It’s The Getting Blanked Show for Wednesday, May 16th, 2012– with a whole lotta Brett Lawrie, a Stat Learnin’ segment on RBIs (by popular request), and more! Watch the episode below, listen to the mp3 here, and subscribe to all the good stuff below the clip. Enjoy!

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  1. Yes, obviously Lawrie over-reacted, BUT who cares. I think that we are under-estimating the long term positive psychological impact that such an incident has, albeit unintentional.

    In my view, this gets in the heads of the umpires too. They know that calls will be watched with much more scrutiny moving forward. I think the talk of having the umpires as this mason-esque group that will hold grudges for eons is only true if it remains hidden.

    I think Lawrie blowing his top shed some light onto the umpires…. a light I don’t think they particularly like having on themselves.

    Perhaps this will negate some of those Yankee-RedSox calls that they get, and even the playing field. In my view, this was always a throw away season to let the youngsters find their footing, so who cares if losing 20 games to suspension creates a long term good.

    Sometimes you have to push back, or you’ll always be tread on.

    I know Stoets doesn’t like a hockey analogy, but when Gerome Iginla fights the guy tasked to checking him, the guy ends up giving him more space to work with the puck… it’s just a natural result of gaining his respect/fear.

    Nobody wants to fire the loose cannon at work, who will go postal….

    My 2 cents.

  2. You obviously don’t understand the history, tradition, or culture of officiating in the major leagues.

  3. Obviously

  4. You guys are totally forgetting the emotional influence in the umpires call. Lawrie wasn’t just upset because he didn’t get the call, he’s upset because he thiks that the ump was not being fair. With a machine making the call, you might not like it, but, you know that it wasn’t trying to get back at you for a perceived slight. That is obviously why the ump called the two strikes – especially the last one which was up near Lawries armpits. You can accuse me of trying to read the umps mind, well, so what. As a human, I can get a sense of what the umps feelings are. You can too, (at least you look sort of human) but, you don’t want to admit that Miller was doing a lousy job of keeping his feelings out of his decision. Lawrie’s reaction was uncalled for, but, understandable.

  5. and… is it just me, or are the Jays getting a lot of calls going their way tonight?

  6. The YouTube comments are hysterical. Nice job, guys… I haven’t missed a show yet, which may say something about me but definitely says something about the quality of the broadcast.

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