Are you kidding me? Adam Lind goes down, utility guy Yan Gomes is on his way to the Show.

What more is there to say about Adam Lind’s struggles? The Blue Jays tried nothing and they’re now all out of ideas, man. A move to the bottom of the order which results in a two hit day moved Lind back to the cleanup spot but he simply has not hit. For two years.

The growing disparity between good Lind months (few) and bad Lind months (many) since his Silver Slugger-winning 2009 season finally provokes a move from the Blue Jays braintrust. Edwin Encarnacion saw increased action at first base this week (well, he played first last night while Lind DH`d), suggesting he was in line for a lot more playing time as this move became more and more apparent.

Calling Gomes up is a peculiar move. The Brazilian-born Gomes (who will become the first ever from that nation to play in a big league game when Gomes makes his debut) is not on the 40-man roster at this time but yesterday’s outrighting of Tryston MaMagnuson creates a valuable spot.

This is all very…strange. Similar to the Brett Cecil demotion, this comes seemingly out of nowhere. The Jays don’t appear interested in using kid gloves with certain players. No need to pussyfoot around with the first baseman hitting at the bottom of the order. He isn’t producing and they FINALLY made a definitive move.

What will this mean for Lind? Adam Lind hasn’t played at the AAA level since 2008m, when the affiliate was in bloody Syracuse. At that time, the 24-year old Lind posted a strong .929 OPS with six home runs in 50 games. It was a simpler, non-Vegas inflated time.

Might Lind replicate Edwin Encarnacion’s brief Vegas vacation from two years back? EE, you may have forgotten, was DFA’d and sent down to Vegas in the middle of 2010 and went absolutely apeshit on PCL pitching, posting a 1.267 OPS in seven games before coming back to the big leagues where he hit 12 home runs and put up a .800 OPS over the remaining 200 or so at bats of that year.

Adam Lind is probably too good a hitter for AAA. But here he is. Past results mean very little when it becomes clear a player cannot compete at the highest level. If a mechanical adjustment or some time with beloved guru Chad Mottola gets him right, so be it. If this is it for Adam Lind with the Blue Jays franchise…well let’s not go crazy quite yet.


Yan Gomes? Yan Gomes. Whatever. Gomes can play third when Brett Lawrie takes his inevitable four day vacation. Lind to the minors in 2012, using his final (?) minor league option. Even if it was deserved it is certainly unexpected. What a world, man.

Late addition: A little something to add to the intrigue…

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  1. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeittt

  2. He cleared waivers? Does he have to clear waivers?

    • No, he had an option left.

      • It’s too bad he has an option remaining. It woulda been interesting if any team (i.e. Brewers) took a $10 million or so gamble on a guy who may still have a team friendly contract if a change of scenery fixes him.


  3. That’s stunning. I had no idea Lind even had options left. I know he wasn’t producing, but man…you have to feel for the guy. I really hope he can fix this and rebound, either in Toronto or with someone else.

  4. Was Gomes on the 40-man?

  5. See yuh. wouldn’t wanna be ya’

  6. EE to 1st Base?

  7. I think that we can all agree that something had to be done. But i think we can all also agree that Yan Gomes is not the answer.

    • Short term, the right choice.

    • Gomes really endeared himself to the club during the spring and they liked his overall game. Apart from the fact he’s not a dedicated 1B, he may be a good at least at DH and to temporarily share 1B duties with EE. Also, he can spell people at C and 3B which opens up playing time for Bautista at first if necessary.

      Having said that, another shoe is bound before the All Star break. I smell something big with multiple teams just like last year.

      • AA does like his three ways. Get ready.

      • Would be interesting to hear some insight into his 1B defense. Anyone see him play there in spring?

        He has started playing 1st a bit last year (20 games) and 9 games this year. Can’t be worse than EE, and as a former catcher should be good at scooping the ball out of the dirt.

        • Actually, you’d think that a former catcher would be good at blocking the ball. They’re trained NOT to try and catch it.

      • Suspect that Francisco will move to DH, and that Gomes won’t see the kind of playing time people are being quick to assume.

    • Ya, I think that Lawrie suspension combined with Snider not hot hitting yet after his injury combined to have Gomes be the “temporary” call up. I suspect once Snider is hot again and Lawrie is done his time, Snider will be up.

  8. Just saw this breaking on I was thinking they should try this. I’d think he’d have to clear waivers, no? I guess no one made a claim.

  9. Who knew AA read DJF?

  10. But I thought he was the centrepiece of the Votto trade for himself, Cecil, Thames and Deck McGuire!?

  11. Why is the headline “Sweet mother of What?”. I mean, is it really that surprising? What happens is he still hits poorly in the hitter friendly AAA especially in Vegas?

  12. thank fuck

  13. Yan Gomes makes no sense imo, he is probably a worse version of Randy Ruiz, JPA, etc.. He is just another hacker with no discipline.

  14. according to wilner they have an option left on lind

  15. don’t besmirch randy ruiz like that!

  16. Says a lot about how they view Cooper

  17. Fuck!!

  18. Lind was the clean-up hitter 3 days ago.

    • That’s what’s most insane about it.

    • It’s just man-management. Moving a guy around progressively makes lots of sense analytically, but from a human perspective, it often just works better to leave someone’s status unchanged until they are completely out of rope. People sometimes react badly to negative feedback and/or pressure and managers don’t want their negative feedback to turn into self-fulfilling prophesies.

      • So your suggestion is to keep a guy in the same place until you’re finally fed up with him to the point that he needs to be demoted? Lind hit cleanup for a month and was still shit!

        If a professional ballplayer can’t handle being moved around the lineup then he should get out of the game. That should legitimately be the least of his worries.

    • farrell is like george bush, just when you think he can’t be that stupid, he does something even more stupid.

  19. I feel sorry for the Vegas fans.

    Gee, too bad there weren’t any good first basemen on the free agent market last off season.

    • Because those are looking like a couple of great contracts right now.

      (I know, I know, they’ll turn it around, it’s just… give it a rest.)

      • And we’ll still be “on the right track with the prospects and just two years away” when those contracts end.

        • Have you paid any attention to what Fielder and Pujols have been doing this year? I can’t even believe you are still using this argument to justify whatever insane stance you had 6 months ago. Those contracts were not good for the Jays then, and they aren’t good for the Jays now.

          • Have you bneen paying attention to the Jay’s record? Pujols and Fielder will get better, the Jays won’t until they start spending.

          • Your absolute predictions about 3 separate future events really is impressive.

            Can you check to see when I’ll finally be able to grow a beard?

          • You want facts?

            In the past 5 years, 21 of the 40 teams in the playoffs were in the top 10 in salaries. The middle 10 in salaries: 11 of the 40 and the bottom 10 only 8 out of 40.

            Yes, it is a possibility to make the playoffs on the cheap, but spending just $20 million more a year would more than double the Jays chances.

      • Carlos Pena would have been nice. Say what you want about him (can’t hit lefties..) he hits lefties better than Lind, gets on-base at a beastly rate and plays gold glove defence.

        • alamode, what about the teams out of the playoffs? how many teams in the top ten did not make it every year? or in the middle? and how many of their big contracts produced? just because you pay for barry zito doesn’t mean you get an ace? what percentage of their payroll was actually on the field playing, and how much contribution came from cheaper or younger players? I think you’re drawing too many conclusions.
          To put it another way, that means that most teams who are in the top ten in league payroll (58%) have not made the playoffs. In other words you are more likely to not make the playoffs as a high spending team than to make the playoffs.
          See what I did there.

          • And in the bottom 10, you’re chances of not making the playoffs are 80%. Spending more increases your chances. You’re proving my point, not going against it.

            Sorry to put facts in an argument, but how’s the team doing with the 23rd payroll? Same as they’ve done the past 20 years.

          • If the Jays played in any other division than the AL East ,
            they wouldn’t have to spend as much money to get the wildcard. The Rays are an exception to the rule, but I wonder what happens to them in a few years when they can’t resign their best players. That being said, it is remarkable how well they are playing this year with injuries to Longoria.

    • Nanonymous,Nice work, thanks. So he is black. Funny that The Pitch, which is redeagrd as pretty far left had the balls to show his picture while the KC Star did not.Expeedee,That makes sense. But even if the suspect’s name is known and the police know what he looks like, regular residents do not. I can imagine potentially hearing a guy call to another guy in a store, for example, “hey Andre, where you been?”, take a look at who he’s talking to, and possibly put two and two together. If I know Andre’s race (along with build), I’m more likely to call him in.

  20. Good…. sucks for Lind but u can’t bat .180 with zero production for 6 weeks. Let him go to AAA and find out how to hit a ball again. I don’t know much about Gomes but its worth giving him a shot.

    Gomes is batting .359 with 5 HRs and 22 RBI, he can also play 3B, which will be useful in the short term if Lawrie is suspended

  21. Gomes makes perfect sense. If they were thinking long term they would have called up Snider or Cooper. Gomes is just here until Vlad is ready to go.

    • I think somebody else gets a chance in between Gomes and Vlad. Snider if it looks like he’s good to go; Cooper if all else fails I guess.

  22. When’s the last time someone was hitting cleanup for a +.500 team and then plying his trade in AAA three days later?

    AA probably knows that the best way to prevent Farrell from continuing to play Lind is to take the toy our of his hands,

    • “AA probably knows that the best way to prevent Farrell from continuing to play Lind is to take the toy our of his hands,” – EXACTLY! … and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s one of many feasible ways for a manager to position himself wrt his players.

      • i think it’s called ‘giving the guy a chance’ – Farrell gave him 100 ABs in a great situation to contribute. seems reasonable to me.

        • What about the 1000 ABs prior to giving him that “chance”? At some point it’s stupid to give him a “chance” at 100 ABs in the first place.

        • Only problem is that there was little indication that Farrell was going to change his approach with Lind. He was in the 8 spot for a while, but just a few days ago he was clean-up again.

          100 AB’s came and went, and it didn’t look like anything was going to change.

          • He started in the eighth spot twice if I am not mistaken. Not exactly “a while”.

          • To be fair to Farrell, it was against Niemann, who Lind has feasted on every time they went up against each other. Lind’s best game of the year was against Niemann.

  23. All the Whos in Whoville rejoiced

  24. Who am I going to smoke with now

  25. Gotta feel for Cooper, but I guess this allows Gomes to play the 4 games lawrie is suspended for.

  26. Why is everyone worried if he cleared waivers? If he didnt someone would take him off our hands for nothing.. Similar to rios.. That would be a blessing to be freed of that contact

    • Exactly. He cleared waivers because nobody wanted him at that price. Having him claimed by someone else would have been a double blessing. There’s got to be another shoe to drop. Gomes is not here for long unless he completely tears the cover off of the ball. Cooper obviously is of no value at all to the Jays. I wonder how the clubhouse feels about this. I have a feeling only based on what I’ve seen on TV that Lind was well liked. I wonder if that’s what kept him on the big team for as long as they did.

      • He didnt clear waivers because he never had too he had an option left.

      • Cooper may come up after the Lawrie suspension is over, but as many people are saying, it makes total sense that they brought up a guy who can play 3B as Lawrie is likely to be sitting for four games very soon.

        Lind, as has already been pointed out, had an option left, so there was no waivers. But… really? It’s like the Rios contract? It would be a blessing? Um… it’s not anywhere in that ballpark, dollar-wise. They could eat it– very obviously, since that’s essentially what they’re doing.

  27. This is only the first move for sure. Vladdy + Snider and mabe a trade in the works?

  28. guerreroah

    • FUCK YA!

      Let EE play first and bring up VLADDY to DH!

      • Clark,Odd. Why would that be?Peter,I’m under the same impression. I’ve known two guys named Andre and they’re both black.Expeedee,Has there been a high-profile case in which a NAM’s race/ethnicity is plfopseruuly left out resulting in harassment or worse when non-NAM people are fallaciously targeted as potential suspects? Or were you just being proactively prudent?Black Sea,Without being in the know, I’d guess that this sort of thing is not too uncommon.SC,Right, but Andre is a Portuguese name, so it’s possible that he could be from somewhere like Brazil. That’s why I used “latino” instead of “hispanic”.

      • Thanks for helping me to see things in a different light.

  29. How much longer is Murphy around Mottola fixes Lind?

    • I think this is crucial. The different approaches from Murphy and Farrell are causing havoc with Lind it seems. If Mottola fixes him, I would be surprised if he is not the new hitting coach. He seems to get rave reviews.

      • yep – was thinking the same thing.

        murphy is the next guy demoted and mottola is the next guy to get the call.

        • Thinking the same thing here. Even if Mottola doesnt put him back together…the clock on Murphy has to be ticking

          • Murphy’s clock is not ticking. What exactly has he done to lose the job? Until the Jays under-perform expectations, he’s still the guy who “made” Bautista.

          • but what has murphy done (lately anyways) to keep his job? EE’s adjustments mostly came from time he spent with a coach in the Dominican (I believe, not sure if that’s where it was, but it was his old academy instructor), Thames’ “new approach has been, um, less than mind blowing, and the team’s on base abilities in general have lead most people to wonder how the hell they score so many runs. Sure they hit a lot of homeruns, but that can’t be the panacea.

    • A nano – second.

  30. Gomes will play third during lawrie’s suspension so EE doesn’t have to.

  31. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy now there is one less bitching topic on here.there is such a thing as mercy.

    • No. Bitching about Lind will just be replaced with bitching about someone else….im going to guess it will be either Thames or Rasmus.

      Blue Jays fans (especially DJFers) always must have someone to demonize and bitch about every time they don’t get a hit.

      Remember, before Lind was the worst 1B ever, we had the worst 2B ever in Aaron Hill, and just 2 years ago we had the other worst 1B ever in Lyle Overbay.

      • Well, they had a point. Hill and Lind were two of the worst players in baseball.
        Overbay got it rougher than he should have but…two outta three ain’t bad.

      • Maybe the Blue Jays have just had some terrible players…

  32. Honest question – no snark intended – how much time do you spend writing a post?

  33. I watched Gomes (okay, it’s Sping Training, for whatever that’s worth) and I think the kid’s going to be okay.

    So…am I the only one who thinks Travis Snider LOOKS like a first baseman? Seriously – come on – LunchBox at first? When he’s on, he even HITS like a first baseman.

    I’m not trying to suggest that he’s the poor man’s Prince Fielder or whatever, but we’ve tried everything else….we know Vladdy’s a temp solution at best even if he rakes, and if Gomes doesn’t pan out, why not…or am I talkin’ out my ass…?!?

    • why would you put Snider at first if he’s a well above average LF?

    • Why would you put Snider at first when he’s never played there professionally? Yea yea, Lind made the transition, but he played there in college, and not until after weeks of practice. I think it was Tao who said it best… “This isn’t a coed softball league.”

      • Thank you Capn, this whole notion that any random person can be plopped at 1B and look competent is ridiculous. People always miss the boat that Lind was a 1B his entire life until he was drafted by the Blue Jays. He was out of position in LF, not at 1B. As you correctly note, even Lind, a guy who had played 1B his entire life, had to be eased into it. The notion that Thames or Snider, who as far as I know haven’t played a day in the infield since maybe little league, can make a midseason switch to 1B is ridiculous.

    • He’s under 6 feet tall. Even if he could field ground-balls like a shortstop he would still be a well below average 1B because he’s too small.

      Not to mention he’s a good OFer.

  34. My Prediction: Gomes will be on the bench tonight with Francisco or Davis at DH. Tomorrow, Lawrie will drop his appeal and Gomes will get 4 starts at third. Snider will be called up to fill the roster spot and move to LF. DH will then rotate between Thames & Davis/Francisco. When Lawrie returns, Gomes goes down. Assuming Vlad shows he can still hit, in a few weeks either Thames of Snider is jettisoned.

  35. Re : Snider to first : You COULD slide Thames to DH (don’t want to lose that productive bat) but wouldn’t it be good to have a relatively athletic 1b?
    (Honestly, this is just me thinking that he looks like a first baseman rather than an outfielder, and that I bet he’d enjoy it – nothing reality-based at all, just funnin’, I suppose…)

  36. Wow. Zoiks.

    I guess that was their only option next to sacrificing a lamb in the clubhouse.

    Wild, wild shit.

  37. This is exactly what I said a few weeks ago.. As soon as you admit that Lind isnt a middle of the order bat, he no longer becomes a major league starter..

    I would have thought they would platoon him before this, but whatever, works for me. Sucks because I liked the guy… Hope Snider gets healthy soon and can get up here..

    Thames should be next.

  38. ****pleased****

    A move to AAA will clarify things a bit. If it’s a matter of confidence, then bashing the ball around in a bandbox will give him some. If he’s truly lost it. Well, it’s gone and he’ll scuffle around the minors unless Kenny Williams wants to take another flyer on a Blue Jay ex-bat.

  39. Well I hope Lind gets his shit together and can atleast salvage a MLB career out of this….on another team.

    Kind of feels like its AA taking the option of playing him out of Farrell’s hand, which we’ve been clamoring for quite awhile.

  40. We’ll see Lind back, I’m certain, but seriously is John Farrell driving anyone else nuts? I keep finding small reasons to question his ability or his sanity, and they are all seeming to add up to something larger.

    • I’m pretty sure Farrell is safe for this season but my gut feeling says he will not be the one to lead the Jays to the promised land.

  41. Wow. Too bad for Lind. I remember the night in Boston a couple years back when he hit three home-runs and his last at-bat, Papelbon gave him an f-you plunk … and who would’ve thought he could SO fall off the cliff the way he has? Not me … back then, anyway. Just goes to show ya. Hope he gets his head screwed back on, hope he’s ok.

    Good luck to Yan Gomes. May he rake like a bastard.

  42. After the move to 8th, I had the sneaking suspicion of this coming for Lind… but I thought to myself… nah, they wouldn’t demote a $5MIL player to AAA!

  43. Yes, yes…I can see where this is going…it would be even more interesting if Yan Gomes comes up and actually hits better than Adam Lind…I think they could bring Pat or Buck down and hit better than Adam Lind…And fuck who knows he may actually light it up for a few games while teams are learning to pitch to him..should be an interesting weekend.

  44. Gomes is a short term solution while Lawrie is suspended. The real question here is who takes Lind’s spot once Lawrie comes back? Gotta be EE right? I do like the idea of Snider playing first, although, he’s a great OF. SOOOO maybe EE plays first (didn’t that fuck him up last year? Why screw up EE’s mojo right now?) and VLADDY GUERRERO comes up to take the DH?

    • Don’t know why everyone is so excited about Vlad. He was quite average last year for a hitter (which is not great for your DH) AND he’s another year removed from his prime.

      • Average? You’re being kind. He was essentially Lind’s equal.

        • as a 37 year old with no knees.. what does that tell you about a 27 year old Adam Lind?

        • I hadn’t realized. Hmm, I cannot predict the direction of these Blue Jays and their management with these peculiar maneuvers at times.

        • you forgot about his 115 rbi’s 2 years ago, the most important stat.

        • 2011 36 BAL AL 145 590 562 60 163 30 1 13 63 2 2 17 56 .290 .317 .416 .733 100 234 23 7 0 4 3 *D

          Hit for a decent average, but damn, he’d be quite a liability on the basepaths…. but then again, who needs speed when you’re crushing 4 HRs a game, we just need some more fuckin runners!

    • Why in the blue fuck would they put Snider (who has never played first at any level) on first and why do you like this idea? Especially when they have Eric “Adventure on Every Fly Ball” Thames in left? I like your enthusiam kid, but seriously.

  45. Can we all vote Adam Lind to the All Star game?

  46. Edwin’s glove makes me nervous at first. Well, really, his glove makes me nervous ANYWHERE. I’d rather see him DH.
    Same with Eric Thames. Lord, I can’t wait until Gose gets it all MLB-ready…but that’s not this year, at least not soon enough to matter in any significant way.

    Gotta be a trade…no?!?

  47. who gets called up first, Lind or Snider?

  48. Kinda stunned but I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising as there probably aren’t any trade possibilities and you can’t have him in there everyday.

    One thing about it is that clearly AA isn’t afraid to eat crow. This was his 1B and he clearly gave him a big vote of confidence by committing to his bat this offseason. I like GM’s who aren’t afraid to admit a mistake and are willing to try and fix it.

  49. Can’t say I’m surprised by this. I wonder if he’ll ever make it back. I’ve been following the Jays since day one and I’ve seen this before. Remember how Willie Upshaw had a monster year in 1983 and then just declined from there? Or how about Jesse Barfield leading the league in HR’s in 1986 and then just falling off a cliff? He was finished before his 32nd birthday. Just when you think you can rely on a player he tanks.

  50. If your clean up batter isn’t hitting, just send him down! haa

  51. In the words of Mikey and Trent…….

  52. I like that the Jays aren’t fucking around. This sets a standard for other players to start playing up to their caliber.. not that Lind is a high-ish benchmark, but, y’know..

  53. Breaking News: Upon arriving in AAA, Alex A & minor league coaching staff deemed LInd’s performance in Vegas so far to be unacceptable and well below expectations and was instantly demoted to AA.

  54. I think the reason AA wasn’t shopping around for a 1B during the off-season is because the Jays have the 1B of the future already on the team. He’s in right. That’s right we saw him earlier in the season briefly on first. Batista always seemed more focused to me when he’s in the infield. Bring Snider up once he’s healthy. Leave him in left put thames in right let them play. EE can play outfield if Vladdy happens to hit the cover off the ball. Then we will have snider ram thames in ot lawrie escobar johnson bats as in IF. EE is DH and spends some time in Right if Vladdy steps up.

    • Well if you needed Edwin in a pinch at RF, wouldn’t you just go back to Jose?

      I honestly don’t see the Jose to 1B thing as necessary until 2014ish. His best defensive trait is a ++arm and that is completely wasted at 1B. Also, he still runs well enough that he can get to balls in the corner quickly and used his arm strength to hold runners at 1B. Remember this is a guy who still steals bases, we’re not talking about a 37 year old who is immobile.

      • I would rather leave EE alone. At DH he has been fantastic some guys are just better batters when they don’t have to play defense everyday. And the reason I say Batista at 1B is then you can have a day in and day out at 1. I would rather not have Batista moving all over the field. I don’t see any serious option exept EE and Batista and 1B. And yes snider is by far the better fielder over thames. That’s what I can see happening unless Vlad plays better than I expect or a thames or snider lind prospect deal happens.

    • You lose all credibility here by suggesting noodle-armed Thames would be better in right than Snider.

      • Well, Thames is actually on the team and hitting for a good average.

        • And so he should therefore be moved to a position higher on the defensive spectrum? If Snider and Thames are in the OF, Snider has to be in RF. I’d much prefer Snider and somebody else in the OF along with Rasmus. Thames is not an outfielder, and while he may have a decent average, he hasn’t shown that he’s a good hitter.

  55. First thing I thought of when I heard the news is how some, cough, Wilner, cough, will defend defend defend with every ounce of there breath a guy majorly sucking at 1B/DH for 2.25 years until the last moment when even the GM has seen enough and then all of the sudden he is justifying the move like he was calling for it all along.

    • Uhhh…you can’t risk being wrong, can you? Then that would make a lot of other people with differing opinions right, genius.

  56. fuck people need to understand lind doesn’t have to clear waivers regardless. he has a GUARANTEED contract. once his option ends he can REFUSE to go to the minors which means he gets released. it’s a slap in the face for any major leaguer to go back the minors. he’d rather just go home.

  57. Ben Franciso as a DH > Lind. I just hope Edwin doesn’t earn the nickname E3

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