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Has it been a busy couple of days around here? I don’t really think I can say that it has, but with the afternoon game on Wednesday, my live blogging of Griffin’s live blog of it, the breaking-ish news things and whatever else has been happening, I’ve got big fucking backlog of links. So, rather than catch up on all of them, I’m just gonna lay all the wheat on you, no chaff. It’s your extra-golden Friday Linkstravaganza!

Rick Westhead of the Toronto Star tells us of a legal battle between the Jays and their former VP of ticket sales (and brother of Kevin), Patrick “the King” Elster. According to legal documents, Elster broke his confidentiality agreement with the club when he disclosed on a Fan 590 appearance, and in a Toronto Sun article in 2010 various details pertaining to attendance and revenues. Not that this is necessarily the catalyst for the suit, but it seems as though Elster didn’t care so much for Paul Beeston’s new mode of operating the ticket sales department, which eliminated commissions for ticket sellers. Elster received a bonus of $141,054 for 2008.

MLB Trade Rumors looks at the Jays contract issues heading into the off-season. KJ and E5 both potential free agents!

Business Insider would like to let you know that the Jays have spent more money than any team in baseball… in between each club’s last playoff appearance and now. Baltimore is a close second.

Matthew Leach of thinks that the Jays, while likely to suffer a drop-off on the pitching side, might just be able to hit enough to make an actual go of it this year. Fingers crossed!

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet tells us about how the Jays are rewarding their players for breaking up double plays with hard slides, in a bid to get them into the habit: by giving out t-shirts!

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star thinks the Jays are “walking a fine line between passion and fury” in their testing of MLB umpires this season. And he wonders if that’s maybe not such a good thing. John Lott of the National Post also touches on this point, suggesting that if Lawrie plays for his teammates, as he often insists, what they need is a touch of calm from him.

At, Gregor Chisholm talks about a seemingly-rejuvenated Joey Bats. He also has a notebook post that tells us about a minor tweak that appears to be paying dividends for Colby Rasmus, and that Jesse Litch is infection-free and can start rehabbing!

Mark Zwolinski of the Star looks briefly at a select group of prospects that the Jays have in the minors.

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs looks at Anthony Gose, among others, in today’s prospect stock watch post, saying that he “will probably always strike out a lot but he has the chance to be the best defense outfielder in the game (a bold statement), steal 40-50 bases and provide a little pop.”

Elsewhere in prospect news, Jonathan Mayo of makes Travis d’Arnaud his prospect of the week. (Hint: Watch the video.)

Elsewhere still, John Lott of the National Post checks in with Lansing’s Big Four, whose “workload plan, devised last winter, extends into 2013,” according to Assistant GM Tony LaCava. “He declined to provide particulars,” Lott says. “The details, he said, are ‘proprietary.’ ”

Speaking of, Mike Newman of FanGraphs looks at the Midwest League, suggesting that, “in terms of raw stuff,” Aaron Sanchez is “arguably the second best in the league behind Diamondbacks first rounder Archie Bradley.”

Lott’s colleague, Guy Spurrier, writes about the opportunity Yan Gomes has, and what might help or hinder him– like his odd swing, with its many moving parts– as he develops on the fly at the big league level.

At Gray Matter, Kevin Gray talks about the Jays re-upping their deal with the New Hampshire Fisher cats, spurning the advances of Ottawa. “ I could see the Jays moving their AA affiliate to Ottawa by 2015,” he writes. “In New Hampshire, fans have shown great support for Toronto’s farm team, but the Red Sox are more of a natural fit here. The Red Sox and Portland Sea Dogs are under contract through 2014. Just saying.”

Surely you’ve seen it by now, but in case you haven’t, at Getting Blanked we witness Roy Halladay, subject of the worst. bobblehead. ever.

Also at Getting Blanked: Gregg Zaun’s misogyny brought to you by Gregg Zaun.

Baseball Think Factory points us to news that ex-Jay Shawn Green will play for Israel in the next World Baseball Classic. Cool!

Lastly, the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week are always a Friday treat.

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  1. The t-shirts are only the beginning. The real reward for breaking up DP’s with hard slides is the Johnny Mac concussion of excellence.

  2. Loveee Shawn Green, nice to see him still playing ball

  3. Just a strating rotation note: After Drew Hutchison’s start on Monday the Jays won’t need their 5th starter until June 9th.

  4. I did not read the story the link, er, links to, but that description of Anthony Gose sounds pretty much exactly like Devon White.
    And I loved ol’ Devo.

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