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This is your half-assed Game Threat!

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  1. godddddammit its not on regular tv again.fuck you rogers

  2. For those outside canada, It’s the free game on today….

  3. Davis in for Rasmus, Thames plays? That’s a good call.

  4. Any free streams available today?

  5. damn you sportsnet 1!!! does anyone know of a stream kicking around for those of us stuck at work with peasant vision

  6. Half-assed is a little generous, no?

  7. again fuck you rogers

    • SN1 costs 92 cents a month and as you were told yesterday is free until December. If mommy and day won’t add it, or you’re too stupid to add it, keep it to yourself.

      • Sure if you’re already paying 65 fucking dollars for their cable package. Are you really this stupid?

        To the non idiots, just get yer paws on a Rogers email and you can watch it live.

        • 65 fucking dollars for cable??? WTF??

          When will Rogers learn that they owe free baseball to freeloaders? Your counterpart claims he was ‘misled’. Or what? He wouldn’t mooch his landlord’s cable?

          There used to be a Toronto band called Parachute Club. You two can start one called Parasite Club. Get up on stage and whine for a set about how Rogers won’t give you free baseball.

      • i dont have any control over tv packages. i rent right now and its it has nothing to do about price. i dont like how rogers advertises all 162 games televised when its on 2 is misleading too

        • Rogers doesn’t owe parasites free baseball. Either get tyour own cable instead of mooching your landlord’s feed, or next time you find a landlord who splices his cable for you offer him 92cents for SN1. Please take your stupid whining elsewhere.

      • Fuck off you bougie piece of shit…is baseball not allowed for the working class dude who has to goes paycheque to paycheque

  8. Nice to see Zaun making some sense on Jays Connected. He and Law in the same camp on brutal umping.

  9. on the bright side tomorrow’s game is on snet and not snet1. Funny thing is, I would buy Snet 1 if not for the other crap I would have to buy with it…

  10. Surely there’s someone else who can do the colour and play by play! I can’t take listening to this drivel much longer

    • Whatever, Buck is the fucking king.

    • You don’t believe in RBI guys the way pat does? Buck just called rajai Davis Eric davis as well

      • I now know that one of the big differences between RBI and non RBI guys is that the RBI guys (like Thames) are not scared.

    • Buck is like God compared to Jamie Campbell.

      Is there any way to get around the blackout? Perhaps somekind of proxy will do the trick?

      • An HTTP proxy might work. The stream still goes directly to your machine rather than through the proxy (thanks Flash!), so this isn’t even hard on your proxy. Why they haven’t fixed this yet I’m not sure.

  11. for those of you who haven’t seen it yet enjoy!

    Brett Lawrie – Phonies (Threw It On The Ground)

  12. You can do it put your ass into it.

    (Now that songs stuck in your head….AHHHHH!)

  13. Terrible at bat in the second by JPA and Davis. In both cases, Batista successfully suckered them into reaching farther outside the strike zone on successive pitches.

    • You KNEW once Davis went deep twice yesterday that we are in for at least a good month of him pulling off pitches and swinging for the 5th deck.

  14. Morrow is ON today.

  15. What is up with Morrow? Is he dialing down his fastball to the high 80′s / low 90′s by design or is there something going on here?

    • Maybe he’s worrying more about locating it instead of just giving maximum heat? Dunno, but it’s working.

    • I would say by design since he’s also touched 95 today.

    • He once spoke about how he was more concerned with location rather than velocity. Something along the lines of that he has more sucess putting his pitches where he wants them rather than reaching back for a few extra mph,

    • He touched 97 in the 8th, maybe taking a page out of Verlander’s book.

  16. The Jays are going to exhaust this bullpen.

  17. If anyone has WPIX (Rogers 570), you can watch the game on there and not have to listen to Buck and Pat.

    And you know what, it’s actually not that bad.

  18. I don’t mind Buck everyone loves nostalgia but seriously Pat makes me want to pull out my pubes one at a time.

  19. Don’t know what it is but I detest the Blue Jay mascot “Ace”.
    I liked BJ Birdy.So it’s not mascots in general.

  20. does corey patterson catch that?

  21. Morrow has thrown a total of 14 balls after 5 innings. That’s insane.

  22. Hey is it just me, or does Rajai Davis seem to have an ass that immediately joins his deltoids?

  23. Kelly Johnson has to have the most “clutch” RBI on the team.

  24. Holy fuck that 1st base ump is a fat fuck

  25. KJ is a huge part of this lineup. Let’s hope AA can convince him to reup in Toronto.

  26. Yes Buck but control can be learned, velocity can’t. And that 2nd inning single that JUST got by KJ is starting to look like a big deal.

  27. Morrow is fucking on today.

    • I’ve been thinking that since the first inning. I don’t know exactly what it was, you could just tell he was dealing today. I actually got upset at the single in the third, even though ts absurd to be thinking no hitter that early in a game.

  28. For those wanting a stream:

    Step 1: Download StreamTorrent from
    Step 2: Click on Blue Jays/Mets link from
    Step 3: Let it buffer/load (takes 3-5 minutes), and enjoy.

    • Hey Indestructable dude Thanks! I’ve been trying to figure out wiziwig (off and on) for a while now!

  29. Brandon Morrow is giving me a serious erection.


  31. I’m watching the Mets telecast, I’m liking their broadcasters a lot.

  32. Morrow hasn’t had a two ball count since he fell behind 3-1 in the 1st inning.

  33. Snarf?!?!

    • For Fuck Sake’s Snarf!! that little is gonna get an ass whooping as soon as I find that weasel.

  34. Thanks Buck.

  35. guess what idiot left brandon morrow on his fantasy bench accidentally?

  36. Davis looking just like he did last year.

  37. Apparently Rajai thinks hes a long ball hitter now after last night. He should be bunting for speed to really fuck them upq

  38. Hopefully that’s Davis’ last at bat today. Terrible.

  39. Mets warming up Rauch.

    Please bring him in, the Jays could use some insurance.

  40. Think i’ll have a drink every time buck/patti say “big-league”

  41. Gomes looks like Kelly Gruber

  42. Gomes looked good at 3B so far, why bring in Vizquel?

    • Vizquel needs to get up or he will get bed sores plus he just had a glass of metamucil

  43. to those who dont like buck and tabby just mute it and listen to the fan 590!!!

  44. 8th inning and Morrow turns it up to 97.

    That is ridiculous.

  45. Ramped that one up to 97. I don’t think anyone needs to be concerned about his velocity.

  46. Folks, this performance and today by Morrow, and by that of the staff this season should put the Value Whore on red alert to make a deal for a sick bat to protect Bautista.

    Cause muthafuckahs, I think we are going to be in contention in September!

  47. With the walks and HR coming down I also have to believe his peripherals are looking better.

  48. I can’t see how you people don’t love Tabby Cat Tabler, and Buckshot Martinez up in the booth. They are priceless artifacts and they are very valuable.

  49. Quick pitched him. Haven’t seen that in a while.

  50. The behemoth takes the mound!

  51. They’re bring Rauch!?!?! lololololololol (ps: god I hope he doesn’t have a 123 inning)

  52. I haven’t been able to watch the game (fuck you rogers). Have Buck and Pat talked about how Bautista is about to heat up at every single AB? That has pretty much been the case the entire year.

  53. Rauch coming in to face Escobar and Jose! This should be fun.

    I’m predicting 8 straight balls.

  54. What happened to Batista?

  55. I just want to punch Rauch in the face for all the poor performances last year! And fuck me he is UGLY!

    • He is not an attractive man, but that is the norm for the jays. Not too many hot looking guys since garcia.

  56. I just got a little less impressed with Morrows velocity. This gun is claiming Rauch just hit 94.

  57. Yeah, the “New Chicks on the Block.”

  58. Make him pay JP.

  59. Mets start the game with Miguel Batista, and potentially end it with Rauch…

    How the fuck are the Mets above .500?

  60. J.P hit a jack please.

  61. J.P. ……

  62. Hopefully Brandon can’t stand the thought of another JPA at bat and ends it here.

  63. Lead off walk. In the words of scooby doo “ruh roh”

  64. What an outfield assist!

  65. That was a pretty weak call. Bring on the robot umpires!

  66. If Pat & Buck can get their heads out of their asses, they might realize that Escobar actually just barely did clip the jersey on the arm.

  67. Tough break for the Mets. Umpire had a bad sight line and Escober deserves an Oscar for that performance.

  68. Wow great play by J-Baut and a brutal call that went against the other team for a change.

    And congratulations Brandon Morrow! I am so pleased we have you! Gorgeous pitching performance.

  69. Hey, Brandon Morrow can pitch on occasion.

    Nice day at the office for ol’ neckbeard.

  70. Win is nice. offense is so goddamn inconsistent. 14 runs yesterday, popgun bats today. Morrow looking great, for sure.

  71. What bizarro-world is this?? Is everyone on Sportsnet’s Jays broadcast blind???

  72. any chance AA goes for oswalt? none of the pitchers have really seemed out of their depth for any great stretches but oswalt would still be an upgrade and give us great depth.

    • Why go for Oswalt?

      Not like the starting staff is an issue

      • Well if we’re going for a wildcard spot, we will need another arm, Hutch will be out of innings by mid August and its unreasonable to expect Alvarez and Drabek to continue this up for 200+ innings.

        • Hutch-boy is not Cy Young award candidate, but I’ll ride the Hutch-mobile all season until Mutton-Chops returns because he’s somewhat keeping his team in ballgames every time he pitches, and not pulling any Drabek-ness when runners are on.

      • i realize that. but he would still be an upgrade over a few of the guys we’re using, he won’t cost a lot and won’t be on a long term contract so won’t block guys for long. there’s also injuries to worry about. it would also keep him out of the hands of boston who certainly have a need for good SP.

        i’m not by any mans saying it’s a necessary move. i’ve liked the SP but i can’t really see it as a bad move. it’s not like they couldn’t get oswalt and make a trade for a bat…

  73. GFG. Gotta love it.

  74. Going to the game tomorrow, first one of the year.

    What fresh suckage has Rogers sprung on us?

  75. I can’t believe how stupid people on this board are. yunel missed the tag by about 2 feet. go to mlb video and see the highlights. can’t believe how incompetent these umps are. if you’re going to make a call at 2b then shouldn’t you be near 2b, better yet behind 2b?

  76. Was there today. Morrow was a sexy stud until the ninth when his control left him a bit. Haven’t seen a reply of the play in the ninth inning but live it looked like he was safe, but I was a long way away.

  77. Oh and what is up with Rauch? The scoreboard gun had his fastball at 93-94. He was only like 89-90 last year with us.

  78. Heyman is saying Lind was placed on outright waivers on Friday, not optioned to AAA.

    If true, that clears a 40 man spot, correct?

    • From Wiki:

      ” A player who is outrighted to the minors is removed from the 40-man roster but is still paid according to the terms of his guaranteed contract. A player can only be outrighted once in his career without his consent.”

      RT @JonHeymanCBS: our guy @DKnobler reports adam lind was placed on outright waivers friday. AL exec says, “no chance he gets claimed.’

      • Yeah that knobler is saying he’s been outrighted. I guess he’s available if another team want him or is that true?

        Kind of strange they would do that considering they were confident he was “fixable”.

      • If a team claims a player off waivers and has a viable claim as described above, his current team (the “waiving team”) may choose one of the following options:

        arrange a trade with the claiming team for that player within two business days of the claim; or
        rescind the request and keep the player on its major league roster, effectively canceling the waiver; or
        do nothing and allow the claiming team to assume the player’s existing contract, pay the waiving team a waiver fee, and place the player on its active major league roster.

        If a player is claimed and the waiving team exercises its rescission option, the waiving team may not use the option again for that player in that season—a subsequent waiver would be irrevocable with a claiming team getting the player essentially for nothing.[5] If no team claims a player off waivers after three business days, the player has cleared waivers and may be assigned to a minor league team, traded (to any team), or released outright.

        The waiver “wire” is a secret within the personnel of the Major League Baseball clubs; no official announcement of a waiver is made until a transaction actually occurs, although information sometimes leaks out.[5][6] Many players are often waived during the post-July “waiver-required” trading period for teams to gauge trade interest in a particular player.[5] Usually, when the player is claimed, the waiving team will rescind the waiver to avoid losing the player unless a trade can be worked out with the claiming team.

      • So from what CBS is saying now if Lind is claimed by another team his days as a Blue Jay are done.

        • Nobody is going to claim him, but his days in Toronto are done

          • It’s going to be interesting. Including the rest of this year, 2013 and the buyout for 2014 any team who claims him will be on the hook for $10.75 million. That’s a lot of coin. If not the Jays are stuck paying for him.

          • Lind has $3.5 M in buyouts, per cots. (2M for 2014, 1 M for 2015, .5 M for 2016).

            Total commitment would be $13.5M for any team picking him up, I believe.

  79. Bye bye Adam, you were good for 1 year, and overpaid for the past 3

  80. Wilner is denying Lind was put on outright waivers, claiming it’s from a reliable Jays source.

    • No he is saying it wasn’t likely it would be confirmed and then he went on to say it was in fact confirmed by a Blue Jay source.

      Mike Wilner ‏@Wilnerness590
      Remember how I said Lind on outright waivers would likely not be confirmed? I just confirmed it with a very reliable source #Bluejays #jays

  81. Allisauce once the first buyout is exercised the remaining years are voided and he becomes a free agent.

    • You are incorrect.

      From Knobler’s piece online:

      “But Lind’s contract, which pays him $5 million this year and next year and includes three club options that guarantee him another $3.5 million, makes a claim fairly unlikely.”

      Buying out the first option buys them all out.

      • Gotta say you and the old Knobler are incorrect, sorry.

        According to baseball reference the earliest he can be a free agent is 2014. Think about it, it’s not a player option in 2014, 2015 and 2016, they are team options. If the team decides it’s done with you on those kinds of options it’s done with you. The buyouts in 2015 and 2016 apply only if the option is exercised the previous year.

  82. of course he was outrighted. the jays want him claimed just like they did with rios. does anyone actually think the jays are willing to risk 10 mil hoping he turns it around? I’m pretty sure wilner said rios would not be given away for nothing and we know how that turned out.

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