Game Threat: Jays @ Rays

You already got links out of me on a holiday, what more do you want? This is your half-assed Game Threat…

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  1. Thank you for surfing the net for Jays content on Victoria Day. I would never do such a thing.

  2. So let me guess, jays get out to an early two to three run lead.

    rays chip away in the middle innings.

    jays bats go silent in the middle innings.

    rays take the lead on a bad throw by esobar trying to complete a double play in the 8th.

    Fuckwad closer for the rays comes out for the 9th, nails down the save, and does that extremely homo erotic bow release pose.

    brawl breaks out and lawrie ends up with the head of brent zobrist on a spike.

    • I assume Brett Lawrie would’ve fared very well in the Lord of the Flies.

    • Well there’s basically two types of Rays Jays games. The one where the Jays score early, Tampa does some weird shit in the middle innings to tie the game, then blow it open and win big. The other is where the Jays score early and take a lead into the 8th or 9th, and blow it from there and lose by a run.

      • Very true.

        Or How about when the Rays take advantage of a rule by hitting the ball to the catwalk & getting a cheap home run which rattles the Jays starting pitcher.

        Jays lose 3-1.

        Watching the Rays-Jays games makes me go on rehab. My wife & kids want me to switch to the bachelorette.:))

        Jays Talk should be fun….

  3. Oh goody another Rays series. Who’s bringing the alcohol and prozac?

  4. If Hellickson is on tonight this game could get ugly.

    • at least we won’t have to listen to Buck clamor on about Adam Lind is Hellickson’s cousin

      • Will Buck & Tabby forget that Adam Lind was the Jays 1B?

        Did they get the memo from Rogers?

        Drabek leads the AL in wild pitches!

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhh the memorial cup is on and not the jays.shit is this going to be the next 2 weeks.fuck you rogers give the game to tsn

    • NBA playoffs > Jays Game in late May?

    • I am not sure why Rogers thinks the memorial cup will draw higher ratings than the jays ?

      There is very little coverage during the year of those teams in the junior leagues.

  6. Jays run differential:

    vs. Rays: -18
    vs. everybody else in baseball: +53

    • A series of 12-6 games would straighten that out.

    • I wish some sports analyst did an analysis of why the Jays lose to the Rays on a regular basis. Other teams seem to beat the Rays on a regular basis. The Rays play poorly in the playoffs. It can’t be those annoying cow bells.

  7. I’m in Malaysia right now, and in need of a online streaming channel. Can someone help me out?

  8. Rays win tonight on a broken bat HR and a blown call by the ump.

    • A broken bat home run that bounces off Escobar’s forehead and Thames’ glove on the way out of the stadium. Toronto’d lose the game, and Escobar for a month.

    • In the bottom of the 9th with two outs and a one run lead for the Jays, Jose Molina hits an infield pop up. A funnel cloud drops down from the sky, picks up the ball, and carries it over the outfield fences, before dissipating.

  9. Poor Vernon, out with a torn ligament in his thumb. Things go from bad to worse professionally at least.

  10. good god this fucking circus tent in Tampa is a fucking joke

    • It’s embarrassing that the Rays can’t play in a proper baseball park. There are retractable roofs available now but the Tampa Bay economy is weak so they won’t get government funding.

  11. I guess in some ways it’s good that the Trop is around so the Dome never gets the title of dumbest stadium in baseball. However, it will be ridiculous is Upton gets a homer out of this.

    • I’ve been following DJF for about 3 years, but I’ve always been hesitant to post because I’m not very good at swearing. But holy fuck that stadium is fucking ridiculous.

  12. What a joke. Rasmus looked camped under a FB, might turn into a Home Run.

    More bleacher report shit

  14. Of all the ridiculous ways posted above that TB might win, this is right up there. And it will almost for sure end up being the difference in the game.

  15. MLB has the worst “instant” review of all professional sports.

  16. aaron hill would love to play here, he’d have 100 home runs

  17. Stupid fucking rule what a fucking joke of a ballpark what a fucking disgrace

  18. add this to the litany of bullshit luck Joe Maddon possesses

  19. And you know this will be more than enough for Drabek to lose his shit.

  20. Fuck. I assume that if the Jays lose by a run they will protest the call, especially if the umps didn’t actually see the ball hit anything.

  21. Shitty ballpark manufacturers homeruns out of lazy flies. And we got to wait 15 minutes for the Umps to get it wrong.

  22. I can’t believe MLB allows 81 games to be played in a bush league ballpark. What a joke.

  23. Tropicana is a total pile of shit! Time Magazine’s 3rd worst stadium right under Nassau Coliseum for a reason.

  24. Wow classic fuel to make Drabek blow his stack lol fucking typical.

  25. Fuck everyone on this team is hitting like .215 with a .387 obp.. I hate the rays and their barn of a stadium

  26. Plus we need to take advantage of this division yanks falling behind, sox orioles beating up on eachother

  27. if there was no fucking replay then how the fuck can they say it hit something?

  28. Shit. I hope that doesn’t have any kind of effect on Edwin.

  29. And drabek can’t catch

  30. Yeah Joe, thanks for the make up call on that strike out call, but this does not even things up – you have to do a little better than that – we’ll be waiting

  31. what a fucking joke tropicana is…please move this fucking team to a different state asap

    • Just contract them and split up their players among the other AL teams—except New York, Boston, LA, Texas, and Detroit, who clearly don’t have any issues buying anyone they want. We’ll take Longoria and Price.

  32. Thames is so dumb.

  33. Thames is a fucking retard.

  34. Thames…YOU FUCKING SUCK.

  35. Jesus, Thames is a retard.

  36. Can we please get a real left fielder. AA make the deal

  37. For shame, Thames.

    Eric Shames

  38. Nice to hear the Tampa bay heckler is in full force tonight.. Still remember him heckling Eric hinske relentlessly back in the day

  39. Anyone get a laugh out of the one of four fans screaming at Lawrie during his entire AB?

  40. fuck molina threw underhand and still got thames. but thames can press 500lbs

  41. Thames diving for a foul ball after it hit the ground makes my night.

  42. An Eric Thames hat trick: an rbi, an error & a…?

  43. thames dove for a ball that was 10 feet away.

  44. Asians make their beer in the most epic way. You can’t beat 2 dragons heating it up while guys are sumo wrestling underneath them.

  45. yeah, Colby sweet swing

  46. Is there a more perfect embodiment of the phrase “smug asshole” than Joe Maddon?

  47. ICE….. COLD>>>>>> BEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I remember that guy. He was fired because he didn’t ID some students who were over 21 but under 30. They were working for the Jays as spies to ensure that ID’s were being checked properly.

      • At the Dome on Friday one of the beer vendors was imitating him, except saying “piss warm” instead.

  48. Too bad that KJ ball didn’t hit a catwalk

  49. That sac fly hit the fucking wires!

  50. That was a home run by Kelly. I demand an appeal.

  51. Hello… name is Kelly………..i’m a clutchaholic

  52. cmon Jose, destroy a Hellboy pitch, hit it right throw the roof, tear this motherfucker down

  53. Bautista can’teven break his bat properly. :/

    Seriously though, quit whining. That was clearly strike three.

  54. Good thing that ball didn’t hit a cable or Upton would be trotting around the bags again. (After a 20 minute review/debate)

  55. I friggin’ HATE the Rays.

  56. I was looking at baltimores stats and even though we keep saying they will fall back the stats suggest they have to at some point.

    they only have 2 starters above .500 and they are 9-2. that can’t keep up

    they have something like 5 starters on pace for 30 home runs. that won’t keep up either

    they have 3 reliever with era’s in the 1′s. that won’t last

    so we wait…

  57. Drabek up to 69 pitches. Christ, end the inning.

  58. Maybe lets stop trying to throw that pitch with runners on, maybe?

  59. Serious question: when was the last time Drabek knew where the strikezone was?

  60. lol somebody needs to get the yellow mother fucking tape out for drabek before every start. Pretty freaking brutal.

  61. eric thames is going to hit a home run, I can feel it

  62. Hahaha that heckler is letting Thames have it.

  63. attaboy Thames, GIDP

  64. I have zero faith that Eric Thames will do anything positive, ever.

  65. The Happy Hecler is getting on Brett Lawrie, who’s on deck. He usually just picks on one guy a game, and Brett’s his guy tonight.

  66. He Could heckle me but I smoked a doobie in the clubhouse so I wouldnt care

  67. Walking Jose Molina twice in a row would have to qualify as one of the dumbest things you could ever do.

  68. Please farrell.. Give Kyle the ol handshake and pat on the back and get a reliever in there

  69. This heckler is killing me lmao..

  70. here comes the helmet toss…..

  71. What’s with the horrible camera angle down the right field line?

  72. Colby makes great contact……and its right at a defender….shocking

  73. What’s with the weird camera angles on fly balls?

  74. They’re threatening to get this game done in under 4 hours, better slow down and take a few more extended breaks.

  75. Ok seriously John.. That’s probably enough. I know you have a fetish for pitchers going five innings, but let’s try and win this game

    • Hmm. Why are the Jays reluctant to use the premium bullpen they assembled in he offseason? The Rays have several ways to beat a young pitcher like Drabek.

  76. The Drabek strike zone is so different from the Hellickson strike zone it’s not even funny. Fuck Country Joe with a red-hot poker.

    • When you bounce 1/3rd of your pitches in front of the plate the umpire stops giving you the breaks

  77. Drabek gives me hope in that he’s able to navigate his way through 5 innings of baseball when it appears he has relatively no idea where he’s throwing the baseball.

  78. Typical Drabek start: 5 innings, 2 runs, 2 hits, 11 walks

  79. This kind of lineup looks like it has playoff potential. If only one of Snider, Thames, Francisco, Davis would just run away with the LF job…

  80. I forgot he could do that.

  81. So today we got Kyle DraBBBBBBeKKK. What’s frustrating is it seems like he should be able to be a great pitcher instead of one who can’t find a strike zone and walks way too many batters. I know Tampa takes a lot of pitches, but today was ridiculous at times.

  82. Sounds like Drabek is coming back out. We deserve what we get in that case, and I think we all know what we’re going to get.

    Farrell needs to go.

    • Fucking retarded. In what universe can anyone justify such an idiot decision?

      • Buck and Tabby are trying, but end up making the case for yanking him even more clear (just mentioned the 11.57 ERA in the 6th).

  83. inb4 Molina walk.

  84. Actually, Farrell’s not really that big of a deal. This team’s hitting needs to be addressed. I’m concerned when Murph can’t fix Lind or EDH but some other guy outside the organization can.

    I think the team needs multiple hitting coaches around and just let the players choose who they want to work with. Is it that hard to implement?

    • I see your point, but don’t the Jays make a big deal about their various organizational philosophies up and down the system?

    • Or just get rid of Murphy, since even the guys he supposedly “fixed” before aren’t exactly lighting it up this year (e.g. Bautista).

      I’m quite confident Mottola would do a much better job and it sounds like AA thinks that too if he’s sending Lind, EE et al down to get “fixed.” Shouldn’t we have the best coaches at the major league level?

      • I think that refers more to playing against lower talented pitching away from the limelight and pressure, why is it that with every struggling player we first and foremost attack the hitting coach.

      • Why are you “quite confident” Mottola would do a much better job?

    • Do other MLB teams use multiple hitting coaches?

      I don’t see a problem other than ego issues of the coaches.

  85. Someone need to let Kyle know that trying to get your WHIP higher than your ERA isn’t a laudable goal.

  86. 6 is in the books for Drabek! How’d he do it?!?

  87. Dumbasses, haven’t you noticed Drabek found the strike zone? Good for him

    • So you think he should come back out for the 7th then?

      • I don’t think any of our guys should be going back out for another inning with 108 pitches already thrown, unless they’ve got a perfect game or no-hitter going. It’s not about finding the strike zone or even winning the game, it’s about saving these young arms for a year when we might actually have a realistic shot.

        • I wasn’t suggesting it myself. I wouldn’t have let him pitch the 6th, but given that Dave thinks that makes me a Dumbass, I was asking his opinion.

      • no don’t be retarded, and stop being a pessimist

  88. Well that’s better than a GIDP, I guess.

  89. Fucking Lawrie and his ground balls. He’s really going to have to figure that shit out.

  90. If we are a developmental organization, Drabek coming out for the sixth makes sense as a sort of deterrent to throw strikes next time.

    If we are a team that’s contending, it doesn’t make much sense.

  91. Which lovely reliever is going to blow the save now? Get your tickets!

  92. A few times tonight, after a ball has been hit,
    the director has cut away to a black screen.
    I assume that’s the traditional behind home plate camera.
    Obviously, it hasn’t been working. Hence the side angles

  93. I love how surprised Mathis was that the ball stayed in his glove there.

  94. Well at least Thames didn’t dive for it this time.

  95. Hoping Mathis gets on, then Davis pinch runs and Gomes is catching

    • as long as the jays have the lead, mathis will not be removed.

      he made sure of that with perhaps the worst at bat of the year

  96. Well that was a wasted at-bat Mathis.

  97. So he goes up there to bunt.

    He takes TWO fastballs right down the middle for strikes….instead of even attempting to bunt.

    He then swings at a pitch in the fucking dirt.

    what the fuck was that.

    • that is why mathis has been known to be one of the worst hitters in baseball throughout his career. you shouldn’t be surprised.

    • I don’t know about you guys, but I was taught that if you get a guy on second with nobody out (or on third with one out), you have to score. That doesn’t necessarily mean bunting—a grounder to the right side followed by a sac fly will do it.

      Why are the Jays absolutely incapable of doing these kinds of things? I think three times yesterday they had runners on first and second with nobody out and didn’t score. Has the revolution against “small ball” gone too far back the other direction?

      • they were trying small ball there. the guy that was supposed to execute it is a terrible hitter.

        he couldnt even lay down a bunt. what makes you think he could hit a ball to the right side on purpose?

      • Well, there is a team on the other side which is trying to prevent you from doing just that.

        That factors into it.

      • That’s what they did with Rasmus’ last lead-off double.

    • farrell = cito ?!?!?

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