Shit, I could get used to playing the Mets. And frankly, it seems like a whole lot of other people could to, as the internet– while the Jays series continues to go swimmingly– has turned its collective hive-mind elsewhere, notably to Adam Lind, and what his removal from the club’s 40-man roster could potentially mean. We all missed the clue, it seems, that something was coming when the Jays outrighted Trystan Magnuson a day prior to Lind’s demotion and Yan Gomes’ placement on the 40-man, so minds are racing as to what this means, and whether it could signal something bigger than Vlad Guerrero’s addition is coming.

Lotsa links on the subject in today’s scuttlebutt…


Mop Up Duty goes there, wondering if the clues we’ve been given about Adam Lind’s work ethic– his admission he’d never taken protein shakes until he was 25, that he doesn’t care for working out, and how he didn’t appear to put in extra work, or go to the AFL, in the off-season when it was decided he’d switch to first base– may have something to do with the Jays’ quick demotion. (Well… quick outrighting– the demotion actually was a looooong time coming.)

Bluebird Banter gets weird about Alex Anthopoulos lying to the media about wanting Lind to be down in Vegas for just a short stint to sort himself out. I mean… what the hell else was he supposed to say? Especially if he was looking for someone to take the contract off his hands.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin suggests it’s a no-lose situation for Anthopoulos, and thinks it’s smart to have tried to pass Lind through waivers now, rather than after he spends some time in the PCL, potentially getting it together and crushing shitballers.

Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail says that if Lind has been waived, it’s news to John Farrell. What, did the manager write him into the fucking lineup at cleanup again? BAHHH-URRRNNNN!!!!

MacLeod also adds a tidbit that Travis Snider’s wrist is still hurting him, as he’s been out of the lineup in Las Vegas for a couple days, again. You get the feeling that once he’s right, it won’t be long before he’s up. Finally.

Juan C. Rodriguez of the Florida’s Sun-Sentinel tweets that the Miami Marlins might have an interest in Adam Lind, with their 1B Gabby Sanchez having just been demoted, but that they won’t be particularly aggressive.

Paul Swydan of FanGraphs writes about the beginning of the end for Adam Lind, and how completely unfavourably he compares to other guys who in recent years have put up the kind of numbers that he did in his breakout/outlier 2009.

In a video at Fox Sports, Kenny Ken Ken Rosenthal suggests the Jays might be players for Zack Greinke or Matt Garza, should they become available later in the summer.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista DH
E. Encarnacion 1B
J. Arencibia C
E. Thames LF
B. Francisco RF
C. Rasmus CF
Y. Gomes 3B

H. Alvarez RHP

New York Mets

A. Torres DH
M. Baxter LF
D. Wright 3B
L. Duda RF
D. Murphy 2B
K. Nieuwenhuis CF
I. Davis 1B
R. Cedeno SS
R. Johnson C

D. Gee RHP


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. i want to see 14 runs by the jays again

  2. Nice preamble there ,Thanks.

    Stoeten,you being a Mets fan,who do you cheer for when they play the Jays?
    Not a smartass question,just curious.

  3. Rough start.

  4. Important strikeout. Can’t say I saw that coming.

  5. F U Tabby. Just retire and save us from your dumb ass nice guy bs.

  6. Learned something new today with that Rasmus catch/no catch.

  7. tabby you are brilliant. fuckhead

  8. You can’t have your 3rd and 4th hitters strike out after the first two men get aboard. That’s just really poor execution.

  9. I have a feeling the Jays are going to make this clown look like Cy Young. All he has to do is throw strike one on the outside then put a couple of curves off the outside corner in the dirt. I’m out!

  10. aw fuck. two days without a game on tv and then this fuckin stinker is the one on. can anyone catch a ball.yes the rasmus was a doozy but he released his hand dammit

  11. Let this chump pitch himself in to trouble

  12. Gomes, if you want to be a Jay you’re going to have to start letting those first pitch fastballs go for called strikes!!

  13. Kevin Grey reports A.J Jimenez out with TJ surgery.Fasano said ligament was hanging by a thread.

  14. how about not swinging at first pitch after he walks two batters

    • Probably because after 2 walks he was gonna groove one done the middle. If you already have a pitch to hit, why wait for another one? This isn’t exactly an ace that you need to get out of the game ASAP by running up the pitch count. If you get a pitch to hit take it.

  15. well this is going to be interesting with what to do with gomes

  16. Fucking ump is squeezing alvarez today.

  17. jose!!!

  18. RE: Snider,

    I don’t see how further aggravation of an injury (that can now be described as chronic) and a week of 2 K’s a game is any indication that Snider is on his way back.

    If anything, he’s been passed by Gomes and Cooper, who can both play 1B, where a roster spot is available. You can also hear the footsteps of Vladdy right behind him.

    At this point, his best chance at playing in the big leagues again is going to come with another organization. But that’s contingent on him to stop striking out.

  19. Anyone else thing Thames needs to swing with 2 hands on the bat? I mean, there’s a fuckload of other issues with his at-bats, but maybe that would turn some of these fly balls into homers.

  20. thanks jose. just watching you hit a homer is a good day no matter the game results

  21. How many outs has Rasmus made right down the line this year? Maybe Murphy should try something new there.

  22. When did they change all those unearned runs to earned runs against Brandon Morrow from Monday?

  23. So many beachballs from Alvarez, how about get the bullpen up before this gets out of hand

    • It was bound to happen. There was no way his ERA was going to sustain itself on a 5.19 FIP, .230 BABIP, and 2.45 K/9.

  24. Shitty d making things a lot worse than should be today. 2-3 runs could have been prevented.

  25. Karma must love this site seems when they mock a team they kick the jays in the teeth lol

  26. I blame this on the fans. This team never wins when they have major crowds. Old story.

  27. jeez louise, can we end this Rajai Davis experiment pls…tia

  28. Zahn won’t allow it–he’s a game-changer don’t you know.

  29. Hope they’re putting this carelessness on the shelf or they’ll be 0-6 on the road trip.

  30. whatever, errors happen, though I agree that the brain fart by Johnson and Escobar a few back cost us two games…not to mention all those early blown saves

    anyways, any idea when Santos might be back?!?! progress report? Stoeten?!?

  31. Are they chanting you’ve got cancer?

  32. Bring on a double parade!

  33. I know strategically it’s the wrong move but I want Davis to bunt. He’s just gonna K anyway.

  34. Fuck Rajai,

  35. There ya go Colby, see how much better that works when its not down the 1b line.

  36. Well done Colby, give Dwayne Murphy a raise, drinks are on me boys

  37. Nice to beat up on another team’s shitty bullpen for a change

  38. Why isn’t Rauch pitching? It would be sweet for the Jays to sweep the series.

  39. Wow. 101mph upstairs. Good luck catching up to that.

  40. TB/NY/BAL all losing, would be a great time to pick up a game before the road trip of misery

  41. I knew the second he hit that second homer on Friday it was going to be a couple months of Rajai swinging with his foot in the bucket like he’s some sort of World’s Strongest Man competition contestant.

    • In batting practice he hit 5 homers in a row. I knew it was time for Farrrel to make him do pushups for each popout.

  42. High leverage situation? Better call in our failed closer.

  43. So, im sure coco shut up alot of people with that three pitch k

    • Without dwelling on the idea of the “lack of pressure” of closing, it was also a right on right situation, high-leverage at bat or no.

      • like that game vs oakland where he gave up a grand slam to righy brandon inge?

        cordero has sucked all year vs left or right, so im taking that three pitch K as a good sign.

  44. Frankly frank!

  45. good thing that shift was on….again….

  46. there’s the evil of that stupid shift…not sure if Escobar could’ve made third there, prolly not.

  47. Edwin, you realize that you dont have to hit a home run ….dont you..just hit the fucking ball

  48. we seem to be having trouble getting around on his heat

  49. Sometimes I wish the Jays could be more like the Rays. With the focus on the team rather then everyone trying to be a hero.

    • The Rays have shown us the value of GOOD management. Maddon himself is probably worth an additional 8-10 wins per season alone.

      • The Rays have won Jack! They will not win. You have the best management in the AL now and the Jays will do what the Rays can’t and that is win

  50. what the fuck is wrong with farrell? bunt the runners over with edwin. ridiculous.

    same thing last night after edwin’s double with no outs in the third, i believe.

    • no manager would bunt in that situation

      • Actually just about every NL manager would.

        Farrell was playing for the win instead of the tie.

        • Haven’t seen a lot of clean up hitters bunt in my years of watching baseball

          • Well, when it’s runners at 1st and 2nd with nobody out, and you’re down a run, I think that a bunt is a fantastic option. Maybe EE is shitty at bunting, I don’t know, but he shouldn’t be if he’s batting at the major league level.

  51. Ugh, they’re all trying to hit homer runs

  52. I know most on here heard Brad Pitt talking about bunts on moneyball and believe it’s an evil that should never be done. But runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out is a helluva lot better than a pair of K’s.

    • No kidding. Instead, lolhomeruncuts!

    • so lets say they, bunt..they still have to put the ball in play to tie the game, and noone really proved they could do that.

      • Yep. No manager alive would have their cleanup hitter bunt. Simply, because he’s the 4 hitter. I’ve been mulling it over and I still think the right play is to bunt to 1. Stay out of a DP situation 2. Get the winning run in scoring position.

        I guess it comes down to would you rather have two chances to get a hit and win versus three chances to get a hit and tie. As it played out they had three disappointing Ks.

        • They should have pinch hit for Eric Thames. There is no reason that Vizquel or Mathis shouldn’t have taken that at-bat. I’m dead serious.

    • That’s supposing, of course, that a guy who rarely bunts can get one down.

  53. Send down thames, bring up Snider. This shit sucks.

  54. Still a series win, so can’t complain with that.

  55. Shit, goddamn Frank Francisco. Fuck. 2 out of 3 but a sweep would’ve been nice. Can’t complain though, came back almost. Yanks lost to the Reds, Rays lost and the Orioles look like they’re gonna lose. Not a bad day at all.

    • Yeah, well, when the other division teams lose, that’s when we have our chance to gain some ground.

  56. Thames sucks, it’s official. Spend a litlle less time training on the weights and a little more on hitting. This is baseball not powerlifting ffs, sheesh.

  57. lol Karma just told Frankie haters to suck it.

    I’d say that’s a pretty rough loss considering the chances they had and ended up blowing on offense and especially on defense. Could have saved at least 2 runs if they fielded the ball cleanly. Good chance to pick up a game on Tampa, Baltimore and New York down the tubes. At least the pen was mostly solid, bent but didn’t break.

    Oh well .500 with upside baby! Just have to hope they can bring a better effort vs Tampa tomorrow and don’t end up getting their asses handed to them all 3 games.

  58. I hope the plan is to move EE back to DH after Lawrie is back. We have been over this time and time again — when EE fields he cannot hit the fucking ball.

    • He’s got better numbers at first base this year than at dh from what I remember somebody else posting.

    • your shitty narrative is shitty and should be shit on. In 12 games at 1st, 50 PAs, Eddy has 13 hits (4 doubles, 4 home runs), posting a .295/.360/.659/1.1019 line. Small sample, yes, but it takes a dump on this tired narrative that he can’t hit when he’s in the field. Eddy sucked when he played 3rd for multiple reasons, one of them was likely that his bad fielding got into his head. He’s been a solid 1st baseman and has hit just fine in that spot.

  59. Good news – jays took 5 of 6 from the new york teams, gained some ground
    Bad news- Thames sucks, has shit plate discipline, alvarez looked bad for 2 starts in a row now

    • Everyone knew that Alvarez’s success would be unsustainable with such a low BABIP. He needs a fucking out-pitch, period. No way he gets by with a 2K/9 ratio.

    • Seems like Alvarez is trying to throw harder than he has in the past. Maybe he’s buying into all the bs about him having to get more strikeouts to be effective. As for today’s game specifically I thought he was getting squeezed quite a bit and there’s about 5 or 6 pitches according to Pitch FX that says he was.

      Oh well some of his numbers had to regress a little and lets not forget he’s 22.

  60. Nice comeback by the Jays and they almost pull it off. There was a win there for us but we could not take advantage. Big road trip, some important line-up qustions must now be answered, this should let us know if we can win this year….its in their hands.

    • This was a crucial week for the Jays. 2-2 against the AL East & 2 out of 3 against the Mets. This is OK, considering lawrie was missing, which we could have used today.

      If they took 2 of 3 from the rays, then that would be very impressive this week.

  61. Cant say they deserved to win this game but still a tough loss. Im not surprised by alvarez’s poor start. Thats what happens when you leave the ball up and you cant strike anybody out. I thought the 9th inning AB’s were terrible. EE fucked up big time by chasing that 1-0 pitch. If he lets it go hes up 2-0 in the count and puts a shit tonne of pressure on francisco. The truth of the matter is, EE, Arencibia, and Thames have no fucking business hitting 4, 5, and 6 on a good offensive team. I dont know what AA and farrell see in this lineup.

  62. Arencibia and Thames are bottom of the order hitters. Guess they have nobody better to put there.

  63. gomes to dh for now?

    • Putting Gomes at dh means you can’t bring him into the field should the need arise …this limits his utility which is his big schtick…don’t let a hot start fool you. He’s not up here for his bat

      • That’s overblown when you have another catcher and Vizquel that can play 2b, SS and 3b. If nothing is wrong with Fransisco health wise you have still have him and Davis. Bautista as we’ve seen a couple of times this year already can play first in a pinch.

  64. Only the Blow Jays strike out 3 times in a row against a pitcher throwing all fastballs in the 9th with the game on the line, bunch of selfish idiots trying to be heroes.

  65. Lind 1 for 3 so far with a BB and K.

  66. Gave away a couple runs on defense. Idiots all trying for the homerun in the ninth. Coulda won it…

  67. Looking for streamfeeds, as I’m in Malaysia right now. Anyone care to help a brother out?

  68. I was at the game today. Too bad they couldn’t pull out the win. The atmosphere was great though.

    • Yeah, nice crowd today. Left in the 8th, glad I didn’t see the 9th inning shitshow.

      Since when is Keith’s a premium fucking beer? That can is 2.25 at the LCBO.

      10.75 is just criminal.

      • …you left in the 8th?

        • Yeah, the sun in section 116 is brutal and the game had that cursed feeling.

          I’ve been going to games since 1977, son.

          • Did they only play 8 innings in 1977? Who leaves in the 9th of a close game? I’m not sure but I think the two-hundredth anniversary of this weird piece of technology called “the pair of sunglasses” is coming up, DAD. =)

      • Agreed. I was at the game yesterday. The beer prices are outrageous, & it is annoying having to use a 20 $ bill plus a twoonie to get 2 beers with tip from the servers.

        As a flexpack holder, I tried out sitting in section 220R. The seats have extra padding & a cup holder for beer which is great. The bathroom lineups are less than the 100′s. Food selection is OK.

        The kids appreciated not roasting in the sun.

        For evening games I prefer section 118 or 117.

        • I love 220. I had my flexpack there.
          We sat in 114 today, and I missed quite a few plays with the constant parade of people up and down the aisle. I much prefer the smaller sections in the 200′s, and yeah the cup holders are a bonus.

      • I walk in with a tetra juice box in my hand all the time. They don’t realize that its actually wine.

  69. Cleveland’s best prospect SS Francisco Lindor (who Kevin Goldstein ranked 17th best prospect for 2012 and Keith Law ranked 35th), is in the top 20 hitters in the Midwest League went up against Lansing and so far in 2 games is 0 for 9 with 2 Ks vs Nicolino and Sanchez today and Marcus Walden and Blake McFarland yesterday. Goldstein talked up Lindor around end of April, as the best SS he had seen in Midwest League since ARod – high praise indeed. Series ends up tomorrow and Lindor gets another crack at Lansing pitching the end of this week (May 26 to 28) and again in June (9th to 11th). The only higher rated prospect in the Midwest for the Lansing pitching staff to challenge is Miguel Sano of the Twins’ Beloit team, who face each other mid-July, but promotions may eliminate that matchup.

  70. It is amazing that bloggers here post some well reasoned arguements, and then it all disappears with a loss. WTF, there has barely been one positive comment about any Jay…we almost won. The linup is fine, we are in the wildcard position, we have great young sarters, Gomes proved he belongs, Larwie is back tomorrow, Lind is gone, Bautista is hitting HR’s, Rasmus got a hit, our team fought to the last out, Kelly Johnson is better than we thought, I could go on buy fuck, guys get your head out of your ass.

    • Any loss is tough. They are more frustrating this year because the Jays have a realistic chance at the post season for the first time since 1993.

      The Yankees & Red Sox are weaker than expected.

      It will be interesting to see if Baltimore collapses, but if they get a playoff spot before the Jays. it makes me wonder about all the baseball pros picking them to be 5th in the division.

      Wilner was going on & on about the Jays 27-14 record in 2009 & the Orioles at 27-14 this year.

      What are the chances of the Orioles going on a 9 game losing streak?

  71. Why was the crowd so large at the Dome? Bobblehead day or something?

    • Yep, also

      Pizza day
      Long weekend, tourists
      winning streak
      nice weather

      • There was 35K there yesterday too.

        Im sure the jays will still have some crummy crowds, but I think the franchise has turned a corner attendance wise.

        Itll take some time (and a good team) to go from 20k average a couple years ago to something impressive, but they’re on the right track.

  72. so far this year the jays have averaged 2400 more fans in te seats than last year. 24610 is not terrible, the 2000 more fans is showing signs of fan involvement with the team.

  73. it was hilarious during the postgame, somebody asked farrell about how many steamboats you have to hold the ball for it to be a catch and farrell goes “what was that?”. total airhead, had no idea what steamboat meant

    and funny I heard a very feminine voice asking a question and realized it was parkes. how the fuck did they allow him in there?

  74. once again I blame this loss on farrell, he had no freakin business putting bff in right. jose makes that catch saves a run.

    • farrell is fucking up more than any one player including lind in my book.smarten up farrel stop being a donkey’s arse

    • Good job on Farrell leaving Bautista out since he tweeked something on that bounce-catch yesterday. Ignorant assholes.

      • It’s a long season folks. You need to give your soldiers rest. The jays haven’t had many off days since April and stealing some time off from the field for jose is one great way to keep him fresh.

        farrell had nothing to do with todays loss.

    • dear god some fans are fucking dense

  75. Jays moving there AAA from Vegas to Buffalo – this is a great idea. It would be great to go see a Bisons game that features the Jays of the future. It should get those Buffalo fans to finally get there head out of there ass about the Yankees and realize Toronto is their team!

    • Where are you seeing this?

      • speaking as a fan from Syracuse who was the Jay’s farm team for 30 years, people from utica to buffalo will still root for the yankees over anything else. its what theyre conditioned to do. I hate it but thats the truth. Although Syracuse does have a small but sizable base of Jays fans, its like a ratio of 2,000 to 1 yankees to jays fans.

        • Most Americans are front-runners. Talk to any random American from LA to NY and he’ll probably tell you he likes the Yankees or Red Sox (baseball); Giants or Patriots (football); Heat or Celtics or Lakers (basketball); and Bruins or Red Wings if he follows hockey. Check back in a couple of years and he’ll be rooting for different teams.

          If the Jays start winning you’ll see a lot more interest from upstate New Yorkers. Until then, you could have the Jays playing in their back yard for all they care, they’ll still cheer for the Yankees.

      • Jerry and Allan on yeasterday’s broadcast

  76. Doesn’t sound good for Litsch: (source Rotoworld)

    Jesse Litsch told Sportsnet’s Barry Davis that his shoulder infection has become “career threatening.”
    The infection developed around Litsch’s surgical wound in March and has only gotten worse despite efforts (including a second procedure) to correct it. He’s on the 60-day disabled list and remains out indefinitely. The 27-year-old has a 4.16 ERA in 88 career appearances.

    • Yeah, he’s done. I suspect McGowan is too. Not really a big loss in either case, but disappointing to carry them for that long and get nothing in return.

      Also disappointing to hear that Santos is taking his sweet time to return. I seem to recall Farrell had suggested that in retrospect it probably wasn’t even necessary to put him on the DL, yet we’ll be lucky to see him back by the All-Star break. Meanwhile guys on other teams tear ligaments and return faster.

      There has to be something wrong with the way the Jays rehab guys, or at least with the way they do their spin control. Basically if the team says someone is “day-to-day” that usually means 1-2 months; a couple of weeks = half the season. Part of it may be that they figure we’re not winning anything this year anyway, so why rush someone back, but that could blow up if the team stays in contention longer than anticipated.

      • It’s almost like chronic injuries are totally unpredictable!

        Fire all doctors, everywhere!

        • Didn’t realize Santos’ shoulder soreness qualified as a chronic injury. Guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one. Just strange to see how often an injury gets reported as day-to-day and next thing you know, 2 months have gone by. It was the same with Lind last season—they took a couple of weeks even to put him on the DL at all and then he ended up being out for quite a while—although, given the questions about his work ethic, I’m guessing he may not have been as diligent as he could be with rehabbing and getting back into game shape.

          I don’t blame the Jays’ medical staff for guys like McGowan, Litsch, Snider etc., who are obviously made of glass and have to go on the DL every time they look at a baseball. Don’t think there’s much to be done for those guys other than to cut bait when it gets too ridiculous. More the non-chronic cases where they seem to have an extremely conservative approach.

  77. Hey DJF – not sure if you’re aware, but this comment system is really wonky on some mobile devices. Not sure if it’s just me, but you can’t really scroll down. It keeps you tethered to the top of the page. Just an FYI.

    • It’s due to the page loading. You just have to wait for it to complete it’s cycle.

      However, zooming in on the page so you can actually read the content makes it blurry 99% of the time, which is annoying as hell.

    • It skips back up to the start of the comments on my iPhone when you try and scroll down.

      • That’s why you shouldn’t view DJF on anything else but a Compaq 386 with a minumum of 640 kb of ram.It’ll never let down.

        How can you expect a phone to to work as good as a desktop?
        Fuck, I can hammer a nail with my Compaq.
        Once cooked an egg on the heat sink and she still runs like a dream.

        • Compaqs were built like a tank.

          • Yeah bought my first one in 1987.
            20 m hard drive,13 inch monochrome monitor,printer,2 programs and ms-dos (no mouse in those days) for $10,000.They threw in the dust cover for free.
            Was still using it as a dumb terminal in 2001,still working great.

          • I use a Unisys ICON and Its the most bitchin cpu ever made!

        • If you don’t surf this interweb salonified BBS with an IBM selectric II, why are you still alive?

          • If you weren’t careful, the long distance charges with the BBS woulda cost you a weeks pay.

            IBM Selectric II? Now you’re talkin state of the art machinery there.Built in white out tape for easy typo corrections.

            Fuck I’m old.It hurts just to think about this stuff.

  78. The Blue Jays have OBP issues; they are 11th in the AL, much closer to the bottom than the top, and tied for 19th in MLB with Milwaukee and Houston. The problems is not a “taking walks” problem, they are a “lack of hitting” problem. The Jays are 4th in the AL in walks (only 1 walk behind the Twins for 3rd) and 9th in MLB (and only 4 walks behind Atlanta for 6th). But, the Jays are 9th in the AL in hits (and only 6 hits ahead of Tampa in 12th) and 16th in MLB (and only 3 hits ahead of 20th place Washington). I keep saying it because I think it matters: The Jays are last in the AL and even the whole MLB in doubles (tied with White Sox, but behind the PIrates – the PIRATES!!).

    The Jays are around league average for strikeouts, so they are not really K-ing at an insane rate, it is the weak contact (a slightly higher than average GB and double play rate). I don’t know if this is hopeful or not, does it mean good eye, just slightly off on timing?? Hopefully.

    So far, the only above-average hitters on this team right now (based on OPS+, where 100 is league average) are EE, KJ, Jose and just sneaking in due to his recent hot streak, JPA (136,113,111 and 105 respectively). Escobar and Colby are woefully below average (70 and 67 respectively). Because of essentially double counting OBP and Slugging, the number above or below 100 is generally magnified by a factor of 2, so a 10% above average hitter is likely to have an OPS of 120 – roughly true I think.

    I hope that hitting gets itself together in Tampa, likely to need offense in Texas and vs. Baltimore.

    • They’ve had some bad luck in terms of BABIP. Jose (.191 fucking unbelievable!) and EE .248 and Rasmus .243. With Lind gone hopefully those numbers should improve. The important thing at the end of the day is the runs scored and they’re doing just fine in that regard being 3rd in the AL and they’re ahead of last year’s 4.59 RPG with horrible starts from some of their main hitters.

      Going forward it’s the pitching that’s going to continue to make or break them.

      • I hear you night, the runs are there and I should not complain, but I am not really complaining, just sounding a little warning. I don’t think they exhibit signs of a truly healthy offense. they are just sooo dependent on HRs, again. And I always thought BABIP was more of a pitcher-predictive stat, not really predictive for hitters. Just my recollection though.

    • Bleacher Report is complete horse shit. I stopped visiting that website a couple years ago and feel alot better about never having to read that raging garbage fire of a website

  79. Am I crazy or do players run on Jose regardless of the hype over Jose Bautistas arm? Thats the only thing keeping him in the field and all too often we see guys running on him anyway and having guys like JPA or some shit miss his throw and no out anyway. I bring this up for the simple fact JOSE needs to go to first and we need a much better defended outfield. Now I dont think its Jose fault that the outfield sucks (Thames is the reason) but we could upgrade in the outfield easier than 1B. EE has been doing well but we need to get better.

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