I’m pretty sure that the Toronto Blue Jays official Twitter feed retweeting the above message was more of a mistake, rather than an attempt at mimicking¬†L.A Kings style irreverent social media practices.

And in that sense, it’s kind of nice of the account runner to show solidarity with a team that was absolutely dominated this weekend by the Texas Rangers. Form and function for the win.

However, wouldn’t it be refreshing if this wasn’t a rarity, and the social media experts in the Blue Jays front office adopted the #JerkBall approach of the actual team? I mean, it worked didn’t it? Did anyone else have any idea before this tweet that the June 17th game against the Philadelphia Phillies would include replica batting helmets being given away?

Thanks to @SeanShaughnessy for the tip.

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  1. I’m confused. What is exactly wrong with the tweet?

    • the word shit is bad for the kiddies

      • I dunno, my mother is convinced “shit” is a minor swear word, equivalent to “darn” or “crap”, suitable for use in front of children. I’d say it’s probably one of the top 5 strongest swearwords in the English language, excluding a handful of combo words and anything racial/etc. It’s a generational thing.

        • Depends on what context it’s used. as a noun or adjective meaning bad, or as an exclamation of disappointment, the word is acceptable, but as a noun or adjective referring to feces, it is apparently unacceptable

          • I’m confused.
            In the common place expression ” puss sucking shit head” is shit the adjective or the noun or the subjective completion?Should “shit head” be hyphenated ?
            Is there anybody out there who is pedant and can explain?

      • If your kids are on twitter the word shit should be the least of your worries.

  2. meh, c’mon its not that big of a deal

  3. The batting helmet thing isn’t news. It was part of their promotion schedule at the start of the season. I guess Giants fans might not read such things.

    • I think Parkes was referring to the shit thing… as the other commenters above and below all noted… but points for going out on a limb to unnecessarily chirp parkes.

      • Next time you should look into reading the entire article before you get on your high horse and start chirping.

      • I’m well aware of what Parkes wrote. I stand by my chirp. No chirping of Parkes and his Giants fandom is unnecessary.

      • I was actually being serious on my awarding of troll points.
        and if you had the ability to read beyond what you want to out of it (in this case parkes missing the point), you might get that his point in the last sentence is that the potentially controversial use of shit in the tweet draws attention to the promo. hence his encouragement to use the #jerkball approach. But what the fuck, I’m talking to the deaf here.

  4. Brandi looks like she’s been hitting the pipe.

  5. I think they were just happy that there was no mention of the clusterfuck of a weekend series that I’ve already willed myself to forget. Woo Hoo! Getting a chance to beat the front-running Orioles this week and prove our chops! Seriously, what’s more confidence building than beating the team that’s been leading the division for most of the season thus far? I mean, all early season stats are legit and exhibit the true talent of all teams in the league, right?

    • It would be wise to remember that they split a series with the absolute worst team in baseball only a couple of weeks ago so beating the Orioles is far from a foregone conclusion.

    • You forget that the Orioles have Nolan Reimold, who’s better than Jesus when he’s playing the Jays.

  6. They’ve done dumb retweets before, too. About a month ago it looked like whatever teenaged Rogers intern runs the Twitter feed (probably with some bullshit title like “Social Media Outreach Coordinator”) forgot they were logged into the Jays account and not their own personal account, and retweeted a few dumb completely-non-baseball-related tweets from a few nobodies (personal friends, probably) to a good 100,000+ followers.

    Also, waiter, did I just get a strand of hockey in my baseball blog?

  7. Investigative journalism at its finest.

  8. Holy shit is a religious reference.

  9. The offending tweet seems to have been deleted, which is kind of a shame.

  10. Laffey called up – Now we’re really fucked

    • Great comment on this from Rabbit at sportsnet page.
      “His name sure suits the whole pitching staff and should do no better than the rest of the crew. The whole team sucks right now”.

  11. I blame Parkes for the Rwandan genocide.

  12. I cant wait until june june 21 vs the Royals, where it’s everyone in the stadium gets to try to make the team day. I’m guessing a few of us get a quick look at SP and Left field.
    The Rangers showed every team in baseball what to do with Drabek, never swing at any of his pitches the whole at bat, and just take your base, eventually you’ll walk across the plate.

  13. I saw this tweet this morning and didn’t even notice the swear. I just wondered how @Damaris666 knew about the ticket sales. Then I noticed that they were playing the Phillies and figured she probably just called the box office. #journalism

  14. Sochal Medias hab been berry berry good, to me

  15. they’ve got a bigger problem with their players fighting with criticizing fans than they do with the word shit.

    Blawrie13 asked with tweeps for a recommendation on a toronto tattoo parlour. He didn’t take kindly when someone suggested the batting cage was probably a better use of his free time.

    he offered to shut the guys mouth for him.

    i think this is a bigger SKM issue than a light swear word

  16. So is everybody going to throw their replica batting helmet at the umpire if they don’t like the calls in the game?

  17. I’m not saying fangraphs WAR is the best measure out there but it does encorporate all facets of the game and uses measures like wOBA and UZR for comparison purposes. I think it’s pretty telling to see that Johnson, Lawrie, EE, Rasmus, Escobar, Bautista and Arencibia are all relatively close together from 1.5 to 0.8 worth of fWAR and that Thames and Lind are at -0.6 and -0.7, respectively.

    They’ve already made a move with Lind and I think they would be well-served to recall Snider to play LF as soon as he comes back healthy and plays a couple rehab games with Las Vegas. When you go into the defensive numbers for all outfielders with over 1000 innings over the last 2 seasons Thames really does rank up there as 3rd worst in UZR/150 and 5th worst in UZR with a -18.6 and -13.3, respectively. If you like Defensive Runs Saved, Thames is 6th worst for OFs over the past 2 years.

    I feel like I’m beating the dead horse but I really haven’t seen anyone put any context like this to how bad Thames has been in LF. I mostly hear anecdotal things like ‘he takes bad routes’ or ‘he misses the cutoff man a lot’. It really would make a huge impact on the team to have Snider defensively for 9 innings a game and UZR does back this up when you look at the difference between the two players. With Lawrie at 3B, Escobar at SS, Rasmus in CF and Snider in LF that whole left quadrant of defense would really be the best in the game.

    • i think you’re dead on. I think Jays just think it’s too early. and given our reasonable record, they’re probably right.

      • Its not too early to conclude that Thames defense is SOOO fucking bad that he would have to be a 900 ops guy to make him playable.

        it is also not too early to conclude that he is highly unlikely to be a 900 ops guy based on an inability to hit, hit for power, and take walks.

        so basically thames is out there because of the law of thermodynamics. he is out there because he was out there and it takes more energy to remove him from there than it does to keep him out there.

        remember AA joked about how bad the outfield D was last year? its worse this year

  18. I got tickets for Batting helmet day, replica cap, and tshirt days in April. Loves my free shit

  19. Congratulations Parkes on officially gaining troll status with your contributions to DJF this season. if you’re passive aggressive tweets at the Jays weren’t enough, you’ve found a way to contribute with nothing but articles that would make troll’s jealous. From this article, to the article written on noting more then what Greg Zaun (Why are you writing about Greg Zaun’s twitter acount again?) and then the only other time a response is made is when you feel the need to slam opinions on twitter you disagreed with, opinions usually of a very radical minority that make up the Jays twittersphere. You mock people for reading anything into Josh Becket golfing when he might be injured, yet you gladly flaunt a picture of Bret Lawrie at a Coyotes game to bait the responses you know are coming. Congratulations on the Troll title, lord knows you’ve earned it

    • I don’t know Morrison. For a bandwagon, Jays hating hipster he isn’t doing too bad. His seething hatred for the Blue Jays barely rears its head and he keeps his bandwagon love of the Giants to a minimum although that may be due to a potential shift to a sudden love for the St. Louis Cardinals. snicker snicker

    • Morrison be trollin’

  20. The trolls’ pageviews and refreshes as they jerk off to their own comments are, ironically in a hipsteresque fashion, driving ad revenues on both Getting Blanked and DJF, thus paying Parkes’ salary. The Irony is priceless.

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