Holy shit, three straight wins and the Jays have the same record as the Rangers!

Hey… it could happen. No, really! But if it is going to happen, it’d better start tonight, as the Jays give themselves their best chance of the series, sending Brandon Morrow to the hill. Derek Holland gets the start for Texas, so it’s not exactly going to be easy, but for the right-heavy Jays hitters, they’ve certainly got a chance.


In his Ten Stray Thoughts on a Friday at Getting Blanked, Parkes wonders if it might be worth making a qualifying offer to Edwin Encarnacion when he reaches free agency, gambling that either he’ll decline and you’ll get picks, or that he’ll accept and you’ll at least be overpaying him for one year, not many.

The Tao of Stieb takes a dip into the ol’ tweet bag.

MLBTR passes along a Jayson Stark piece at ESPN.com in which we’re told that scouts and executives from three teams have said that they have no interest in Adam Lind.

Dave Perkins of the Toronto Star– and Roger Centre official scorer!– tells the tale of how the Star contemplated buying the Yankees before George Steinbrenner did. What!?!?!

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
J. Arencibia C
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
Y. Gomes 1B
R. Davis LF

B. Morrow RHP

Texas Rangers

I. Kinsler 2B
E. Andrus SS
J. Hamilton CF
A. Beltre 3B
M. Young 1B
D. Murphy LF
N. Cruz RF
Y. Torrealba C
M. Moreland DH

D. Holland LHP


Image via Ezra Shaw/Getty.

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  1. I’ll give it a bit of time before making my usual pronouncement. I feel optimistic!

  2. Is Adeiny Hechavarria the next Johnny Mac?

  3. So… who else heard Zaun on PTS tonight taking calls? D’Arnaud is the same guy as JPA? Rasmus should be splitting ABs with Rajai Davis?

    • Zaun has jumped like 14 sharks at this point. Meh.

      • Zaun is clearly a much better analyst of the nuts and bolts of the game as opposed to a talent evaluator. I think he’s great on TV with Jamie, and pretty lame on PTS, most of the time.

    • Rasmus most of fucked one of Zaun’s farm animals at one point because he’s certainly got an ever lasting hate for Rasmus lol

  4. He could be. I was wondering what would happen if Johnson were to just need a few games off and not be DL material. Would the Jays bring up Hechavarria or would they do something radical and move Lawrie to 2nd for a few games. Normally I’d say you’re utility guy would fill in but I wouldn’t want Omar starting more than a game every week or few days. Lawrie’s certainly shown he’s athletic enough and with the roster the way it is Gomes could step into 3rd nicely with Cooper at 1st and EE back to dh. Just shows that Vizquel is ok in pinch but that over an extended period of time it would be bad for the club. It certainly would be interesting to see what Lawrie could do at 2nd.

  5. How come every FUCKING PITCHER looks like Walter FUCKING Johnson against the Blue Jays?

    • Because you’ve got an active imagination and tend to remember the negative more than the positive.


  7. SN1 again?! I can’t deal with these US streams anymore. Buddy on SunSports said the Rogers Centre was the only ballpark in America with a hotel in it.

  8. Lolz Rajai Davis looks like Geordi La Forge in those sunglasses

  9. Two straight walks. Nearly 20 pitches and none out. Can’t wait til Drabek.

  10. Fuck. That looked like a good pitch.

  11. Well… time to get ready for Baltimore

  12. why not walk Beltre?

  13. streams?

  14. Is Morrow getting squeezed or is he just losing it?

  15. I wish the Jay’s offense looked more like the Ranger’s. Lengthy at bats is a good place to start, I don’t think Morrow liked starting the game against Kinsler.

  16. Good game.

  17. hmmm.. texas doesn’t try and hit a home run on every pitch thrown…. weird

  18. how can you not walk Beltre with 2nd and 3rd and one out? Anyone?

    • He had him 0-2….

      • beginning of the at bat i mean

        • Yeah but it just kind of proves he attacked him the right way and almost got him out. Michael Young was on deck, Nelson Cruz later in the inning. There’s no dead spot in the lineup.

        • You dont walk Beltre there but you dont give him a ball anywhere near the strike zone, especially one outside…the guy feasts on outside pitches

          bad execution.

  19. Jays better be careful. This is the type of game that your pitcher gets injured. Almost 40 pitches in one inning is not good for your arm.

  20. crap

  21. Guess we’ll see Carlos “Jacques” Villanueva sooner tonight.

  22. jays lead the entire league in walks, but hey why stop now?

  23. thanks for bringing your A game morrow.

  24. Good lord. I’m not even watching the game (just following it on MLB Mobile) but….good lord.

    Definitely one of those games I’m glad I’m not watching. Too painful.

  25. Something is up with Morrow. This is the worst I’ve ever seen him. And now that he’s pulled the bullpen will have a fun time cleaning up this mess of a game.

    • morrow is going to have a bad game every 5 or 6. he is volatile. i don’t think it means he’s hurt.

    • What is up is that he wasn’t very good tonight.

    • It’s my fault, Ive only seen his start this game and the 2 against Tampa. Somehow I kept missing his good starts (I think he’s pitched a lot on the weekend) and every time I see him he shits the bed. Obviously this one was a little worse.

      • I was at his CGSO against the Mets. He was on fire. Progress isn’t linear — he’ll fall back a bit while he’s getting better — but the overall trend is still quite encouraging.

  26. Welp… that’s not how you want to start a series against the best team in the league at their home…

  27. Wow Ring of Fire as Morrow exits. No kidding.

  28. Welcome back old brandon morrow, where ya been?

  29. Farrell yanks a starting pitcher before the 5th inning?

    No! This is not real life.

  30. What the fuck just happened? I show up a little late and it’s 6 zip and Morrow’s out of the game?!?!

    • Morrow had nothing. For all the crap you are going to hear about how great the Ab’s the Rangers were putting on him, fact is fucking morrow’s pitches had no bite.

      his changeup was sitting high in the zone
      his slider didnt slide

      his fastball was topping out at 94.

      how’s that pitching to contact thing working out for you ?

  31. against tampa, baltimore, and texas this year morrow has given up 22 runs in 19 ip. so much for being an ace.

  32. So it would appear the regression to the mean of our starters has begun before the regression to the mean of our offense.

  33. I want to be pissed off at somebody, but its not as easy as the Leafs.

  34. Well, I shudder to think of what these guys are going to do to Drabek and Alvarez. One out of three would be great for us.

  35. Well… Let’s just hope Morrow was dehydrated or something and isn’t hurt.

  36. Give me a fucking break. Between the lucky bounces off of pitchers going to first base vs tampa bay, and now we have no look catches by Cruz

  37. There is some kind of jinx in these game threats lol. Stoeten writes that hey, the Jays could be tied if they sweep the series, it could happen, and then they start like this.

  38. yay the jays got a hit!

  39. Okay rope-a-dope time. Tire them out for the rest of the series.

  40. Ok, now just to not embarrass ourselves by keeping them short of franchise records.

  41. “Dont worry Carlos, that ball wouldn’t have been out of most parks.”

    “Name one.”


  42. Stranding Rasmus in scoring position as usual, but Lawrie was ROBBED by Cruz, so not exactly our fault.

    I yelled so much during that interminable first inning I think my roommates thought somebody was breaking into the house.

    • lol that was just typical of the way this game has been going. For once Lawrie didn’t strike out or ground out and actually put a rare charge in the ball and they make some bullshit “I had my eyes closed catch”.

      • Ugh, I know. Looked so promising – if that had dropped anywhere, Colby would’ve been able to leg it out. But man, this s not fun to watch.

  43. Well nice to see the Jays are actually being proactive and are starting their typical June Swoon a week or so early this year.

    .500 with upside boys and girls. Just looks like we’ll be seeing .500 before the upside.

    • Just the worst kind of overly negative, reactionary comment.

      There in the middle of a 6 game road trip facing probably the two best teams in baseball. even if they go 2-4, that’s hardly a disaster.

      • Hardly. Look at their June records for the past few years, Jays are good starters and then flounder soon as the temperatures heat up. I’m sticking with the .500 with upside and I’m not overly upset because I’ve been saying it since this winter. IMO 86 wins in this division for this team will be a successful season without any upgrades.

    • Did anyone catch Mccowan today on prime time sports? Brunt said the Jays should go for it this year & get a bat. Shanon said play the kids &wait for The lansing pitching staff to make it to the big leagues. Mccowan trashed rasmus. Lots of debate about trading JPA & Kelly Johnson.

  44. Im not sure how people can actually think we are a contender for a playoff spot when we have one starting pitcher who has ever had anything resembling an above average season. I dont think Baltimore is for real, but I dont think there is a big difference between the jays and the O’s.

  45. JPA can’t catch worth shit

  46. These Texan announcers are complimenting the Jays for developing Yan “Gomez” because he must not have had much as he is of Sao Paulo. WTF!

  47. Can we do pull a France and like surrender before we lose our entire positive run differential of 35 in one night?

  48. Davis doing the home run swing.

  49. Johnson has struckout 8 tmes in his last two plus games.

  50. This is the quickest I’ve ever turned off a jays game.

    I’m tired of hearing idiot fans call in to PTS and tell Bob and Zaun we need another bat.

    NO WE DON’T! We need pitchers who can pitch. The Blue Jays lead the MLB in handing out walks.

    We can we games with only 2 or 3 runs if our pitching was better.

    Blue Jays pitching is so bad right now I forgot what a proper fast ball looks like.

    Marrow’s last game felt so surreal. I knew it wouldn’t last long.

    • Mostly a very young starting staff that has more than exceeded expectations to date. Some regression was bound to happen. Yes the walks are troubling but they’re still 8th in WHIP and 6th in ERA though I imagine that it will be higher soon enough.

      Funny thing is if the Jays landed Darvish he wouldn’t have helped much in that category as he’s got a shit WHIP so far.

      Personally, I hope they make some kind of trade and sign deal for a guy like Greinke. With guys like McGuire and Jenkins turning out to be fresh busts of 1st round picks there’s not much of bridge anymore to the higher ceiling guys in A and Low A. If they’re 2 years away at best this team could use some serious depth in starting pitching. We all know Cecil isn’t going to cut it. McGowan is a long shot and guys like Carreno have shown they are better for the pen than the rotation. By all rights Alvarez and Hutchison should probably be in AA still refining off speed stuff. The fact they’ve been able to contribute at this stage without those pitches is a huge bonus.

      • Greinke’s vetoed Toronto before, so I doubt he’ll come here. But I agree – another solid starter would be really helpful to our rotation. Morrow’s been quite fantastic this year, but there’s bound to be some bumps in the road (this was a mountain, I know, but still).

  51. Technically speaking, it doesn’t matter whether we get a better pitcher or a better hitter, because both would affect our run differential positively, and run differential wins games. (Quite literally.)

    All that matters is how much of an upgrade said better pitcher or hitter is over what you’re replacing.

  52. I’m starting to think the Jays really like fireworks.

  53. Maybe we will get to see Yan Gomes pitch.

  54. Oh yeah, where’s Vernon Wells and Juan Rivera when you need them?

  55. That Michael Young for Loaiza trade did not work out for us.

  56. Man the worst thing about this game with Morrow not even getting an inning done is that pen will be depleted for the rest of the series.

  57. Carlos is looking pretty good.

    • Wait ’til they ask him to change arms and do another 2-3.

    • Really? I think he is alternating between striking hitters out and giving up absolute bombs. its not like the rangers are really trying at this point.

      • I suppose. He’s racking up a decent number of strikeouts and has given up 2 long balls, and at this point in the game that looks like Cy Young material to me, so you know.

  58. Would appear that the scouting report on Gomes is already out….cant handle the inside heat

  59. If Johnson is hurting, they should get him out of the game so he can play tomorrow.

    He was originally supposed to sit for tomorrow afternoon’s game.

    • that would make too much sense. like the other game when he was the winning run on second base, couldnt move, and they waited for the inning to end before they replaced him. genius.

  60. Around the league: Another game is also 8-0. The Orioles over the Royals. Ugh.

  61. Thank you EE.

  62. HAH! No shut out for you Holland!

    I’ll take whatever I can get at this point.

  63. And the comeback begins!

  64. Got a question for mr stoeten and Parkes would you like to take back your comments in the podcast the Morrow has looked better than Romero? or you stand by your homerish to the strikeout?

    • Dude, sample size, sample size. Even the great Roy Halladay had bad outings. One bad outing does not a season make.

      Over the entirety of the season so far, Morrow has looked better than Romero. If starts like today become a trend, then yes, you’ll end up right. But the six starts before this Morrow looked unhittable. Have to take everything together. Can’t just only see the bad or only see the good.

      • Thanks for actually being a voice of reason. Morrow’s looked fantastic over most of his starts.Two shutouts! (Just so you know, that leads the Majors so far – no one else has two of them yet this season.)

        Even the best have crappy outings. As long as he can return to the Brandon Morrow that strikes out plenty, walks few, and doesn’t allow a bunch of runs, whatever. One bad start.

      • April 18th Morrow pitches 6 innings gives up 6 runs to the Tampa, May 14th gives up 6 runs to Tampa in 5 innings tonight 6 runs to Rangers in 0.2 innings. also May 14th was 2 starts ago, thus, I argue people when woo, he 9 inning CG shutout and forgot the other side of Morrow. Morrow has recieved 4.17 run support in games started. Romero has given up a 5 er game on May 2nd, and that is the most he has allowed. Just saying stats say Morrow is not killing it like Stoeten implied in the podcast, anyone else listen to the podcast?

        • Ricky Romero’s last 5 starts (so all of May), dating from most recent back: walked 7, 4, 5, 5, 3.

          In that ugly one against the Twins, he struck out nary a batter.

          In Morrow’s last five starts (including tonight): walked 3, 1, 4, 4, 0. Granted, tonight those three batters were in ONE inning, which was just brutal.

          Morrow has given up six ER three times, and has given up no runs three times.

          Romero has given up five runs only once, and never more, but this season he has not had a shutout start – at least 1 ER in each start so far.

          Apples and oranges, but just cherry pickin’ some stats to point out that they both have had some significant ups and downs.

        • Haven’t listened to the most recent podcast yet, but am interested to hear what is said about Morrow.

          • Drew says Romero needs to play better, Parkes, Aaah they got brandon morrow about 17:50 in. Stoeten won wonders if Ricky isn’t himself this year maybe wasn’t himself last year 18:33 Romero got lucky last year according Parkes 19:20 Parkes egotistically almost like the game of baseball bigger than us (Drew, Parkes and Stoeten 20:15 Parkes, jokingly 21:20 he’s a shit bag get rid of him. morely what they have to say about morrow can be isolated to Stoeten implying that jays would go with Morrow in a playoff situation. Whereas I am not trying to show Morrow as crap but beeing Jekyl and Hyde. and seeing constant crapping or Romero whose splts are not that much worse is weird.

        • I wont deny Morrow has played some fantastic game, but he still is as streaky as he ever was, one day he looks brilliant and game before and after looks like crap.Stoeten implies in the podcast that at this time Jays should and would go with Morrow, but Morrow is either ace calibure one night or AAA callup the next, you never know which Morrow you going to get.

          • Yeah. The streakiness is still tough to figure out. The good is way better than it was last year, but there’s still such a huge discrepancy between Awesome Brandon Morrow and Pulled In The First Inning Brandon Morrow. (I’m still smarting from having watched that mess.)

            I think he’ll get there, but it will probably take longer than people expect/hope. He’s certainly going in the right direction.

          • Morrow has #1 stuff or capability but he’s got the consistency of a #4 or #5 starter for the most part. When he’s off he’s really off. I thought he might have turned the corner for real this year but maybe it’s too early to tell. A 3.67 era is nothing to sneeze at especially in the AL East.

  65. Looks like AA is going to have to get his spin doctors working. We will hear about injuries, slow starts, young players, and a really bright future. Alex, your inability to get a left fielder, and another starter is costing us now. So, lower attendance now will be your reward. Rogers didn’t spend the dough, and now another season will be lost. Well done Nadir. I’m sure your TV stations will do well but I won’t be watching

    • You’ll be back.

      • My take on Japanese dude based on what I saw tonight

        -good heat..but not much movement and pitches high in the zone.

        -crappy change…he really alters his delivery when he is throwing it, big leaguers are going to easily know when it is coming.

        Also..his change has limited movement..it was up in the zone…not a good change that drop down and away from the lefties.

        -breaking ball: show me pitch without much bite.

        All in all..can see why this guy can rack up good numbers in the minors yet immediately hit a wall when he gets up to the bigs.

        he lacks command of his fastball and his change, which no doubt baffles the minors guys, is basically an average pitch.

    • It’s a horrible loss tonight, but what happens if the Orioles make the playoffs this year & the Jays finish 4th with 82 wins?

      • We will get more prospects, talk of the future, can’t tell if we are any good cause the sample size is too small, lots of upside, logjams with position plays at 2 or 3 spots, and none where we need them, and talk of spending money when we are there ( whereever there this?)
        In other words we will be where we are now

  66. the Jay’s offense is one dimensional and lives and dies by the long ball. I don’t mind Bautista going for 40 homers if he is only going to hit .240 all year, but the rest of the offense needs to get a fucking base hit now and then.

  67. What is the record for most pitches thrown by a team in a game that only goes 8.5 innings?

    im thinking the jays may be pushing the record

  68. can we just concede the next two games and save our pitching staff for next week?

  69. LOL yeah great bullpen. 8 more runs tonight and counting just pushes that ERA for the pen even higher.

    The Japanese reliever looks like the pitcher that was in the majors. No control. As for Frasor $4 million for this and people want to nickel and dime EE? Get a clue.

    Oh well just one of those ass raping games I suppose every team has them just have to see how they bounce back tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into one of those series like last summer where the Sox when on a gang bang spree and had their way with the Jays pitching staff.

    • The way the Rangers hitters look tonight (and i mean every single one of them looks like they are seeing the ball very well) I fear we are going to be meatcake the next couple games.

      In fact, I doubt there are many teams that would be able to do much vs this team right now.

      whatever trouble they had vs seattle is long gone

  70. So if this follows the pattern of that Mets game we should score four runs in the eighth.

  71. Over / Under on how many pitches it takes drabek to get through four innings tomorrow?

    I say 90

  72. Jeff mathis yeeeeeeee!!

  73. David cooper: that is a hit in AAA

  74. Seriously this is just like that Mets game. Almost same score, and now the catcher is finishing the game on the mound.

  75. Welp I’m not sure why I watched that entire game, but at least it’s over now.

  76. Didn’t see it, but sounds like it was as bad as I feared. My Score notifier thingie binged about 8 times while I was walking around in Home Depot…I think it was 6-0 already at that point.

    Gonna be a long weekend, and not in a good/holiday way.

  77. Hats off to Kinsler for that great at bat that tired Morrow out and set up the nightmare. The Jays should learn from this. Shorten up the swing to protect the strike zone. Need a new batting coach who knows baseball instead of swinging for the fences.

    • No, batting coach fine. Need new managa, need new facilities, need new division to play in. Batting coach least of yo worries.

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