Holy Arencibia! It’s a belated Game Threat! And now… Holy Yan Gomes!

I mean… I don’t want to get carried away or anything– y’know, twice, after I already once today got carried away by figuring I could hit a patio and still get home to get the Game Threat up on time– but please understand that my less-than-enthusiasm for Gomes is based on, basically, the only thing I actually know about him, which is that he had a great Spring Training while hanging around in the MLB camp because he was a guy that the club didn’t view as a someone who needed everyday reps on account of how he projects as a utility player, if anything, should he be able to have any kind of career in the Majors. Or, at least, that’s what they were saying. And two games– or two games, big numbers in the damn PCL, and a hot spring– probably doesn’t change that. But shit… if he wants to keep hitting, he’s got that on most of the fucking scrubs on this team at the moment. So… good on him. Figure a way to keep him around.


In his Ten Stray Thoughts on a Friday at Getting Blanked, Parkes lays down this mindfuck on the people who continue to be entirely wrong about the Brett Lawrie thing: “If you claim that Miller would’ve called it a strike no matter where the pitch ended up, then you’re essentially calling Brett Lawrie an idiot for not swinging at a two strike pitch that, in my opinion, was close enough to the strike zone to warrant a swing no matter what happened on the pitch before. So, why you hate Lawrie, bro?”

And, because it’s awesome, also at Getting Blanked… robot umpires!

Sean Fitz-Gerald of the stellar National Post sports department has some quotes from Jose Bautista on his apparent resurgence.

Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com talks to young Jays hurler Dan Norris about the grind– or… fun?– of extended Spring Training.

A bunch of stuff from the Toronto Star, as Antonis Zerbisias checks in with what’s happening to the home opener streaker, a 17-year-old who had “YOLO” written on his chest, and Richard Griffin talks Bautista’s struggles, and has a live chat with readers– which I learned the last time can actually be quite valuable.

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
J. Arencibia C
B. Francisco DH
E. Thames LF
Y. Gomes 3B
R. Davis CF

R. Romero LHP

New York Mets

A. Torres CF
J. Turner 1B
D. Wright 3B
L. Duda DH
D. Murphy 2B
S. Hairston LF
K. Nieuwenhuis RF
R. Johnson C
R. Cedeno SS

J. Niese LHP


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. Bautista’s strikeout. The “scout” note is sad http://twitpic.com/9mjqcb/full

  2. dammit the game isnt on tv again.had enough of hockey

  3. Throw. Fucking. Strikes.

  4. Romero must lead the world in 4 pitch walks.

  5. Hairston, Buck

    Have another Crown and coke.

  6. way to go jp.hot hot hot homer and the 2 leadoff guys get on.yahoooo.sucks watching MLB summary but its better than nothing

  7. Yeah Ricky lead off walks aren’t so good, are they?

  8. Does Escobar need a new glove? He hasn’t been able to pick it out cleanly much this year.

  9. Nice. Pervy cameraman chasing the hottie down the aisle.

    Bautista has looked awful in RF so far.

  10. Bautista to 1B –> huge upgrade over EE at 1B
    EE to DH —> massive upgrade over Francisco
    Snider (once healthy) to RF —> massive upgrade over Bautista
    Thames/Davis to LF —> shitty, but no change from what we have now

    How does this not make incredible sense? Lind was the biggest obstacle, but he’s gone now. No reason not to start heading in this direction.

    • Bautista’s arm is more valuable in the OF. He’s a fine RF, recency bias notwithstanding.

      • His arm might get us half a dozen outs over the course of a year, his bad range will cost us 50. (Two so far tonight and we’re in the 2nd inning.) A good arm is nice to have, but it’s not incredibly important, particularly if you can get to balls.

    • I don’t see where Bautista is a liability in RF. He has a great arm. And he won’t be happy playing infield. Shouldn’t that matter?

      • 1) Learn to read defensive stats
        2) No. He’s being paid $15M a year. I don’t give a shit where he “wants” to play. He should want to do what’s best for the team.

        • Snider’s appearances in RF have resulted in a career Rtot of -7 compared to Bautista’s -3

          Snider’s appearances in LF have resulted in a career Rtot of -7 compared to Bautista’s +1

          Where are you seeing an improvement worth putting your star at a position he doesnt want to be at?

      • Vlad Guerrero has one of the greatest arms of all-time. That doesn’t mean he should be anywhere near the outfield. Bautista’s range is obviously nowhere near that putrid yet, but it’s not getting any better.

  11. Johnny?…Johnny!…JOHNNY!

  12. Way to Gomes…….

  13. Sign this kid to a long term contract. amirite?

  14. Fuck this kid is not wasting any damn time is he?

  15. Let us take a relaxed attitude towards work, and watch the baseball match. The NY Mets are my favourite squadron…

  16. Spring training all over again. Go Gomes, Go.

  17. Lawrie who?

  18. Obviously time to trade Lawrie while the getting’s good. When he is suspended: the Blue Jays never lose. It’s a fact.

  19. Joey Bats.. Great running by Johnson.

  20. 4 two out runs so far, gotta like it.

  21. It’s a good thing he made it. But WHY!?

  22. Jose Bautista, five-tool player

  23. Ricky will set the all time walk record and still have his era under 4

  24. Hey Stoeten, which came first.. Your profile pic or that ad for ‘The Dictator”? Apologies if I’m the 30th person to point that out.

  25. That makes up for the cheap double, motherfucker

  26. oh dear.

  27. 3 homers for Blue Jays catchers tonight….let’s get Mathis into the lineup somehow.

  28. Niese is going to need more plastic surgury soon.. because he’s getting his face ripped off tonight. HEY YO?

  29. Is it possible that Farrell is a genius, and the whole pinch-hitting fiasco was him goading JP? Or is it just NY teams?

  30. Son of a bitch.


  32. Hmmm, we’re a different team with Lawrie sitting out.

  33. All I have heard from JP is that he relishes in situation with RISP, especially in the 5 spot

  34. Rajai “Powerstrokenow” Davis… Thank you Tabby.

  35. I was going to say “you know you suck when Thames gets a solid hit off you” but you REALLY know you suck when Rajai goes yard off you.

  36. I just dont know what is happening, Raja hitting one nowi?

  37. When Edwin or Jose go to the Home Run Derby maybe they can get Niese to pitch to them.

  38. lol Brett who???

  39. I guess the man in white made his triumphant return tonight!

  40. Gee it’s a good thing hockey’s on instead of this

  41. what a game to be missing as well as lawries snap not on tv too.bullshit ad by rogers. all 162 games televised. yeah on 2 different channels and i never know til game time that i dont get it.

  42. Whoo whee! I can hardly wait to get back up and join the team again! This is my kinda sugar! Probably next week huh AA? Or the week after for sure right? AA? Buddy.

  43. Relax, Ricky

  44. Third time’s the charm?

  45. Zaun has a headset on, Ginger doesn’t.


  46. looking at the pitch tracker on MLB. alot of the called balls are in the lower part of the strike zone. does it look that way on tv? maybe lawrie has the umps scared?now the umps arent calling strikes on the lower outside corner?

  47. tampa is chewing up the poor bastard pitcher for the braves

    • If a 2-2 tie is considered being chewed up, then yes.

      • pitch count, little potatoes. the patient bastards are watching alot of balls go by. you are a smart ass eh? im getting your negligent dad mr. big fuckin potatoes to spank your little spud arse

        • Watch yourself now, us taters are known for our tempers.

          • hahaha the tide turned.that pitcher turned it on and has an awesome count now and leading.the rays started to piss me off that last series.and yes i am aware of potato tantrums.it usually ends up in scallops.haha

        • How on earth do you keep track of your various and varied selves?

          • i dont, everything is a blur.most enjoyable

          • “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see; it’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out, it doesn’t matter much to me.” (Strawberry Fields Forever)

  48. Reading through Griffin’s chat, I get the sense he has no idea how awful Thames has been for the majority of this year.

    • Griffin doesn’t really know much about anything. Or if he does he loves to pretend he knows nothing.

  49. Anyone else hate that Rogers brodcast of the Jays doesnt show pitches thrown? where as you watch other teams each pitch they show speed and the pitch number…

  50. Gomes to First, for the next few weeks till Vlad may be ready?definately making an impression why he should stay with the big team.

  51. WTF, RAJAI?

  52. Who are you and what did you do to Rajai Davis?

  53. I hope Rajai winks at Thames on his way in to the dugout

  54. Fuck maybe this is the year the Jays actually do well during interleague play. It would go a long way towards a meaningful September.

    Fuck small sample size.

  55. I can’t be the only one who thinks the Jays strength coach int he bench looks like the T-1000.

  56. RT @Oscar_Gambles_Hair: WTF, RAJAI?

  57. I almost have contempt for these weak, non AL East teams. They suck so much.

  58. seriously why bring up snider, Davis Starting LFr

  59. before tonight Davis had a career 13 hr in 1839 atbats. we are in the twilight zone ladies and gentleman.

  60. The Jays are playing really well now cause of Lawrie’s great showing of grit.


  61. Time for a whisky


  62. Speaking of whisky, Buck sounds half in the bag.

  63. As if that kid has a Wu-Tang t-shirt on, sounds like solid parenting to me!

  64. Pffftt, he wants another I see!

  65. mercy rule?

  66. Look what happens when the gravity well of SUCK surrounding Adam Lind is gone.

  67. Thames with a RB!? WTF is up tonight?

  68. Tomorrow they’ll lose 1-0

  69. Jays should move up in the standings this weekend….lets sart our march to the playoffs now using the Willy Milly bind ump crapfest as a firestarter

  70. Farrell should tell them to cool it off and save a few for tomorrow. This is getting ridiculous

  71. least we dont have to worry about blown save!!!

  72. Verlander is keeping the Pirates hitless through 8, fyi

  73. Holy shit, only one NL team is leading right now.

  74. i know its on a substitution but Rasmus in the 3 hole?

  75. Nice arm on Yan Gomes.

  76. This should really give ye old run differential a nice little boost. Good to a game like this helps all the hitters stats out.

  77. Verlandeer gave up a hit with one out in the 9th…

    • Dave Steib offers his condolences.

      • Thanks for THAT memory…

        • Some tough memories from my teenage years i couldn’t believe a couple of those. I remember watching those back to back starts where he lost both no-hitters. I used to say he must have done something horrible in a previous life.

  78. Can we not walk so many ? WTF

  79. Yan Gomes was drafted out of Barry University, check out this pic on their website, it’s like this guy is trying to hold in a boner after staring at her tits.


  80. I noticed that most of the interleague matchups are between cities that are physically close to each other. Just a few exceptions.

  81. Sad Eric just sad.

  82. Oh great, looks lioke Cordero brought his best stuff tonight

  83. Fucking Baltimore.

    • They are going to choke and it will be awesome to watch

    • Honestly, I’m glad it’s not the Jays in first place near the end of May. Seriously, shit is going to get ugly this summer in the ALEast and the team that came strong out of the gates is going to find things awfully tough come July and August. It’s funny how the ALEast standings are pretty much reversed right now compared to what we’re used to though…

  84. Brett Cecil with another quality outing for the Phill… what? That’s Cole Hamels?

  85. OK, now that he’s had two solid games and flashed a solid arm, Its high time we gave Jan gomes his nick name.

    Since his name is Yan, and he grew up in Miami…AND the writer of the Miami Vice theme song is also named Yan (Yan Hammer)

    It ONLY makese sense that Yan is known as the Hammer. its a triple meaning so to speak

  86. BTW FanGraphs Game Logs are pretty awesome. Was just checking to see how many one hitter’s Verlander has thrown. All the game logs are for all seasons are in one list. Pretty neat for you other nerds out there.

  87. Two things:

    According to the Word according to Fangraphs, Aaron Cibia went up to a .343 wOBA and .500 SLG tonight. Ridiculous what one game can do even after a fifth of the season.

    Second, did anyone else hear Zaun say Rajai Davis has “Rickey Henderson-like skills”. I mean, come on. He now has 15 career HRs. And gets on-base 32% of the time. And is getting caught stealing in his peak more than 20% of the time.

    Just like Rickey.

  88. GFG.

  89. “Parkes lays down this mindfuck on the people who continue to be entirely wrong about the Brett Lawrie thing”

    Oh my god, you actually have an allergy to being wrong!! Not even being wrong, but just admitting that there are other ideas out there!! You MUST have the last word!! You’re an interesting study, Stoeten. Both you and that Parkes-guy you play with are fascinating sociological experiments. Your stories must be told.

    • Haha. Yeah ole’ Stoet’s a stubborn sumbitch.

      I wont even waste my breath on Parkes anymore, except for this:

      This site is a beauty, as long as Stoeten sticks to his guns, and I certainly dont always agree with him. This site is kinda like talking religion, politics, and money at a live gun range. Everybody is sure as hell is going to have the testosterone a pumpin’, and voice thier opinions, and blow shit up while thier doing it. But you gotta walk away from a man with a loaded gun eventually…..

      Conversing with Parkes is like going to a paintball warehouse, where everyone is talking about IPhones, trendy shit, how nice your Volkswagon Beetles’ factory flower looks, and other what-have-you. And its very seldom that a trust a man with a combover.

      • I have no problem with what Parkes writes, even if I disagree with it…. I mean, I’m not right 100% of the time, and like to have my viewpoint challenged. I don’t always agree, but I respect his opinion.

        That being said, I do tend to find the way Parkes writes to be a little…. soulless. I don’t know what better way to describe it, other than that. That’s just me though… different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

      • +1

        That is awesome.

    • I don’t understand this supposed “mindfuck” at all. Most reasonable people on the opposite side of this debate are of the opinion that Lawrie’s actions were undoubtedly stupid, but that otherwise normal human beings are capable of doing stupid things in the heat of the moment. It’s not about being a “concrete-skulled meathead” or some sort of notion of “passion,” it’s called being human. I’m not entirely clear what not swinging on a pitch that was going to be called a strike has to do with any of that or how Parkes can make the leap that people who believe Lawrie’s reaction was a human reaction that many other players in baseball would have had (minus the helmet spike).

      How about this for a mindfuck. Stoeten’s reflexive abrasiveness in his reactions at anybody that disagree with him on this issue (often coupled with playground insults) and his continually beating this dead horse are pretty douchey at best, childish and amateur at worst. Maybe that makes him a “concrete-skulled meathead” too.

      • You’re missing the point. Re-read what Parkes wrote. He is responding to the many people who say that everyone in the ballpark KNEW it was going to be a called strike, no matter what, and suggesting that they are fucking ridiculous.

        As for the other drivel you’re written, how is what you’re excusing as being “human” different from letting your emotions get the better of you or simply being a hot-headed fuck, exactly? Humans deal with getting jerked around without exploding like spoiled children all the time.

    • I’m wrong lots. It’s just astounding to me that people don’t see this as two completely seperate issues, one where Miller might have been wrong, and one where Lawrie was completely, undeniably, very obviously an idiot who needed to control his emotions, like 99.9% of ballplayers do when calls don’t go their way. The degree to which the call didn’t go his way, or the cause for the call not going his way, is entirely irrelevant– and nobody is saying we can’t talk about these things, it’s just, a lot of people evidently can’t get the first part straight and want to justify it with the second, when there is absolutely no justification.

      • Yes 2 issues…”Miller might have been wrong” ?? He was as wrong as claim Lawrie to be. If Miller dosn’t change the rules of baseball by unilaterally expanding the strike zone to his own demensions, then Lawrie (or any other potential victim) is not in the position of showing the type of restraint that is required. The situation is compounded by Lawrie’s age. The Umpire, above all others, is the one to uphold the rules of the game. It is a noble profession and Miller, not Lawrie is the greater evil here.

  90. Before Parkes and Stoeton use their faulty logic again to justify Miller’s call against Lawrie I should post this…(originally posted by a neutral MLB fan on a highly intelligent message board, one where Stoeten and Parkes would be considered below average… so am I.

    with that lawrie third strike i went and looked at the pitchfx data for past ~3 million pitches

    only 1 other pitch ended up exactly in the same spot (it was a ball), but i gave a little wiggle room to the left/right direction of an inch and ended up being 18 pitches

    2 in plays
    1 called strike
    2 swinging strikes
    1 foul bunt
    12 balls

    checked for pitch that was way outside, 83 results in the area, 0 called strikes

    even tho there’s tons of variables i think its safe to conclude the game was fixed

    also i was cleaning up old box and came across this old pitchfx script that is badly written but it works if anyone wants it:


    i just ran it for 50 and it seemed to archive fine. just change line 118 for how many games and then nightly set it $x = 1; $x < 2 should be fine. i think it calculates pitch count for each pitcher too

    Perhaps these guys should stop being so jealous of how Lawrie picks up all the dumb Toronto sluts and just respect him for the person that he is.

    • Great work Eye, and its nice to see the the the deep thinkers that pose these mindfuck paradymes can create such controversey. Why can’t it just be as simple as Miller is an a**hole. Nice to see umpire Bob Davidson get suspended yesterday….lets get Miller now

      • I’ve wondered about this, whether that defensive prickly thing we see here is a bit of shtick or if it’s a real belief that the majority of Jays fans here (and baseball fans all over – guessing at the majority thing, but it’s gotta be at least close from what I’ve seen) are meatheads, idiots and the like. It might be a bit of both but … whatever. The reality is, the whole thing has made for an historic week, what with an umpire getting suspended himself (it may’ve happened before but I don’t recall it) for a totally separate occurrence, yes, but I doubt too many would deny that the Lawrie incident and the major attention it garnered baseball-world-wide did possibly play a role in the matter.

        What baseball fans have argued about and sided mostly with Lawrie on is that while it was obviously wrong, or at least, not right, to possibly endanger an umpire (not really, but the helmet COULD have, one supposes, bounced high enough to … hit him in the face maybe?), the emotion that he displayed was very human and, to many, quite righteously so. The staid norm of things-in-baseball dictates that that sort of emotion never be shown, no matter how egregious the error on the umpire’s part. What Lawrie’s action unleashed (I suspect) was a bit of “why the fuck not, when these guys whose only job is to make unbiased calls get away with subverting the rules to suit their OWN emotions? … and have been doing so for the last hundred-plus years?”

        It’s no coincidence that all of a sudden, there are discussions and articles being written ALL OVER the baseball world about why we’re not using available technology to assist the umpires on calling balls and strikes. Up to a few days ago, this had only occasionally been a subject of interest and discussion compared to what it is right now. Now, people are talking about it seriously, and really, for the first time ever, with a sense of acceptance almost, among many, that its time has come. We’re suddenly much closer to the day when umpires will be assisted by technology.

        When it does happen, probably down the road a bit yet, it won’t likely be named ‘the Lawrie rule’ but … I’d wager that in the meantime, Lawrie gets the odd (quiet) tip-of-the-cap or acknowledging nod, for blowing shit up that has long needed some dynamite to bring it all to the surface. As I see it, anyway.

        • PS: must’ve clicked the wrong ‘reply’ button. Was meant for the one above, EyeInTheSky.

          • We live in a screwed up world…the Ump deliberately calls a ball a strike, not once but twice, and the deep thinkers say Lawrie is wrong. Had Lawrie used his bat on the Ump and not an errantly thrown helment, then there may be a point. Why are Umps allowed to do this because a player trots to first efore the Umps says OK? Stupidity is the answer.

          • Birddawg, to believe that, you have to believe it was a simple “errantly thrown helmet,” which sounds pretty fucking quaint compared to, y’know, what actually happened.

      • It’s spelled paradigm…maybe you should try some deep thinking.

      • Why can’t it just be as simple as Miller is an asshole? Because even if he is, you can’t react like a piece of shit, concrete-skulled fuckhead, spoiled child.

        • Because baseball is a game of rules.Part of those rules is the strike zone.You make judgements based upon that rule.That’s what makes the game fair.
          When somebody violates those rules for whatever reason, it becomes illogical and emotional.

          If you followed the rules of your job and logically did everything correctly to satisfy your job requirements but then were fired unjustly,you also would react with emotion.Perhaps even angry at the fact you were screwed over for no logical reason.

          • Nobody’s saying Lawrie can’t be angry, he’s just got to control his emotions better than a six-year-old.

          • So let me get this right.Somebody presents a logical arguement to a post that you disgree with.You always respond in a calm cool manner,acknowledging the points made.
            Or do you respond with you’re a fucking moron.
            Logic flies out the window and emotions take over.

            If you follow the rules and lock your doors,turn on the alarm,do everything you’re supposed to do. Then somebody breaks the rules,breaks in and steals all of your worldy posessions.
            Do you feel angry and violated?
            Do you calmly say “que sera,sera” or get pissed, because despite doing everything, somebody fucked you ,for no reason?

        • But a professioal Ump can ruin the integrity of the game by calling balls strikes because he didn’t like what a player did. Lets change the rules just because we need to, you know, teach this boy a lesson. Hey who wants to go see Bill Miller play Umpire? Crickets

        • Christ, chill out.

  91. Playing around on Fangraphs this morning and checked out the Jays’ starters ground ball to fly ball ratio. Every starter except Bautista and EE have gone up. Some of them have gone up drastically.

    2011 : Escobar, 2.32 (GB%: 57.2); Johnson, 0.97 (39.3); Bautista, 0.79 (36.9); EE, 0.82 (36.4); JPA, 0.69 (34.5); Rasmus 0.75 (35.8); Lawrie, 0.85 (38.1); Thames, 1.08 (40.1); Lind, 1.05 (40)

    2012: Escobar, 3.5 (GB%: 63.6); Johnson, 1.66 (51); Bautista, 0.77 (36.4); EE, 0.81 (33.6); JPA, 0.90 (40.2); Rasmus, 1.03 (39.6); Lawrie, 2.33 (58.8); Thames, 2 (55.2); Lind, 1.48 (48.9)

    As a team they’ve gone from 1.03 (41.6) last year to 1.33 (47.2) so far this year. I know it’s early in the year but it seems strange to me that seven of the nine starters (well Lind’s in there too) have seen increases in the number of ground balls they hit.
    And of course I say this after they hit five homeruns in a game.

    • Lawrie has been the killer for me this year. That GB rate has sapped pretty much all his sweet juicy power from last year. Thank god for his speed or his average would be a lot worse than it is.

      Speaking of FanGraphs, according to the site Alvarez has been worthless as a starter this year. That’s right he’s got an fWAR of 0! One more sign that anything that actually measures results of what’s taken place using FIP is just another piece of junk. Don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty reliable predictor once you log a few hundred innings for certain types of pitchers but for measuring actual results of accumulated stats it’s total garbage. Kind of amazes me how much credence is given to a stat that pretends a hugely important aspect of the game – defense, doesn’t exist or pitching to contact doesn’t happen.

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