In Which I Talk to Mets Fans

Turnabout is fair play, so since we had Ted Berg on this week’s Getting Blanked Podcast, I showed up on his Know Your Enemy segment for SNY, to help Mets fans get ready for the shitkicking they’re about to take from the Jays this weekend. Here’s how it turned out…

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  1. you tell em stoets

  2. this is awesome Stoeten. congrats!

    when i watched the clip there was an ad for Caesars Place starring Celine Dion… seems strangely appropriate.

  3. You’re getting sooooo faaaamous.

  4. So let’s talk about Alvarez for a second. Obviously, the K rate is weirdly low, but I don’t see him as much more then a 4-5 k/9 anyways, unless he learns a new pitch of course.

    But is there a point where we say about him, that this guy is just a freak case, and unlike pretty much any other pitcher, CAN be this succesful with a low K rate? I mean, it’s not like the low K rate exists in a bubble. When you factor in his obscene GB rate, and low BABIP, which implies lots of weak contact, is it possible that it’s sustainable?

    I mean, at point oes the sample become relevent? 118 IP is a lot. He’s got a 3.11 ERA in that time. Pitching in the AL East. And it’s not like there was a learning curve, because that sample comprises the entirety of his big league career.

    In fact, since the day he came up Auguest 10th of last year, Alvarez is 7th in the AL in ERA, behind only Verlander, F. Hernandex, Hellickson, Shields, Price and McCarthy. That’s pretty good company.

    At this point, considering how much success he’s had for a decent amount of time, I’m willing to adopt a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” policy with regards to Alvarez.

    • 118 IP isn’t really alot. players frequently have whole seasons of 600 PAs or 200 IP which are flukey and beyond their capabilities (Adam Lind).

      even though he’s been dominant Alvarez needs to keep developing as a pitcher and increasing his whiff rate, otherwise the league will catch up with him.

      success as a major leaguer means the ability to adapt – those who do, thrive: Halladay, Maddux, Bautista – those who don’t: Cecil, Lind, get sent down to AAA. and are out of baseball in a few years.

    • 118 innings is not a big sample size, when it comes to ERA.

  5. Nice work Homer. Nice to see that the Jays blogging community and its fans are represented well. But I was kinda hoping you were going mention something about the Jays laying down a good old fashion woopassin’ this weekend…

  6. Well done ol chap.

  7. Good embassidor. The Amazins are not going to be so, after this weekend.

    By the way, next time leave with a good old fashioned
    dig like, give our best to Bernie for us, or ask em if Billy Crystal is in the lineup tonight?

  8. I’m amazed there are still a few people out there who think Bautista is a good outfielder. 1B is calling louder and louder.

  9. JP sure likes being in the middle of the order

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