You don’t mess with success, amiright? So after last night’s fireworks obviously the Jays and John Farrell are gonna go right back to the ol’ lineup well and trot the same crew out against Phil Hughes and– hang on. WHAT THE FUCK!?!!?!?

Arencibia fifth? Francisco at DH?? YAN GOMES????

Well that’s fucking trippy.


Wilner tells us on the radio broadcast that Vlad Guerrero showed up in such good shape and looked so good in Dunedin that he’ll start playing tomorrow– getting some time in the outfield “to get his legs under him”. Hopefully, because there’s no fucking way you can ever play him in a Major League outfield.

TV: Sportsnet, MLB Network

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
J. Arencibia C
B. Francisco DH
C. Rasmus CF
Y. Gomes 3B
R. Davis LF

D. Hutchison RHP

Poo Yuck Skankees

D. Jeter SS
C. Granderson CF
R. Cano 2B
M. Teixeira 1B
R. Ibanez LF
N. Swisher DH
E. Chavez 3B
A. Jones RF
R. Martin C

P. Hughes RHP


Image by Brad White/Getty.

Comments (190)

  1. Would’ve been nice to see my protégé Koby Clemens get the call up. He’s been pretty shit at the plate to start the year though, so not very surprised when Gomes got the call.

  2. Woof. With Rasmus scuffling, that’s a depressing back half of the order, right there. Will be nice to see Gomes get some run, though.

  3. I was the first one to say JPA should bat cleanup. thank mcfarrell for reading my post.

  4. i like farrell trying this out but would have prefered rajai available to pinch run for jp later in game

  5. Hutch is gonna get chewed up by the yanks

  6. rajai learn to play a ball off the wall

  7. Despite the run there, I have a feeling Hutch is going to pitch well tonight.

  8. that first run wasn’t helped by Rajai missreading the bounce off the wall.

  9. “he went to one of those places where you work out”

    you mean a “gym” tabby?

  10. polish your wood jose

  11. you too EE

  12. Holy fuck that wide strike zone better go both ways

  13. fuckin o’s had another comeback win today. leading in homers over texas too

  14. I saw Gomes in spring training, he looked pretty good

  15. Why am I getting that feeling that we are going make Hughes look better than he is?

  16. So Sid Sixeiro dresses like the girl with the dragon tattoo.

  17. Hey! So what’s everyone doing? You guys all pretty good. Great. Great. Well ah, catch you later then I guess. Ya…. Later then…

    • Learn to hit lefties…hell, learn to hit anyone.
      If you can’t hit in Vegas, well….it was nice seeing you play in 2009.

  18. Jeez, Wilner’s going crazy on the radio.

  19. Jeeeezus.

  20. Okay, Jose…

    Hughes won’t last more than five.

  21. oh yeah baby what a way to polish that wood. he is back

  22. Tabby likes to watch Jose’s hips rotate.

  23. Gee whiz fellows! I’ll be back real soon. You’ll see. Say, your not thinking about replacing me at first are you? Are you? Anyone? Guys!!

  24. What is Joey Bats avg home run trot time?? He seems to pimp them all.

  25. Apparently Buck has his “hip rotation” stat sheet in front of him as well.

  26. Bautista has somehow managed a 770 OPS with a 203 batting average. Glad to see those stats slowly rising to respectability.

  27. cool piece at http://aleastbound on brett lawrie and a white sox trade rumour (konerko + g.floyd)

  28. These walks are driving me insane. Cannot defense this shit.

  29. According to hittracker, Bautista hit the hardest home run of the season last night.

    117.5 mph

  30. Of course that’s nice…

  31. Kelly Johnson=nice surprise this season.

    • The front office requests you renew your seats so they can afford to sign him, providing a nice surprise next season.

  32. kj is meant to play on artificial turf and his bat is perfect for the dome. he should be signed long term and trade the kid. a lefty with power in that position is rare and he knows how to draw a walk for leading off

  33. and rajai too/ long term. he reminds me of that guy on atlanta in 92 …nixon? could bunt on and be at third before you knew where you were

  34. Bautista is now on pace for 42 home runs.

    If he can get his average and OBP up, he’s right back on track.

  35. alright, alright, nice job by fan getting in Chavez’ way on that foul – get that man a drink Rogers

  36. How are my fine feathered DJF’s? Has anyone committed Hairy Kary yet? I see we are now measuring the speed of batted balls….well a home run just won’t be good enough anymore, its has to hit warp factor 12 to count.

    • Where there is baseball, there is a stat.
      Better than relying on Tabby going over exactly what a “no doubter” is vs. a “wall scraper”. haha

  37. if boston straightens out their pitching this is going to be a nasty 5 team race.i wonder if MLB ever had a whole division this strong before

    • Really, really don’t see the Os keeping this up. I mean just look at their roster.

      Don’t forget the Jays started 27 – 14 in 2009 and ended up with 75 wins or so.

      • i know everyone brings up the past to justify a team failing but i dont think its the same people and ive watched them for awhile, i think they are for real and barring injury they will be like this til the end. they are homer machines and are clutch like the jays this year. another example of BA meaning nothing

    • Yes, it may happen, but with 5 teams in the race , the Jays will finish 4th. Tonight we have several chances to put away the yankees but can’t get the runners home. Butterfield should be sending everyone home because we can’t count on Colby to get a productive a bat. Francisco running into home on a poor bunt. I hope the bullpen doesn’t blow this in the 9th. 1 run lead against the yankees isn’t enough.

  38. and i dont care so much for avg. clutch hitting is my target.the o’s are doing it too. on base avg for 2 leadoff and maybe i guy in the bachend. i dont even care what strikeout rates are if power is there. rbi’s man

  39. should have at least touched it kj.its ok when you do these things you hit a homer next.hugs and kisses

  40. who in their right mind takes a fuckin baby to a ball game.get a fuckin sitter ya cheap bastard

  41. Was Cletus just talking to Vizquel about how he clipped a coon back in Arkansas with his 2X4?

  42. as long as omar is giving him tips on the bigs all is ok

  43. I have a feeling that inning where we left men on 2nd and 3rd with one out is going to come back to haunt us. These guys are just missing homer after homer vs dutch

  44. Feels like tempting fate with all these well hit fly balls, not sure we should let Hutch go through the lineup a 4th time

    • Thinking the same thing. We got six solid innings out of him..his command has been so so…if he comes out for the 7th it will be a surprise. i sense a blow up inning coming up if he stays in there

      • Well given Farrell’s tendencies to let the SP implode i’d be more surprised if he didn’t come out for the th

  45. Just what the doctor ordered.

  46. Jesus fuck cletus, that pitch was almost rolling up to the plate

  47. In Yan we trust!

  48. So fucking retarded

  49. If you’re gonna go…fucking go!

  50. nice bit of baserunning, meathead

  51. so the mother fucker stops running …and then gets thrown out at home.

    why would you safety squeeze with davis. he cant bunt for shit AND the odds are quite low that he hits into a double play.

    even then, I dont know if playing for one run in the fucking 6th inning against the yankees is a good strategy

  52. Have we had a bunt attempt yet this season that wasn’t a complete run wasting fuck up?

  53. Holy Fuck, unless they hit HRs, this team struggles to score – terrible execution

  54. People need to realize that even if the bunt is successful….and we trade an out for a run, its a bad play. why does Farrell keep doing this shit against the yankees where he plays for one run in early to mid innings? last year he tried to squeeze bunt with escobar in like the 3rd or 4th fucking inning.

    • When you’re leading in a game, trading an out for a run is always a good play. Stick to hockey, jimmy.

  55. i would take an out for a run every time. are you on crack or too many shots to the frontal lobe

    • please. understand context a little more. of course you would trade a run for an out LITERALLY, you would score 27 runs.

      you dont settle for one run when the situation is begging for more and there is a chance that the one run will not necesarrily be enough.

  56. That was probably the dumbest play of the year so far. I am big fan of Farrell but with Davis at the plate and the chances of him getting doubled up pretty low because of his speed the bunt was a dumb call. Good chance that costs them big time with the Jays crappy pen.

    • You know that play will haunt us. Now JPA misses a foul pop up. Frasor comes through with a K….

      The jays better score this inning….

      a 1 run lead against the yankees is not safe!!!

  57. But, but, Jeter’s such a clutch performer. How would getting to 3000 hits screw up such a clutch performer? He’s so clutch!

  58. “If you think they are using Derek Jeter as a sentimental short stop………your’re wrong”

    Yes, Buck, that is what we were all thinking.

    In fact I can think of one person who believes that….and his name is Wilner

    • Jeter’s defense last season turned a decent offensive performance into a very neutral (in terms of WAR) year overall. This year Jeter will likely start costing the Yankees wins if he continues to play SS. As indeed he will.

  59. when is santos coming

  60. Holy Fuck Batman.

  61. Is it that cold in the Dome tonight? Ricky looked cold with his jacket, touque and hood up.
    So cold it made JP drop that ball. Fuck.

  62. Jason Frasor saves JPA from the Fates (as in Tempting . . . .)

  63. Hutch had a pretty decent start. Good sign.

  64. Now that Lind’s down in the minors, I’m kinda hard for Anthony Rizzo again. He’s raking in AAA but the Cubs have Lahair overachieving in the bigs. Any chance they can pry Rizzo out of Chi-town?

    • Rizzo is good, but with Theo there, he knows the type of guy he drafted.
      MLB Homeplate was saying yesterday LaHair would move to an OF spot and Rizzo would go to first if called up.

  65. Classic Ed Sprague strikeout there, Yunel

  66. Arencibia!

    Wilner’s going crazy again, like that just won the pennant.

  67. Alright Jay Pee

  68. wowsers jp

  69. I think he knew that was gone

  70. All’s forgiven, JP.

  71. J.P with a nice pimp stare to HR trot.

  72. FUCK YEAH JPA , Justice – those two missed pops by the Stanks dugout embarrassed him

  73. YESSSS JP!
    He’s been hot.

  74. this guy is the best lowball hitter i have ever seen

  75. Embarrassment gone

  76. Old man makes a nice play.

  77. Nice play by the old man.

  78. Flashing some leather.

  79. Man when we play bad we look horrible…but when we are playing good we look SO FUCKING AWESOME. GO JAYS!!

  80. Yeah you’e right I was just gonna post that. When these guys play well, they play real well.

    In other news, A-Rod’s looking a bit…um…puffy.

    • I’ve heard him called poofy.

      • He’s retaining water because Cameron made him put the centaur portrait in the cellar. But can’t wait till he passes Bonds on the asterisk home run record.

  81. This game is easy. What the fuck is all the fuss about Major League pitching? I just hit the ball hard where noone is standing. Perhaps its my Brazilian background. We like to make things as easy and simple as possible.

  82. casey is a sweet surprise

  83. thank you jays. off to the yankee board i go aha

  84. So why can’t we even hardly compete vs the Rays?

    • It’s fucked. It’s been going on sooo long. Just sick of them. It’s a curse.

      • To quote Ric Flair, to be the best you gotta beat the best. The Rays overcame the Red Sox who own for a long time. Eventually the Jays will too.

  85. Now that Janssen kid might be good someday, but you really need a veteran in the closer role. Somebody to lock down the SAVES, which, aside from RBIs, is the most important stat.

    I would put Coco back in there.

  86. Can you really call it a “sweep” when its a two game series?

  87. “Major League Baseball got it’s first Brazilian tonight.” – Jamie Campbell

  88. Going to go out tonight and get me some of that T Dot pussy. In Brazil, we have some good pussy…..pussy and high, tight asses.

    Tonight I will see what Toronto has to offer.

    Don’t disappoint a horny Brazilian!

  89. I know it is bad form to complain after two great wins vs the dreaded Stanx. I loved every minute of it and I truly hope they are now on their way, but the evidence is still there that the offensive woes continue. Without HRs, where is this team:

    Coldby still cold (0 for last 18, and since his big 2 HR game in KC, BA .159, OBP .243, only 5 X-base hits (4 doubles and a triple))

    Yunel ranks 21st among MLB SS in wOBA

    Lawrie ranks 17th among 3B, behind guys like the Mariners’ Kyle Seager, Jack Hannahn of the Indians and Chris Johnson of the Astros.

    JP is 16th among MLB Cs and The Artist Formerly Known as Lind is 22nd at 1B

    Thames ranks 23rd among LF, Rasmus is 24th in CF, even Jose is 21s in RF

    This offense is 7th in Runs Scored in MLB, SEVENTH. Fucking mystery – Farrell talks and has talked about diversifying the attack, but this team is still a HomeRun team. 4th in MLB.

    Let’s Go Blue Jays, please wake up your collective bats. I cannot wait for a real stretch of good hitting up and down the lineup.

    • relax their offense is very productive. chill out and enjoy the win. stick your stats up yer ass.

    • That’s just the way it’s worked out so far this season. Same team as the last two months of 2011 – OPS wise. Last year, at least early on, it was a strong O and strong pen but poor starting pitching. This year it’s been the strong starting pitching, so-so hitting and poor pen.

      OPS 2011
      APR – .741
      MAY – .768

      OPS 2012
      APR – .707
      MAY – .714

      Starter ERA 2011
      APR – 4.41
      MAY – 4.16

      Reliever ERA 2011
      APR – 2.77
      MAY – 3.24

      Starter ERA 2012
      APR – 3.79
      MAY – 3.31

      Reliever ERA 2012
      APR – 4.59
      MAY – 3.39

    • Lind is 22nd? Blow me down. I would have figured he was 30th.

      While we’re at it, Bautista I am no longer worrying about at all. He’s back to swinging like he used to and homers are falling into the stands.

    • Good points!. The team resembles 2010 on offence which is scary.

      At least the pitching is better than expected. Hutch is doing better than expected.

      Casey as closer is great. Just think what would happen if he was put in when Santos went down.

  90. Big pattatts.
    Joey bats.
    New guy Yan deserves congrats.
    Vizquel flashes.
    JP mashes.
    Don’t remember where my stash is.
    Casey dealing.
    Got a feeling.
    Blue Jays leave the Yankees reeling.


  91. Now everyone’s happy on Jays Talk tonight. You’d swear they were gonna win it all.

  92. Daddy, is that you?

  93. Best thing about this little mini sweep was who got the wins – our #4 and #5 starters while looking pretty good while they did it. Sure maybe a walk or so too much but pretty damn good overall.

    BTW Jays now 2-0 in the Post Lawrie Freakout era lol

  94. Jays 1 for 10 with RISP tonight, Stanx 0 for 8. (Tex was good for 3 of those, at least he is not OUR 1B)

  95. Pretty cool clip of Vizquel handing Gomes two balls, his first strikeout and his first hit.

    Pretty intense 24 hours for the guy.

  96. I am amused by the simplicity of this game. Now bring me your finest meats and cheeses for a clubhouse feast!!

    And orange wedges for my women!

  97. If JP can continue his resurgence with the bat and glove it should be interesting to see the comments from all those clamouring for him to be shipped out of town by the All-Star break for d’Arnaud.

    • Every Jay fan should want JPA to continue being good, whether they’re in the “keep JPA” crowd or “trade JPA” crowd.

      At the end of the day JPA is what we thought he was….a low average, low OBP catcher with power who’s going to hit you 20-25 HR. That’s not a bad thing, and is in fact quite valuable, especiallly if he can become an above average defender.

      I think TDA projects to be a high average, high OBP, catcher with decent power and a plus defender. If he can live up to it, that’s the bettter choice to go with, IMO.

      • Agreed. JPA has come through several times this year on offence.

      • JP’s put up some interesting numbers in 3 of the 4 months where he’s actually been healthy. Pre-June 2011 before the assorted hand/wrist injuries started he had months where his OPS was .862, .781. then 513 in April of 2012 and over 1.000 this month. Should be interesting to see what kind of season he has if he can remain healthy.

        League average for all catchers in the AL last year was:
        .237 Avg .307 OBP .386 SLG .693 OPS

        If they don’t trade JP and he continues to hit and play good D it will be interesting to see where and how they introduce d’Arnaud into a lineup and team that’s supposed to be contending for the playoffs the next few years.

  98. Look at the parity in the American League. Of all teams in the AL, each has a record of either 6-4, 5-5 or 4-6 in their last 10 except Seattle which has a paltry 3-7 record.

  99. funny jays were 26-14 in 2009 and balt is 25-14. but jays hadn’t play nyy or bos then, balt has so I think they’re for real

    • Huge difference between 2009 NYY asnd Bos and 2012 NYY and Bos

    • They might not win the division but everyone seems to forget that Baltimore was the team on the rise for many prognositcators in 2010. They ran into a lot of injuries and sub-par performances by many of their young players and obviously ended up having another horrible year.

      They are like the Jays of 2011 in a lot of ways through the first few weeks – great pen, good offense and mediocre to poor starting pitching.

  100. how long before murphy goes “listen yan you gotta stop with this opposite field shit”

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