In a move that, for some reason, seems to be making people really angry, the Blue Jays have acquired Triple-A catcher Paul Phillips from Milwaukee in exchange for cash. Or so says Brewers Media Relations director Mike Vassallo…


I think our old friend the Tao probably hits the nail on the head…

So… there’s that. If Gomes isn’t heading back down to be d’Arnaud’s backup anytime soon, they needed someone there who’ll be able to catch if d’Arnaud gets hurt or gets called up to fill in for an injured Arencibia. The only other catcher on the Vegas roster is Luis Hurtado, who appears to be some kind of a roving emergency catcher for the Jays, having played just one game for Vegas this year, and twelve last year, split between Vancouver, Lansing, Dunedin and Vegas. The fuck?

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  1. Who’s getting angry?

  2. That catcher Luis Hurtado has been on the 7 Day DL from what i saw, thats the reason hes not played this year.

  3. Why the hell would people get angry? The 51s need a back up catcher. Looking at the stats of that Hurtado dude shows he’s just chest protector stuffing. This means absolutely nothing to D’Arnaud or Jiminez. Those guys will get 4/5 games.

  4. Isn’t Jiminez hurt for the year? This will likely be to fill in for him (either directly or indirectly).

  5. i can’t believe anyone would be angry! to me this is exciting and acts as another indication that we get to see what Gomes and (possibly?) d’Arnaud have to offer before the year is out! exciting stuff.

  6. Didn’t this guy just win American Idol?

  7. It certainly seems like Gomes is needed for a while at least with EE’s back being tender, Lind gone and Fransisco hurt as well.

  8. No anger here, at this point I’ll take Gomes over Lind. I’ll save my anger for how #45 gets jerked around, especially now that we need a LHB and Thames continues to be an overrated waste of a roster spot.

  9. Plan the parade!!!1111……..just kidding of course =/

  10. d’arnaud behind the plate, Jp at first, gomes at third and ee in left might be a valid solution but ONLY temporary right if lind is released or so

  11. Or maybe AA is happy with how JP is doing in the bigs, and d’arnaud is being traded for a bigger piece. Being the #4 mlb prospect will get you a big return when packaged with some of our pitching talent.

    • Not happening.

      • well thats just plain bullshit, right there.

      • People keep forgetting that JP hit .301 with 32HR in AAA. I am not saying that he is better than d’arnaud but there is no guarantee that Travis will hit well in the bigs and at #4 his trade value is at an all time high. I would gladly keep JP if sending away D’arnaud helps net us an all-star pitcher or power hitting 1B.

  12. what will the market be for JPA possibly in July if d’arnaud is ready? (if there is a market at all for him)

  13. The time would (to this inexpert know-nothing dumbass layperson) seem to be right for a D’Arnaud move. Two questions for me;
    1) Does AA/mgmt truly perceive D’Arnaud as better than Arencibia? If not (entirely possible) then that makes a move a no-brainer, especially since Gomes seems to be able to hit MLB-level pitching and is, therefore, an excellent third-catcher option.
    2) Is the D’Arnaud ‘legend’ valid – ie, is he as awesome as fans seem to think – and to what degree?
    If that’s true (and it seems to be, with most prospects, that the ‘legend’ deflates a little upon arrival in the bigs – ‘contents may settle during shipping’ kinda thing) then by God, get us a bomb-hitting first baseman.
    So – unless the legend is true, and he’s worthy of that #4 overall ranking, it seems we’d be better served by using the ‘legend’ to upgrade the big club…no?

    (I always look forward to being raked over the coals. Note my disclaimer in the first line :)

  14. I’m hoping Gomes gets the opportunity to stick around for awhile. He’s the real deal as far as him handling the lumber. GO GOMES GO!!!

  15. Since we’re all talking about JPA/D’Arnaud etc…

    I’ve always viewed JPA as this team’s Fred McGriff – a popular player who gets traded to put the team over the top.

    But, as time has moved on, and when you hear AA talk about how important “the person” is to the team, and the rapport he *seems* to have with pitchers/players/everyone, it makes me wonder if the Jays won’t try and slot him into some sort of “Mike Napoli” role.

    Interesting times.

    • interesting point, but aren’t we just basking in the glow of a short hot streak he’s been on?

    • mike napoli can get on base

      • See, I’m not saying he’d *be* Napoli, but rather that they’d try to fit him into that sort of role.

        who knows though. Lots of time to try and figure out where the chips will all lie.

    • We had the perfect guy to play the Mike Napoli role…


      Too bad we traded him away.

    • Yes and no. My view on JPA’s 1st year was – as he alluded to on many occassions – primarily defence-oriented. And now that he’s learned from the veteran Molina and Wakamatsu, he is now free to think offence. So this year we may be seeing a more complete version of JPA.
      As for JPA as trade bait, management has to be aware that trading JPA will set the team’s development back (nevermind chemistry) when they have to bring up D’Arnaud and teach him the ropes ala JPA last year.
      So, if and when they do consider a trade for JPA, it has to be: a) a deal they can not refuse and b) confirmation that they think D’Arnaud is that much better than JPA
      Similar situations may develop with Escobar- Hech, and Gose- Rasmus.

  16. We have a logjam at the catcher posoition, and the playoff timeline that management can’t (or more likely won’t) comit to. Wait and see, this is the mantra that DJF’s have been yelling since spring training. Can JPA earn the pitching staff’s respect? Don’t think this has happened yet. If he got injured we could see the future clearly….but we don’t wish that on anyone. Instead, politics keeps Gomes out of the No.2 position and D’arnaud on the farm

    • “and the playoff timeline that management can’t (or more likely won’t) comit to.”

      “In the next five years, I would expect that we would be in it two to three times,” Beeston said.

      That’s good enough for me.

      • Yes you are right in that the BJ management did assert a rather tacid predicition of playoff appearences over the next half decade. My appologies here, I am looking for something more precise – Sparky Anderson style – the Tigers will win the WS in 5 years; and then he did just that. An vague prediction of some level of seccess over a protracted time frame still leaves me cold.

  17. As if there is any way you could tell if JPA has “earned the pitching staffs respect”, whatever the fuck that means. I see no way they go to a rookie catcher , full time, halfway through the season except for injury reasons. There is also no way JPA ands up at first. AA wants a prototypical high obp, big power guy there for the long term.

    • We know that that Morrow prefers the vetran catcher to JPA, and we also learned that Hutchison pitched better with Mathis. JPA is management’s choice right now, not the pitchers. This won’t last forever for JPA

      • JPA ain’t going to first, and as far as the rookie cater thing goes: JPA isn’t a seasoned vetran. If he isn’t the right guy, or there is a better one, he will get moved. If this is the case then the sooner the better.

      • “We know that that Morrow prefers the vetran catcher to JPA”

        I’m sorry, how do “we” know this? do you know Morrow personally? Has he told you this?

        Exactly? Catcher’s ERA? Even if you believe in such a thing, his ERA with JPA behind the plate is better (3.54) than with Buck (8.81), Molina (4.08) or Mathis (3.60) (I’m restricting to Jays only). Same with his BAA & OPS Against.

        Please, enlighten us all.

        • Molina was Morrow’s personal catcher last year, I’m sure you will concede this point. This year, Morrow was weened by management away from Mathis. Hutchison preference was disclosed last week during a conversation on air by Jerry and Allan. No there is not any special insight here. This is a blog and I am sharing my opinion with you. You get the benefit of this wisdom

  18. Maybe D’Arnaud is about to learn to play first base. Wouldn’t be the first (or second) time we’ve converted a catcher that can hit to 1B. JPA doesn’t qualify for that move because he can’t hit the way a contender needs their first baseman to hit. No proof yet that TD’A can hit at MLB level though, so i’m probably wrong.

    • Pretty much everybody in this mold stayed at catcher (Delgado, Werth, Phelps etc.) throughout the minors to get to the majors faster and were atrocious or below average at best defensively.

      D’Arnaud’s valued this high because he provides a plus bat with plus defense at a premium position. His bat is average at 1B and completely undermines any defensive value he has.

      Moving D’Arnaud to 1B turns him from Yadier Molina to Lyle Overbay. It’s sheer insanity.

  19. Nashville is playing in Las Vegas tonight. Phillips literally had to walk across the diamond to his new team. Hope the travel wasn’t too strenuous.

  20. What pisses me off is what could have been. If we had signed Darvish, we would have only needed a bat to be competitive. Now we need a middle of the order bat and a starting pitcher to get into this.

    Instead fucking Rogers goes and signs up for 5 more fucking years of the Fucking dip shots from buffalo in Toronto where the estimate is they lost 20M/ year over the first deal. Let’s see 20M/ yr X 5 = 100M and we would have had a kick ass rotation. FU Rogers and the dumb fucks running that enterprise.

    • How does the NFL have anything to do with the Jays?

      You know the $20M lost on the NFL impacted the Jays…. how?

      I mean, I wish they had have acquired Darvish too, but… jeez.

    • You do realize the Jays are currently in the second wildcard, and that’s without spending $100 million on a completely unknown player, one who is walking a batter every other inning?

  21. If you are going to trade D’Aurdneoux, it’s better to trade him while his prospect status has never been higher. Otherwise, you have to ride out his development to the majors if he stumbles along the way.

    GM AA loves his catcher depth. It would not surprise me to see D’Arnaud be in AAA to start next season like they did to JPA two years ago.

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