I’m not exactly sure if it’s a courtesy, a genuine attempt to find someone to eat his contract, or what, but according to a tweet from Dany Knobler– the Knobler!– of CBS Sports, the Jays have placed Adam Lind on outright waivers, which makes him available to any team who’ll claim him, or will remove him from the 40-man roster if he gets through. Yikes.

Mike Wilner tweets that he has confirmed the rumour from a reliable Jays source, as well.

MLBTR passes along the following from Jon Heyman, also of CBS:

Lind is owed whatever’s left of his $5-million salary this season, $5-million more for 2013, plus a $3.5-million in option year buyouts, according to Cot’s.

Wilner adds that he believes we’ll know whether Lind cleared or not on Wednesday. He also tweets that he’s been told that the club doesn’t see Vlad Guerrero as an option until June (though that timeline has already been shortened once, let’s not forget), and suggests this move is about the contract and not the 40-man spot, as they could have put Dustin McGowan on the 60-day DL to free up a roster spot, had they wanted to.

Edwin Encarnacion went through a thing like this twice two years ago– actually becoming a member of Oakland’s organization for a brief time, before being picked back up by the Jays– and the club still maintained some kind of a belief in him, I guess, so… it’s not like Lind’s time with the club is completely up. Epecially since most clubs aren’t going to touch him after how awfully he’s played for the last two-and-a-quarter seasons, save for one 26 game stretch last year, starting April 25th and spanning his DL trip, in which he OPS’d 1.372, after having come in at .599, then OPSing .540 from June 19th to the All-Star break, and .589 in the second half.

Those 26 games were the lone bright spot for Lind through basically the entirety of his .712 OPS 2010, to his miserable .586 OPS start to this season, and hardly enough to engender the kind of hope for him that a lot of people still seem to have for him. *COUGH* Wilner *COUGH*

I mean, I’d like to be hopeful–and I get that, as House of the Bluebird, and others, have pointed out, Lind’s plate discipline numbers looked similar this year to his great 2009–  it’s just… that’s a screaming shitload of bad performance to look past.

But… whatever the case, this is almost certainly not the end for Lind is this organization– there’s just too much money left on his deal to reasonably expect anyone will touch him. He’ll likely clear waivers and get to working on putting his shit together in the minors. Yes, Adam Lind. Y’know, the guy who mysti-fucking-fyingly batted cleanup for the team in 21 of the 34 games he played this year? Jesus fuck…


Image by Al Messerschmidt/Getty.

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  1. Good luck Adam

    Sorry, it was time to go.

    • Lind’s words and actions since his demotion say everything about why he was outrighted and not optioned. He has had back issues, yet admits he “doesn’t like to work out”. Instead of following the EE example, and becoming the hardest working major-leaguer sent down to Vegas to find his stroke/confidence/whatever, he takes a 2-day vacation, and then whines in the press about the type of demotion he received (outright/optioned). He is obviously heavier, and thicker through the middle body=wise since his 1 glory year, and swings now like he’s trying not to hurt himself. All in all, not the type of aggressive, athletic, hard-working athlete AA favours, and with a fairly hefty remaining contract that his performance hasn’t come close to matching. If he had taken a red-eye to Vegas and started working right away on getting back, a la EE, this woulldn’t be an issue. Bye-bye under-achiever!

  2. Gotta feel for the guy.

    As terrible as he’s been, and as much as everyone (me included) have been frustarted, there’s a certain human element you tend to forget about.

    He’s not dead or anything, but it’s gotta be tough for him.

    Best of luck to him.

    • Very true.

    • Sure it’s a blow but how many of us would like to be guaranteed $10.75 million for the next 3 years minimum plus the roughly $6-7 million he’s already banked.

      • Oh that helps, certainly.

        Regardless, he is a person and being told (quite publicly, for everyone to see) that you’re no good at what you do can’t be the easiest pill to swallow.

        He isn’t a robot.

        • lol that’s why I agreed and said it was a blow. No arguing that point. However, it’s a blow soothed with a lifetime of riches.

          • To a point, sure, but I don’t think money takes a lot out of the sting of failing at the one thing that has defined you as a person for the, what, last 20 years of his life?

          • I’d be okay with the Jays telling me I suck at baseball, in exchange for lifetime financial security.

            Hell, if they tell me that at work, at best I get a couple of months’ severance.

        • Give me a break. It’s not like he came down with a serious illness. He’s a rich, rich, rich man. A young man with plenty of opportunity to repair his baseball career. Save your pity.

        • I wonder how this information leaked? Couldn’t they just send him to Vegas & call up other GM’s & say he might be available rather than leaking that he was outrighted?

          Sounds like AA is trying to force other teams to make him an offer, but these waivers are supposed to be irrevocable, so they can’t bring him back if another team takes his contract.

          Very strange.

          • leaked? This information gets relayed to all the other GMs. They have to know the players who get put on waivers. Otherwise, no GM would know and that just defeats the whole purpose of a waiver.

          • Davidi is reporting he talked to Lind who wasn’t aware he had been outrighted and thought it strange he hadn’t been told considering he thought Alex had been really straightforward in the past with the players.

            As for the reporting Knobler at CBS could have easily got the tip from one of the other teams which is probably more likely since the Jays are pretty security conscious when it comes to rumours and such.

            Maybe the waivers part turns out to be false at the end of the day or AA just had enough.

        • Based on what Ive read about him this year, he has a lousy work ethic and hasn’t put 100% into his job. This is the price you pay. I dont feel bad for him at all.

    • That’s all nice and everything but he’s not even tradeable. It’s his fault he sucked. Fuck badluck.

    • Agree. Lind’s personality and fan friendliness is always there, but not his ability to drive in runs effectively since 2009. Now his defense has suffered as well.

      Just hope he turns it around for our team, or if so… another team.

      These recent Lind transactions are prolly showing us that AA is just making the hard decisions to make this team better and not letting “loyalty” issues cloud the needed fixes when someone is outright sucking like shit. AA is not invincible and the same with Farrell (obviously), but they at least fix things faster and more correctly than the previous years.

    • I could live on $15M, I don’t see anyone feeling sorry for the guy on the street who loses his job. What’s with the crying stuff?

    • Classy post. I think he just needs a change of environment.

  3. eh. you never know, a team mightt take a chance on him .

    I mean if they did on rios and wells and that was a lot more money involved.

    Oakland, san fran, seattle, could all afford could use him in lf or 1b

    • Maybe add Miami to that list, they recently optioned Gaby Sanchez to AAA after April struggles. I’m sure they can afford it as well, they’re no strangers to overpriced contracts.

    • Doesn’t San Fran need a new Aubrey Huff? I’ll bet Sabean can’t get to the phone fast enough

      now read that sentence again, but as a rap

  4. I know it was time for Lind to go…but shit, this sucks. I hope him the best.

  5. I’m surprisingly sad about this. It’s not everyday you see something like this happen to a former silver slugger.

  6. Hit the bricks ya mutt. Good riddance

    • I was thinking it, but didn’t want to disrupt the wonderful things being said about Lind by the DJF mourners. Glad he is gone, maybe he can rejoin that other sad sack Hill in Zona. Fuck these two were overpaid for 1 good season. We are way better off now, and in a playoff hunt too.

      • yeah, but realative to others they werent overpaid. Think Rios & Wells. AA was the brains behind the Hill and Lind contracts and they have been easy to move/eat when they haent worked out. Maybe a lesson to all those looking at 7-8-9-10 years deals for big free agents.

        • True, but given that Lind is unlikely to be on the team anyomore, we could have traded for a 1B in the past offseason.

      • Hill got paid BEFORE his big season, doofus.

  7. I’ll say the same thing I usually do. Lind is a good hitter, but seems to have a rather fragile composure. Give him some pressure, and he buckles. He’s even stated that he doesn’t like the cleanup spot. I think he’ll hit best when he’s not the star counted on to produce. Super small sample size warning, but he did seem to start hitting when he was demoted to 8th.

    Unlike one Blue Jay (also currently struggling – although showing signs of life), Lind at least has a minor league history of being quite good to go along with his times of success in the majors.

  8. rasmus is next, but traded if he cant figure it out. He’s been bad just as long and only two years younger.

    • Rasmus is not next, he plays a premium position and plays it well, the level at which he has to hit to be very valuable is well below his actual ceiling.

      • he is next if he doesnt start hitting I watch baseball and follow it just like you yes you dont need to be a great on base guy but you need to better then what he’s been. Almost two years now he’s been bad, he’s next unless he starts hititng, which he could.
        Thames isnt that far behind.

        • You guys are missing the really key point of who replaces these players. It is easy to say Rasmus is next, then Thames blah blah blah, but to be replaced by who, Raja Davis.
          The Jays are not going to trade their farm system to replace players that are under performing just for an upgrade this year. They would rather keep them, hope they turn it around and seek out viable long term solutions. Lind was sent down because he was awful and they have some ok options to cover the whole. But the Blue Jays do not have ok options to cover two more holes, especially, with my guess, that Travis Snider will be the person to fill the Adam Lind gap.

          • Rasmus hopefully turns it around, he is playing a very good CF. the end of june if he’s still this bad, Gose could come up, he cant be much worse then rasmus in 2012 so far.
            I still think Rasmus will turn it around, but people have been wrong before.

        • You sound even dumber than I will kindly assume you actually are.

          • Internet tough guy alert, dont assume anything about anyone if you dont know them jack.
            Sad way to go about life, do you maybe wanna compete in a challenge of smarts.
            You pick the date for our academic decathlon, I’m ready.

    • While Lind was OPS’ing .712 in 2010, Rasmus was OPSing .859 so I don’t get this whole “Rasmus has been bad for just as long” thing.

      This isn’t a decision based on 40-ish games this year. It’s an accumulation of things since the start of 2010.

      As for the “2 years younger thing”… well, that’s pretty significant. And the fact that Rasmus also brings significant defensive value mitigates his offensive struggles a bit as well.

      • And Rasmus has just been bad offensively this year, not historically putrid.

      • Agreed, Also have to look at how unlucky Rasmus has been this year. His Line Drive rate is at it’s highest ever while his BABIP is at it’s lowest level ever. He could easily be hitting 30-40 pts higher right now if some of those liners dropped in. Also his strike outs are down this year.

        • And he’s looked decent at the plate, too. He’s hit a lot of balls hard, even if there haven’t been results.

  9. I’ve always really liked Adam Lind. I remember in 2010 when he really started struggling, he was asked in an interview why he thought that was. His answer: “I don’t know.”

    I hope he figures it out someday.

  10. Seems to me that Dwayne Murphy is taking on an air similar to Dr. Kevorkian. Under his care from 2009, we have watched the offensive demise of Lind, Hill, Wells, Snider and he isn’t through yet. Is there a Doctor in the house?

    • +1

    • Bring back the man that makes people hit: Cito Gaston

    • He did do wonders for Bautista, Scutaro, and Buck who’ve had career years while he was hitting coach. Escobar had his highest offensive WAR year under Murphy. EE has done his best work under Murphy. Can add Molina to that list as well. Maybe he works better with guys that haven’t been with the club for a while lol.

      Hell (yes small sample size) even Jeff The Natural Mathis has a career high OPS under Murphy. That’s a mountain of mighty magic right there.

      • Great response, though if I recall AA got Joey Bats cause his last half season of batting with the Pirates was already showing great promise. Scutaro and Buck were here when the all the Jays were jacking the ball out of the park (240 HR’s about) so give him credit there. The team BA has been a concern for a while, and this year a little better but…can Murphy help Rasmus, keep Thames from his offensive mini slide,.

    • I see what you’re going for, but it really didn’t work out for you.

  11. I believe the year after Lind’s silver slugger he gained a lot of weight. I remember visible differences in his body when he came into training camp one year, and he said he was drinking protein shakes like mad. Maybe this effected his bat speed? This along with his injury issues might be part of his decline.

    I feel for the guy, he’s young enough that he might be able to stay around the majors a little longer, but he has to figure his shit out before he will get big league ABs again.

  12. This means AA opening another spot on the 40.

  13. funny I rememer when lind first came up he had the quickest bat I had ever seen so I knew he would be a good hitter. now it seems his bat is real slow. he has gained weight, doesn’t look in the best of shape.

  14. Supposedly the Marlins may inquire about Lind after optioning Gaby Sanchez to AAA.

    The potential for an AA special to acquire Logan Morrison from the Marlins is there. Morrison is struggling, has often been platooned this season vs lefties, plays shitty LF defense, has knee issues and has had previous issues with management.

    Package Thames with Lind and $5 – $10 million or whatever and bring LoMo’s twitter account to Toronto!

    • This move (as with most moves this team makes) is about the Jays trying to save cash, not spend it.

      There aren’t going to be any magic ninja deals. If Lind is claimed the Jays will let him go for nothing (and be extremely glad that any team would be that stupid). If not, he’ll go to the minors and play out the next couple of years somewhere in the system, and then be out of baseball.

      Putting him on waivers is worth a shot, because there are some stupid GMs out there, but this is not a situation where AA could reasonably expect to do much.

      The interesting question would be how much the Jays are willing to pay to make him go away now as opposed to rotting in the minors for two more years. Personally, if a team called and offered to take him for nothing provided the Jays ate half the contract (reducing the outstanding liability to around $5M), I think this is absolutely a deal AA should make.

    • They were saying earlier that Sanchez was demoted so Morrison could play first. I can’t see the Marlins putting up that kind of dough on a long shot when they have Morrison and Sanchez under contract. There’s no DH spot for any of them to play at.

      As Wilner said if they want Lind they just have to put their claim in there’s inquiring necessary.

      • Yeah, but will anyone take Lind for $13 million or whatever? Probably not. But maybe a team would pay $3 – $5 million through 2013 and hope he plays well enough to activate those once sweet-looking options.

        LoMo was quoted as saying his knee isn’t getting any better. He should be playing 1B/DH so he doesn’t need 2 days off a week.

        Obviously it’s hard predicting AA’s next ninja move…although there were some Rasmus rumblings b4 that trade went down.


        Obviously that’s just one guy making an educated guess. But if the Marlins acquired Lind with the Jays paying a (substantial) portion of the contract, wouldn’t it likely be to play 1B? I guess they could play him in LF to save his back and LoMo at 1B to saves his knees…

        • The Jays aren’t paying any of his contract if he is claimed just like Rios. You claim him he’s all yours if not he goes to AAA but not on the 40 man roster and is safe until next year.

          • Yes, but if he’s unclaimed then perhaps AA would rather eat half the contract (or whatever) just to move him and save a few mill.

            I guess we’ll know in the next few days.

          • Not that I think anyone will take him, but I think the process would look like a) a team contacts the Jays, say they’re interested, b) Jays and teams negotiate, c) the claim is then made after the deal is complete.

            I don’t know, though.

  15. Personally I can see someone like the Dodgers taking a risk on him. They certainly have the cash and their current option – Loney, isn’t any better. The overall dollar figure for the 3 years might sound like a lot but all he would need to do is bump his numbers up a little to produce a WAR of around 1 to make the deal financially acceptable. If you think about it the contract certainly leaves plenty of room for risk taking if another hitting coach can coax some more life out of him.

    • I guarantee you if Colletti acquires Lind it won’t be based on a WAR calculation :)

      Frankly, I could see a few teams willing to take a risk on him. It’s not like he has a particularly scary contract.

      • Obviously, that’s just how all the bloggers and writers look at things though I am sure each team has a similar metric they use to determine value via past and expected future performance.

        The question is for how many teams will he be an immediate upgrade for? Is their the opportunity for him to actually play there and if so does the team in question have the financial resources to do it and more importantly the lineup that can support a player scuffling to such an awful extent?

        I wonder if there would be additional option complications if another team picked him up but tried to send him down right away since he’d technically been sent down once already by the Jays and then outrighted.

    • I was just going to say “an NL team might take him hoping switching leagues does to him what it did to Hill, i.e. hide his shittiness.” But then I just pulled up Hill’s fangraphs page, and it looks like his shittiness is shining through again in Arizona.


  17. Is that patch behind his ear his “make me a less shitty hitter” patch? Cause clearly it didn’t work.

  18. Been in Alaska for a week, have I missed anything?

  19. as Ronnie Van Zant once predicted with Lynard Skynard……Tuesday’s gone with the Lind

  20. yawn…this post has been a long time coming. How long did you have it primed and ready to roll?

  21. maybe lind will waive his last year for a brand new john deer lawn tractor.

  22. The fuck is up with that picture? Did he cut himself shaving?

  23. Watch…. guaranteed if he moves to another team he becomes a star….

    Can’t say I wont miss the guy, he has tons of talent but I really just dont think he was meant for Dwayne Murphy’s system of pull everything and only hit homeruns.

    He will find his stroke elsewhere.

  24. anyone know wtf happened to snider

  25. lind is a dipshit, I remember when barry lee rosco davis asked lind to decribe a home run ab he hit, lind said “I saw the ball and I hit it”.

  26. Something is wrong with the dude, I vote for some location between between his left and right ears. Guy has always raked since little league. Very difficult to believe ’09 was just luck. Even if it was luck, it was fun to watch. It felt like he hit a ball on the screws in every AB. Good luck, Lind.

  27. When I heard an interview (not sure where) where he said he worked out 20 minutes a day over winter, I kind of lost hope for a resurgence. He does seem like a nice guy, but his drive to win can’t just be present on game day.

  28. I’m kind of sad. I liked Lind. I was hoping he would put it together in AAA. Eddie did it.

  29. WTF? Is the waivers thing not confirmed by the club yet? What’s is going on here?

  30. Yeah, now apparently Lind is saying he hasn’t been told about the waivers. And AA didn’t respond to text message.


    dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dah! dit-dit-dit-dit-dit

    • I think this is kind of par for the course in the mysterious world of waivers, no?

    • Maybe AA knew no one would claim him and as such figured there was no need to tell him?

    • Seems odd that AA wouldn’t have told him since it doesn’t really fit with his MO. It’s also almost assuredly true that he is on outright waivers, since hundreds of people in 30 different organizations have access to the contents of the waiver wire and could confirm this easily. Perhaps there was a miscommunication of some sort.

  31. To all the wish you well , sorry to see him go Lind people. Save it for someone who was good at playing baseball. Lind’s nickname was sleepy and i cant help but wonder if part of his colossal suckage for the past 2+ years is related to a work ethic issue.
    He would not be the first ball player to sign a huge contract and put it into cruise control.
    Unfortunately unless we eat a sizesble portion, I think he clears waivers.

    • You’re right. He took the money (signed the contract) and stopped doing what pro athletes are supposed to do without being asked to: staying in tip-top shape (physically AND mentally) or at least something close to it. Even playing at first base, you could almost hear him creak when he’d have to reach for a throw to make the out. And lately, he was missing some of those he shouldn’t have been missing. I wish him well but … if it quacks like a duck and it swims like a duck it’s probably a duck. I’d say, lazy ass.

  32. Fuck Lind, he is dead to me now. This is baseball, not a fuckin’ Spanish soap opera, he has underperformed and does not deserve a spot on the team, no tears here.

    The question we should be pondering is WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO BE THE JAYS NEW FIRST BASEMAN?

    Edwin? If so, who’s DH? Can Snider play first? Another (last) shot for Cooper? Aaron Cibia? Fuck we got to solve our catching predicament somehow, TD’A is almost ready to come up. Maybe this is part of AA’s grand master plan for the future. I for one would like to keep JPA and TDA… Thoughts here gentlemen?

    • Call up Vladdy to replace Lind when he’s finished oiling his joints down in extended spring training. He’ll play DH and he certainly can’t be any worse than Lind, even if his best days are long behind him.

      They said Vladdy was done two years ago when he turned in a tepid year, then had a huge 2010. His 2011 wasn’t as good but he still hit .290 with 13 HR, so you just never know. At the very least, he’ll provide some protection for Bautista in the cleanup spot as pitchers are still scared of him.

    • We have a catching Prediciment? I had no idea…what is it?

    • That’s an old story. Only reason it’s being dug up now is because Wright is having a good start to the year…

      • And he’s in town at the moment… I heard rumblings about this in the past, but didn’t know how much of it was true. This sounds more in depth than what I had heard. Oh well.

  33. WWJPRD?

  34. There’s nothing worse than the idiotic ‘oh gee, but ya gotta feel for the guy’ crap comments.

    Why? Please wrap your head around the millions he’s guranteed regardless of the outcome.
    Why don’t we all get the violins out…..what a joke.

    Adam Lind stunk, stunk bad & word has it he doesn’t do the extra work most of the others do, from the gym to the field. He’s also porked out & as a result lost his bat speed. The real player has shown himself for what he his. Once the overly generous contract fell….his concern became the posh digs, the german sports cars, the associated highlife etc….what happend on the field became 2ndary…an inconvenient distraction.

  35. This is not the end of lind anymore than it was the end of Edwin. He will clear waivers. He will be off the 40 man roster and remain in vegas to work on his game. If he shows signs of improvement, he will be brought back up.

    This is obviously a move simply to open up a roster spot for some reason. I think this is a small pawn in a greater game of chess.

    This type of move does sort of signify that the team is more immediate results oriented (in terms of wins and losses) and perhaps they believe this team can compete this year for a playoff spot, given not only the starting pitching success, but the regression of the sox and the yankees.

  36. One thing I fear is the team replacing Lind with some bozo like Jan Gomes though. Gomes is best as a utility player and his career stats show that he doesnt walk, strikes out a ton, and doesn’t hit for average. he does have some pop. He is not the answer despite what some fools will be led to believe by a few games.

    certainly you cannot use gomes as the DH because then if you needed him in the field, you would lose the DH, and thus his “utlility” becomes futility.

    You cant play him at third because Lawrie will be back.

    I dont think he plays OF.

    you could play him at first and DH edwin, this would allow for moving him to other positions, (even catcher) should the need arise.

    • Gomes has never been rated highly as a prospect. He’s just another stop-gap player like McCoy was for a while, but I think Gomes is going to prove to be more useful than McCoy because we’ve got Vizquel for 2B/3B/SS and Gomes can fill the 1B/3B/C positions. Gomes and Vizquel are different types of players so Farrell has more options depending on the situation that he didn’t have with a McCoy type. Need power? Plug in Gomes. Need speed or a bunt? Plug in Vizquel.

      • Gomes is not stop-gap. It is difficult to find a good hitter; and one that fills a utility role, and has a strong arm makes him a god-send. Gomes is going to fill a very important role on this team and he will make the other hitters around him better. Guys like Gomes are big pieces to the playoff puzzle….Go Jays!

    • Or you could send him back to the minors after Lawrie comes back as the team has indicated was his only reason for the call up.

      • Just send him down to the minors? that makes no sense. they would need to bring someone else up because they are currently using a 24 man roster.

        (lawrie still counts against the 25 man roster despite not being available to play)

        • Then they would bring up Cooper or McDade like Anthopolous said they would a mere 3 days ago. Christ.

          • rather have gomes. at least he offers flexibility defensively and his hitting likely projects similar to those two stiffs. also, mcdade is FAT

          • They ain’t coming, Gomes is hitting his way onto this team and won’t be denied. McDade may never get here, and Cooper is all but done. AA is blowing smoke to get Gomes guessing

          • Don’t honestly care, was just pointing out that your original anti-Gomes rant was unfounded hysteria

          • If you don’t care, then niether do I. I retract what I said earlier. This is a tough blog

  37. Is Tony Ambrosia all there?
    Happy birthday Tony.
    Happy birthday to you too Jamie.

    Snider reinjures his wrist?

  38. bye bye lind. enjoy your millions and enjoy the no pressure environment of AAA. i understand you dont train very much and maybe this lackadaisacal approach is your downfall. i also read that you arent very bright so consider yourself very fortunate to be rich.and do us a favour by not whining about your being on waivers without being told. AA can do what is best for the team and you were probably crying too much already so he went easy on your sorry ass.

  39. looks like snider is not meant to be

  40. Stoeten’s hung over again.Probably gonna place a panic call to Drew or Parkes.
    Game threat’s not up.

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