Holy shit, this is not the kind of thing you want to hear on a sunny, holiday Monday afternoon– No! Not the fact that I’m about to use three full tweets from Barry Davis, the shit about what’s going on with Jesse Litsch!



Jesus fuck, that’s awful. Get well soon, Jesse.

Now the rest of today’s pre-game goings on (y’know until the Jays make whatever roster moves they’re supposedly potentially going to make, and force me to actually do some damn work– though, after hearing of Litsch’s ordeal, who the fuck am I to complain about anything?)…

Shi Davidi tweets that JP Arencibia is about to be named the American League’s Player of the Week, and also that Yan Gomes was out taking grounders at first base with Brian Butterfield today. Hmmm.

“They love me and I left,” said former Jays closer Frank Francisco yesterday, of the boos he got when entering Sunday’s game to close it out for the Mets, according to the AP’s @iananywhere, via a John Lott tweet. No, Frank, it’s more like a bunch of fairweather fan dipshits tuned out the club in the second half and didn’t notice that you were actually kinda spectacular. Either way, thank you for calling these braying morons out.

On a similar note, Baseball Think Factory passes along frustrated comments from Indians closer Chris Perez, who– like any ballplayer– doesn’t appreciate getting booed at home. Oh yes, booing dopes out there, players notice this childish shit.

People with no clue continue to pine for David Cooper, much to the frustration of Travis Reitsma– who tweets that Cooper’s PCL batting title isn’t so impressive in the context of former winners (though he later corrects himself about one being Adam Eaton the pitcher), while Keith Law tweets that he doesn’t see a role in the Majors for Cooper, and Kevin Goldstein scoffs at the suggestion Cooper could be a .300-25-100 guy by saying “maybe in AAA Las Vegas one year.” It’s that damn batting title and the fact that he was a first round pick that people think he’s not totally a fringe prospect/Org. guy, isn’t it?

The Toronto Sun talks about how a pair of days off helped Colby Rasmus, while the Star talks about his spectacular non-catch, which really was a catch.

Elswhere at the Star, Raju Mudhar examines the reaction across the media to the Brett Lawrie thing.

John Lott of the National Post wonders what’s next for Yan Gomes, as the Jays ponder roster moves, while his colleague Guy Spurrier looks at the way the Jays have been stretching the fences this year.

Chris Toman of BlueJays.com quotes John Farrell on the on-field plan for Adam Lind.

At Gray Matter, Kevin Gray passes along the news that prospect catcher AJ Jimenez needs Tommy John surgery.

According to the Home Run Damage Report at Steal of Home, Yan Gomes hit the home run this weekend that came the fastest off the bat, while Jose Bautista hit the slowest. Odd.

FanGraphs produces a master list of their crowdsourced radio and TV broadcast rankings. The Jays radio guys rank 8th overall, while the TV guys are number 54 of 61.

At Baseball Prospectus, Kevin Goldstein includes Travis d’Arnaud in his Future Shock Monday Morning Ten Pack, noting that “he’s suddenly looking like one of the best offensive catchers around again; after a 6-for-11 weekend than included three home runs, he has a 1000+ OPS in May and a healthy season line of .297/.360/.514.” He adds that “with the first-base slot suddenly open due to Adam Lind’s continued struggles, there just might be a way to keep both the incumbent and the top prospect in the end.”

Lastly, also at BP, Sam Miller looks into the wonderful world of baseball profanity– with a nice mention of Brett Lawrie’s you-know-what-kind-of outburst, among many others.


Image of @ChrisDartCOTF by Chris Trotman/Getty.

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  1. good source for daily Jays prospect updates if anyone likes keeping tabs http://bit.ly/JzPHgm

    includes a Dylan Bundy (Baltimore Orioles prospect) update, that guy is a machine. Sucks to think even Baltimore could be turning it around?

  2. good to see the Jays radio guys #8, they are pretty solid. Buck Blunders will love seeing that awful TV ranking!

    • Interesting to see that the Toronto TV guys received the second most votes, behind only the first ranking team. For all their failings, people still watch them

  3. Damn, that’s shit luck for Litsch. There probably wasn’t much of a future for him in Toronto, but to have your career ended prematurely by a recovery procedure is pretty balls.

    Looks like Aaron Cibia’s DHing again tonight…as long as Francisco is ailing and Vlad isn’t ready, it’s probably not the worst thing to do when Drabek and Hutchison are on the mound.

  4. I don’t know fuck all about minor league prospects and I’ll defer to Law on Cooper. But I don’t think it’s fair to shit on casual fans who see our every day 1B sucking shit and our AAA 1B winning batting titles, and thinking “hey maybe give that Cooper kid a shot”. And until Vlad comes up or we find some other 1B/DH solution, I have a pretty tough time disagreeing with them.

    • I would love to try to defend Cooper here, as I was the one who got Reistma going on this over at GB, but honestly I was just trying to be the devil’s advocate and stir up some shit, which, it turns out, was less fun that I expected. Cooper sssssucks,

    • If Edwin stops hitting because he is worried about his defence at 1B, the Jays may be forced to give Cooper a shot.

      Gomes also has a chance to get some games at 1b.

      • Edwin doesn’t have to throw at 1B, so why would anyone think that’s a possibility? That narrative really needs to die.

    • You make a good point, but… how many times does the organization have to treat this guy like a non-prospect before it becomes clear that’s how they view him?

      • You are almost certainly correct. But I do wonder why they even keep him around at all if they have zero confidence in him and no plans to promote him unless they literally have no other options. Is he a Las Vegas fan favourite or something?

        • Because you need players to fill spots, and having players who are good at that level help other players develop. I’m sure every team has a Cooper. It’s just the way it is. And hell, you never know when someone else will see value there and ask about him.

      • I think it’s more the fans than the organization that is treating Cooper like a non prospect. The organization has always been high on Cooper.

  5. Could JPA move over to first. I know he is slow by his own admission but his reflexes must be descent to play catcher. He can hit bombs and if he could take more walks he probably could be a good play at first. I would hate to see the Jays trade him or Travis D’Arnaud. I imagine he would be better at first than E5 (still do not know where this name came from but will use it anyway. Does anybody know the origin) being that he is younger and looks to be in better shape.

    • An error by the third baseman is an E5 on the scorecard ;)

    • I think E5, a third baseman, is a much better option at 1B.

      • You must be referring to him as a third baseman in the loosest sense of the word. Why would Edwin be a better first baseman than e5? (assuming that it is the beginning of spring training and jpa would have time to learn the position.

        • Is this a serious question? EE, despite his numerous and well-documented ups and downs, is far more proven by any reasonable standard.

          EE probably has an above average, average at worst, bat for a 1B. JP has an above average bat for a C, that would play as a below average bat at 1B.

          It’s not that hard of a concept.

    • i just dont believe JP’s bat plays at 1b for an extended period of time. his value is behind the plate.

      • And even if JP’s bat DID play at 1B, that would make him an even MORE valuable piece as a catcher. No matter what, you are losing a ton of value by moving him to 1B. If we know for sure he won’t be the catcher, then the only logical move is to trade him, period.

  6. You posted the Sun link twice — the second time instead of the Star link.

  7. We ran into Jesse at Clearwater Mall a few days before he went on the DL. He was very personable and kind. I hope he heals soon.

  8. Sounds like he has Oestomylitis which is very hard to treat in adults . Rooting for Jessie that they can get the infection cured and then to see him pitching again. Really rotten luck fot him.

    Call for Dr Andrews lawyers , Blue Jays legal guys line one.

    • Osteomyletis is nasty, but all surgery carries a risk, regardless of how competent the surgeon is. Anyway….I don’t recall if this was an Andrews procedure?

  9. It’s a lame joke from the Reds media.

    Don’t call him that. He has mashed as DH and played more than decent at first. Just call him EE.

  10. I was at the game yesterday, and it was pretty loud cheering in the 9th. I don’t really remember hearing a lot of boos. Am I crazy?

    • There was definitely a shit-tonne of boos in my section in the 500s. The booing any remotely notable former player thing is just something that will always happen with a Toronto crowd, along with the wave and fans behind home plate in the 500s freaking out at any ball hit high in the air.

  11. Jays will see they need a real left fielder on this road trip (no Snider is not the answer). Its time to fix the problem and we have a log jam happening at the catcher position. Can AA make it happen?

  12. On a completely unrelated topic, “She Wants Revenge” is officially the shittiest band to have ever existed.

  13. How sick would this team be if only Beltran decided to sign here instead of St Louis.

    the astro turf monster fucked us on that one.

  14. I’ll bite — it wasn’t a catch as there was no “voluntary release” – it looks like Rasmus tried to flip it up/move it deeper into his glove when it popped out. Involuntarily.

  15. The 2 hour Jason Frasor show is beginning.

  16. Man, this shitting on Cooper is harsh. Maybe I’m one of the “clueless” targets, but I’m not saying the dude is some frickin’ Carlos Pena-like revelation. He’s a low-ceiling singles hitter, but as long as we need a 1B/DH, I see no problem with giving both he and Gomes their fair share of chances to win the job for the year.

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