I missed this on Twitter a couple days ago, but… um… no, Brett, I don’t think you didnttt.

Let’s take a closer look here, shall we?

Ya, I dunno… just not feelin’ the massive “Where do the Jays go from here” post that’s been spinning around my head all day, I guess. Is this thing a carnival prize or something???

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  1. If they don’t have those at the Ex this summer I’m going to be fuckin pissed

  2. This is what likely comes in a Brett Lawrie gift basket.

  3. He went to Six Flags in Texas with Arencibia. Someone else was with them but I can’t remember who… just that it wasn’t Eric Thames.

  4. Maybe if Brett was a little more Rastafarian the Jays wouldn’t be dealing with all the umpire bullshit.

    • Maybe if someone told him that the word didn’t only has one “t” in it, the umps wouldn’t have to treat him like the over excited 16 year old girl his tweets depict him as.

    • Or if umps didn’t go around with some secret sauce agenda beyond “making fair calls”. Honestly, if umps were betting on games people would be in an uproar. But if they alter games just as surely, but based on ego rather than monetary gain, we say “oh it’s the players fault for not bowing to the east 5 times before talking to the ump”.

      Lawrie was bad for less than one second (the yelling was fair and deserved, only the helmet part was really wrong).

      Umps can be biased against you for weeks (according to others, I don’t even know that this is really the case, but others keep saying it) and it is just good ‘ol human element. BS.

  5. What the fuck is that guy in the short shorts doing in the backround?!

  6. I have come to the conclusion that the best hope of Lawrie being all that he can involves somebody holding his hand along the way. Lawrie has an opportunity to be a robot baseball superstar but baseball genius might be a stretch. Speaking of that Farrell sure has had a WTF look on his face lately.

  7. Lawrie was obviously hanging around the banana stand.

  8. not sure why people are ragging on Lawrie..ya spend 15 hours a day in the batting cage that will help.

    • No but getting out there and making a mockery of a fucking mad fan base does little. An hour in the cage with a Tweet about that would do wonders. Hell Romero lashed a while back about his shitty pitching, something to the affect fuck you haters….when a team is sucking like this say you are fucking not on holidays at least! Lie if you have too but come on…its not like the rest of us are making millions and not jealous of these sorry asses. Don’t rub it in! Whew…think I’m done

    • Sure as fuck couldn’t hurt.

  9. Stop using twitter.

  10. Even a good natured, make you grin, who gives a shit post really brings out some whiny bitches doesn’t it?

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