It takes something special for a call to go down as what might be the worst/best in the long and fuckhead-filled tenure of Mike Wilner as the host of JaysTalk, but what @tercet86 tweeted at me last night– this clip of “Baseball God” Robert from Scarborough, who wanted the Jays to have made an off-season move for either Gino Gonzalez, PJ Wilson, or ex-Chicago Cubs right-hander Mark Buehrle– may fucking well be it.

Or it may just be a beautiful troll job. Either way, it’s magic…

You can listen to JaysTalk (or is it The Blue Jays Talk?) in its entirety at Miked Up.

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  1. Wilner forget to mention that GINO Gonzalez is also not right handed.
    No wonder the blue jays are going to finish fourth or fifth in the divison this is our teams baseball god. We are royally screwed.

  2. Well, the Jays SHOULD have been in on CJ Wilson & Gio Gonzalez. It’s pretty ridiculous that Wilner claims the price was too high for Gonzalez without having a clue as to what it was. Syndergaard was not enough of a reason to not be pursuing him.

    • Really? He doesn’t have a clue what it was? There isn’t some indication in, y’know, the actual price the Nationals paid?

      Based on that it would have been a good arm in the low minors (Cole), a catcher close to the Majors with nice on-base skills (Norris), an MLB-ready starter (Millone), and another very nice starter that’s close or has very little service time (Peacock).

      The A’s got two prospects on Baseball America’s Top 100 for 2012– Peacock (36) and Cole (57), plus an OK-looking catcher and a guy who could walk in to start. So then, think about who is comparable for the Jays. They only had one pitcher on that BA list, and it was Norris. So, at least by some accounts, the A’s got better prospects than the best pitching prospects the Jays could have offered– ergo, they probably would have been asked to include two of their very best.

      I don’t want to go further, but I think you can see how we’re getting into territory already where any deal you come up with that’s competitive with what the A’s got is going to really fucking hurt– and especially hurt the depth of arms that the Jays are creating in order to combat the natural attrition rate of pitching prospects. Plus, while I’m sure the A’s wouldn’t have been entirely inflexible, it’s hard to see how the pieces would have fit. The Jays don’t have a Top 40-calibre prospect ready to step onto an MLB diamond, like Peacock, and that was obviously important to the A’s.

      So… basically… give this nonsense a fucking rest already.

      • I would gladly have parted with the value Washington gave up for Gio Gonzalez. Norris’ stock had dropped considerably the last 2 years, and Milone is a dime a dozen scrub arm so I don’t really consider them as major, irreplaceable parts of the deal. The Jays most definitely have comparable talent to Cole & Peacock, and it’s weird to read that they didn’t have a Top-40 calibre prospect ready to step onto an MLB diamond when d’Arnaud receives rave reviews all around and Hutchison, who was very high on Law’s list, is already in the majors. 4 years of control over a 25 year old LHP coming off 2 seasons of 200 MLB IP with an 8.2 K/9 is pretty fucking valuable.

        • The two prospects were pitching prospects, so I’m not sure d’Arnaud would have been a fit– and it would have been a fucking steep price if that’s what you’re talking about– and Hutchison had like 15 innings above A-ball, so the fact that he is actually in the Majors doesn’t exactly mean that anyone would have considered MLB-ready.

          Plus, as Ty says below, while we’ve seen some awesome stuff from Gino so far this year, have we seen enough to make us completely forget about the red flags on him? I doubt it.

          • I don’t see that as a steep price. People are WAY too attached to prospects around here. If the team won’t spend money on players like Buehrle or Wilson, they HAVE to to be willing to part with prospects to improve the roster.

            Just a reminder – there was a time when most Jays fans thought Kyle Drabek & Travis Snider for Zack Greinke or Justin Upton was ludicrous.

      • I don’t think using what fans think is good value is a good measurement. A lot of Jays fans don’t have any idea what good value is. There were those who thought what we gave up for Santos was “way too much”, which is asinine.

        I don’t think we can use a quarter-season of Gio Gonzalez in Washington to say we should have gone after him.

        • I think the REAL reality is that there are two fucking camps in this fanbase: the “WIN-NOW-MOTHER- FUCKERS-AT-THE-COST-OF-THE-FUTURE-SIGN- JOSH-WILLINGHAM-AND-CARLOS-PENA-AND-DEREK-LEE-FOR-AS-LONG-AS-THEY-NEED-FUCK-THE-FARM” camp for whom every loss in season is a signal that the front office is awful compared to their free agent wet dreaming on MLB 12 (with trade logic turned off) gm-ing abilities and that the manager should be fired every time the team gives up a run (I call these Leafs fans), and the “we’re willing to wait… and wait.. and hope… and wait.. for 162 games to play out and a team’s true talent level to show itself before making any rash judgments about players whose managers and team staff probably have a far better idea of what a player is capable of than we do” camp, who are incredibly frustrating to deal with for the other side. And then there are those of us in the middle, for whom hope in human kind doesn’t die every time Adam Lind strikes out or the second string closer blows a game, but who also get fucking furious when Marty Foster ejects Henderson Alvarez from a game for blowing a kiss too close to a girl in the front row. It’d be nice if the hyper-ventilators like grouchy, jesuchristo, NorthYorkJays and yes, Robert From Scarborough, would buy some good, Brett Lawrie endorsed BC hydro and calm down a little (for medicinal purposes only, they’re raising everyone’s blood pressure) and the Zen Army (lookin at you Parkes) would do a few lines of blow, or some speed, or sit on a hot-plate or something and add a little Lawrie to their lives, because Spock is not anyone’s favourite beat writer.. and even he freaked out two or three times in his hundred year lifespan about things other than Madison Bumgarner. And then those of us in between wouldn’t be left feeling like Dennis Leary in the Marriage Ref.
          Seriously. it’s a looooong fucking season, both learn to live more than day to day (lookin at you mouthbreathers) and stop only taking the longview (wasn’t that great a Greenday song Parkes.)
          Cheers from logictown. Also known as Ottawa. Oh shit, that doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • Let’s not forget that this year’s version of Gio Gonzalez has, thus far, been a hell of a lot better than anyone should have reasonably expected him to be. His peripheral numbers are all much better than his career norms, and that’s directly contributed to his better performance.

      Career highs in K/9 and LOB%, career lows in BB/9 and HR/FB%… he’s not pitching like Gio Gonzalez has ever really pitched before. Hindsight is nice and all, but the general consensus at the time was that the Nats overpaid for him. It’s also still far too early to say whether or not he’ll keep this up.

  3. At least Mike (I mean Mark?) seemed to really enjoy himself there.

  4. Hi Mark How are ya? Uhh it’s Mike….

  5. I think Mike meant the Oakland A’s, who traded Gonzalez to the Nats.

  6. So I’ve got the ball and I throw it to……..Who?

    That’s what I said, Who.

    That’s right?

    Who’s right?

    That’s right!

    What’s right?

  7. On second listen, that guy HAS to be trolling Wilner. You can’t get that many names wrong by accident.

    • I’m with you Ty…he got everything wrong. Chances of that happening randomly are what? ..somewhere in DNA-ville.

    • I could see a casual fan who’s latched on to this team because the Leafs aren’t playing get some of that wrong. He’s probably one of the Leafs fans who phones up Rumack and suggests the Penguins should trade Crosby to Toronto for a 7th round pick, which of course means he knows shit-all about anything

  8. That’s too funny, Leaf fan?

  9. Yeah, that’s either a complete stitch-up or a ‘special’ person that we shouldn’t be making fun of.

  10. I was surprized by Zaun’s comments with McCowan yesterday talking about Romero not breaking his hands early enough. This the cause of Romero’s poor performance. He hung JPA out on this point a little. WTF ya think the pitching coach might pick up on this, or Farrell ( former piching coach himself), or the veteran Mathis. I don’t see a lot of pitching coaches that were catchers in MLB, but I’ve been wrong before

    • Actually, before to the early 1950s, pitching coaches were usually former catchers. Dave Duncan in St. Louis was the only pitching coach that I can think of that was a catcher. Either way Zauns brain has gone to mush.

      • Thanks Ripper, sorry I hadn’t thought about going that far back, pitchers do get into mechanical issues, but I find it hard to believe that the piching coach wounldn’t pick up on it immediately. Catchers these days seem to transition well into know-it-all broadcasters.

        • Absolutely, considering the Blue Jays have guys like John Farrell and Bruce Walton assessing the situation, there’s no way they don’t pick that kind of shit up. Zaun is starting to remind me of Fletcher and his Holier-than-thou attitude. I think you nailed it on the bat catcher thing for sure ;)

  11. Something must be…off…with this guy. He got pretty much every name wrong (even Wilner’s), referred to two lefties as righties (and who makes a note of the fact that a guy is right-handed, especially as like the first thing they say?), called himself a baseball god, and kept talking about how he follows every trade.

    Dude must have a learning disability or something going on.

    • Of course that doesn’t mean it’s not funny, and if you just assume every idiot is mentally underdeveloped then you can’t mock anyone.

  12. I think he was trying to call 1-855-FOUL-TIP and accidentally dialed into JaysTalk… #fatfingers

  13. I have a feeling he’s just trolling Wilner. I know I would.

  14. I love how Wilner just rolls with it for awhile. It truly is fantastic. But seriously, one of these days Wilner is going to snap and hunt these dickwads down with a machete. And really, who could blame him? That really was the greatest call ever, troll or not


  16. Comedy gold.

  17. This dude is clearly trolling. Mediocre performance art. Every name he mentioned, and every handedness was wrong.

  18. Everyone who thought the caller was serious is less intelligent than the caller.
    I have no idea how anyone could be so dumb to think he wasn’t trolling, but then again people always astound me with their stupidity on a daily basis.

  19. How can you guys think this dude is serious? He’s obviously trolling Wilner, and Wilner knows it after a while. Hilarious nonetheless.

  20. I did the iggy!

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