Clearing Up the Lind Mystery

Just a quick update after some confusion last night, as we now know that it’s definitely possible for the Jays to have placed Adam Lind on waivers, while still keeping him on the 40-man, meaning that the reports that the original story was false, premised on the notion that he’d have been removed from the roster on Wednesday, aren’t looking so hot right now.

Back to the guys who originally confirmed that Lind was, indeed, on waivers…

So… there’s that. It seems as though the Jays did put Lind on waivers, just to see if anyone was willing to bite on taking on his contract, but that they’ve kept him on the 40-man, in case he actually gets his shit together in Triple-A– and he isn’t doing so badly, with five hits and three walks in thirteen plate appearances, including a homer and a double. Vegas, baby!


Image from Tom Szczerbowski/Call to the Pen.

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  1. what would be the implications of taking him off the 40 man? couldnt he still be called up at any time by simply placing him back onto the 40 man?

  2. So how long do they retain the right to take him off the 40 man roster without having to place him on waivers again?

    It would seem to me that there would be some time limit for this.

    Im sure there is some sort of collective bargaining right the players negotiated to limit the time a player can be held “prisoner” like this. that i mean veteran player stuck in minors and jays neither release him nor bring him up…and no team can pick him up unless they take on his salary or work out a trade.

    • Based on what baseball sims have taught me, so take with the appropriate grain of salt…

      Now that he’s cleared waivers, I think they can outright him off the 40-man until the end of the year. What happens after that depends on whether or not he’s on the 40-man roster: If he’s not on the roster at that point, he’s exposed to the Rule V draft, and can’t come to spring training unless they put him back on.

      I doubt it lasts that long, but if he’s still around come next spring, and IS on the 40-man, he can refuse a minor league assignment (he was 45 days of service from being able to do so when the Jays sent him down, and still had an option), and has to clear waivers again.

  3. That is long first sentence.

  4. So it’s looking like Brett Cecil may actually be coming up soon and Hutchison returned to AA. Guessing it comes next week or after the 3 game series with Boston (sandwiched between 2 off days) which would allow them to briefly go with a 4 man rotation.

    • I think thats for the best (assuming Cecil doesn’t get smoked). Hutchison doesn’t seem to be completely out of his league, but seems to have been rushed. He’s getting squeezed by umpires at times, not conducive to his style of pitching.

    • Is there a report that says he’s coming back up or is that your opinion based on Cecil’s one good start at AA?

  5. yo is there gonna be a gaddamn podcast today or what? i need something to listen to for the walk/bus ride to work

  6. Not to pee on the parade, but all but one of Lind’s ABs were against RHP, with the one LHP plate appearance being an out.

  7. He can stay gone as far as I’m concerned. Gomes has done a fine job so far and deserved to be called up a lot earlier than he did. This Gomes is a hitting machine, watch and learn..

  8. “but that they’ve kept him on the 40-man, in case he actually gets his shit together in Triple-A”

    I must be missing something in this equation, because it still makes zero sense. If Lind cleared waivers, he should have been taken off the 40. There’s no reason to leave him on it. If he gets his shit together and you want him back, you simply put him back on the 40. And even if there was NOBODY on the waiver wire the Jays had ANY interest in (unlikely), why not keep the roster at 39 with Lind off of it in case some arm you think has reliever potential becomes available today on waivers?

    • What would be the value of taking him off of the 40-man roster exactly? There is already an open spot for Vlad if he’s deemed worthy. They took someone off of it just last week. You know, old what’s his name.

      • First of all, the 40 is full right now. McGowan will have to be transferred to the 60 day DL to open up a spot for Guerrero.

        Secondly, and more importantly, I don’t understand why the Jays wouldn’t use Lind clearing waivers as an opportunity to take a look at whatever shitbag is roaming the wire out there. As I said, there’s no reason not to outside of a few thousands of dollars.

        Example: the Rangers just claimed John Gaub off waivers from the Rays, a LHP with a career K/9 of 12.5 in the minors.

        • McGowan surely will be transferred to 60-day, especially since it is retroactive to the start of the season and there is no chance he will be ready for early June.

          I see your point, but I going to imagine there are intricacies of taking vets on and off the 40-man.

          Besides, there are McCoy and Laffey are screaming to be taken off the 40-man seeing that McCoy is unlikely to be signed by any one else, and could be re-added in an emergency, and Laffey has now been passed on the starters depth chart by at least Cecil and Carreno

        • Can’t the Jays just wait until (and if) they find someone enticing on the waiver wire AND THEN remove Lind from 40-man to accomodate that move, or am I missing something?

          I don’t see any reason to remove him until they need need the roster spot.

  9. Why wait for somebody enticing? Why not just go pick up the best guy available on the waiver wire and add him to the 40 instead of Lind? IMO, everyone who keeps saying “Why take him off” is looking at it the wrong way. The question should be – “Why keep him on?”

    • This is starting to feel ike semantics. If there is someone availabe worth picking up (Would you want Lind and his salary, as an exampple of some one on the waiver wire?) this move can be made, There’s nothing stopping them or preventing them from doing exactly what you’re saying. I doubt there is any one worth taking, expecially since they have had 40-man flexibility for most of the season and haven’t claimed anyone.

      • Both the Rays and the Rangers thought John Gaub was good enough to pick up so that’s enough for me to answer – yes, there was someone available worth picking up. There’s no reason not to take a flier on ANYBODY instead of keeping Lind on the 40.

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