Well, frankly, he was a little more appealing before last night’s ugly outburst. HEYO!

Breaking news on the Rogers-owned Blue Jays from Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet:

Seems a little light to me, and I’d like to hear how they came up with that number– seems like he was saved by the bounce… of his helmet– but it’s not like I’m gonna fucking complain. First time offender, didn’t intend to hit him with it, white guy, etc. etc.

If you’re still, for some reason, dying to keep going over all this, Guy Spurrier of the National Post walks us through Lawrie’s at-bat using Pitch F/X and, as usual, pretty much nails it. For me, though, it doesn’t change anything that’s been written in the last 24 hours. The guy with the bat in his hands needs to keep his emotions in check, whether he thinks he’s being baited or not. What Lawrie did was reckless and dumb and maybe deserved more games than he got– especially since he might get it appealed down to even less– but at the same time… if he doesn’t make a habit of such uncontrolled outbursts, I think we can all just fucking relax a bit.

Davidi adds:

Aaaaand, for context, apparently some folks out there need to remember what Jermaine Dye got two games for back in 2009 before they go around claiming the two incidents were exactly the same…



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  1. Seems a little light for tossing objects in the direction of umpires, but I suppose he did have some arguments (that the helmet bounced and that Miller was a total idiot last night).

    • I wonder if the umps actions had anything to do with the suspension being relatively light.

      • I would think not. That would kind of diminish the umpires power.

        • True but there’s a far more serious, less talked about aspect of the umpires subverting the game and misuse of said power to settle personal scores. Unfortunately, there’s never punishment for that.

      • Actually I think this is plausible given that 4 games seems very light. Kind of an admission that the ump was in some small way at fault for what happened.

      • Seeing only the four games, I wouldn’t doubt that the umpire’s embarrassing actions at least played a partial role.

        • You know the umpires actions had nothing to do with the suspension length.
          Unless you’re not who you say you are.
          Having been involved with enough of these things, to know that the player actions and past infractions dictate the penalty.
          The umpire will be dealt with behind closed doors ( if deemed necceassary).

          • Joe Torre?

          • Sorry Scott. My bad.
            Obviously not at the MLB level.Didn’t mean to imply that.

          • Okay, well, the only person who knows 100% of the 4 game reasoning is Joe Torre and maybe Bud Selig from the way it was explained to him. Joe Torre is very familiar with player and manager reactions to terrible calls (being a manager for 30+ years) and would certainly have understood where Lawrie was coming from even if it was only implicitly.

    • Yeah, I was thinking there was no way it would be less than five.

      • I thought it was obvious from the get go that it would be between 3-5.

        He overreacted, but he didn’t intentionally throw the helmet at the umpire. He didn’t get in his face and spit all over him, physically bumping him with his body.

        His reaction was obviously worse than Jermaine Dye, so he gets more than 2, but it wasn’t really as terrible as everyone is making it out to be. 4 games seems reasonable to me.

  2. That’s about where I expected it to be. Three or four is fair. He should drop the appeal June 4th, so he misses the White Sox series and one against the Barves.

  3. Can he possibly wait till he gets injured and then drop the appeal?

    • No. Well he can’t serve the suspension on the DL, but they’d have no idea if it was a small nagging injury.

      • of course he can, he doesn’t have to go on the dl

        • But if he was actually injured and you just held off putting him on the DL for 4 games to serve the suspension, then right after the 4 games moved him to the DL, the league would look into that.

          • wrong, there’s no rule that says you have to put a player on the dl.

          • I’m saying if he had a major injury – something longer than 3 weeks and you needed to call someone up to fill the hole, then you couldn’t serve the 4 games and then go on the DL.

  4. I think he got off pretty light. I mean, I am sure he didn’t throw it at the ump (was there, had a good view), but it is a helmet, it’ll bounce, and he didn’t throw it AWAY from the ump either.

    All in all though, the umpire deserved it, Lawrie deserved the strike three call for taking a walk at his age without waiting on the call, Lawrie deserved the suspension and Cole Hamels is impressed. Old timey baseball!

    • Even though the Cole Hamels suspension of 5 games is really 1 game multiplied by 5 to have an effect on the starting pitcher, I still thought it would be more than 5, less than 10. 8 games felt like the right amount if I’m being completely unbiased and taking off my Jays cap, so I’ll certainly take only 4.

    • First off, he gave ample time for the umpire to make the call on the second strike, and it was so blatantly a ball I’m surprised he even gave that much time before heading to first. Even after the total horseshit call, he took it like a man and didn’t noticeably cause any static, at from what I saw. The called third strike was a fucking joke, and totally vindictive from this Miller C.H.U.D. of an umpire which inspired the rage.

      And there is no fucking way that he intended to harm the umpire with his helmet toss. I usually like the moderating/posting from this site, but I have to say this is one instance in where these guys are completely out to lunch on their opinions where this incident is concerned. I think a game toss was in order, but any subsequent suspensions/penalties are completely absurd.

  5. I was guessing 5. So I’ll take it.

  6. Sounds about right for lawrie. I wonder how many walks drabek will have tonight against the patient yankees. I wouldnt be surprised if he had 8 by the 4th inning. Also, why is thames hitting 2nd? WTF Farell. Couldnt you put somebody better in that spot? Even vizquel would’ve been a better option.

    • seriously, remember the last time vizquel batted? he’s not actually very good at that part of the game, and there’s no reason why you would put him in the 2-slot before basically anyone else in the lineup

  7. I’m not sure why he’s appealing, other than to keep him in the lineup against the Yankees?

  8. P.s. Appealing…haha good one Stoeten, made me chuckle aloud.

  9. —Being completely serious here—

    Does anyone else think Lawrie should just take his lumps and drop the appeal after tonights game, so that 3 of the 4 games are against the Mets (a team not competing for an AL WIldcard obviously) and he’s right back in there against the Rays on Monday? This also kind of acknowledges that it was a fair suspension.

    • Nope. Because I am coming to TO from Halifax to see the Mets series, and I’m gonna need that Maple Boner at the Rail.

      • I’ve got tickets to the Sunday game too but it just seems like the perfect time in a meaningless series, when you already have the advantage of playing a bad team at home.

  10. yep…im a little surprised that its only 4 games. I wonder what the ump is getting…

    • An apology from Lawrie before the game it sounds like.

      • I’m sure thats been done.. but the ump deserves to be benched for a while too, and should be making his own apology..

        • No I mean like when Bill Miller is the 3rd base ump tonight with Lawrie set to spend 9 innings next to him. Obviously he’s gonna have to say something to him when he takes his warmups in the 1st inning.

        • Seriously? The ump should be suspended for a bad call? That is ridiculous.

  11. he’ s just appealing until he gets injured then he’ll drop the appeal and then just take 4 days off.

  12. Seems fair. There isn’t any evidence to conclude he hit him on purpose, but much like a stick in hockey, you have to be responsible for your equipment.

  13. Stoeten you are such a pussy.
    Mabey all the ball players should stand around after the game holding hands and singing kumbya.
    Oh the fan was so bad he threw something the horror…..
    OH Lawrie is like a hockey player, he is emotional…..the horror
    all ball players should be nerds like me and just take whats given to them……

    • Au revoir, genius.

    • You’re a bright one aren’t you? Why do you think baseball has a century long tradition of being known as a gentleman’s game? Pick your fucking sport wisely, neanderthal. This is what happens when NHL/UFC fans take a shine to baseball.

  14. Sounds about right. No rational person could possibly think he deserved less, but as Keith law said, “that’s a much smaller problem than an ump possibly making spite calls.”

    I would like to see a similar punishment for that scumbag ump.

    • As usual Keith Law nails it. No matter what purists say, there is no need for an umpire to call a pitch a strike just because the batter knew it was ball 4 and showed that he knew that by starting his walk (and for those who say umps have their own strike zone – Miller called pitch 1 of the same at bat in an identical location a ball).

      There is no need for chest-puffing from an umpire in the game of baseball. It’s got so much going for it that that kind of thing is completely unnecessary. If a home plate umpire has established a pattern of not motioning on a ball – how is the batter to know the difference between an extremely late strike call and a ball call?

  15. I was thinking it would only have been two or three games, but it could have been worse than four. Still a fair punishment. They should suspend Bill Miller for totally missing those calls and/or baiting Lawrie, but we all know that shit will never happen.

  16. Also, if Miller actually does look at PitchFX and other tools to self-evaluate, I’d love if he came out and said “I got those calls wrong, but that does not mean he can throw his helmet at me”.

    Because that is exactly what Lawrie has and should be saying…it’s just that he is held accountable.

    • We don’t know how the umpire is held accountable, but just because it isn’t public, doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be repercussions. Doesn’t mean there will be either, but I don’t think we can just assume he’s gonna skate.

      • Actually, Ken Rosenthal said today that umpires are suspended in the same way as players and those suspensions are made public. ….They just never ever happen which is the problem.

        • Suspension isn’t the only form of punishment, though.

          Which isn’t to defend what seems to be a really lax process that leaves a lot of shitty umpires with jobs, it’s just, like I say, no public process doesn’t mean no process. They get unannounced fines and they’re removed from choice assignments for poor work, for example. There may be other forms of discipline, I don’t know.

          • Behind closed doors Bill Miller probably guaranteed he won’t be working any postseason games but he probably wasn’t going to be anyways (he’s not known as a particularly good umpire).

            To contrast Jim Joyce was known as a good ump so it actually may have affected his postseason assignment but what Miller did was worse because he made a terrible judgment call (as every strike or ball is) as opposed to a bang bang play at first that was difficult to see without slow motion replay.

        • It happened with the ump (whose name escapes me) who got into it with Milton Bradley in the game when Bradley tore his ACL being restrained by his manager (whose name also escapes me). I could Google it I suppose, but meh.

      • Sorry, I meant held accountable publicly.

        Yes, I realize they are privately held accountable.

        Former ump Jim McKean was on the FAN today. He even suggested that Miller may very well have called strike 3 because he was “shown up”.

        Seriously, wtf. It’s one thing if it’s Bautista who does it constantly. Lawrie does not. He broke for 1B on an OBVIOUS ball. His reaction after that pitch was perfectly reasonable.

        And I’ll say it again. If Miller did what I, many others and a former umpire in McKean think he did, then he was acting like a petulant child, not Lawrie.

        • None of that excuses Lawrie from acting like a fucking petulant child in the slightest. Maybe they both were, but Lawrie DEFINITELY was.

          • They undoubtedly both were.

          • Why do you say this, Andrew? Why would context not matter “in the slightest”?

            I agree 100% that when someone is the victim of a bad call made by an umpire in good faith, he should probably take his lumps and go quietly back to the bench. But when a guy is genuinely the victim of an ump who has acted in bad faith and screwed the player and his team in a pretty profound way, why is he still obliged just to take it and return quietly to the bench?

            It’s interesting that the comments I read on mlb.com suggest that the vast majority of fans of other teams defend Lawrie’s actions, and see the ump’s act for what it was – an embarrassment to the game – yet our hometown bloggers are all tripping over each other to wag their sanctimonious finger at Lawrie and to write the umpire out of the scene entirely.

          • To be fair, it wasn’t “wah wah you didn’t give me borderline calls” it was “what the fuck! Those were obvious balls you fucking idiot” type calls. He didn’t act appropriately…but I don’t think “petulant child” is an accurate descriptor either.

            Frankly, petulant child would be a more apt description of what Bautista does when he doesn’t get borderline calls.

            Nothing about what Lawrie did was childish even if it wasn’t appropriate.

            Making “spite calls” as Law calls them IS childish.

          • “Petulant child” is the perfect description of how he acted. Have you ever seen a child act petulantly. They throw things and make a lot of noise.

  17. omar visquel has also been suspended. apparently omar came out during bp and jumped on bill miller’s back and furiously started humping him. when asked, omar said, “I don’t care if I get suspended, I’m retiring anyways”

  18. Dye got 2 games for doing the exact same thing.

    So, you’re right Stoeten, it is surprising that Lawrie got 4 games.


    • Guess what, dumb shit? They actually have this thing call the internet now, and you can actually watch the video of what Dye did on it. Why don’t yo do that and then come back and tell me it’s the “exact same thing” again. You know, if you’re not banned by then.

      Here’s a helpful link for you:


      • Was just going to post this exact thing here.

      • wow. ur getting dumber by the second.

        what Dye did was wayyy WORSE u fucking shit stain.

        He clearly meant to throw his helmet towards the ump. He snapped it back there like a fucking centre in football….and he hit the ump in the balls FFS.

        Keep trying champ, almost there…

        • Take off your Blue Jays coloured glasses, please. Lawrie was 1000 times more aggressive, kept coming towards the umpire after the toss, threw it a fuckload harder, was able to see precisely where he was throwing it, and can only barely claim he wasn’t intending to hit him.

          Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your time commenting on here.

          • the pitch to dye was atleast a strike. but agreed far less viscious

          • Lawrie “can only barely claim he wasn’t intending to hit him.”

            What exactly are you basing this on? And if intent is so easy to discern, why wasn’t he suspended for more than 4 games?

            Lawrie was too agressive and it certainly “felt” like he could have thrown a punch. But I think you’re taking a personality trait (i.e. super-sized intensity) and painting Lawrie with a one-size-fits-all brush.

            He can be agressive, emotional, intense etc. It doesn’t follow that his personality type is necessarily conducive to violence against umpires any more than it is to playing through injury. And we already know, based on his spring training comments, that he doesn’t play through injuries like a hockey player…

          • Jays2010, of course it doesn’t follow that his personality type is conducive to violence, however, it DOES follow that a guy who aggressively threw his helmet towards an umpire– not in any of the other 350 degrees of direction he could have and had it hit no one– and is steaming towards him should be treated as though he IS conducive to violence.

            There is no need for me to extrapolate from Lawrie’s personality to make it seem worse– his actions were plenty wrong and reckless on their own.

          • The fact that he must have seen the helmet hit the ump and still kept coming at him shows a total lack of sense or remorse.

          • You guys know he just wants page views right, Frank Fransisco did the same thing without the helmet throw, so has every manager, Lawrie didnt mean to hit him, took a bounce and AA even said if the helmet didnt bounce not only would it be no suspension it would just be another every week occurence.
            He’s just page hit whore.
            How many articles are posted on here about the exact same fucking thing. Lawrie is good for business, nothing wrong with that We still love you.
            Just livin the dream.

          • Stoeten,

            The aggression Lawrie showed was no different than 1000′s of others before him, so in this case its meaningless. Lawrie spiked his helmet forward, which people do when they are mad. The helmet bounced into the umpire. Suspension worthy because he didn’t control himself.

            But Dye flipped his helmet backwards, clearly intending to hit the umpire. How many of you have ever thrown something in frustration? Now how many of you have ever done that BACKWARDS? I’d venture to say none of you.

            Dye had more intent. I can see the comparison.

      • chill the fuck out stoeten, you’re seriously unbearable to listen to anymore

  19. I agree that Lawrie should definitely get some kind of suspension but why 4 games? How do they come up with that number? Alomar got 5 games for intentionally spitting on an ump. Jermaine Dye got 2 games for doing something very similar to Lawrie:

    TORONTO — Chicago White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye is appealing his fine and two-game suspension and will play against the Blue Jays on Friday night.

    Dye was ejected by plate umpire Mike DiMuro after being called out on strikes with the bases loaded in the sixth inning. Dye argued briefly with DiMuro and was ejected after slamming down his helmet, which bounced off the umpire.

  20. Classless to toss the race card in there.

    Dye got 2 games for the same thing a few years back.

    But, you know…that would be looking at things fairly instead of being the same type of troll you rail against.

    • Holy humourless shit, man. Shaking my fucking head all over the place.

      • I was merely being accurate.

        • Accurate for a humourless twat who thinks I actually would have seriously played the race card. And accurate for someone real quick to shoot his mouth off about an incident– the Dye ejection– he’s obviously never seen if he thinks it’s “the same thing”.

          Sure, plenty accurate.

  21. Well that was interesting, 4 games is pretty decent. I’d take that all day long.

  22. Anybody see the pti bit about Lawrie? that was hilariously similar to the argument here.

    • what’d they say?

      • Wilbon: He was right (but should get suspended…as pretty much EVERYBODY should agree with).

        Kornheiser: He should have known better than to show up the umpire.

        *shrugs* “old school baseball” also says that if an umpire fucks up, the next borderline call goes your way. If he were to come out and, like another commenter suggested, say “I blew the call, but he shouldn’t have thrown his helmet”, we’d all be overjoyed. Instead, he’s just another smug, authoritative ass hole umpire with a God complex.

        • Hah yeah, that was what I was kinda thinking in the moment… he fucked up the 3-1 call, so the next one HAS to go our way. Shoulda been the next borderline pitch automatically called a ball not the other way around. When he then did it again to Lawrie I think it just immediately broke the boiling point of Lawrie and a lot of others players would have reacted in a similar way.

  23. Yeah, the Dye incident is SOOO different. One guy threw his helmet on the ground and it bounced and accidentally hit the umpire ..while the other guy also threw his helmet on the ground and it accidentally hit the umpire. Who cares if one was a no look spike and the other was while facing the ump.

    Dont see the difference really.

    4 games is PLENTY for this.

  24. prestigious!

    that’s 4 more games he’s going to miss and Lawrie didn’t even wind up to throw a baseball at him.

    i’d say this is about right.

  25. Thank fuck for Bradley Ankrom

    • Awww, does he take it easy on you when you say ridiculously stupid shit?

      • That’s not how you spell accurate, child.

        • Do yourself a favour and read back through our exchange and see if you can still tell me with a straight face that it’s me and not you who’s being the child.

          • Well, I hadn’t really resorted to name calling…and called things accurately…so, you know…have a gander at the name tossing and trolling when you’re done your angry, self righteous mode.

          • You have a very strange view of accuracy, which not-at-all-oddly coincides with your not wanting to back down from saying some ridiculously stupid shit, but I guess that’s to be expected of a humourless twat.

            Ooooh, I called you a name. At least it was accurate.

      • Let me just say, sir, that you have a dream job. You get paid to behave like this!! I am positively green right now reading through all these exchanges.

  26. Well, Wilbon took Lawrie’s side in this and was extremely harsh on the umpire.

  27. Its funny. Stoeten took a dumb on Richard Griffin for “picking a stupid opinion and jamming it down people’s throats” and he’s essentially doing the same thing here. I’ve made a huge deal about this whole thing, so I’ll call 4 games light, because I don’t wanna look like an idiot. We can’t use the Dye example and compare it to this because its not the same, but we can use Yadier Molina as an example on Getting Blanked, even though that isn’t the same either

    Whatever supports your argument, right R. Griff?

    • You’re not expecting fair and rational from lil’ Andrew are you?

      I mean…if he had a helmet, he’d already have hit me with it because I called him classless mentioning race. A professional should take that and know better…or so I’ve read recently.

      • Dude, I merely pointed out that if you took the mention or race seriously, you’re probably too humourless to even exist. I honestly can’t believe you’re even for real.

        • Oh, I’ve been laughing at this the whole time, as I kill time waiting to head down to the game.

          I mean…save for the lame and tired race joke you made.

          • I’m not saying it was a GOOD joke, but thank you for at least acknowledging that you understand that it was one.

      • In a few short months the comments section has become a chimp’s tea party of the damned.

    • I have nothing to do with the Getting Blanked post, and I haven’t even read it, so I don’t know what you expect me to say about that.

      And no one says you can’t use the Dye example, you just can’t be ridiculous and look at it and tell me flat out that Lawrie’s outburst wasn’t far worse, therefore he’s getting screwed here. We’re trying to deal in reality here.

      • Hi Stoeten,

        While you are here, is it possible for you to stop another poster from using my screen name.?

        It’s very annoying to come on the board & see several posts which are not made by me but use my screen name.

        You can see my email address & the email address of the other poster, so perhaps a reminder to the other poster to use a different scree name would be in order.


  28. Wilbon also said he would have reacted exactly the same way as Lawrie did in that situation

  29. Stoeten you’re definitely a tool. How many times before this have you mentioned that Canadian fans havent taken quite the shine you’d like to Bautista simply because he’s not white and from a different country… If i remember correctly, you also suggested that MLB might be looking for a PED scapegoat in Bautista, and he of course would be the perfect targed because he plays for a canadian team and isnt white. Race is always on your mind as a pathetic leftist twat so dont act like that stupid joke about Lawrie recieving a lesser punishment becuase he’s white was a one time thing.

    • Dickless, did I act like it was a one time thing? No, I said it was a joke. If you’re too dumb to get that– and judging by your use of “leftist” in the pejorative, I assume you are– it ain’t my fault. Nor is it my fault that you’ve very obviously failed to grasp any of the other stuff you think I’ve said. Enjoy your day.

      • I thought it was a good joke and consistent with your previous points about Canadian Jesus. It will take a lot for a certain segment of the fanbase to go against his actions.

        The leftist comments rule. Please do not change them.

      • Your my hero you used the word perjorative and then ain,t in the same paragraph not saying it’s wrong just unusual.
        You just went up in my book, I’m comin ghere more often, what’s with all the trolls on your youtube channel are they just americans because canadians know and now me this is the site to go to for the baseball.

  30. In regards to you guys taking shit: I don’t think anyone is arguing that Lawrie was in the right (he wasn’t, obviously); I think they’re arguing that you DJF guys can just be sanctimonious dick-heads about a lot of things. You can’t honestly shit on a guy for being immature when you yourself look like a less appealing Zach Galifianakis and you run a website called Drunk Jays Fans. You’d think a hipster would understand irony better.

    • That’s funny, because I believe I can and I did, and I did it better than most of these clowns. Sorry.

      • This is starting to get an awkward feeling.

        Time for all to take a deep breath,until cooler heads prevail.

        Unless Stoeten wants to ban 90% of the comment section.

        Christ,that’ll keep you busy till midnight.

    • Now THAT is level headed accuracy.

      • I’ve had enough heated exchanges with Stoeten.
        Call it a blogging hazzard.
        It’s gone from a lively debate to irrational arguing.
        It’s like being in a bar with a bunch of people.

  31. I think 4 games is about fair. What I am more interested in is what Lawrie’s strike zone looks like in tonights game.

  32. Joseph Kony and Brett Lawrie stole my babies.

  33. Let’s just hope a couple Jays go Oppo Taco tonight so we can put this mess behind us. Amiright?

  34. Ok, I agree with everything in your post, Stoeten, except for the following line:

    “I think we can all just fucking relax a bit.”

    Because you clearly meant to say: “I think you can all just fucking relax a bit.”

  35. “Seems a little light to me, and I’d like to hear how they came up with that number– seems like he was saved by the bounce… of his helmet– but it’s not like I’m gonna fucking complain. First time offender, didn’t intend to hit him with it, white guy, etc. etc.”

    Stoeten, that was the argument that you made to me last night…that he threw it off the ground in frustration without any real intent at all and deserved a lower suspension because of it. It appears Torre agreed with that perspective.

    Still, I think Lawrie got really lucky that MLB didn’t view any intent in his throw. Brett threw it right in Miller’s direction at his feet, there was always going to be a significant chance of it bouncing and hitting him. Could have been far worse for him.

  36. Why does Stoeten want Lawrie suspended? Makes no sense for a blue jay fan blog to have such a strong desire to have a talented player to be out of the line up.

    • I don’t know why he does, but I like baseball and I don’t like shitheads whether on my favourite team or another. Brett showed no control and fucked up. He deserves what he got.

    • Or are you the type who would defend his child rabidly despite all evidence that your kid did something wrong. It’s called responsibility and the taking of it.

  37. He got off light methinks. Can he do the four with Adam Lind riding shotgun?

  38. I think baseball got it right. Which to me, is encouraging. Four games isn’t two … but it isn’t ten. Lawrie lost it and maybe he shouldn’t have but in its way, the whole episode might be good for the game. It straightens out (a little bit) the ump-bullshit that they cram down players’-and-fans’ throats whenever they might get a notion to, by NOT giving Lawrie five or more games with a big fine on top of it. And by not making it only two games, they tell everyone else that … you can’t be throwing shit around in front of the ump while you have a temper-tantrum. So I like it. Hopefully the team can wangle around the suspended games, at least somewhat.

  39. I am still waiting for someone to address, would Lawrie’s helmet have hit the ground and hit the umpire if he had not just been ejected after 1 bad call and one questionable call. Watch the full replay, Miller ejects Lawrie when he starts saying, this is BS pulls a your out of here looks a way then Lawrie throws his helmet. Yes, the book says do not argue balls and strikes but common, that was questionable, if the ump after calling strike out lets him rant for a minute, than throws him out would he have thrown the helmet?????

  40. I can’t wait for Lawrie to be standing on 3rd with Miller there tonight. Holy fuck it would be awkwardly awesome.

  41. Huh. I was hoping I’d find a discussion down here of the most interesting thing in the Spurrier piece: That BrooksBaseball establishes an upper limit of the rule book strike zone for each batter, but they are all displayed on the generic screen for download. Meaning that pitches that appear to be at the top of the strike zone on the plot chart can actually be high by a significant amount, which I hadn’t heard mentioned before.

    • Today is not the day for rational discussion about Spurrier charts. I wish it was. Then again, no I don’t.

  42. Tight game against division rival, close game in the bottom of the 9th after some frustrating games trying to gain ground early in the season and you make two bush league calls that have a direct impact on the game?

    I would’ve been upset if Brett wasn’t upset.

    Not quite “pine tar on a bat” level of rage that he showed, but I’ll take a Lawrie/George Brett comparison any way I can.

  43. Fuck you Torre, i used to respect you. 0 games it should have been,if MLB suspended or fired shitty umps for shitty calls players like Lawrie wouldnt have to do shit like that.

  44. some of you magnificent posters really jackoff to arguing with stoeten. it really says alot when people cant control their emotions. reminds me of a womanly quality.

  45. Exactly what I thought it would be. Reduced somewhat because it didn’t look intentional (even if it was dumb and “dangerous”) and because of how bad the calls were.

  46. The panelists on Around The Horn were a lot kinder to Lawrie than they were to the ump. Even that crotchety old bastard from Boston, Bob Ryan. Maybe especially Bob Ryan. He called the ump ‘bush-league’ a couple of times. And, as someone mentioned here earlier, the other (American) show that I DVR, Pardon The Interruption, was also more pro-Brett than I thought they might be. Both shows were a lot more on Lawrie’s side than some of our own locals were. Funny, that.

  47. Guys life is meaningless, this is just a =game four games 30 games who cares?
    I enjoy watchin g it but all this hate between both sides is crazy to me.
    Tony Rage
    are you the type who would defend his child rabidly despite all evidence that your kid did something wrong. It’s called responsibility and the taking of it.
    Depends what they did becuase like I said every thing you do in life means nothing so enjoy it, and if my kid didnt do anything that bad like throw a helmet at the ground I wouldn’t do a fucking thing.
    You don’t turn on family one of the few things that actually means something to some people, worrying about embarssement or child like tantrums doesnt bother me at all,

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