The Toronto Blue Jays have promoted right handed relievers Chad Beck and Jesse Chavez from Triple A Las Vegas, and optioned utility player Yan Gomes and right handed reliever Ryota Igarashi after the team used six members of the bullpen in yesterday’s extra innings loss to the Texas Rangers, and three to cover six plus innings the night before.

Because Chavez isn’t a current member of the 40 man roster, it’s expected that Igarashi will be designated for assignment to make room for him.

Beck, who had a brief audition with the big league club last year, has put up mediocre numbers in more than 20 innings at Triple A this year, outside of his low ERA. He throws a mid nineties fastball, a low nineties cutter, a mid eighties slider and an occasional mid eighties change up.

Chavez, who has bounced around several organizations since coming up through the Rangers system, has started ten games in Las Vegas, putting up a very impressive K:BB ratio of five, thanks to a 23.8% strike out rate and a 4.8% walk rate. Despite starting in the Minors, it’s expected that he’ll have a relief role during his stint in the Majors. He throws a low nineties fastball, a high eighties slider and a change up that’s only four miles per hour slower than his fastball.

It wouldn’t be the least bit surprising to see both lambs used today against the Texas Rangers. Best of luck with that, fellas.

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  1. I think the 51′s are in Salt Lake City, but I’ll shut up now.

  2. Lambs…excellent choice. They should be very afraid. Hopefully that fear can be transformed into some freakish anomaly of a well pitched inning. I wish them, and their hopes and dreams well in the coming hours.

  3. Fuck off, Parkes.

  4. So much for the “acquire a backup catcher from the Brewers because Yan Gomes will be here for a while” hypothesis.
    Why was Igarashi even taking up space on the 40 man anyway?

    • Good chance he’ll be back soon enough when the extra reliever isn’t needed.

    • I’m sure Gomes would still be here if the bullpen hadn’t been pushed to its limits the past two days.

      Things beyond his control probably got him the call-up (Lawrie’s suspension) and things beyond his control have probably ended his time in the big leagues for at least 10 days until they can call him up again. The nature of being on the cusp of a major league roster but not quite established.

      • All the same Gomes must wonder what he has to do to stick with the big club. Demote the guy who is hitting. What is one of our big weaknesses – lack of hitting. Is there a reason Cooper wasn’t sent down? Bring on Vlad now, I’m sure his swings will provide a refreshing breeze on those hot summer days,

        • 5 for 22 with a pair of walks is “hitting”?

          Cooper is left-handed, which is an area in which the team is lacking right now, especially with KJ DTD.

          • The stats certainly prove you right. Gee 2 of his 5 hits were for HR’s, man he is Dave Kingman! If he had 2 more hits he’s almost a 300 hitter. He hit the ball hard and did a really credible job for the Jays on defense. Anyway we have Cooper now so maybe he will get more than 22 AB’s.

  5. Maybe Chavez will be fired up in facing his old club.

  6. Kind of figured they’d send down Cooper instead of Gomes, but whatever.

  7. I heard on some comment that Hutchinson is prepared to go 5-6 innings if needed and skip his next start due to the off day. Emergency option I guess, but if walk prone Drabek walks out could be necessary.

  8. Good chance no matter how badly Drabek gets pwned today he’ll throw his 100 pitches.

  9. Drew will not pitch today in relief, no matter what happens, whoever said that is making it up!! Even with the day off, no one on staff would be ready for Tuesday’s game!!!

  10. the result of yesterdays game means that charlie v is used in this game right?

  11. Now that Gomes is in the minors they should play him in left field, cant be much worse then Thames.
    No one expected big things from Gomes and still dont, but he deserved a longer look.

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