Not Aaron Laffey.

Apparently the Jays are feeling good about their middle infield positions, despite the fact that Kelly Johnson has missed two straight games with a hamstring problem, Yunel Escobar left last night’s game with a tight groin– forcing Brett Lawrie (!!?!?) to be pressed into action at short– and, as Wilner points out at Miked Up, Adeiny Hechavarria didn’t play Sunday in Las Vegas.

So… there’s that.


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  1. Not sure I understand this. Maybe the idea is to skip Hutchison or Romero and
    start Laffey instead now that the bullpen has had another day of rest?

    They didn’t decide they needed a “long man” in the pen on a permanent basis. Right? Right???

    • Also, I’d think that Valbuena or McCoy or Woodward would be the injury depth for 2B/SS, not Hechavarria. Though Valbuena seems to have disappeared from the 51s’ roster?

    • They probably just want extra arms to (hopefully) get them to Thursday’s off day without completely overtaxing the bullpen regulars.

      You know, in case Hutchison decides to mimick Drabek.

      • OK, but why drop Beck for Laffey? Beck’s been relieving and he’s on at least
        two days’ rest now. Laffey’s been starting in Vegas, not relieving. Even
        though he pitched admirably, they’d have bounced Chavez (who needs rest)
        instead of Beck (who doesn’t) if that was all that was going on.

        • Chavez was starting in Vegas too and he’s being used in the bullpen. All it means is he’s suitable for multiple innings rather than just one.

  2. Valbuena’s gone (Cubs system).

    Only thing I can figure is that they’re going to grit their teeth through the game tonight and then option Hutch for an infielder tomorrow.

    Also, why the hell was Lawrie playing short and Vizquel playing second yesterday? I just saw the boxscore now. I mean, it’s not like Vizquel is the best defensive SS of his generation and Lawrie a natural second baseman or anything…

    • Lawrie’s probably got a better arm than Vizquel. (And he’s not a natural
      second baseman.)

    • “. I mean, it’s not like Vizquel is the best defensive SS of his generation and Lawrie a natural second baseman or anything…”

      Where do people get this idea that Lawrie is a “natural second baseman”? They moved him to 3B for a reason, and he was drafted as a catcher.

      • Well he’s played a lot more 2B than SS at the pro level (and several times this year in the shift). Not a huge deal, just thought it was a little weird.

  3. Huh.. I was sure that Hech would be on his way.

    Does this mean we’re going to see a return of EE to third, Lawrie at short and Vizquel at 2nd? Or maybe one of Escobar or Johnson are ready for return?

  4. This must mean that both KJ and YEsco are healthy and playing tonight. If one of them is hurt and Vizquel starts their bench would only be Davis and Mathis and theres no way they’d leave it that way going into the game. I believe 5pm is the transaction deadline but theres no way someone would be recalled in time to make the game if they left it that late.

    • Or… Hech was out of the Sunday game because he’s ailing as well… Murphy’s Law in full effect.

  5. Fuckery is brewing in Jaynation. Were 500ish last time I looked and Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers have won 5 in a row, while the Chicken and Beer Boys from Beantown are heating it up too.

    Of course Tampa Bay and its geriatric followers are seeing lights out baseball and the OriLOLS are not so shitty afterall. What a fuckin division. We need Ray Fuckin Liotta to walk in from the lighted scoreboard in leftcenter to bring some much need magic.

  6. here we go…fuck

  7. Can we all agree and have D4L in the booth with Buck and Tab, and after every strikeout, the band can sing “that Laffey Taffy” in its entirety?

  8. there shouldn’t be anyone surprised in the jays position in the east right now. every regular fan knew the leaderboard was going to have extreme bounces top to bottom and the jays would be around 500.the only surprise is the yanks and sox being at the bottom for so long.if AA could address the obvious problems early the jays would be at the top.but he will wait by choice until it gets expensive and then say it wasnt worth the price as usual.with farrells fuckups to top it off i doubt the jays will win the wildcard. i believed they would until this morning.reality set in that management doesnt want it to be the year.its not like the jays could win a world series anyways.too many immature players behaving like 15 yr olds

    • What obvious problems? Like replacing the entire pitching staff? There was only a perceived need for one front end starter when the season began and the bullpen looked great on paper. Adding numerous power bats to make up for the offensive drought? Not perceived as a problem in April. There were no moves to be made that would have put this team at the top right now without a whole lot of luck. And the last time I checked Prince Fielder couldn’t pitch.

    • Agreed. It seems like a cute little trick that Rogers has played. They don’t spend in the offseason when they know they have a problem at 1B & with a young starting pitching staff. They wait to see how they do after 40 games which is usually an easier part of the schedule. After the June swoon with interleague, the Jays are out of the playoffs , so then they can argue that they can’t make a big move at the trade deadline….

  9. Ok, so Laffey only goes in if we’re losing by 8 or more right? Right Farrell?? Righ….oh man, I think we’re really fucked….

  10. This is all part of the Draft Pick hoarding plan. Laughy is going to pitch 2 innings every day until the Jays get the 1st overall pick in the 2013 and 2014 drafts. Then they’ll promote Sanchez, Hech, and everyone else and win the next 5 WS!


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