Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy ALTERNATE graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic) that I just couldn’t keep letting stay dormant. It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

At Getting Blanked, Parkes throws in his two cents on the Adam Lind demotion, noting that Lind’s production has been truly, spectacularly ugly. Speaking of ugly, in his URL Weaver post this morning, Parkes has a fucked up story for those of you (us) of the mind that Toronto fans are bad.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Craig Robinson takes a look at offensive production by position in his latest bit of fortnightly infographic gold.

And the end might be nigh for ex-Jay Orlando Hudson, who was D’d FA by the Padres… except… he’s probably a better option for the Giants than whatever chaff they’ve been running out there.

Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation and having a name that sounds Australian takes a deep breath in the midst of Lawrie-mania to point out that young Brett is really, really good. “There’s a decent chance that Lawrie can be one of the more valuable third basemen in baseball when he has a .325 OBP and isn’t slugging over .400,” he writes. “Imagine what he’ll look like when he’s hitting.”

Deadspin has a Brett Lawrie helmet smash GIF from a different camera angle than most. It doesn’t look any less indefensible.

As usual, John Lott of the National Post has a great wrap-up on last night’s victory, with particular attention paid to the higher target JP Arencibia was giving Kyle Drabek.

Before today’s news came down, Shi Davidi of Sportsnet nailed it, wondering if the Jays may have been postponing Brett Lawrie’s suspension, rather than intending on actually appealing it.

Elsewhere, Davidi looks at the unlikely path to the Majors for Yan Gomes.

The Toronto Sun tells us that the Jays much overlooked defensive bungling on Tuesday against the Rays led to a team meeting. And elsewhere at the Sun, Steve Buffery tries his hand at baiting my with some drivel about how the Jays dropped the ball during an easy part of the schedule. Elsewhere still, the Sun continues pretending anyone would ever give a shit what Steve Simmons thinks about anything.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail tells us that the Jays have deeper problems than Brett Lawrie… or something.

At FanGraphs, Marc Hulet takes a look at Yan Gomes, while Jerry Howarth and Alan Ashby wind up fifth in the crowdsourced radio broadcaster rankings.

Mop Up Duty looks into what it might take to boost Jose Bautista’s ISO.

The Tater Trot Tracker at Baseball Prospectus shows that Edwin Encarnacion had the quickest home run trot of the night on Wednesday, which was just outside of the top ten fastest trots of the year.

At Steal of Home we hear more about last night’s dingers, as Jose Bautista damaged the fuck out of a baseball last night, with the eleventh-highest Home Run Damage rank of the season so far, with a ball that came off the bat at 117.5 mph.

quickmeme picture makes a decent point about JP Arencibia’s turnaround, and how it coincided with his getting called out by some loud-mouth radio show host. Passion!

Bill James Online looks at MLB’s new-found love of the shift, noting that the Jays have already shifted 71 times, compared to just 79 in all of 2010.

Apparently there is a Brett Lawrie helmet throw Hitler parody video thing. Because, y’know, it’s the internet, and of course there is.

Lastly, Geddy Lee of Rush was at the game last night, as’s odd Cut 4 thing shows us. I was going to tweet that it looked like he might be there at one point during the game– before they actually had identified him on the broadcast– but I thought to myself, “nah, that guy’s too old to be him!” You’ll always be in a cottage/studio singing Tom Sawyer in my mind, Ged.

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  1. Geddy Lee’s been sitting in those seats for 30+ games a year for years.

    • I wish I could afford Geddy’s seats, but the Blue Jays and their Fly By Night ticketing schemes create Subdivisions by keeping the Working Man of the YYZ out of the front-row Limelight

      • +1

      • They need to get The Spirit Of Radio – Alan Ashby – on television. It’s time to take Buck out, gain some Vital Signs with the New World Man, and hear him through The Camera Eye. This will make the Moving Pictures broadcast Closer To the Heart, and put me In The Mood to watch them here at the Lakeside Park again.

        But alas, this won’t happen until 2112.

  2. It’s not in the above buffet of links…but Keith Law COMPLETELY nailed the Lawrie situation on the BT podcast. Quite frankly, what he said about national media outlets simply running with the helmet hit without taking the whole situation into context applies to DJF. But, hey, it did generate a lot of comments!

    Lawrie will get the focus because of who he is – similar to Harper. But, quite frankly, the notion of Miller making spite calls should have been the main story. As well as the fact that Joe Torre’s comments as well as the length of the suspension pretty much suggest that intent was/is impossible to prove, regardless of what people think of Brett Lawrie’s personality.

    • Problem is, Miller’s (alleged) inexcusable actions are entirely unverifiable, while Lawrie’s were extremely fucking obvious. Lawrie was the story.

      And FYI, we would have got a shit tonne of comments if we were ready to tar and feather Miller too, I suspect, so to suggest we were just trolling for comments is not only fucking insulting, it’s fucking dumb.

      • All of Lawrie’s actions were NOT obvious though. If intent was obvious, as you have argued on other threads, he would have got a hell of a lot more than 4 games.

        If someone wants to say that Lawrie was reckless with his helmet…by all means, THAT is obvious.

        • a decent article on the Lawrie helmet throwing can be found here–umpire-relations-will-only-get-worse-if-baseball-doesn-t-act.html

          it takes both approaches that Lawrie was being a meathead throwing his helmet but also looks at boiling player and umpire relations. Thats the thing with when a player reacts to a bad call there is a lot more to the story than what meets the eye.

          Stoeten I would like to ask you one question watch the full replay again. if Miller after the two calls, just let Lawrie argue with him before ejecting him right away would Lawrie have thrown a helmet? To me Lawrie throwing the helmet was juvenile, however if you watch the whole play Miller is acting like a dick with authority. Remember Miller ejected Lawrie before Lawrie through the helmet.

  3. RE Home Run Damage.

    The fourth most damaging home run of 2012 belongs to…

    … Jeff Mathis. Of course.

  4. Way to give credit to the creator of the JPA meme. Perhaps if your going to use other peoples materials (since you clearly are not creative enough to come up with it on your own) you could at least credit them with there Twitter name!

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