It’s The Getting Blanked Show for Tuesday, May 22th, 2012, as we talk about the shitty Yankees and Red Sox, Yu Darvish, Bruce Bochy’s bullpen management, and a whole lot more! Watch the episode below, listen to the mp3 here, and subscribe to all the good stuff below the clip. Enjoy!

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Also! A special bonus treat after the jump!…

It’s Drew’s Geekin’ Out segment with Brandon Morrow from last week, all by its lonesome in a YouTube clip!

Comments (4)

  1. Do we get a DJF Podcast today?

    • Nah, sorry. We’re going to stick to the Monday-Thursday format, so weeks with holiday Mondays will only have one. I’ll mention it in the Afternoon Snack, just in case there are others with this same question– as I’m sure there are.

  2. are the getting blanked hotlines calls going to be on the calls on the podcast?

    • On Thursdays we’ll do a calls and emails segment, instead of doing parting shots (which we do on the Getting Blanked podcast on Fridays), or Gibbers and Griffins (which we do Mondays). So, we’ll do that this week as well, I assume. Of course, not all calls and emails will make the grade, but we’ll get in as much gold as we can.

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