Jake Arrieta was on TV… for some reason.

RR’s Quest for Strikes continues tonight, and I’ve got another good feeling here, as… well… screw what the standings say, it’s the Orioles! And, I mean, why the fuck would you be worried about the standings in May anyway?

To wit: here’s what some devilishly handsome blogger I follow tweeted earlier today:

Well, tit fuck me sideways and call me scrambled eggs! Ain’t that somethin’!


Holy shit, Colby Rasmus is hitting fifth, which… I guess that’s what happens when your left-handed hitters all turn into minor leaguers. Some may be a little taken aback by this development, but honestly, even if it hasn’t exactly come about like this, to me it’s like the team is kinda finally rounding into shape. Snider will be here soon, most suspect, Rasmus hitting in a key spot– and earning it, based on a really small sample over the last couple weeks– and what we can all continue, until we actually see him, to pretend is a big bat coming to the rescue in the shape of Vlad Guerrero, possibly by the end of the week! Switch Davis and Cooper for Snider and Vlad, and do you not feel better about this lineup than at pretty much any point in the season? Because I kinda do.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C
B. Lawrie 3B
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF

R. Romero LHP

Baltimore Orioles

R. Andino 2B
J. Hardy SS
N. Markakis RF
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
M. Reynolds 1B
C. Davis DH
W. Betemit LF
S. Tolleson 3B

J. Arrieta RHP

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  1. I hope someone is up on the pen, cause casey has nothing tonight

  2. If they tie it here I will be like one of those women prison gaurds who shits themselves.

  3. I think we have to make our peace with the impending loss.

  4. great way to fuck up a week’s worth of good will from the fans Colby

  5. But by all accounts this bull pen is supposedly a great one.

    results/ performance be damned.

    in fact, the jays are damn lucky they didnt give up runs the last two innings.

  6. That was something by Lawrie.

  7. A-maz-ing catch…. Y’all fooled me.. Wow wowowowow wowowow Wow Wow.

  8. Two run lead. Two run lead.

    Just need a ground ball. Just need a ground ball.

    Don’t lose. Don’t lose.

  9. Nice, no soiling myself.

  10. A OK

  11. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd exhale.

  12. I will never understand how the orioles got davis and hunter for a fucking middle reliever

  13. Woo! Came home in time to catch the last inning.

  14. whew!

  15. Phew.

    I’m actually pissed off here. Can no one just get a few outs in the late innings this year? Jesus fucking christ. That game should NOT have been that close.

  16. 3rd worst pen in the AL. UGH!

  17. Escobar with the final out like a boss!

  18. Yes, this pen scares me. “It ain’t over till it’s over” really takes on its own special meaning here.

  19. From the sixth inning on it was excruciating. Each of those last 12 outs was like pulling a wisdom tooth. god.

    • Well put BlueJayWay.

      I was sweating bullets over those last 2 outs and the fan was on full blast in my room.

    • I don’t know about you. When I got my wisdom teeth out I was sedated and missed it all. I woke up in the next room having no memory of the whole thing. You should try getting more drunk in the last 3 innings.

    • At Least they got the Last 12 outs, and won the game. I know it’s a stretch, but why not focus on that? Or is this the Dustin Parkes club for self hating baseball cynics?

  20. The Songify at its finest guy consistently nails it.

  21. 3 games back – hard to believe

    • Yeah, but according to a bunch of guys on here Sunday, the Jays season is over and they should retool and aim for 2 or 3 years down the road.


    • this is true.

      it is also true that given we are not even quite 1/3 of the way through the season, we are on pace to finish ten games back and in 4th place..so yeah..it sounds about right.

      • It’s just really funny, especially to those of us who kept saying re-fucking-lax, to see the change in tone that’s occurred… and that those whose tone hasn’t changed now sound exactly like their nemesis, Parkes.
        Ah well, guess trolls gonna be trollin

        • Its just as ridiculous to talk about being 3 games back in may as being a sign that the jays are contenders as it is to say they are done because of a three game wipeout in texas.

          but mathematically speaking, my statement is correct

          • “Its just as ridiculous to talk about being 3 games back in may as being a sign that the jays are contenders as it is to say they are done because of a three game wipeout in texas. ”

            No it isn’t.

          • The equivalent would be me saying ‘the Jays are a guarantee for the playoffs’ after after a 5 game winning streak in May.

            I’m not saying they will or won’t make the playoffs. I’m saying it’s retarded to write the season off in May after losing a few in a row.

  22. And we stay out of the cellar for another day lol

  23. There we go! Gose get’s 2nd hit of the night to sit at .300 at least for now.

    • And, as I always say it means almost precisely nothing unless you’ve actually had the chance to watch the 51′s all season and can legitimately tell me as a professional talent evaluator that he’s plugged the massive hole in his swing. Because otherwise, as I always do, I’m gonna say:
      Vegas Vegas Vegas!

    • Also, If there was any thought to his being called up, I would think that one of the beat guys would have twigged to it and mentioned it in the plethora of articles and notebook pieces about recent and soon to happen transactions. Didn’t see his name mentioned much, even in passing. Although D’Arnaud was certainly getting the love…

      • Never said it meant anything it was just nice to see him get to .300 after such a brutal start.

        As for improvements he’s cut his k rate by close to 5% overall over last year while basically maintaining his walk rate and the K rate is his lowest since his first full year in A ball. His OBP is .371. He’s doing it as the youngest player in ALL of AAA at 21, so many forget at how young the guy is. The power is down from last year but that’s ok if his contact is up imo.

  24. I guess Griffins next article will be “The Jays are past the crossroads and are on the way to the promised land.”
    Simmons is gonna have to find another dog to beat.

  25. Alex must be in fits right now thinking, “What is the cause of all this right arm shittiness?”

  26. Off days suck, but I’m sure glad the team has two of them in the next six days. At least Johnson or Escobar can have two days off now and the other might get the first game of Boston to get extended rest.

  27. The whole AL East is separated by 3.5 games.

  28. Good on ya! Use one ridiculously small sample size [ie. all seasons the orioles started bat-shit and see how they finished -- there must be some seasons they started great like this and finished great -- right?] to discount another ridiculously small sample size in the number of games this season! Bonus marks: this line of reasoning started from [pre] day one when the earlier small sample size of one spring training game against a college team was used to demonstrate how pathetic the orioles were/are.

    • I would argue that the prognostications as to how the Orioles would do this year was based on the career statistics of their players, as extrapolated by several projection systems (which of course have limited value due to the fact that we’re talking about humans and not numbers), the relative talent level of the teams they oppose within the division (even discounting the relative parity with the Jays, preseason projections did not foresee the injury/age woes of the Yankees, the general shittiness of the Sawks, and even the relative inconsistency of the Rays), plus the strength of their schedule.
      Not on two hilarious games where they lost to their own farm team and a junior college while running out mostly regulars. Although that was fucking awesome, it was definitely a case of narrative trumping numbers (both because there is no way in hell that a team of major league caliber should lose even an exhibition game in those situations, and because they could not possibly be that bad.)
      That being said, the point being made by pointing to the past hot starts/crappy finishes (which, in the podcast at least, as well as a few articles I’ve seen around the web) is NOT that these past failures are predictive of the Orioles (pardon me) OriLOLes being unable to mainatin this start. Who knows, they may in fact be able to do so. Rather, much like the Indians last year, or the Jays two seasons ago, or any number of teams over the history of baseball, that it will take a larger sample, maybe even the full season, to figure out if this team is for real.
      Plus, I mean, it’s the Orioles They’ve been awful for years. They had Derek Lee on their team last year. Their recent history speaks to a lot of poor decisions, management, drafting, luck and talent evaluation. It’s hard for people to get over that narrative. Did anyone believe in the 2008 Rays before they got to the series (please space-daddy do not let the Orioles make it to the World series. I might cry.)? Not that I can recall. In fact, I remember in September of that year, every time they lost a game someone would say “this is where the wheels fall off.”
      Hopefully, this series is where the Orioles wheels fall off, all becomes right with the universe, and we can comfortably go back to calling them the OriLOLes again.

    • Oh, and technically, that would be cherry picking stats (in picking and choosing the sample) thus using a distorted sample, not necessarily a small sample size, which implies a small population of relatively congruent data.
      Realistically, if the study was expanded to include all data back to 1871, we could probably find dozens, if not hundreds, of teams who started hot and died off. Or vis versa.
      The results in this case were limited, as you noted, to suit a particular narrative. So the statistical fallacy would be cherry picking.
      But now I’m just nitpicking.

  29. Anyone know how that fight started down in the 100s?

    • It wasn’t a fight, it was a suicide intervention gone wrong. The fan in question saw Farrell summon a righty to come in to pitch and had the same reaction most of us normally do: If CoCo comes out of that door, I’m going to off myself.

  30. That Chris Davis homer hurts us tomorrow. Ricky gets the out and he probably gets run out for the 7th or a shitbag like Laffey or Villanueva comes in with a 6-run lead. Instead we burn through 4 relievers. Coco and Janssen are almost assuredly unavailable tomorrow night now.

    Wasn’t a fan of the decision to bring in Janssen because of that. Let Villanueva start the inning and if he puts a few runners on, then bring in Janssen. With a 4-run lead, I would have rather saved the most effective reliever in the pen for tomorrow.

    • im not worried because our two most effective relievers, perez and oliver, will be available. morrow, i would have to believe, will come out guns blazing after his last shit ball performance for the ages.

    • Umm. Villanueva is a much better reliever than jannsen.

  31. So, um, that Lawrie was good, huh? “I can’t think of another 3rd baseman that would make that play!”

  32. D’Arnaud with a big oppo double and Gomes with a grand slam.

    I dont care if vegas is skewed, it’s fun to watch these guys crush.

  33. When he gets to Vegas, Vlad is going to find out he is not the biggest celebrity on that team. Have you seen who the Jays have playing second base there?



  34. old news, but upon further review Bill Miller and MLB are pussies – EE took his “accidental” helmet throw from Lawrie in stride, no payback necessary, no team suspension


  35. GFG, well untill the eighth and ninth, and Jansen has been doing so good too.

  36. Well done on the new mobile DJF site, Stoeten and the army of programming monkeys at The Score.

    Only minor quibble is that the pictures get squished to fit my mobile browser screen, but I can deal with a squished Elaine Benes in exchange for a MUCH faster and mobile-friendly interface.

  37. as an fyi re. Gose ..

    batting 25 points higher on the road vs home

    20 points higher opb on road vs home

    it’s not just vegas baby!

  38. David Cooper:

    MLB Totals 32 89 12 21 34 7 0 2 14 7 0 17 0 0 .236 .293 .382 .675 0.67

  39. Thank fucking Jeebus you fuckers finally made a cock sucking mobile site!!!!1! I miss the old simple djf though

  40. I agree, i liked disqus
    Should make people register and get a real user name on here. and a cool avatar.

    • We’re in the process of reviewing commenting options. There probably won’t be a change anytime soon, but I’m hoping to roll out something new and fancy later this year.

      • I curious,perhaps you can answer.
        Why does the Score use disqus with everything except the blogs?
        Seems it woulda made sense to keep it the same throughout.

        • I’ve only been in this particular job for 6 months and the way the commenting is set up on the site predates me. There will be a consistent commenting platform across the site at some point in the near future, but we need to figure out what the best solution is. Disqus is fine, but it might not be the best. That’s what we need to determine.

  41. Wait, does this mean the crisis is averted?


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