With a bunch of promotions, injuries and regressions already changing the nature of who is considered a prospect at this point in the season, ESPN’s Keith Law has decided to revise his rankings, publishing today an updated top 25 prospects list (Insider Only)– and Las Vegas catcher Travis d’Arnaud finds himself in fourth!

That ranking is up two spots from the sixth-place ranking d’Arnaud achieved in Law’s pre-season Top 100. There was actually quite a bit of shuffling required to get there, as Matt Moore, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout have all graduated from the list, Cardinals prospect Shelby Miller dropped, while Orioles phenom Dylan Bundy and Texas shortstop Jurickson Profar┬ávaulted over d’Arnaud into first and second respectively– with another Oriole prospect (gulp!), Manny Machado, also ahead.

“Yes, it’s Las Vegas, which is a notorious hitters’ park, but he’s on a tear right now, hitting .341 with five homers in his last 10 games,” Law writes. “The combination of plus defense, power and enough OBP makes him a potential All-Star.”

The 23-year-old catcher is the only Blue Jays prospect to make the top 25, though Law also lists Lansing pitcher Aaron Sanchez among his honourable mentions/players to keep an eye on. ┬áThat’ll play.

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  1. http://www.zoowithroy.com/2012/05/worst-bobble-head-in-history-concerns.html

    I’m glad that Doc waited until Philadelphia to start pitching using his glove. It could explain why he’s lost a few games recently.

  2. wtf is the point in having all these prospects if you’re never going to call them up? send thames down already. move lawrie to left and call up hech, cooper, mcdade, or sierra. SOMEBODY!!!! since when did thames have a guaranteed job? alex is a joke

    • You mean like how they called Snider up at 20 years old and how fucking terrific that worked out?

    • I think my brain melted a little reading that. So, thanks.

    • Yea totally, as soon as someone is called a prospect the Jays should be calling them up. “Prospect” invariably means big-league ready. There’s a World Series winner basically wasting away down at various levels of minor league ball and here we are with these underachieving so-called big-leaguers. Also, why hasn’t Alex traded Thames for Dylan Bundy yet??? Worst GM ever!!

    • slow. fucking. clap. for. moronic. douchebaggery.

      seriously dude, if the team thought the kids were ready, they’d call them up (see Lawrie, Brett, Arencibia, J.P., Hutchison, Drew, Alvarez, Henderson… the list goes on). The problem with every single player you mention there is called Las Fucking Vegas and the Pacific Division of the PCL, whose massive outfields, shitty hard infields, power alleys, and ridiculously thin air (look up the coors field effect and apply it to an entire league) turn everyone into .300 hitters who look like doubles machines. Do you remember how fucking annoying Lyle Overbay was? How every “fan” bitched about how he was too light hitting to be a first baseman in the AL East, and only had value for his plus defense at the time? Well meet david cooper, minus some of Overbay’s power and most of his defensive skills. NOT a third baseman. The dude may survive as some kind of AAAA injury filler, or have a couple years of being a below average starter for an NL squad, but he isn’t any kind of answer for the Jays, unless the question is “who can I acquire from you guys for cash considerations, or a PTBNL?”. Hech still can[‘t hit breaking pitches, McDade has some power but is basically Lind-lite right now, and Why the FUCK would you call up Sierra over Snider if you want an outfielder? Thames’s job is in no way guaranteed, but don’t you think he’s earned the opportunity to prove himself before bringing up someone who’s had nowhere near the success that he has at any level? Have you learned nothing from the Snider yo-yoing?
      If Alex is a “Joke” (two asides here: 1-didn’t realize you two were on a first name basis, and 2-if AA were a joke, he’d be the aristocrats as told by Bob Saget on coke… but I digress) to you then I would suggest finding yourself a new team to support. I hear the Orioles are looking for fans.


      That is all I have to say.

  3. I’m very interested to see his mid-season report to see where Gose stacks up if he continues to play like he has over the last month, especially considering Billy Hamilton being #25. They are almost exactly the same age but Hamilton is playing A+ and Gose is in AAA. Hamilton has better speed but doesn’t appear that he’ll stick at SS while Gose is a plus defender at Centre and, while not as fast as Hamilton, still a plus baserunner. Gose has more power but it appears Hamilton has a better hit tool.

    • So what you’re saying is that they are completely different players in almost every way?

      • No, I’m comparing two incredibly good baserunners who were born 1 month apart and who will probably end up playing the same position (CF). But thanks for adding to the conversation.

        • Someone hasa short fuse.
          You just described all the ways the two players were different from each other and then concluded that they are comparable. Pardon me for calling out your seeming lack of logic.
          The mere fact that they are both fast doesn’t mean one is a good comp for the other. Clearly they are at different points in their develop (evidenced by their respective leagues) and based on your own description one is a speed & average guy while the other is a speed, power & defense guy.

          aside from both being the same age and both being black, I don’t see much to compare…. Oh right… and maybe some day playing the same position I guess… maybe.

          • They are also both very athletic high regarded prospects that will likely use their speed as a ticket to the majors. It is an interesting comparison.

          • Maybe I’m assuming too much by stating that Hamilton probably ends up at CF but Law mentioned that as a probability. So they are the same age, same plus baserunning/speed, same position. I merely find it interesting that Law has Hamilton at 25, despite him playing 2 levels below Gose, and I’m curious to see where he has Gose at.

          • Alright. See now it’s making more sense to me why you made the comparison.

          • KG and Prof. Parks talked about the same position switch when discussing why Goldstein is so high on Hamilton in his system rankings on a recent podcast. Apparently it’s something they’re discussing in the organization already.

  4. When did the Orioles system sneak up on us like that. I laugh no more.

    • It’s only two prospects, they still don’t have that deep of a system. But 2015 or so the AL East will be terrifying for sure if you consider who will be up with the Jays by then too.

    • to quote Kevin Goldstein on the Orioles:
      “System In 20 Words Or Less: Elite-level draft picks lead to a pair of studs, but without them, it’s a mess.”

  5. The boys are thirsty in Atlanta,and there’s beer in Texarkana and we’ll bring it back no matter what it takes…. East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’…. a’we gonna do what they say can’t be done….. We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there…. I’m east bound just watch ol’Bandit run ……

  6. I dont know if anyone has noticed, but good old Mike McDade has been hot as a firecracker, hitting three homeruns yesterday in a double header. He is repeating AA so one would expect him to put up fine numbers, but shit, we’ve often seen guys flop now haven’t we. He likely does not have enough bat to be a legit major league firstbase man in the bigs, but maybe he does? And shit, he might be better than adam lind. so theres that.

    • His AA numbers from last year are almost exactly the same as Adam Lind’s at the same age. If he can put up numbers like Lind did before he turned to crap then I’m surprised they haven’t moved Cooper so he can play in Vegas.

    • Isn’t McDade supposed to have a really good glove at 1B too? Shockey has a good point. Move Cooper out any way you can to make room for McDade at AAA if there’s any chance of him developing into a decent 1B in the majors.

  7. He’s a potential All-Star? So perhaps good enough to be one of the 90 guys named an All-Star team? AND he’s got a high batting average over 10 games? How exciting.

  8. Side note: Not sure if you guys saw it, but any thoughts on yet another Blue Jay player having a mini freakout on twitter last night?


  9. I don’t subscribe to ESPN insider. Can someone post the list. TIA.

    • If someone were assholish enough to post the list here, you can bet your ass Stoeten would delete it immediately. This isn’t the place to ask for people to circumvent pay walls.

      • Kind of like how DJF uses copyrighted images and video and churns them out in .gif format without consent (and with a DJF for insulting measure)? Hypocrites.

        • Difference being the blog can get away with the animated gifs under editorial pretences. Fair Use clauses and all that.

          Just handing out content in the comments section that comes explicitly from behind a pay wall is different.

  10. Law seems higher on D’arnaud than others. All star potential would be around a top 5 catcher in baseball (mind you, many guys in the minors have all star “potential”). Goldstein suggested he’s more of an above average regular (i.e. top 10 in baseball) if he fulfills his potential.

    But here the Jays have a guy in JPA who looks like he could be an above average regular as well. Espescially if starts walking more – and he does have gigantic power so pitchers have a reason to be careful.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    • Gomes in left (fuck Snider, Thames and Benny too), Gose in CF (if Rasmaus doesn’t pan out)…JPA or d’Arnaud behind the plate or 1B (either or)

  11. I would have thought Trevor Bauer would be the number 1 overall prospect at this point. But what the hell do I know.

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