Welp. That was a steaming pile of wretched offal, wasn’t it? The first game I can remember in a long fucking time where I didn’t even make it out of the first inning– hey, kinda like Brandon Morrow! I didn’t learn until I went online to check that Carlos Villanueva had taken over.

Hey, it happens. It just really, really, really fucking sucks when it does. I mean, remember when I said yesterday that with three straight wins the Jays would have the same record as the Rangers? That kinda feels like a distant memory, doesn’t it?

But that’s baseball. Right back up on the horse for a 3 o’clock start in the Texas heat (it’s 30 degrees in Dallas, and feeling like 38, according to the Weather Network, if you believe in that “we’re even tougher than we look” horseshit like wind chill and the humidex). Let’s go, Hendo!


Oh man, that’s amazing, Colby Raaaaaa-smus… hitting second! Holy shitballs! And while, granted, it’s because Kelly Johnson is out hurting (Vizquel starts at 2B this afternoon), it’s not entirely undeserved, if you don’t mind looking at a tiny sample size. He’s 6 for his last 19 with two doubles, a triple, and a pair of walks in there. I’ll take it.

Brett Cecil talks to Jeff Sammut of the Fan590 about his recent no-hit start, and his retooling in the minors.

Torontonians, take note: at tomorrow’s Jays Days event at Opera Bob’s, they’ll have Caplansky’s Delicatessen Food Truck parked outside! If you haven’t enjoyed yourself some Caplansky’s yet, seriously do it!

And lastly, at Gray Matter, Kevin Gray wonders about the called third strike to Brett Lawrie in last night’s game, suggesting that there was very possibly more to it than an umpire wanting to get the fuck off the field and into the bar after a 14-3 snoozer. As in, it was a reputation call, and a continued punishment for Lawrie’s… well… you know.

I’d like to believe it was more a “let’s get this fucking thing over with” call, but… I don’t know– not that it’d be a whole fucking lot better if it was. I was long done watching by that point, as I suspect a shit-tonne of other people were, so here’s what it looked like on the TV (at a slightly weird angle, mind you), and according to the Pitch F/X from Brooks Baseball (from the catcher’s viewpoint).

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
J. Arencibia C
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
D. Cooper 1B
O. Vizquel 2B

H. Alvarez RHP

Texas Rangers

I. Kinsler 2B
E. Andrus SS
J. Hamilton CF
A. Beltre 3B
M. Young DH
D. Murphy LF
N. Cruz RF
Y. Torrealba C
M. Moreland 1B

C. Lewis RHP


Image via Ronald Martinez/Getty.

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  1. Batters have a contact rate off of Henderson Alvarez of 91 percent

    the league averate is 80 percent.


  3. Four straight innings the lead-off hitter has reached.. Can’t see this going on too much longer

    • How do you go from 0-2 on Terrible Alba to walking him? It takes quite a bit of effort to walk the dude even when you have a 0-0 count

  4. Aye Carumba! Fuck!

  5. The old dude comes through!


    • we are all desperate men until the victory always?

      • Your name recalls one of the greatest acts of violence ever seen upon field, somehow fully ritualistic yet surprising and inventive at the same time.

        I am just saying that the initiative belongs always to the rebels. We are a team led by a utility player who was well on his way to being washed up, and otherwise populated by rejects like Yunel the lazy Cuban, Colby the city-averse, Ricky the non-Tulowitzki, Morrow, Lawrie… and now the umpires hate us. We win or die.

  7. i love you old man.omar is an excellent bench man

  8. Omar!

    • Wow, for once the Buck and Tabs comment of “he just knows how to play the game” actually was used in proper context.

  9. wtf? I just saw some asian due run from the stands onto the field with bottles of water?

  10. Still have Frasor in the pen. Only had one inning yesterday, coming off an off day.

  11. Fucking scatter, pitchers – Omar’s Coming!!


  12. Woo! Escobar!

  13. Wow! So who is the cat and mouse now?

  14. hmm bringing in igarashi…

  15. Guessing that second run was pretty crucial. Not sure how likely this guy can get 3 outs with no scoring.

  16. This guy makes me very nervous

  17. That was definitely a swing. Umps continue with the ass-fucking.

  18. Why do we insist on giving Kinsler a free base?

  19. It seems unusual. I wonder if there’s a particular reason. I would have thought of Frasor before him.

  20. looked lot like a swing from straight on

  21. Frasor getting up now, but it’s going to be too late.

  22. Game over

  23. Why is Igarashi in again?

    Frasor looks good and warm.

  24. gotta love how sn didn’t show a different angle on that check swing. i mean it doesn’t change the call but it certainly would fuel the fires of hatred for poor umpiring if it looks as bad from the side as it did from the front.

  25. If you were willing to use frasor today..then why did you not start the inning with him?

  26. The guy was a closer in Vegas. How often do closers throw 41 pitches? How often do they throw 41 and then pitch in the next game? How often do they throw 41 pitches, get absolutely killed while demonstrating zero stuff or control, and then pitch in the next game in a high-leverage situation?

    This alone should be enough for Farrell to lose his job.

  27. This is most likely not going to end well…

  28. Why does Farrell hate Frasor?

    He uses Frasor in a blow out instead of Cordero which to me shows that Cordero is ahead of Frasor in whatever “pecking order” he has for the bullpen.

    Now for some fucked up reason he uses Igarashi instead of Frasor who clearly was available.


  29. Frasor your a beeast, i have the faith.

  30. I believe in “The Sausage King.”

  31. Wow. Pathetic.

    I’ll revise my estimate down to 72 wins.

  32. People always talk about what’s worse, getting killed or losing a heartbreaker in extras…they both suck.

  33. Why did they pitch to Hamilton?

  34. For fuck’s sake Josh Hamilton. Stop being so amazing.

    Also, why did Igarashi start this fucking inning? What the fuck Farrell?

  35. smh.

  36. WTF IS IGARASHI DOING IN THIS GAME?!? Ferrel deserves the lose on this one. Fucking ridiculous

    • What the fuck does it matter Frasor faced one batter and gave up a 425 foot home run.. Everyone in the bullpen was gassed, the jays were fucked either way

  37. Sayonara Ryota

  38. Another one run loss.

  39. Why was Hamilton pitched to at all?
    Open base. Bee rutal

    • you dont put the winning run on base and if you hadn’t noticed, frasor was beating him with fastballs.

      with a runner on second frasor was no doubt afraid to throw his in the dirt split so he threw a get me over split and all it did was speed up hamilton’s bat and did him a favor

      • I’d have to disagree with ‘you don’t put the winning run on base’ in that situation. Afterall, Joe Maddon gave him a free pass with the bases loaded….

        I’d rather keep the tying run at second and have a crack at Beltre, Young and Gentry than give up a 2-run, game winning jack to the best hitter in the game.

  40. Tell Chad Beck to get on that flight to Toronto – gonna need some bullpen help

  41. JAYS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they ^@%@&^$ BLEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Here’s my take on it. When you have a TWO RUN lead in extra innings you do Whatever it takes to win that game. The jays had no arms left in the pen because of overall starting pitcher shittiness.

    why not go to one of your starters who is on a throw day and use him? so what if that means they miss their next start? this game is almost a guaranteed win if you do that so Ill take a victory today rather than a chance at victory tomorrow.

    we’ve seen many mangers do this .

    • I would have stuck Romero or Hutchinson in there

    • I was thinking about that earlier. If you have to throw in Hutch and bring up Carreno for a spot start on Monday.

    • I remember last year Angel did that against us. Dan Haren pitched one inning and got the W.

    • I had this thought too. Put in a starter. A win against Texas should not be spat on.

      Still, at the very least Frasor should have started that inning. That Japanese fellow threw 41 pitches the night before. Even if he gave up that bomb to Hamilton all over, the first two guys don’t get necessarily on base.

    • I like that better than anything i’ve heard so far…whether you start igarishi or Frasor, walk Hamilton and face Beltre or not,

      They had no fucking pitchers…BUT! a starter on 2 days rest, well, you can work with that.

  43. i have lost faith in farrell.he started the season well until the second o’s series.since then its all downhill.he has to be intentionally fuckin up.nobody is this bad

  44. im tired of this god &@^@&# team blowing every game!!! they are not worth watching anymnore


  46. Starting Igarashi over Frasor in that inning was possibly the dumbest thing I’ve seen Farrell do with the Jays so far. Do you go with the tired scrub who just came from AAA or the tired proven veteran reliever?

    I can’t think of a single logical explanation for that move assuming you are actually trying to win the game.

    • Cause Frasor did so much better. Perhaps Farrell really didn’t want to use Frasor (sore arm, the flu, hungover) and was praying Igarashi would be able to handle it.

      • Frasor is a much better pitcher. If they are both tired, why wouldn’t you use the better pitcher? If they still lose, so be it. The correct decision doesn’t always work out.

        • They may both be tired, but maybe Frasor is, in Farrell’s judgment, more tired. Or maybe there’s been something bothering him lately and Farrell’s concerned. I mean, throw Igarashi in and he gets hurt, who the hell cares. Throw Frasor in and he gets hurt, there’s a little more concern.
          Not saying Igarashi was the right move. But I can at least understand why Farrell may have gone with him.

          • I hope that’s the explanation Farrell gives because nothing else would make sense.

            I need to hear “Frasor’s arm was on the verge of falling off, that’s why I didn’t want to use him.”

          • I can totally accept and respect the fact that Frasor was tired and would be unavailable. I get it. But if that is the case, then you DONT USE HIM YOU FUCKING MORON IDIOT FARRELL.

            He either IS or IS NOT unavailable. Dont go and change your opinion on his availability simply because the situation is dire.

            long term this is stupid and potentially detrimental to frasors health.

            so farrell, you are a fucking moron either way

  47. well that was special. another few of those I might become a self loathing angry hating fan.

  48. Farrell is almost worse than Cito at this point. Yes, if Cito were managing Davis and Vizquel would be starting every game and Lawrie and Thames would be on the bench … actually, that might not be so terrible … but Cito was never this terrible at managing a pitching staff. Which you’d think would be Farrell’s strength.

    The only good part of the 72-win season we’re about to have will be that I don’t see how AA will be able to keep Farrell. The fan base will be in open revolt and somebody’s head will have to roll.

  49. Flipped off game because I was pretty sure the Jays would lose after Oliver’s 2nd full inning. Man … didn’t think they’d lose like this though. That. Really. Hurts.

    In the end it’s one game.

    Just have to hope the Jays back bounce well from this roadtrip from hell. They’ve rebounded well after the other low points to the season (after that Seattle blown save, and after the Lawrie ejection).

    • Not really just one game.. because now their pen is fucked for tomorrow.. you have to hope that Drabek throws the best game of his life, or else the pen will be diminished for the O’s series too…

    • Losing these winnable games really hurts in the standings. Especially when your playing in the AL East. Theyve already fallen 1.5 games behind NYY. They better beat the shit out of BAL and BOS because they cant afford to lose games to those two and fall further back.

    • yeah, everytime the jays lose its one game. after 81 losses they will be an accumulation of 81 games.


  50. If Alvarez doesn’t get tossed he probably pitches the rest of that inning and the 7th and either loses the game anyways, or allows enough rope for Perez/Coco/Janssen/Oliver to squeeze out 5-6 innings in relief. Further depleting an already-depleted bullpen and losing anyway is such a kick in the ballsack.

  51. Fuck me that was tough.

  52. Wow. Cant believe Farrell didnt start the inning with frasor. Yes, I know frasor blew the game but he should have started the inning fresh. Why put in this igarashi guy who is less experienced in a high leverage situation?

    • I mean … MAYBE you could have even kept in Oliver. What had he thrown about 30 pitches? Might have burned him out for a while, but…

  53. lol .500 with upside boy and girls. .500 to come and stay for awhile first. I was right the garden weeding was preferable to waiting around for this outcome.

    • So after every crushing or awful loss you write ‘lol .500 with upside’?

      I hope you keep that refrain going next time they win 4/5.

      • I think I have been very restrained and even keeled. I’m not slagging players left and right. I know it’s a process which is why unlike most I know that 86 wins would be a step in the right direction with this team in this division. It’s also my way of not getting too upset about loses like this and I say so others should realize how much further the Jays have to go.

        As for this game I am pretty sure it’s the first I’ve turned off since last year. I’ve defended Farrell and certain players plenty of times so it’s not all negative from me when they lose.

        I say in all honesty I would be surprised if this team wins more than 86 games and would be happy to eat those words if they do. It’s not a knock on the Jays so much as it’s the competition they face in terms of the talent and resources of the other teams in the division.

        With all of this umpire stuff of late I wonder if they haven’t dug themselves a serious hole for the rest of the season. It’s going to dog them here and there and it’s going to lead to more frustrations imo probably the kind that will result in additional suspensions. I’m not saying it’s all their fault but the umps will close ranks and continue to stick it to the Jays wherever they can.

    • You’re being a tad too self-congratulative, Man. As you know full well, it’s a process, not simply a result. As frustrating as it was, I wouldn’t have missed it; I wouldn’t have missed seeing just how it played out. If all you want is to know the results, why not just wait for October and recap the season to see how it jived with your best guess? If you are going to insist on this “.500 with upside” narrative, please stay engaged. (That being said, weeds wait for no man.) Cheers.

  54. BTW, if Boston wasnt so injury depleted the jays could very well be in last place right now. Funny thing is, the red sox still have a much better offense than the jays even with all those injuries.

    • Of course Boston would be doing much better. They were easily the best team in baseball for most of last year going 72 – 37 (.660) from May 1st – Aug 31st. They’ve essentially got the same team even if they’re a little worse off in some places but when you spend $170 million you should be doing all right.

    • The jays will fall to last this week anyway. Boston won tonight and is only a half out in the win.

  55. As for walking Hamilton…maybe. They had an open base. I’m not faulting Farrell. That’s putting the tying run on and Farrell wanted the win. Toss a coin.

    Mathis pitching 2 nights in a row might have been better.

    • Yeah. This game was lost in a way when they didn’t score in the top of the twelfth with two on. Because you knew at best Oliver could only go one more inning.

      That’s when I actually turned it off. Checked ESPN.com for the score just before the Hamilton homer, figuring it had been long over.

  56. This is non-baseball, but it is just too funny

    ESPN.com story on arrest of Knicks player JR Smith Thursday night for a year-old bench warrant for driving without a valid license. The cops spokesperson gives the detes:

    “Sgt. Bobby Hernandez told ESPNNewYork.com that Smith was at 1620 Washington Avenue, the address of Fritz’s Skate Bike & Surf shop. Police recognized him around 8:30 p.m. ET and knew they had a bench warrant pending against him.

    The warrant stems from Smith’s arrest last year for operating a motor vehicle without a valid license, Hernandez said. A bench warrant was issued last July after Smith failed to appear in court to answer the charges. ”

    Yes, good collar Miami Beach PD, good job “spotting” Smith on the street so randomly. Hard to imagine when else you could have found this needle in a haystack, surely not the opening 2 games of the high profile playoff series the Miami Heat played against JR Smith’s New York Knicks in Miami on April 28th or 30th or even the closeout game 5 on May 9th. Or not even on February 23rd, when Smith played only his 4th game back after his much publicized return from playing in China.

    Now, maybe this is a jurisdictional issue between Miami-Dade and Miami Beach but surely there is ability to arrest someone scofflawing at a bench warrant valid in a neighbouring jurisdiction. Good work detectives . . . . good work!!


  57. In the good news dept. Mike McDade is 5th in OPS in the Eastern League and the youngest guy in the top 10 (only Cody Johnson of the Yankees is close and even he is 9 months older than McDade, most of the other top hitters are a few years older at least).

    And, Lansing pitching continues to shutdown Francisco Lindor.

  58. At this point, all the regulars can go home now, we don’t need to see you again until next Spring. It will tale that long to get your collective heads thinking normally again. Bring up all the hot shot kids from AAA and AA to finish the season. They can’t possibly do any worse. Hey AA where the fuck are you anyway, haven’t heard your rambling soliloquey for a while. Are you hiding??

  59. At least Boston beat that douche Rodney today. Where’s your fucking game ending move now?

    • I’m down with that. Even though I hate Boston just as much. Fucking clown pulls shit like that only when he knows he cant get beaned.

  60. Not starting Frasor in the 13th inning and then using him two batters later was fucking insane. Did his availability change in those two batters or something?

    The most likely explanation is that Farrell wanted to save Frasor for tomorrow and thought (for some ridiculous reason) that he could use the scrub AAA guy to get through the top of the Rangers order without wasting an important reliever. When Igarashi didn’t…he thought, “oh shit, we better try to win this game” and made the call for Frasor.

    For an instant, Farrell was managing for tomorrow while today’s game was very much in doubt. That’s a huge cardinal managerial sin.

    I wish Gibbons would come back.

    • I agree. Farrell should not have allowed Sushi Rigatoni as he is nicknamed on the bluejays board to pitch today. Tomorrow is almost a guaranteed loss with Darvish on the mound. Why sacrifice a chance at a win today when you are leading by 2 runs?

      Sadly, the Jays could be tied for last place after tomorrow.

  61. When Alvarez got ejected, JPA got right in the ump’s face. Read his lips in this gif

    He’s clearly saying “ARE YOU DRUNK?”


  62. Gotta give credit where it’s due.

    Stoeten’s sounding better with his radio interviews.
    Unless it was Eric and not Andrew.

    Just kidding.

    Good job Stoeten.

  63. fuck I taped the game and watched it late at night, my tape ended with the jays up 7-5 and I thought wow what a great win, as long as farrell uses oliver or frasor and doesn’t fuck it up with igarashi we’re fine. I thought, there’s no way he’d bring in igarashi after last night. I keep forgetting just when you think farrell has shown you how dumb he is, he will lower your expecations even more.

    but you also have to blame alex for this. after igarashi got bombed and villy was gassed you had 2 reliever unavailable and was frasor sick last night as well? the right move would have been to send gomes/igarashi down and call up carreno to give you an extra arm. but farrell and alex continue to think they can sneak dumb moves past you and get away with it.

    I can accept losing but these ridiculous losses are just mind boggling. it was quite telling to read this blog and everyone knew igarashi was going to get bombed, except of course one guy.

    last place here we come.

  64. so that’s at least 3 losses we can pin directly on farrell by my count

    the first series where santos blew up, he refused to take him out

    then cordero blew up and he had jansen warming and refused to bring him in, only to make jansen the closer days later

    now a 2 run lead, could have used oliver or frasor and instead brings in the worst pitcher

  65. 1 walk in 13 innings? fucking pathetic

  66. As much as Farrell mismanages the team, just as much fault can be given to management. He just hasn’t been given much to work with.

    Players at 1B, LF and CF that can’t hit, a suspect at best bullpen, and starting pitchers that played way above their heads for the first month sounds like a .500 team at best.

  67. Speaking of the Red Sox, Crawford has now been cleared to start swinging a bat and will begin his rehab. Dice-K, who is also rehabbing threw 5 shutout innings yesterday in Pawtucket.

    The AL East could be a very exciting 4 team race this year. The Jays will sink to last place this week and will be buried there for the remainder of the season.

    Expect Johnson, who will not re-sign with Toronto, to be dealt by the deadline.

    • Along with Bautista, E5, Frasor, Oliver, and Cordero, hopefully. Sell anything that isn’t nailed down for prospects.

      • This. 1000x this. The Jays need to have a fire sale if they are going to keep “rebuilding.” Just fucking have 110+ loss seasons so we can accumulate #1 picks.

    • Yup. This all makes sense. I mean they’ve lost 4 in a row, and are 1.5 games out of the wildcard. And it’s May.

      So yeah. Blow up the team. Maybe shoot for 2018?

      I mean it is May and they’re 1.5 games out. Crawford and Dice K coming back. Yeah, trade Bautista.

      • This is called the “Leafs Fan School of Roster Management”. 2 wins in a row? Plan the parade! Two losses in a row? Move the team to fucking Alaska!

  68. I think you guys are a little bit too quick to think that Igarashi is a bad pitcher. He had a bad game his first game, and threw 41 pitches, and was then asked to pitch the very next day. He obviously didn’t have his best stuff, and with his resume in Las Vegas, I think he deserves some slack. If he’s bad his next time out, and the time after that, then yeah, maybe you can start drawing conclusions. Just, try to be level-headed people.

    • Not that hes a bad pitcher necessarily. He might be shit or he could be great. Not drawing any conclusions after two outings. However, going with him over frasor was asinine in that situation.

      • I agree with you completely. I was mainly referring to the people that drew conclusions about him after 2 outings

  69. This was such an important road trip, and is will (it has) defined this years team. Farrell did not have his team mentally ready for the test.. The sample size, even for DJF standards, is now big enough. A 4 game slide at the most important part of their schedule, a broken team psyc, weak area’s that can’t be shored up internally, and Management that won’t deal or spend. A disappointed fanbase, Stick a fork in the Jays – they are done….May 27 in the year of our Lord 2012

    • This isn’t this road trip isn’t hurting this team in my opinion, as much as the last road trip is coming back to bite us. There’s really no reason to believe the team should be taking any more than 2 out of 6 in Tampa Bay and Texas. Honestly, 1 out of 3 against the Rays and a sweep in Texas (at worst), while not ideal, is not completely unexpected or that much of a disaster.

      Losing 2 games in Minnesota, blowing a winnable game in Oakland and dropping 2 to a struggling Angels team were all blown opportunities to give the team more rope heading into this road trip. This is why I completely disagree with Stoeten and all about how that 5-5 road trip wasn’t a disaster. You can’t expect to go .500 on every road trip. You need to go above .500 on road trips against poor teams to give you enough rope to have letdowns in road trips like this one where you’re facing elite teams.

      Turn 2 of those winnable losses into wins on the last road trip and things look a lot more optimistic going into June.

    • “This was such an important road trip, and is will (it has) defined this years team”

      “A 4 game slide at the most important part of their schedule”

      “Stick a fork in the Jays – they are done….May 27″

      Can someone remember to save these comments, so we can look back at them in two months when nobody fucking remembers that the Jays lost 4 in a row in FUCKING MAY.

      • Cut and awaiting pasting. Shall we say Sept 14 for reposting…this is the projected date when the Jays are mathematically eliminated from post season play.

        • I’m not saying the Jays are making the playoffs, and you’re an idiot for thinking they won’t.

          I’m saying – I’m not going to base whether they are or aren’t based on 4 games against the two best teams in baseball in May.

          If, in September, we look back and realize that the Jays never bounced back, and that these few games in May were pivotal and the point of the season where the Jays became ‘done’ … then you will have an apology from me!

          • James, once again you can lose your insulting manner, some day even you may be wrong. That said, this 4, now 5 game slide may not mean much to you, but it is a big indicator as to where the Jays are. Looks like we are no better than last year or the year before. This performance may be good enpough for a lot of DJF’s but I’m tired of waiting. Golf anyone?

  70. Gomes and Igarashi down, Beck and Chavez up as per Wilner.

  71. Seriously some of you need to calm down a bit:
    Last year’s playoff teams and where they were on May 27th 2011:
    NYY 27-22 1gb
    Det 25-25 6gb
    Tex 26-25 0gb
    Tampa 27-23 1.5gb

    Philly 32-19 0gb
    SL 31-21 0gb
    Mil 27-24, 3.5gb
    Arizona 27-24, 1.5gb

    We’re 5 games back from Baltimore (a team that is due to come back down to earth), 4 back of Tampa (the real division leader) and 1.5 back of the play-in (only 1 back if you don’t want to count Baltimore). How the hell are this team’s playoff hopes done with all of that in mind and 115 games left?

    • Thank you for this.

      Every two or three weeks when the team has a shitty few games, most of the comments on here are basically ‘season over’.

      I mean, Jesus Christ, this might be the toughest 6 game stretch of the season. Tampa and Texas back to back on the road. 1-5 would be a bummer. If they can find a way to win today, I actually think 2-4 isn’t all that awful, considering.

    • The stats are appreciated, but the Jays don’t resemble any of the teams that made the post season last year…I beleive they need to get ahead early as they are young and unproven. I could be overvaluating this road trip, but boy what a great test of the Jays competitiveness…they are falling on their sword

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