to it, what anyone thinks of the umpire is entirely fucking irrelevant. Like his calls or not, they need to be respected or you’re going to get shit for it. So… moot point, in my view.

        • While Parkes may not write for it regularly anymore, this is a Jays blog. It’s pretty obvious that Lawrie was in the wrong to throw his helmet as he did, but admonishing him for that isn’t what this audience wants to read right now. There will be time for that later when he’s suspended and sitting out his games. Tonight, they want to read about what a complete dipshit and joke Bill Miller was in that 9th inning (and he really, truly was).

        • I know we all shrug it off to a certain degree because the umps will do what they want to do, but them controlling certain parts of the game out of spite/arrogance/hurt feelings has to stop.

          Did those 2 calls control the outcome of the game? Who knows. Lawrie on first with one out could have altered the outcome somewhat, or Rasmus could have grounded into a DP to end it. What really lost the game was the 4 errors.

          However, umps should be held accountable for the way they call games. For example, the graph above shows that the called second ball was in the same place as the called second strike. So, why SHOULDN’T Lawrie assume it was ball four? Why should the umpire take offense to that, seeing as he’s the one who set the precedent? It absolutely doesn’t excuse what Lawrie did, and these should be taken as 2 separate occurrences, but it’s worth thinking about, methinks.

    • If you really wanna piss him off tell him Stoeten’s writing is better than his, you might provoke him into calling you an asshole just like a spoiled child would do.

      • Stoeten’s writing his better than his.

        • I certainly would move to another section if I sat next to you Parkes.

          Cause I’d probably be a little too passionate for your sensitivity.

        • We all know Stoeten’s the better writer. It’s not “fuck off Stoeten” for a reason.

        • Agreed, my post was in reference to earlier today when somebody mentioned under his #prophate post at Getting Blanked that Stoeten’s #prophate posts are more interesting, to which Parkes responded by calling the commenter an asshole, precisely like a spoiled child would do.

          • Right or wrong, whoever made that comment WAS an asshole. Don’t let your irrational dislike of Parkes cloud your judgment when it comes to trolling pieces of shit, please.

        • @Stoeten, fair point.

      • Stoeten is the better writer, no doubt on that.

        • Is there such thing as an irrational dislike of Parkes? I would imaging in most cases well warranted.

          Want to see a troll? I point you to this entire post. But hey, it’s good for comments and page views and what else would matter?

    • +1

      This is Parkea gauging the general response and taking the exact opposite stance to drum up controversy. And Lawrie is the child lol

    • totally. Hey Parks, the Toronto Star is calling. You’re level of baseball knowledge might even be lower than Damien Cox. Congrats!

    • Parkes, the spoiled child comment proves your mettle. Also the comment about the fan is dissapointing. Isn’t this site about the fuckin passion!?

      You should take up a blog on syncronized swimming.

      • Not until Fangraphs dedicates a site to swimming. Where would he find source material to “paraphrase”?

      • I hear the Star has an opening for a blog on the riveting sport of steeplechase.

        • Dude, that shit is AMAZING to watch. I watched a race from Britain about a month ago and nearly pissed my pants it was so good. Horses falling, Jockeys falling. .. man. Don’t knock that shit.

      • Keep it classy Toronto. If Lawrie dialed back on the precociousness and stopped pulling at his dick all game he’d command a little more respect. MLB ain’t UFC. Thank fucking Jeebus.

    • well, he was a grown man throwing a tantrum over a game of baseball… if A-Rod did it spoiled child would be the kindest thing you’d see on this board. That being said, Miller’s calls there were bush, either because he’s blind or because he’s trying to “teach the kid a lesson about prestigious baseball”. Fucking Ump.

      • It’s not just a “game of baseball” when you make it your entire life for 15+ years. Look, it’s not cutting edge life saving stuff but if you dedicate that much time and energy to succeed in something very difficult you are going to treat it seriously. Especially when bush league umpires can’t make a fairly obvious/easy strike call.

        Keep in mind that ‘saber-wanna-be’ Parkes wouldn’t get this. Especially since this is a guy who spent all last August and September crying on his podcasts that baseball is boring and doesn’t matter. Oh, and play-offs are stupid.

  15. The ump should be suspended too. Why is there no accountability for umps/refs? Why does it seem as if they can go out there night in and night out, not do their jobs fairly and evenly or professionally for that matter, but nothing happens to them. Fine them. Suspend them. Make them face the media.

    • Valid point. There is no helmet throw or beer toss if the ump can do his job.

      • I agree …seems if a player is not performing well he is sent to the minors to improve…..why not send the officials to the minors to improve their skills…I hope none of these officials watch replays and see how poor they really are…may be too embaressed….the head of officials should look into these umpires before 1 gets killed…or worse..

    • Accountability from the MLB??!!?! A league that condoned steroid use for over a decade and then ran and hid from it like a cowardly child when it resulted in negative backlash is not a league I would expect a shred of accountability from.

    • Umps most definitely have accountability – just not in public. If they don’t do well in the season, they don’t make the playoffs and lose money.

      If they don’t do well over an extended period of time, there’s a whole bunch of minor leagues who need officiating too.

  16. Why is everyone against Brett? HE DID NOTHING WRONG! that said, give him a month long suspension…..that’ll make him grow up, hopefully……..

    • he didn’t

      bill miller is a mother fucker that needs to get impaled to death

    • He did nothing wrong? I mean, I don’t think it needs hyperbole, but he could have taken it a LOT better. Let’s not go too nuts the other way either.

    • Just because you like a guy doesn’t mean you you don’t get to point out when he’s acting like an ass. If this was Youklis or ARod would you really be pushing this stance?

  17. Questionable strike three call? Strike 2 was a horrible call, and Strike 3 was a completely unforgivably bad call…

    Umpires simply have too much power in baseball now…

    Sure, he shouldn’t have hit the ump with his helmet, but that was obviously not what he was trying to do, that was a bounce… That umpire decided that he was going to be out before the pitch was thrown, and THAT is the unacceptable part of this situation.

    It’s extremely unfortunate how the helmet bounced, and if he had tried to hit the umpire I would agree that he should be suspended, but that was clearly an accident, and it was triggered by some of the worst umpiring I’ve ever seen.

    • “Strike 3 was a completely unforgivably bad call…”

      Are you looking at the Pitch F/X plot in the post you’re commenting on? It’s the wrong call, but it’s pretty much the definition of borderline. I won’t defend it as being right, but… it doesn’t look as bad as you suggest, if you believe the Pitch F/X zone is true.

      • According to that chart and the perfect definition of the strike zone (which seems to use the area between 1.5-3.5 feet with disregard for stance) strike 3 was close, but to me that’s in that high strike that never gets called area.

        May be you guys know how to do this, I don’t, but I’m sure if you could look at a chart of all pitches thrown at the level of the strike zone I’m sure you’d see mostly balls.

    • if you look at the graph above, strike 2 was actually the worse call, with 3 borderline… but definitely a ball.

      • actually, the chart is off imo. if you watch the rays telcast they have the pitch well above the box. also, like a few have noted, anything up at the top of the box is generally (always) called a ball. these pitches were not close. further, umps have been screwing jays for years and it seems especially bad this year. i’ve watched just about every game for the past 5 years and it is unbelievable how many bad calls i see go against the jays (esp. on first pitches).
        i am surprised bautista has not gone off yet. he is getting royally-ed at least once a game.
        sure, you can dismiss all this with comments like, “every team gets bad calls” but in my opinion, no, teams do not get anywhere near the volume of bad calls that the jays get.
        (watch the games…watch visiting broadcasts…pay attention to first picthes…)

  18. If its more than 5 games its a fucking joke. He obviously had no intention of the helmet bouncing up to injure the umpire. A helmet is an odd shaped “projectile” which could have bounced a thousand ways, if it hadn’t have bounced in this specific one there wouldn’t be any suspension talk.

    • I am sure he didn’t have the intention but the couple of hop steps and the direction the helmet was thrown just make the optics look waaaaay bad.

    • “Had no intention of the helmet hitting the umpire”? What did he think the helmet was going to do, stick to the ground and not move? Obviously in the heat of the moment, but still incredibly dumb.

      5 games is about right. Maybe this gets Bautista to stop whining about balls and strikes, but probably not.

      • If he wanted to hit the umpire he could very easily have thrown it directly at and hit the umpire. Or bumped or pushed, or used his bat or done any number of things. He wanted to make a loud statement and an unfortunate bounce backfired.

        I hope it makes Bautista chirp twice as much, would rather the team have some self respect than kowtow to this kind of bullshit for the sake of a few calls.

      • Look, if he wanted to hit the umpire, he wouldn’t have bounced the helmet, he would have just slammed something in the ump’s face!

  19. “threw his helmet to the ground like a spoiled child”. You’re an asshole, Dustin; a very unlikeable asshole.

    • Yep. He’s lucky he can put together a decent analysis and most of the other Jays writers are uninteresting/out of touch with modern metrics.


      • There’ll be enough people demonizing Lawrie for what happened, without knowing or caring about the context. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for fans of the team to expect a Jays-centric blog to cover the actual story from start to finish.

      • Nope, it’s not that I don’t want to hear it. I am interested in reading well-formed opinions, which is why I have previously been interested in DJF and, until recently, Getting Blanked as well. What I don’t care for is the hyperbolic, smug, and almost trolly way it was written. But then, I notice a lot of his writing is like that so I guess shame on me for reading the post. But just keep wielding your insults back at the hand that feeds you; yours is the only opinion that matters and we all bow to your civility and class.

        As someone here has written, it is all about page hits so I suppose we should applaud both you, Stoeten, and to some extent Parkes for doing your jobs w/ aplomb. It’s just, the content used to actually mean something; it wasn’t just a way for you to sit on top of your ivory towers and infuriate people. You’re kind of just baseball shock jocks now.

        Anyway, I’ll crawl back in my cave … I’m obviously not nearly as evolved as you.

  20. i dont condone it. but i certainly am not going to sit here and act like i didnt love that the ump had a beer thrown at him, he deserved it & im actually kinda happy a fan did that on behalf of all fans, even the ones that sit there & shame the guy.

    lawrie suspension likely, but those calls were complete bs, the lawrage that happened was completely understandable, just wish he woulda tossed the helmet 6 inches to the left so it coulda flew 20′ into the air on the bounce. that woulda been epic. he coulda caught the thing on his way out lol

  21. I can see him suspended to the end Sunday only because the helmet hit was unintentional.

  22. And also … “Adding embarrassment to shame was the moron who threw a beer at the home plate umpire following the game. We can only hope that he’s dealt with appropriately.” Really? Shame? Whose shame? Lawrie’s? For being passionate about an absolutely, ridiculously-called at bat in the bottom of the 9th in a tight game against a division rival??? Oh yea, that’s shameful. Does “The Score” make you write like a passionless twat or is that your own doing?

    See my previous comment …

    • +1….. wilners been really on point tonight about this

    • Good on you. I was about to post but you said it perfectly. Passionless twat – spot on.

    • Parkes disassociated himself from his DJF days a long time ago. He’s, more or less, a Giants fan now (odd choice, I know, but they did have a lucky WS win).

      • Stoeten should be here any minute to defend Parkes honor.

        Nice to see you again BFF.

        • Oh ho ho. Look, dickhead made a funny! And he probably thinks there’s actually something to his horseshit comment, as though I blindly defend my friends and not simply people who are getting shit on by those who happen to be dumb as fuck.

          In case you missed it above, I wouldn’t have written this post the way Parkes did. But if you think the fact that I’ve come here and slapped the dick out of the mouths of a bunch of fucking shit-talking fuckbrains has anything to do with blindly defending someone, and isn’t entirely about calling dumb shit dumb, then I truly fucking pity you– and, especially, anyone stupid enough to take your snide little know-nothing act seriously.

    • Parkes is wrong. In Philly they would throw batteries or worse at the ump. That;s why he wouldn’t do it against a big team. The Jays are treated as patsies by the mlb.

    • Hey guys, I’m starting my own blog…..its called Sensitively Drunk, Unpassionate, Jays fans.

      Stoeten, please speak a fair offering on this utter chump.

    • The shame was Lawrie not taking the call like a man, you twat. This isn’t hockey, why are we straining to give free passes to meat heads?

  23. this almost made me as angry as an umpire from last year. i cant remember his name or what he did, but he was the worst umpire ever. i believe we even had bad experiences before the game im talking about too.

    if anybody knows who it is or what game i’d be interested in taking a trip down memory lane, but thats probably way too broad an example to figure it out lol

  24. Two more things:

    1) I love the analysis from DJF 99 percent of the time, but it really seems like there’s a bit f an unfair slant against Lawrie…

    2) standing on a high horse to criticize an intoxicated person tossing a beer at a terrible umpire is a little more difficult to do when you post on a website called “drunk jays fans”.

    • You can always count on DJF to instantly knee-jerk to the opposite reaction of the fan base, no matter the situation. Their desire to not be seen as “following” is paramount.

    • +1
      Jesse, you’re spot on!! Agreed, I love the DJF writing most of the time, but for christ’s sake!! The so-called “Drunk Jays Fans” chastise booing, call justified frustration “shameful”, and no doubt have their judging fingers in the air when there’s a little hooliganism at the game. These guys are no better than the Rogers-employed Buck Martinez who has to obsequiously pretend like the calls were “questionable” and not just the piles of shit that anyone with two eyes could see that they were. Passionless sell-outs!! Especially Parkes, he’s just a turd.

      • especially when parkes pokes his head in.

      • The thing is… people who boo their own team are fucking clowns who like the sound of their own voice and feel a pathetic sense of entitlement to something so absent of reality that it fucking hurts to even laugh at them.

        Don’t judge a book by it’s cover–because guess what: we can call shit on all manner of assholes real easy, this name or any other. Weak, weak, weak fucking attempt to dismiss our criticism, my friend.

        • No. People who boo their own team are paying customers who are expressing dissatisfaction with the product they have bought into. You pays your money, you get to boo if you want. And sometimes it’s warranted. Yeah it’s our team and yeah we love them (sort of). But if they are giving outs away then I think we have the right to hold them accountable. And the fastest way to let them know how we feel is to boo.

    • Well said!!!

    • There’s civil-drunk and there’s idiot-drunk. There’s a difference! I’ve been drunk many, many times but I’ve never felt compelled to assault someone or abuse someone because of my state of inebriation.

      As for criticizing Lawrie, I think there’s a certain degree of objectivity trying to be exercised there, but maybe a bit too much at times. Either way, if Lawrie played for the Yankees, wouldn’t Jays fans be all over him for this?

  25. I love how the police officer in the 2nd clip just keeps walking when the beer is thrown, then tries to get the umps all into the dugout, no way he’s filling out a bunch of paperwork just because someone gave the umpire what was coming to him!

    • Classic Toronto Police officer. He didn’t bother to look to see who had thrown the beer. It seems like the other umpires were trying to find the culprit.

  26. Yet, on the other hand… fuck that ump?

  27. And how about Gregg Zaun absolutely killing Miller after the game. Basically said he shouldn’t have a job.

    • Thats what I like about Zed, he’s not giving reacharounds at Sports net, and he actually went as far as saying those were the 2 worst calls he’s seen in Major League Baseball.

      No HE should be writing for Parkes.

    • To recycle a joke, did Zaun actually make that comment, or did he just sign his name and let Jason Grimsley fill in the comment for him later?

      • I respect that you defend your friends, no matter what.

        Now try to respect your readers and ask Parkes not to blog on here anymore.

        • Then how will GB get pageviews. DJF is the key blog in The Score’s empire (ha). Sure, if there was a poll on DJF I’d bet most people would prefer Parkes not to blog over here. He has GB for that.

          But Drew has been a great addition, imo.

  28. im glad to see it was dustin who wrote this article. i would’ve lost my faith in stoetin alittle if it was somebody else with a couple of those comments. they dont belong on djf lol

  29. Let’s do to the ump what they did in the Hunger Games when the gamemakers fucked up! Lock them in a room and die!!!

    • Dude….what the fuck. It’s baseball, they play again tomorrow. Let’s not wish for people to be killed over, let’s be honest, one bad call.

  30. I saw someone tweet that “Brett Lawrie” is Canadian for “Bryce Harper”. I chuckled.

  31. Maybe the beer thing wasn’t all that cool but I find it ironic that Jays fans always get beat up for being a passive bunch of mopes and when they show a little fire in support of their team it’s disgraceful lol. This kind of stuff comes with the territory when you have passionate fans. There’s always going to be good with the bad but any kind of passion is better than none as long as nobody is getting injured and no before you say it a plastic cup of beer isn’t going to injure anyone.

    • Showing passion is one thing, throwing shit onto the field is another. Remember when they did free ball giveaways? When something shitty happened, balls rained down onto the field. They had the PA warn the crowd that the home team can forfeit the game if it kept up.

      • Balls and flimsy cups of beer are completely different. Nobody is getting hurt from a beer cup.

        • I understand that didn’t hurt Miller. But if everyone did it, they can call it.

          • No question. I don’t necessarily support the action but it’s nice to see some passion from Jays fans. Better than the same old apathy that’s infected the place for years.

        • Yeah, they should cut out the middle man and burn their cash and throw it onto the field.

        • I agree with the passion sentiment. I think we can more creative about it.

          The next time Miller is in town, it’s novelty oversized eye glasses night.

        • You’ve obviously never thrown a beer cup at ron artest

    • Very true. Going to a jays game shouldn’t be like to going to a library. i applaud the beer thrower. It was in a plastic cup.

  32. Bad call…bad ump…BUT….4 errors??? Let’s put it all in perspective. Our boys shit the bed again in defense.

    • Yeah we probably deserved to lose the game without a question after that 7th inning. Add to the fact we got 6 hits total and there you go.

      Seems like the Jays pitchers are all trying to be so fine of late with the offense struggling for the most part. It seems when we’re scoring runs we’re scoring them later in the game.

    • At least errors let the players determine the outcome of the games, instead of shitty ass umpires.

      • No question there but come on man it wasn’t like the bases were loaded. Chances of us tying the game up were slim. Jays screwed themselves long before the up came in to get his sloppy seconds.

  33. Too bad the helmet didn’t hit that piece of shit umpire in the head, Lawrie is a Ty Cobb, a Pete Rose, a once in a lifetime athlete. Well done kid, dont take any shit. :0)

  34. You’d think a blog with the name “Drunk Jays Fans” wouldn’t be so pious and sanctimonious with regard to passionate players and fans. I’d expect to read this in ESPN The Magazine, not here.

  35. BTW this topic is a perfect example of why we need polls on this site!

  36. Why do you dislike the Jays so much, Parkes? When was the last time you wrote a positive piece on them? I know you’re a bigger Giants fan, but come on. The “spoiled child” and “adding embarrassment to shame” bits are just trolling your readers.

    You can do better.

    • Parkes certainly doesn’t dislike the Jays, he just seems to pretend to sometimes. The trolling thing is nothing new, though. In fact, it’s very much a common approach to online writing these days.

  37. I endorse his rage, but this does not bode well…

    Also a little sad that this post is slanted the way it is. Surely Geting Blanked is the ‘clean, desensitized version’ of DJF – therefore i’d expect them to at least temper the distaste for his actions based on his importance to the team.

  38. Yes, the ump was a twat and messed up those 2 calls but he didnt mess up the game for the jays. Can we add escobar and rasmus to the shit players list that Lind and Thames already occupy? Escobar just looks awful. Hes slow and hes forgotten how to take a walk. Case in point, hes ahead in the count 2-0 against peralta and he swings at ball 3 and flies out. Does he not understand they need baserunners in a one run game? Fucking idiot. His D is not great either. Rasmus just cant hit. I dont know what it is with him.

    • You mean that fly out that was one foot away from a HR? Stfu.

    • Rasmus isn’t striking out it’s just his hits aren’t finding any holes. It’s not that he can’t hit it’s just he’s pretty unlucky.

      • This. Go back and look at his hard-hit balls over the road trip – so many of them were at the track. A few more Wheaties, a few more gaps in the field and Rasmus is going to be on fire — he’s had bad luck, but he’s not hacking at balls.

  39. “spoiled child?”

    Take your unbearable shit back to GB so I can enjoy this blog again.

  40. Fuck of Parkes!

  41. I think the spoiled child line is a bit much. Lawrie has eaten a lot of shit at the plate this year, i’ve been impressed that such an aggro personality has been able to reign his emotions in so quickly. His reaction to the second strike is a better example of how he’s reacted to egregious strike errors this season.

  42. Well this incident should definitely add to the Lawrie legend and spawn another generation of Lawrie meme’s lol

  43. [...] Jimmy Traina, Drunk Jays Fans GIFs via Cork Gaines, Blue Jay Hunter About Larry Brown:Larry Brown has over nine years of [...]

  44. Parkes’ panties all in a knot as Lawrie goes testosterone in a baseball game.

    • You are still here mr Fake Oakville69. I would n’t use your language but I agree that Lawrie has extra testerone.

  45. GTFO Parkes! Get your shitty biased crap of this blog.

  46. The Massholes are on the rise, we are going downhill…we are on are way to basement dwellers in the East unless this team steps it up. Or trades up. That’s the reality.

  47. Love watching Dustin get thumped. Rightly so.

  48. Saying those 2 balls were strikes is like saying parkes is a good Baseball writer!

  49. Grow a pair, Parkes.

  50. Stick to writing about Ryan Theriot , Parkes..

  51. I barely, just barely, even care about the Blue Jays now, but I wish I saw this. I don’t care if the passion was manifested outward in a negative or positive way. Too often Blue Jays players just act like they don’t give a fuck. It’s great to see at least one does, even if he gets suspended for it.

    …and while I don’t personally condone throwing shit at the umps – I’d never even think about doing it personally – I like that this town won’t put up with the ump’s retardedness. Want less beer thrown at you? Make the right strike/ball calls when the game is on the line you fat fuck.

  52. Even if you don’t feel the same way as most Jays fans do on this issue, the article could have at least used some nuance. “spoiled child” reeks of outsider snap judgement.


    • Oh fuck off. It’s sports. It happens. You’d be pissing yourself with joy if the game ended the other way around with the Rays imploding the way the Jays did last night.

  54. So how high will the future Podcasts and posts here score on ye old Righteous Indignation Meter in the coming days against Brett Lawrie?

    I’m saying close to the max level after what I witnessed regarding the whole Hamels-Harper affair.

    0 | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 60 | 70 | 80 | 90 | 100 >

    • Hell ya,over 100.
      But you gotta consider the source.
      , you already know it’s coming.

      • Indeed and that was just for a pitch in the back, not one at his head or in on his hands. Then again it was the Golden Child that got hit so I suppose the tempest in the teapot was justified right? lol

  55. Now you all know why DJF thrives and GB begs for pageviews.

    Stoeten’s gonna be pissed with all this Parkes bashing.We’re about to see a bunch of “widdle feelings” and “champ” comments from him because Parkes won’t defend himself.
    Oh well,let the excitement begin.

    • Is thistrue? Is there a website to compare page view stats. ? Getting blankes is more baseball oriented, but I am not sure that many people in Toronto care about the SF Giants.

      • Is Parkes over at Getting Blanked actually writing about the Giants? Haha that’s kind of funny. He’s writing for himself then.

        • Parkes writes more about other teams than the Jays. I think Stoeten is the Jays expert. Parkes is trying to do rants against adam Lind on the podcast, so he is improving.

      • I’m no internet scientist, but everytime I check out GB it’s very few replies to anything unless it’s DJF related. Like when they all get together to bash the Mcgowan contract.

        By that alone I assume nobody but Travis Reitsma reads GB, and he’s a writer there now hahaha.

    • Comments are not the best way to measure page views. Look at the number of retweets to their articles and the investment in their daily show. I’m sure Getting Blanked is doing quite well. I’m pretty sure that Parkes is well thought of outside of DJF circles. He did some writing for Baseball Prospectus, Jonah Keri has linked to him and blogs on SB Nation regularly refer to him.

      As for this piece, I don’t see what everyone is freaking out about. Lawrie overreacted to a bad call, and I think it was a singular bad call. Just because Parkes isn’t giving a homeristic point of view doesn’t mean he’s out of touch.

  56. You gotta appreciate how Molina framed that pitch, though.

    • No. A major league umpire should never even notice where the ball ends up in the catchers glove. He needs to make the call when the ball is over the plate.

  57. It takes a special skill to get everyone commenting in hell (aka the Internet) to agree on something. Congrats

    • Well we all agree that Parkes is a bit of a dumbass when it comes to logic and baseball. He did that on his own too, which is impressive.

  58. What’s the best way to head into a schedule against the best in the league after coming off a bad series???? Get one of your stars suspended of course!

  59. Man,Parkes is bugging. Da Giants is all filled up with Sissies and what not. How come my main man Parkes done sold out on us?

    Bret Lawrie is a man y’all. He’s someone who stand up fo’ himself. Yeah he f&*ked up the team but that white umpire need to know who’s boss,dig? Dat umpire is one racist mofo. He also need glasses as well.

    BTW my homeboys are stinking up the joint. They can’t even pull off a double play. What happened to Bautista’s magic juice? He seem to have a johnson he can’t even shake!

    The Rays, they is from the devil! They got rid of devil from the name but their spirit is still dark. NO matter what our boys get whupped almost every time.

  60. Brett Lawrie is the new George Brett!!! YES!!!!!!

  61. Yea, up until this point I’ve defended Parkes on numerous occasions, but this is fucking horseshit. That call was total crap, and Miller had decided if that last pitch was anywhere near he was gonna call it a strike to teach Lawrie a lesson in humility. I don’t agree with that shit at all, a strike is a fucking strike, and I’m sick of the “good old boy lesson” bullshit in baseball. The umpire should be held accountable for attempting to directly influence a game based on his own personal feelings of pride. He missed that call, straight up, and should have given Brett the benefit of the doubt, rather than trying to stick it to him.

    Go get em Brett, serve your time proudly, come back and get rowdy on some baseballs.

  62. I also like in the GIF how the cop really doesn’t even care that shit was being thrown at the asshole.

    • The cop said after the game if he had a beer to throw at the ump he would have.

    • He did the right thing he just wanted to get him off the field first and foremost before it got worse.

  63. Fuck it seems like whenever the fuck the jays pitch the zone gets smaller and whenever they bat the zone gets fucking bigger. It might just be my homer goggles but its really starting to piss me off

  64. I usually enjoy reading Parkes but this should’ve never have been posted on DJF.


    So that’s what Delmon Young got 50 games for.

    I don’t think Lawrie’s was nearly as bad even though the optics of it aren’t good because of the hop step, direction and result. Maybe my 10 games was on the light side.

  66. I feel like the pitch f/x strike zone give is high strike is higher than most average umpires in the MLB.

  67. He is, and always will be, a certifiable douche. Here’s hoping he gets at least ten games for this disgraceful act.

  68. Parkes this is a dumbass article.

    Also, who has beer in the 9th? That just might be pee in a beer cup.

  69. om/video/play.jsp?content_id=3977861

    ahhh… just like lawrie haha

  70. Judging by Colby’s AB after the incident, I think Lawrie’s action has the team’s fired up. Let the winning streak begin.

  71. So Parkes is clearly a tool for posting this (and I usually don’t have a problem with him, unlike some people) buuuuut it also has already recieved 160 comments. Not that the incident itself wouldn’t have garnered interest in of itself, but Parkes’ little act of trolling definitely pumped up some extra page hits.

  72. Funny thing there was at least 4 other pitches in the same location to the first bad Lawrie called strike. Price got 2 called strikes there. Peralta got one and Janssen got one. Alvarez didn’t get any benefit in that area. All were well out of the zone.

  73. If this was New York, every game Bill Miller showed up to umpire from now on would be called “Miller Time” for the beers headed his way. In Toronro though, you have John Lott calling for the fan’s banning from future games, and some blogger going ladyboy because a player bounced his helmet at an incompetent/vindictive ump. Can you imagine Miller calling Jeter, or any Yankee out to end a game on that Eric Gregg crap? I can’t.

    Good on Farrell to take the fine for commenting on that garbage umpiring.

    • Oh no banned from seeing Jays games. I wish they’d block them on my tv and remove the temptation.

      • Man, I totally agree. All week I’ve been saying that I need a break from these guys. Yet, once I get home I can’t help but turn on the Jays. Must be self hate or something. This team is truely hard to enjoy.

    • (Parkes, Stoeten and Lott now google Eric Gregg)

    • Miller time would be a great way to get the fans excited about booing the umpires.

    • Wilner was surprisingly tough on the umpire and his idiocy. I was glad to hear it after reading this post.

    • The umpiring was ridiculous, and is indicative of the horrible level of game calling that has gone on all year, but rightly or wrongly part of the reason they don’t pull that stuff on Jeter is because he’d never pull that stuff on them.

  74. Stuff like that gets the blood flowing. Even through the TV you get the feeling of mob rules.

    The Parkes post is funny to me if I imagine it was Stoeten posting as Parkes to get everyone riled up rather then Parkes being his usual insufferable self.

  75. I thought that the umpire’s call was totally out of spite, and that he did indeed deserved to be hit by a beer by the fan. He turned an exciting and close ball game into an embarassment* of a 9th inning. Hearing the whole skydome chanting and screaming “bull s***” definitly made my night, and i hope that tonight will seriously make the umpire think twice about making a poor call like that again, or better yet make him reconsider resigning his job.

  76. The more I watch the Lawrie incident, the more I think he’s getting a seriously lengthy suspension. They may want to send a message here and he’s not going to be able to explain it away as unintentional.

    • The explanation is simple, he threw the helmet into the ground…Seriously lengthy? No. More than a few games? Probably.

      • He threw it right in front of the umpire, where did he think it would bounce?

        • Anywhere.. if it was intentional, he would have thrown it at him. Throwing it in the dirt could go anywhere. Stupid, for sure. But it’s pretty easy to say it was unintentional, regardless of how it looked.

  77. If that Ump made this call in New York or Boston… you would have seen a riot from the fans and more than one thing tossed onto the field. When you listen to the video, when Brett is being walked off the field you can hear the fans chanting ‘Bullshit’ and rightfully so. That Ump was out of line and should be reviewed.

  78. San Fran replay on MLB Network here in the States…….fuck off Parkes!

  79. don’t blame him….late in a tight game, ump makes TWO unbelievably ridiculous calls in a row. You have to expect it from the guy, he’s a firecracker. go big or bust. he will probably appeal saying he threw it on the ground and it hit in unintentionally though

  80. Honestly, our D really fucked up, and once again our bats go quiet after a bit of life in one inning. Gotta feel bad for Alvarez, and these errors are terrible, that`s why we lost the game. Even if Lawrie gets on, Colby`s ball could have been a double play. You can`t guarantee that, but still.

    That being said, that was an absolutely BS call by the ump, lawrie had the absolute right to express his anger, I just wish the helmet was pointed 20 degrees to the left. But fuck, it still felt good when he went apeshit and the fan threw the beer, even though I knew it was wrong.

    And wtf Stoeton, please take control of your blog and and not allow Parkes to post his shit here, it’s getting tiresome. Even drew and travis sometimes are more than enough, but Parkes’ arrogant self-righteous attitude does not bode well with the fanbase you have created. Or with anyone you can`t stand someone this uptight. There`s a reason a post on this blog gets 50-100 comments (non-game threats) and GB gets about 5.

  81. I came here to read the comments of Jays fans who would (and should) be pissed off at that ump and I read that the moron is the guy who threw a beer at the ump?

    Fuck this site – he blew the call and he’s the victim because he has a wet sleeve?

    This site is becoming so lame. The comments section has passion but the author should grow a pair.

  82. And I don’t think lawrie gets more than 3-4 games. I think he’ll appeal so he can play the yankee series though. So, do you play vizquel or EE? I don’t think you want to be moving jose again. I would rather play vizquel, just so EE can play first and lind doesn’t have to play.

  83. realistically, i don’t think he should get more than hamels did for intentionally throwing a projectile 90 mph at a guy for bouncing his helmet off the ground into the ump… 5 games it should be

  84. I do not like this.

  85. If you actually watch MLB umpiring, on the bases or behind the plate, they get it right way more times than they get it wrong. It’s a skill and whether armchair fans and keyboard warriors like it or not is irrelevant.

    Look at the bang bang plays that happen at first base. Any one of you heros think you could make that call right 9 out of 10 times because that’s about their success rate.

    This was an ump who was pissed off Lawrie ran down the line on the 3-1 pitch. The pitch wasn’t a strike yeah okay wait for the call shake your head a bit and get ready for the 3-2 pitch and you probably get the walk.

    Also keep in mind, the Jays have had some really bad calls go their way this year also.

    • I would hope to god umpires would get it right more times than they get it wrong. It also shouldn’t matter if the umps feelings were hurt because Lawrie ran down the line on a delayed call.

      • It’s cause and effect. If Lawrie doesn’t run down the line before the call, he probably gets a walk on the next pitch. It’s not right, but it is what it is. Umpires being pissed at players for showing them up has gone on since the beginning of the game.

        Bautista bitched at the ump last night for getting rung up on a pitch that was two inches above his knees and way too close to take with 2 strikes.

    • Good post. If an ump calls 99% of the plays right, people still remember him for the 1% he got wrong. Was it a horseshit call? Yes. But christ almighty people gain some perspective here. Umps are human and it happens. Sometimes you get boned by bad calls, sometimes you benefit from them. Bottom line is they gave the game away with shitty fielding and a general lack of hitting waaaay before Lawrie lost his shit.

      • Wrong!! Of course they get is right more than they get it worng. A trained monkey throwing darts would get it right 50% of the time. This is their job. Maybe you get by working at Burger King getting most things right, but this is MLB. The umps get it wrong waaay too often.

        • Find me one official in ANY sport that gets things “right” to the level that would satisfy you and get back to me on that. Sports fans have been complaining about officials since the dawn of time, it’s not going away. Getting worked up and bitchy because an ump blew a call is a pointless exercise as a fan of the game. Bad call? Yes. But again too many people take the sissy way out and bemoan the ump here and ignore the fact that they shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place if they had played solid baseball.

  86. Dustin, I actually like your work. I’m not sure why people feel so strongly about your writing or analysis. It’s kind of weird, almost a little creepy.

  87. Angels fire their hitting coach, bring up the AAA coach.

  88. arguably the funniest thing about the whole situation is the amount of displaced rage directed at parkes, here, on a message board, on the internet, by alleged “experts” over a tantrum thrown by a grown man at a baseball game over two bad calls in one at bat over the course of a 162 game season. someone could write a paper on that.

    that’s the logical side of me.

    The fan part realizes that no real blue jay fan in their right mind would still have beer left in the bottom of the ninth. and the lines for the mens room at the Dome are ridiculous sometimes.

    That cup was full of piss. Ballpark piss, the second grossest piss there is (behind maple leaf garden gray section top row 2nd overtime molson canadian piss-a fine vintage).

    So, I’m going to bed with that in mind tonight. the ump is covered in some random dude’s piss. Think about it.

    You’ll feel a little better.

    • There’s nothing unusual about the reactions you’re seeing are. They’re exactly what you would expect from fans of any sport.

  89. Once all the dust settles from this incident, Bautista and Lawrie are going to have the Umprie Union shit on us forever. Lawrie can go all Ernie Whitt and write a book about it. The syntax will be worth a read.

  90. From Shi Davidi: “Ump Miller to AP on Lawrie: “He took several steps toward me and fired his helmet. It hit me in the right hip … That’s a bit extreme.” ”

    Bill Miller is officially a “fuckin idiot” (as he called Lawrie).

    A bit extreme? He made a bad call on strike 2, got shown up by Lawrie (I’m going to assume accidentally, given how quickly Lawrie reacted to the pitch), tried to get Lawrie back by making a fucking HORRIBLE call (sorry Pitch f/x, but I trust my eyes more), and said it was a bit extreme that Lawrie got mad about it, and accidentally hit him with his helmet when he threw it.

    As for this post, I don’t exactly agree. Yes, Lawrie throwing his helmet wasn’t very smart considering he’s going to get suspended for a bit, and Lawrie will need to tone it down a little in the future, but you have to take the good with the bad with him. If you want the energy and the passion, there are still going to be consequences when shit like this happens.

    And for the guy who threw the beer, thank you. I know every single person in the stadium (all like 12, 000 or whatever who were still there) wanted to do the exact same thing. Maybe it’ll help Toronto get some homer calls now too…

  91. i dont normally advocate crazy behavior like that but I was pretty pleased when i heard Miller was douced with beer.. unfortunately the fan barely managed to get any on him! Miller is a bloated turd, fuck him.

  92. see my comment above… there is no logical way in hell that was beer… not in Toronto… not in the 9th

  93. Dye got 2 for throwing his helmet at an ump, that’s the only precedent as far as I know.

    Look, here’s the deal. Sports fans do not want to keep hearing things like “Small Sample Size”, “Progression/regression to the mean” and “outperforming their peripherals”. It gives people the impression that nothing they watch actually matters, or means anything. If a player is hitting well, all you have to look forward to is regression, and the other way around (the same logic that kept Francisco Cordero, Adam Lind, Juan Rivera and Jon Rauch employed for as long as they have been/were). The amount of wins that a team will accumulate has already been calculated on a computer. Essentially, in this world, there’s no reason to watch the game. This is the attitude that many people have towards blogs like this. (not myself)

    Fast forward to tonight, which featured a moment of passion. As has been said, we all want to ILLOGICALLY and BLINDLY shit on this umpire, because of this umpire’s IDIOTIC actions. Just vent with us man! It’ll be over soon, and there will be plenty of time in the coming days to moralize and rationalize.

    *shrugs*. Just saying. We’re all mad at the ump. We don’t wanna hear about how wrong the guy was to throw the beer.

    • here’s an idea…. if you don’t want to hear about statistics THEN DON”T FUCKING READ BLOGS WRITTEN BY SABER-HEADS DOUCHECANOES! what are you, that dickhole from the detroit free press? why don’t you all shove your heads back up cole hamels prestigious ass and continue to try and find willy mays or something. go play the game the right way.

      • sorry about that last one. quitting smoking and watching the jays lose to bill miller is hard enough without illogical morons complaining about something they read VOLUNTARILY OF THEIR OWN FREE FUCKING WILL!
        shit… nicotine rage again.

        • By “illogical morons” you’re referring to me, I assume. Let’s man up and call a spade a spade here,

          But your own illogical outburst against me sort of proves my point completely.

          There’s a difference, dickwad, between one who sees the usefulness in sabermetrics, and one who lives and dies by sabermetrics. I’m in the former. Parkes seems to be in the latter. I’m suggesting that the ire directed towards Parkes in these comments has to do with the fact that people don’t always WANT a voice of reason. People are illogical. Accept it.

        • Don’t apologize. Your comment was dead-fucking-on. Nailed it.

          • *yawn*

            You know what demographic this blog draws in? It’s not JUST saber heads. It’s Blue Jays fans who like to swear on comment boards, and Blue Jays fans who like to read articles with swearing in them.

            I love the blog, I love pretty much every article Parkes has ever written. But sometimes. PEOPLE. WANT. TO. BE. IRRATIONAL.

            GET. OVER. IT.

          • Tim, I re-read your first couple of comments and let the shit sink in, and I understand and accept what you’re saying.

        • DOUCHECANOES is my new favourite word.

    • \plus 1

      • Thank you Tim. I have heard “small sample size” more times in the comment section on this blog than my statistics classes.

  94. I also LOATHE the talk about wanting Lawrie to tone it in. Just watch and enjoy. That’s okay too! Christ it’s supposed to be entertainment!

  95. I lost interest in reading the garbage somewhere in the middle of the thread but think between all the Blogger bashing and beer throwing; people have overlooked the position Lawrie was in prior to taking that last pitch.

    With all his passion and aggression channeled on that at bat, a chance to redeem himself and make an impact in the bottom of the ninth, He managed to keep calm after the strike 2 call (the worst call). He won’t get praise due to what transpired the following pitch, but it goes to show the maturity in his ability to accept the ‘rookies strike zone’

    What happened immediately after is hard to dispute one side or the other, put yourself in that position though. I find it hard to believe the majority of any athlete type could control themselves. If you consider the high emotions given the situation, the type of player, and the recent struggles of the club.

    Zaun said it best when he mentioned Miller must have a dinner or flight to get to, he wanted that game over with.

  96. Also, about the rookie strike zone and whatever:

    Lawrie is one of the Jays stars.
    The game is in Toronto.
    It’s the bottom of the 9th inning.
    The Jays are down by 1.

    Lawrie not getting that first call is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know that there’s another team in the majors that don’t get that call*.

    Although the Molina pitch-framing thing may have played a role too.

    *-(obviously excluding certain teams…ie AstrLOLs)

  97. 30 games How figured? The umpire’s union will say 50, the MLBPA 10. MLB will saw it in half.

  98. Sportsnet just showed a thing. Everett got 10 games for shoving an ump, Dye got 2 for throwing his helmet. I can’t fathom this being more than 8 games.

  99. Oh relax Parkes, I wish you would get on here and defend yourself a little, even though its pretty obvious you wrote this knowing it would attract a lot of attention. You and your god damn superior morals, you smug bastard. And who gives a fuck if the ump got a beer lightly tossed at him that hit him in his FUCKING chest protector. You wanted to create a reaction to this piece, well I think I will speak for everyone with a nice big “Fuck Off Parkes”

  100. Dustin Parkes: Trolling.
    Brett Lawrie: Second coming of Pete Rose. He gets an ‘atta boy’ for sticking up for himself
    Piece of shit ump: Can choke on a bag of dicks.
    Guy who threw beer at the piece of shit ump: THANK YOU! Drinks are on me if we’re ever to meet.

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