I have a suspicion that tonight’s game isn’t going to going to be quite as water cooler-worthy as last night’s– and let’s fucking hope so– but who knows what some kind of insane, gut-fucking Kyle Drabek blow-up would do to the chattering masses– who, for their part, finally figured out an appropriate time to boo, showering scorn on the umpiring crew as they came onto the field. Of course, they also cheered heartily for Brett Lawrie, a meat-head hero for the surprisingly-literate who think I’m a pussy for not condoning violence and/or acting like a spoiled douche bag, so… baby steps.

It’s not going to be an easy task for Drabek, as the Yankees continue their yearly trend of being ridiculously stacked with hitting ability. And, at least for tonight, Jayson Nix.


Eric Thames hitting third, huh? I mean… shit… I don’t know… it would be a lot easier to hate that decision if, y’know, anyone on this damn team was hitting. I can see giving Escobar a night off…

Meh… that’s it.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
E. Thames LF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C
A. Lind DH
O. Vizquel SS

K. Drabek RHP

Poo Yuck Skankees

C. Granderson CF
N. Swisher RF
R. Cano 2B
A. Rodriguez 3B
M. Teixeira 1B
R. Ibanez LF
E. Chavez DH
R. Martin C
J. Nix SS

H. Kuroda RHP


Image by Brad White/Getty.

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  1. What no preamble.? WTF
    Is this a bad time to ask when the next Opera Bob’s outing will be?

  2. Jayson nix lol!

  3. Well at least Omar isn’t batting second like his last start.

  4. Not the worst lineup ever. It’s great to see that Farrell is now willing to admit that the only guy Lind can hit ahead of is a 50 year old middle infielder making a spot start.

  5. I would have hit Lawrie third or fourth to show the team supports him 100%, but I’m certainly not a MLB manager either.

  6. can’t wait for omar to throw his walker at the umpire.

  7. Ball didn’t hit him. The ass-fucking from the umps starts early tonight.

  8. i sure hope there is no close call at 3rd tonight. fuckin posters will go nuts with collusion to fuck the canadian jays

  9. Here comes the Drabek meltdown. I was pleasantly surprised he made it through one inning though.

  10. Why would they not replace Miller for this series? The players are all going to be pissy and the guy was already attacked by fans, why even create the scenario where something could happen again? Awful decision making by MLB as usual.

    • I kind of like that they can get the fake apologies over with and we can all just move on already, actually. But that assumes Miller can be professional in doing his job, which… not so sure about that.

    • how about add more security so that a coward cant escape. i cant believe all the people who justified the beer throwing. assault over a ballgame is so retarded its almost beyond comprehension

      • I believe that would be “aggravated” assault ;)

        To me, it’s the umpires own fault for making himself the centre of the situation rather than being in the background as arbiter. If he didn’t pull his shenanigans, nobody has a problem like what happened.

        Fans have paid their money in good faith to see professional baseball from MLB. That includes a proper game experience like the stadium, grounds crew, facilities, lighting, seating, etc.

        • And if you can’t have any of those things, since it’s the Rogers Centre, at least it would be nice to have halfway decent umpiring.

      • The beer thrower escaped last night according to Bob Elliott in the Sun.
        Rogers security showing how efficient they are.

        Luckily for Miller the Jays are winning tonight & Beer at 11 $ is too expensive to throw at him from 3B.

  11. Thanks bottom of the order.

  12. Nice plate discipline on Martin there.

    • Whoops, that was Nix. I thought there was something about that at-bat that bore the mark of Dwayne Murphy.

  13. Nix! Swinging at junk like mad. No wonder his OBP is under 200.

  14. This years Jays are like watching a train wreck happen in slo-mo. Hope I’m not offending anyone.

  15. It worries me to see a bunch of guys on the Jays bench that I believe I could put in a headlock and muss their hair around. Round and pasty.

  16. There is always an umpire sitting out a game- MLB should have requested a day off for him for his own safety.

    • coming from the guy in korea. do you take days off from the north threat?or are you in the north hahaa

      • No, I wish. However, the umpire was somewhat physically assaulted yesterday whereas the North was pretty quiet. When the NORKs do something provocative, the military does go into high alert.

  17. Another horseshit call at second base. I’m not convinced that Cano had control of the ball in the first place.

  18. Choo Choo!! Sorry about that.

  19. Arencibia!

  20. arencibia is the best lowball hitter ive seen.cant hit shit abov e his knees

  21. Nice hit J.P.A if he can get that average up maybe he can be the future 1b/dh.

  22. Hey guys sorry for swinging at a pitch out of the zone and weakly grounding out. It doesn’t happen that often.

  23. Day in and day out, Jeter makes those routine plays. Wow.

  24. Jeter’s still a great shortstop and always has been! I don’t care what “stats” say about it…

  25. Because apparently buck, errors are the only sign of good defense….

  26. i dislike Thames

  27. Good old Tex.

  28. EE!!!


  30. Welcome to the AL East, Kuroda.

  31. in all the fluff of the day did anyone notice the angels fired their hitting coach?

  32. Thank you man in white!

  33. Anyone else notice that Ibanez looks exactly like skinny pete from breaking bad?

  34. Baseballs come at you fast

  35. I am not convinced with Murph. He was only part of what fixed Bautista whereas Lind had his college instructor fix him and Encarnacion had Cano’s coach fix him.

    No one here knows the ins and outs of it, but Hill, Lind, Snider, Wells are pretty big X’s against him. I know he didn’t take those at bats but how are you supposed to measure a hitting coaches’ effectiveness?

  36. that was close

  37. That’s a nice bit of hitting there.

  38. Adam Lind is getting his at bats over quickly so they don’t have time to flash his stats on the tv.

  39. i want to go on the yankee board tonight and see the snappers at losing to toronto

  40. All runs scored with two outs.

  41. farrell looked like he just dropped a turd. nothin like a good poop to give ya another perspective on life

  42. I used to catch Roy Halladay……

  43. so fast. wow.

  44. squiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirt

  45. That was pulverized.

  46. What a jack. Let’s hope that keeps up.

  47. kuroda does suck shit.pitching jp low and jose inside. death to the pitcher

    • If only he sucked more he would have gotten a no hitter. That’s what he gets for being decent.

  48. my third testicle just dropped.thx jose

  49. John Sterling voice: “It is high, it is deep, it is gooooonnnnne, Jose can you see that rocket’s white glare, a J-bomb from J-Bauuuuuuuuu”

  50. ow. now i have old man sac. i just sat on my three nuts

  51. can we call him J-BOT

  52. there goes JPA again getting all those useless rbi’s batting at the bottom of the lineup. he needs to stop driving in all those runs and become more like eric thames.

    • RBIs are not useless inherently, just as a predictive measure of an individual’s performance as their existence is dependent on the players ahead of you getting on base. if the bases are empty, you can hit triples every at bat, have a super ridiculous slugging percentage, and still not only get no rbis, but likely no wins either (that other old school stat that means very little to predicting anything about individual players).
      RBIs and wins incorporate the performances of multiple players, thus should not be used as BASELINES to evaluate individual player performance. They are useful in evaluating a lineup, or team performance over a year, or even as part of figuring out a player’s mentality in clutch situations, but that’s bout it.

      • Jezz Thanks
        I never looked at it that way before.
        Do you know how they get the Caramilk in the Caramilk bar?

        • LOL RADAR… brett lawrie wills it in there with his massive amount of want. Dude’s got want for days.

        • yes upside down tophalf filled with yum yum and the second bottom half melted to other. packaged and flipped.you are welcome. and in baseball all stats are useless except wins. 1 million dollars please

        • my mom worked for cadbury’s/ our freezer was full of mini bars and defective ones. they sold them at the factory.mmmmmmmmmm coconut

      • WRONG

        • The best part of all the massive trolling the last couple days has been the complete and utter lack of senses of humour on BOTH sides… it’s been awesome to watch (and, occasionally, stoke). I’d actually recommend listening to the most recent BP Podcast…KG takes a nice little shot at everyone who’s letting both hysteria/narratives AND over obsessions with stats drive them to the battlefield. I love debating the meanings of stats… I’m a poli-sci major and a wonk by nature… but I prefer watching the games. Much more fun than numbers.

  53. with the low averages anyone can argue hitting placement really.i think farrell is going to be a little more flexible now. i think AA called some shots with lind

  54. Man those bobbleheads are shitty lol

    • I’m going to the game on Sunday…Morrow’s bobblehead looks nothing like him. I’m not sure I should bother getting one.

  55. glad to see the posters leave stoeten alone so he can drink some beer and get drunk. fuckin 3 game losin streak puttin people’s panties in a knot around here

  56. PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Johnny?…Johnny!…JOHNNY!

  58. Take a breath Kyle.

  59. I doubt Nix would have swimg if it was right down the middle. Not a good 3-2 pitch.

  60. Huge break there. Should have gone to third.

  61. Robot Umps..

  62. Jesus what a brutal call

  63. He was safe by a mile. But why the fuck did Omar go to second anyway? Senility is kicking in. Rajai Davis impression there

  64. Holy fucking brain cramp Viquel, i dont think any of them knew that there was 1 out and what they were doing

  65. another fuck up.glad it wasnt at 3rd.never hear the fuckin end of it. hey lawrie see the guy not snap.thats class

  66. The walks are still scaring me, but overall a really solid outing by Drabek.

  67. No Pat I don’t like how we walked a couple of guys that inning.

    • 60 strikes 53 balls. Still a work in progress obviously. Still, 1 run and 3 hits vs the Yanks is nothing to sneeze at.

  68. You can move heavy pots, shit rocks & much more.

  69. i have heard the yanks have a pitching problem

  70. kj is meant to play on artificial turf and at the skydome.sign him up

  71. Are they squeezing Lawrie a bit now?

  72. I see Geddy Lee is in his usual seats behind home plate tonight

  73. Oh no Cordero set to come in. Is the lead big enough?

  74. There’s a BULLET for out number one…

  75. Urkel strikes out to end it!

  76. And a clean inning!

  77. nice game boys. what is going on in detroit.the started on a tear and the wheels fell off. old boy omar wasnt too bad for a night

  78. Jays crush the Skanks… sorry, that was an insult to skanks everywhere. JAYS WIN FUCK YEAH

  79. Thoughts on the game.

    1. Yankees cant beat jays without Brett Gardner blue jay killer.

    2. Drabek was sure using that cutter alot that he supposedly was not using as much.

    3. Encarnacion, Johnson, Bautista, and JP are hot. everyone else is not. better than what was happening before when we had one hot player at a time.

    4. Our worst hitter is our DH.

  80. Drabek chose a good time to pick up his game.

  81. Nice to see the TEAM, as opposed to one player at a time, starting to pick it up… I guess this is what they call regression to a positive mean.

    • the yanks pitcher has been stinky as well as the other ones says the yankee posters.they are also complaining about their hitters not being consistent except for jeter and all looking for the homer. sounds like the jays posters switching the pen with starters doesnt it?and they are 1 game apart. sounds like the teams are equal and here comes the sox who can hit like hell and have no pitching at all. if AA can move quickly on anything the jays have a good chance on that wildcard. bat/ left fielder/#1 or 2 starter puts them ahead

  82. whats that scrunchy noise? everyones panties unknotting. the magic of a win. stoeten was wearing chain mail today.wedged a little tight it seems.hope he drank enough to take that protective edge off. make fun of his site, he will rise. hahaha fuck off stoten

  83. Great win for theJays. Drabek looked good but he is starting to fall off the mound to his left again. This is a bit dangerous.

    I thought it was 2010 again with all the HR’s.

    Cordero got a clean inning in a low leverage situation which is what he needs.

  84. This offense is confounding – they are now 6th in MLB in runs scored and 4th in HRs – if only they could get 2/3rds of their lineup hitting at the same time.

    On almost every given night, just short of half the lineup produces NOTHING. Tonight Lawrie, Colby, Lind and Omar were basically pylons. Last night it was Escobar, Francisco/Thames, Rasmus and Mathis. Night before it was Escobar, Bautista, Lind Encarnacion and JPA. Last game in Minny it was Francisco and Rasmus.

    Wow, Rasmus is Coldby, Ice Coldby. – 0 for his last 14 with 1 BB and a run (vs TB). On the good news front, he has not struck out in his last seven games (26 PAs).

    I say all of this because this lineup tantalizes with potential, a dangerous word I know, but there has to be a coordinated hot streak in these guys at some point – and that will be F-U-N.

  85. This is from the Wankees blog:

    “The Blue Jays are the most underrated pain in the ass team ever.”

    You’re welcome.

  86. Alabama caller right now.

    • Alabama Steve is right. Many Blue Jays fans are too reactionary.

      Probably is related to the giant sucking sound that emanates from the Air Canada Centre.

  87. Rasmus needs to just forget about everthing and just do what he wants hitting wise

    jesus effing C i thought that perhaps the 800 ops potential would never be realized again..but i figured at worst he would give us over 700 ops with plus defense in center field..that i can live with

    • June 15th is Rasmus’s turn around day.
      June 15th he’ll start to rake.

    • cletus is seeing all new pitchers and he is young. i would also say he isnt given any useful tips from the coaches on pichers either

  88. Stoeten…when did your enemy become all other jays fans? Maybe give the ol’ you against all the unwashed fans schtick a break, before you find your readers looking for less idiotic options – like Griffin {ouch}.

  89. UnFun with Numbers:

    Adam Lind’s last 15 games (granted it is an arbitrary sample but holy hell):

    OBP = .200, BA= .120, 2 HR (which is a pace of 19 over 145 games), his only X-base hits

    His K-rate is in line with his career average of 20%.

    Bizarre stat – his BABIP in those 15 games is .100

    • Hi Guys!

      I am so unlucky! I can’t catch a break. Hey, maybe I should bunt or something? I did that in T-ball and was pretty good at bunting.

      (phone rings)

      CITO: What the fuck are you doing you stupid Hoosier?
      LIND: Hi Skipper. How are you?
      CITO: Bring the barrel down in the zone and pull the fucking ball.
      LIND: Sure. Did you get the cookies my mom made for you?
      CITO: (heavy breathing)
      LIND: You there Skipper?

  90. Adam Lind has had 6 hits in just over 2 weeks, 4 of those have been singles (DH/1B) WOW. And, would the Jays really be worse off TRYING David Cooper. I am not talking about giving him the job, but you HAVE to try something even if it is for a week or two. DFA Ben Francisco bring up Cooper for a couple of weeks and by then perhaps you have made a trade or Vladdy can be a contributor.

    • Too early for Vlad. But, yes – anything is an upgrade over Lind. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see a little more Francisco before Cooper comes up (if at all). Then, if Lind is really so terrible that he loses a roster spot entirely, we’ll see a healthy Snider in LF with Thames sharing DH duties with someone. If Cooper is, miraculously, better than we all think… Well, then they have more assets to play with.

  91. Awesome game. Kuroda – what a fucking gas-can! Jesus Christ. Still, good to see a laser-beam from Bautista despite the crud of a pitcher.

    Good rebound from last night’s shenanigans. Go Jays.

    • For Jays fans who are unfamiliar with Kuroda: last night, he gave up the most runs he’s given up in a single game since Jully 2008. That was his worst outing in four years.

  92. According to Pitch F/X Kuroda had 2 balls away to righties called for strikes. I’ll give you one guess who they were to. Here’s a hint, he also struck out on another pitch away because he sure as fuck didn’t have any reason to believe he’d get an honest call.

  93. Can the Jays get rid of that god awful Argo’s fog horn whenever the Jays hit a homer? I’d rather even hear a Blue Jays squawk every time they hit one over that monstrosity.

  94. Come on man lift the ban…..I promise to play nice. ;)

  95. “a meat-head hero for the surprisingly-literate who think I’m a pussy for not condoning violence and/or acting like a spoiled douche bag, so… baby steps.”

    That whole literate part is particularly ironic coming from an author who relies more on the f-bomb to get his point across more than a high school girl volleyball player with a bummed ankle and on her period relies on her active ankle.

    Certainly, Lawrie crossed a line, so we agree on that point. But I’m quite certain that was particularly uncharacteristic for the charismatic Canadian, and I’m willing to bet you won’t see that kind of outburst with thrown equipment from him ever again. It’s a shame some people endorse “sports writers” who cannot differentiate between a meat-head and a passionate player: especially one as intelligent in speech and at the plate as Lawrie.

    While Lawrie needs to keep his reactions in check and under control, the passion to succeed and see his teammates succeed should not be downplayed by an unknown author’s limp wristed dismissal of “meat-head”. I personally hope that fire is kept alive and well for the rest of his career. And if he can direct that fire towards more positive outcomes and not at a situation, Lawrie will be an MLB’er to be feared by opposition and adored by fans.

    Afterall, you can’t judge a player on one outburst. Imagine if we all wrote off Roberto Alomar’s career and competitiveness because of that one certain incident he was involved with?

    • Agreed with the above. I also find it comical that a good portion of the American media and fans of other teams that have commented on this situation were of the opinion that, “Yeah, he shouldn’t have thrown his helmet, and yeah, he should be suspended for that, but given how egregiously the calls were blown, I could see why he would blow up the way that he did.” I’m pretty sure that this is the exact sentiment that many of the “fucking morons” and ‘meatheads” cited by Stoeten are trying to get across.

      Quite frankly, I was stunned to see how many fans of other teams were sympathizing with Lawrie on this one (while not condoning his actions thereafter), and weren’t reflexively calling him a meathead or a douchebag.

      This has been an unfortunate common thread of this blog recently. Parkes overreacts in taking an excessively contrarian position (see also: McGowan contract). The others rush to the defense of Parkes. It’s all the more funny because these guys seem to specifically go after the “fucking morons” that impulsively react without proper reflection, when it has largely been Parkes’ impulsive reactions without proper reflection that have most the angry commenter mobs the most.

      • thanks for that clusterfuck of english. with the strain of trying to comprehend the hogwash ,i need to vent my opinion piece you just printed i just popped my largest hemorhoid. my impulse to the fuckin moron and need to say meathead like archie bunker the captain of malyprop.jays win so get your panty unknotted

        • Wow LLHSA.
          Feel better now that you got that off your chest.
          A good rant is beneficial to your mental health.

  96. I am suprised at how negative and hate filled this “fan” site is right now.
    I really used to enjoy this site last summer during games where fans could come together to bitch when bitching was needed and cheer for the team when a game was on.
    The blog used to have more of “community” feel to it then it does recently. That is one of the things that first drew me to the site.
    I dont know as much about baseball as alot of people on this site, but i try to learn and am a fan of the Jays. I give my opinion, they might be wrong, but thats what a comment section is for right?
    Cant we all just get along?

  97. i think you are missing the comedy. there may be a need for you to get a fuckbuddy to go to the games with or get a hummerjob while watching at home. too many assholes in the world to all get along. im a magnet for them even when im on my best behaviour. lighten up there isnt that much knowledge being passed along on this site on anything. if you are posting wrong comments why not ask a question instead?

  98. OK here is a question.
    A guy the other night was all up in arms about Lawrie and anyone defending him because he said baseball has been seen for the last century as a “gentlemans game’ is this the case? I mean i read about Babe Ruth taking a swing at an umpire over balls and strikes and having to be escorted off the field by police. I have seen many bench clearning brawls, Alomar spitting in the umps face George Brett needing to be restrained or George Bell charging the mound and drop kicking the pitcher. I mean i dont see that type of thing happening in Golf which is known as a “gentlemans game”.

    But i do agree with you. I would enjoy hummerjobs while watching the game at home but something is telling me the wife wont go for it. Unfortunatley she is too busy watching the game herself.

    • To answer your question.
      Baseball has never been a “gentlemans game”.The guy equates the non physical contact of the game to being gentile.If you look at the history,guys have broken players legs,sharpened spikes to slice open a defender on slides,etc.
      But although those incidences are now rare AND indefensible in todays game,at a high level, the competitive nature comes out.And with that, emotion and passion.
      While the authors of this site prefer to try to condense the game into a logical decision making process thus non combative,the atheletes themselves see the game differently.It’s a contest,my best against your best.
      It’s a corny adage but baseball can be used as an analogy for life.
      Some times you produce when your not your best,sometimes you try and don’t get results,calls go against you unfairly and sometimes you get away with one.
      We all watch the game differently and are at different levels of knowledge which makes the debates about the game so interesting.
      If you need further confirmation that baseball is more than a “gentlemans game”,go to any high level local amatuer game where you can have access to the players/coaches and get their insight.You’d be surprised how combative it really is.

      • Thanks,
        I posted a couple weeks ago that I think baseball is the only sport where people that have never played the sport seem to know more about it than the people who play it. Just read the comments on ehre about how stupid Buck and Tabler are about the game. These 2 guys were both proffesional ball players, they know something about the game that none of us on here, having not played proffesionally, will never know.
        Statistics this and statistics that, emotion always plays a part in sports.You cant put a number or a stat on intagibles.
        I get the emotion.

        • Just because you know how to do something or do something extremely well does not mean that you understand why you do something well or are well-equipped to explain why you do something well.

          Playing the game, managing or coaching a team, and being a general manager of a team are three fundamentally different roles. On occasion, people can be good at two or all three of these roles. For the most part, things tend to go off the rails when someone who has spent their whole life in one of the roles tries to try their hand at one of the other roles.

          You probably wouldn’t want AA to be your hitting coach, so why would you listen to Pat Tabler or Gregg Zaun talk about personnel or managerial decisions?

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