Roster Moves: DB Cooper Found!

Despite myriad issues that we’ve discussed in these pages ad nauseam, David Cooper is getting another shot with the Toronto Blue Jays– because… why not, at this point? He’s been called up, along with reliever Ryota Igarashi, to take the place of Ben Francisco, who has been placed on the DL with a hamstring issue, and Evan Crawford, who finds himself back down in Triple-A. Dustin McGowan has been moved to the 60-day DL to clear a spot on the 40-man for Igarashi– so, yes, Adam Lind remains on the 40-man.

The news comes by way of tweets from Wilner and others.

I’m sure the news of the PCL batting champ riding in on a white horse to save the Jays’ first base position is an exciting proposition for a lot of people who don’t quite fully believe in just how much the PCL can inflate a player’s numbers, but for those of us who read Bradley Ankrom’s Wednesday installment of the excellent Greeting From Dunedin series he’s been doing for us, and saw that Cooper’s line outside of Cashman Field is a rather fucking disgusting .177/.271/.210, um… meh.

Had he been healthy, this might have been Travis Snider’s moment to finally come up for good, but since he’s not, I guess we’re just seeing the actual evidence that the Jays believe that right now they’re better off with, essentially, a Yan Gomes/David Cooper platoon than they are with Adam Lind. It’s kind of amazing that they can be of this mind now, already, after spending an entire off-season doing shit-all to upgrade the position, but… it is what it is, I guess.

Speaking of Lind, he remains on the club’s 40-man roster, despite reports this week that he was about to be removed from it, and others that he was not. On that subject, Gregor Chisholm of, tells me he stands behind the premise and the point of his confusion-starting article, “which is that a source told me there is no evidence or record that Lind was ever put through waivers.” Fair enough.

Wilner suggests that the move will allow Edwin Encarnacion to head back to DH, after having some troubles with his back since the Oakland series two weeks ago, and that seems about right. Crawford had been struggling, and as the third lefty on the depth chart was expendable– especially going into a series with the right-heavy-ish Rangers. Igarashi has some nice numbers for the PCL, as well as in the International League last year as a member of the Mets organization, so I guess I can see him getting a chance, despite some horrific looking numbers in his two MLB stints with the Mets in 2010 and 11.

I’d mention Dustin McGowan, but apparently Parkes has already taken a nice long troll over that subject.

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  1. Wow. He actually looks similar to DB. If that’s what DB really looked like.

  2. This is your chance, Coop. Maybe your last one. You know what to do with it.

    That is, assuming you play at all.

  3. Looks like stranded baserunners are gonna be left Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

  4. oh gawd. no I’m going to have that ‘is it johnson or cooper at the plate?’ problem…..until they actually connect with a ball that is….

  5. those blue eyes creep the fuck out of me

  6. Step 2. Plan the parade route!

  7. I’m sorry to ask, but does this article end in eh middle of a sentence for everyone else, or is my computer special?

  8. Hmmmm.
    Friggin AA has been reading DJF again.
    Ya think he might send a couple of 24′s as a token of appreciation?
    Cheap fuck.

    • Someone on the G&M recently made a comment similar to this and some tool went off on him. Saying that AA has better things to do and who does he think he is, baseball people don’t need to read comments on a blog or newspaper comments section. I pissed myself laughing. People take things way to seriously, eh

  9. DB Cooper… nice.

    Interested to see Igarashi.

  10. I understand that this is a bit of a longshot, and it’s clear that the club isn’t too excited about the guy, but I’d really love to see Cooper do well. Just seems like a guy who’s paid his dues. And he isn’t without talent, so maybe we’ll get lucky.

  11. ONE MORE CHANCE FOR COOPER! Gotta be better than Thames. I think he can hit .275 +. Take that, Reitsma, I called this call-up! SNAP!

    Ya, I know I’m being a douche, and this will backfire in my face within days.


  12. Pretty sure it woulda been Snider if he was healthy. Snider to LF, Thames to DH, EE to 1B instead of Cooper at 1B and EE at DH. Another opportunity for Snider missed because of his constant nagging wrist woes.

  13. Ricky Romero showing the strain of being on Twitter, invoking the dreaded “all the haters who want me to fail” – I do not understand the benefit of acknowledging some fucking idiot who thumb taps his way into RR Cool Jays head –

    Bautista’s already done it, Lawrie got riled up about people tweeting him about the 2nd ump incident the other night, JPA had his go with some NY sportswriter (FAT) – fuck guys enjoy the Twitter or get the fuck off before you really lose it.

  14. Doesn’t hurt Coopers stock that he’s a left handed bat. With Lind sent down, Thames shitting the bed, Sniders callup seemingly in the distant future, Jays in a need for a left handed bat.

  15. death to all the haters who mocked me yesterday when I called for this move. I still believe in myself and will continue criticizing this GM when he doesn’t make the right moves.

  16. Cooper brings some much needed plate discipline to the team. I’d certainly rather watch him fail at the plate than Ben Francisco.

  17. the question is where does yan play now?

  18. I think I’m more excited about seeing if Ryota Igarashi can throw some clean innings but I’m pulling for Cooper. I dont expect much, especially in the way of power but if someone can finally get on base consistently for the Jays I’ll be thrilled.

    • Igarashi is the bigger news here. Like this move. Although what I like best is Crawford going down.

  19. I’ve decided that I want Yan Gomes to succeed more than I want David Cooper to.

  20. Cooper, eh?
    Now….jog my memory…..
    Is he the flotsam, or the jetsam?

  21. I’m serious if you put some long hair on cooper you’ve got kirsty alley.

  22. Holy shit, Cooper’s road stats are fugly.

  23. To misquote the 60 year old, dirty old man who writes Rihanna’s lyrics:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones

    But none of these moves excite me

  24. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Adam Lind has to be in the minors for at least 10 days. When the Marlins sent down Gaby Sanchez, the hope was that he’d be back in Miami after 10 days.

    With Lind doing about as much as he can in Vegas thus far, he’ll probably be back on the ML roster in the next couple of weeks….unless his AAA hot streak begins trade talks with another organization.

    It kinda sucks that what looks like a contending team could be undone because they are using below-replacement level players at 1B & LF. Sadly, I’m sure Cooper will be an upgrade over what they’ve received so far from Lind.

  25. Man, both of these Coopers are terrors on the road. Heyo

    Should’ve used this image of DB Cooper

    Or the slightly-better colored version on the right in this one

  26. The issue with Asian Dude Reliever has always been his command. He has walked WAY too many players in his career and that was ultimately his undoing as he at one time was sort of a hot shot commodity posted by the mets I believe.

    Now it seems as though his control has been found, but that was in the minors . We have seen many a pitcher with good control in the numbers get called up to the bigs and suddenly become averse to throwing strikes.

  27. Hey how the heck is Vladdy doing? Post that shit up. We need updates on Vladdy. What’s the over/under on his call up? June 15th if all goes well?

  28. Yeah i dont see this going well.

  29. I’m definitely liking the increasingly shorter leash that GM AA is displaying towards players. If he can develop so much depth in the system, he can keep this up and live out his dream as a fantasy baseball GM in real life.

  30. so the timing of the Ryota call up is like AA getting a date to go to a wedding where he knows there is some chick who gave him the Heisman?? (hey Koji, what do you think of my new girlfiend, she’s hot right??)


  32. We’ve had enough absolute black holes in the lineup that a David Cooper hitting an empty .270 might look like a good thing.

  33. Meh, Coop will get the odd start but not enough to show if he can play in the show (hint: he can’t). He won’t force his way onto the team like Gomes did because clearly the front office doesn’t give a shit about Cooper as they should. More excited to see Ryota Igarashi. Pretty crazy numbers for the PCL and Vegas. But then again when a guy gets DFA’d by the pirates my expectations are low. But hey Bautista got DFA’d from those fuckers so what the hell. Bring on the Asian Mariano Rivera.

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