Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! [deep breath] ahhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Cue insufferable dickholes convinced he's going to get onto the Yankee roster and not suck, because the Jays bullpen is a wretched cursed place where no mortal can survive without contracting a desperate case of right- or left-arm shittiness.]

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  1. Griffen had an interesting point when Igarashi went on waivers, that the guy managed to play for the Jays but never in Toronto.

    Anyway, good luck with that, Yankees.

  2. OMG this sucks, now he’s gonna go to the Yankees and be great. This always happens….

  3. meh. Iggy, I we hardly knew ye. And what ye we knew, totally effin succcccked.

  4. Sayonara Sucka

  5. The curious thing about Igarashi is the enormous disparity between his minor league numbers and his major league numbers. Career 1.66 ERA with 89 K’s and 19 BB’s in the minors, including a stint in the PCL. The guy can absolutely pitch, there is no doubt about that. Does he get stage fright when he gets called up? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he eventually figures it out and has some major league success.

  6. he is 2 years younger than Frasor and very little MLB majors experience, he looked terrible for the jays, no loss, they have lots of pitching prospects, even if he is half way decent, the jays can use the spot better on another player in the farm.

  7. He did almost as poorly as Morrow @ Texas, I see the Jays socking a few dingers off this guy. Not enough heat or movement for the bigs

  8. Meh. Cant say they gave the guy a fair shot. Texas is a very tough place to pitch, but whatever. Bullpen pieces are easily replaceable. Im more happy thames is finally gone. He deserved to be DFAd more.

  9. +1

  10. Just reading the quotes coming out now about Thames and it sounds like this is a temporary option to Vegas. I would actually be surprised if Snider is up with the Jays before Thames comes back. Word on Snider is he’s still out a couple weeks and Thames only has to be down there 10 days.

  11. Not trying to start anything, but is this not the guy put into the 13th inning when the Jays had a two run lead.

    Methinks AA is taking away Farrell’s toys until he proves he can play nicely with them (as in not bat a shiity hitter clean up or put the fresh unproven call up in to save a two run lead in Texas).

    To be fair, anyone could have blown that save in Arlington. Fucking Rangers look good!

  12. Zirconia Ztolen!!

  13. Really though he’ll become the next Rivera now or something.

  14. The Jays gave him a one-way ticket “Ryota” here…

  15. Epic. Now I can comment on my phone, which is charging from my laptop.

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