To steal a quip from commenter BartB in the Afternoon Snack post, “Shit, guess Lind was right about how hard 1B is on your back.”

To wit:

Encarnacion is already pencilled in tonight, in a right-hand heavy lineup that already features Yan Gomes at first base, and Rajai Davis in left. With that in mind, Ben Francisco would seem to be logical replacement, but he left Sunday’s game in the sixth inning when his hamstring tightened up on him and then didn’t play yesterday, so perhaps he’s not available.

That would mean we’ll be seeing either Eric Thames, Jeff Mathis or Omar Vizquel get the assignment. Thames looks like the best choice of that sorry lot, and with his flagging fortunes of late, why not let him see what he can do against heralded, yet struggling, rookie Matt Moore. Y’know, give him a shot to keep holding off the ghost of Snider’s healthy wrist.

Or… we heard last week they could put Dustin McGowan on the 60-day DL and open up a spot on the 40-man real quick? Vlad can’t be far from the Trop, eh? (Note: Not happenin’.)

Davis adds, as of 4:30 PM: “It wouldn’t surprise me if Edwin hurt his back making that diving catch last night. Will get more details soon from Farrell.”

We’ll keep ya posted…

UPDATE: Aaaaaaand, he’s gonna play…



Image via the Virgin Islands Police Department’s Most Wanted list.

Comments (16)

  1. Well darn tootin stoetes, ya dun goofed!

  2. jackpot

  3. Bawls.

  4. I can curl omar visquel!

  5. I guess you can only carry an Offense for so long before it begins to take its toll

  6. Wouldn’t have anything to do with how hard he swings the fuck out of his bat at every pitch?

  7. Edwin has a mysterious ailment the day after Victoria Day? Hmmm….

    Second degree burns would make my back sore too

    • that’s funny apparently edwin lit a firecracker in his ass and instead of going vertically it got wedged and blew up causing 2nd degree ball burns. the jays said it was his back, because if they know the truth then it’s not a lie.

  8. Just get a massage between at bats.

  9. the Adam Lind back might explain Edwin’s lack of hitting as of the last 10 games or so…

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