Tonight’s Rays starter Matt Moore was the crazy-special rookie pitcher with the fantastic stuff who, after a spectacular call-up last year, was going to come into 2012 and blow away the fucking world with his stuff, while Drew Hutchison, who goes for the Jays, was an intriguing down-the-road prospect who got a brief look at the end of the Minor League season at New Hampshire, where he was slated to pitch this season, after spending the bulk of 2011 at Low- and High-A ball, with Lansing and Dunedin.

Yet here we are, with the two rookies taking the hill in mid-May, a struggling otherworldly prospect with everything moving in the wrong direction– negative fWAR, walking more, striking out less, ground balls turning into flies, a FIP over five and an xFIP of 4.72– and a stupendously green pitcher getting by, with mostly better, though hardly spectacular, peripherals, a 3-1 record (for what that’s worth), and averaging over five innings per start.

It’s unfair to Hutchison to say that you’d expect these guys to both start going the opposite way soon– the Jays 21-year-old right-hander certainly has plenty of development left in him– but at some point their trajectories are going to cross. It’s just… if the fact that Moore retired the last 10 batters he faced in his last start is the most optimistic thing the Rays can find, maybe it’s not quite yet. Fingers crossed!!!


In case you had any doubts that Matt Moore is a left-hander, check the right-heavy lineup John Farrell is trotting out there tonight, with only Kelly Johnson and Colby Rasmus hitting on the pitcher’s left side. Of course, at this point this might be the best lineup they’ve got regardless.

Also: your first hitter of the game? Yes, it really is Carlos Pena. (Er… well… the bottom of the first. Whatever!) Love that Joe Maddon– shit, even his alter-ego, Barry from Storage Wars, is one hell of a slice of humanity.

ESPN is projecting the Jays as having the second best odds of making the playoffs in the American League, behind Texas. Run differential huzzah!

At Bluebird Banter, Tom Dakers doesn’t like the fact that the Jays said they’d make a move yesterday, and then didn’t, suggesting that it shows they don’t trust their evaluations, deciding that Yan Gomes needs more time in the Majors than they’d intended to give. Thing is, his idea of having the courage of their convictions is to bring up David Cooper or Mike McDade to take a piss in the ocean. The other thing is, rather than Gomes’ play, I wonder if the real change happened when Travis Snider, after looking like he was starting to come back around late last week (homering and doubling in back-to-back games), sat himself back down over the weekend with more wrist soreness. Hmmmm…

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
J. Arencibia C
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
Y. Gomes 1B
R. Davis LF

D. Hutchison RHP

Tampa Bay Rays

C. Pena 1B
B. Upton CF
M. Joyce LF
B. Zobrist RF
L. Scott DH
S. Rodriguez 3B
D. Sutton 2B
C. Gimenez C
E. Johnson SS

M. Moore LHP


Image via Tom Pennington/Getty.

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  1. “do the little things to ensure that we stay just far enough back that fans realize we don’t have a realistic chance”

    gimme a fucking break, dude…what are you – either 12 years old or some ridiculous conspiracy theorist begging for attention?!?!

  2. Throw the helmet Brett!

  3. why is that every washed up closer that the rays take a flier on becomes bruce sutter?

    kyle farnsworth-
    Troy Percival-
    this deusche bag

  4. escobar trying to hit a two run homer with noone on base.

  5. That reaction by Lawrie was again agressive. I can see a PED test in his near future if he didn’t already get one last week. Ya that’s right,I said it.

    • it was aggressive because the call was complete and utter fucking bullshit.

      the guy NEVER went passed second base. give me a break.

      • Yes he did go past second and in no way was my comment suggesting that he is on PED’s. His behaviour is a red flag for some. That’s all I meant.

      • The umps are going to fuck Lawrie for the rest of this year.

  6. Someday I want to see Lawrie or Bautista hit a walk-off homer off of Rodney and do that stupid archer pose.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Also, would love for Bautista to just calmly walk out to the mound and put his fucking hat on straight.

  7. Wilner continuing to say Rodney is a terrible pitcher kills me.

    He may have been in the past. It’s pretty evident he’s got something going on right now. Give credit where credit is due and move on.

    • Mathis isn’t a great hitter because he had a hot start. Rodney will revert to form, he is what he is.

  8. 3 lefties in the pen and a deep bullpen, he puts out crawford. Oliver has been sitting for days, carlos could have thrown 2-3 innings, perez who was used later could have pitched 2-3. I just don’t get it, especially after Crawford gave up a few hits in his first inning and only escaped it because of a baserunning mistake.

    • Yeah the last run at least was on Farrell. I am just surprised it was Crawford at all because he had the bad back in the previous series.

  9. Another high quality game for Farrell. Awful.

  10. So have we pased the waiver deadline for someone to claim lind yet?>

  11. Wilner is killing me. Says you can’t bring your good relief pitchers in the fifth(and sixth) inning. He could be a great defence lawyer though.

  12. if it is the 8th innning and it is a close game, with the opponents 3-4-5 hitters coming up, I think the team should always use their closer rather than the “set up” man.

    now why such a compettive league as MLB, which is fuelled by billions of dollars, doesn’t realize this simple tactical option is beyond me

  13. I remember reading that there wouldn’t be word on Lind until Wednesday. I have no idea whether that’s 12:01 or 23:59 though.

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